The 100th Judicial Nominee Made By Trump: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! Tune in now to learn more! 

Air Date: 05/10/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker and President of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.

So let’s dive right in.

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Alright. David, Tim, let’s dive into some good news.

National Day of Prayer


OK Rick. I’ve got this one. By the way, before we do Good News Friday, I need to make a correction. A couple weeks back we were talking about stem cell research, and we had yet more evidence that adult stem cell research is producing really good results—not the embryonic stem cell. We were talking about—even in the history of stem cell research has gone on for decades. And way back, 20-25 years ago, Michael J Fox was saying that a embryonic stem cell research, that’s the panacea for the future.  That’s going to help him with his Parkinson’s, etc.

Actually, it turned out that it’s adult stem cell that’s done it, not embryonic. But nonetheless, when I talked about that good news, I said Michael W. Smith instead of Michael J Fox.

My bad.

Fortunately, we had a listener that pointed out and said, “€œNo, no, no. I don’t think you mean Michael W. Smith, the Christian musician.”€

We didn’t. That’s not the guy we’re talking about. So thank you for pointing that out. We appreciate that. That is my bad, correction made. I want to jump into something that happened last week. We had the National Day of Prayer last week. It was terrific.

There were about 50,000 groups that met across the nation, praying for America on the National Day of Prayer. Most of those groups met at civic locations, not just church locations. It was really good.

I came across something that happened on the National Day of Prayer that didn’t get much attention, but I think it really is cool. It deals with U.S. Senator James Lankford, out of Oklahoma. He was talking about the National Day of Prayer on the floor of the Senate, but he didn’t just talk about it.

A Prayer on the Senate Floor

He stopped, right there on the floor of the Senate, and actually led a prayer on the floor of the Senate.

Listen to this prayer, it is a great prayer.

“€œLet us pray as a nation.  Father, guide us. We need your help. The controversy, the division in our nation, the anger, the struggle. Help us to be able to love one another. Help us to be able to see each other as You have created us, and to respect You, Your, wisdom, and Your guidance. Father, we admit that we do not know as much as You, so we need Your help. We need Your insight. For our first responders, and our military scattered around this nation and around the world, we pray for protection for them.

We pray that You would give them insight to help them to be able to represent us well. Members of our State Department, members in our government that are scattered around the earth, members of our intelligence community, and others that serve us every day, God, would You guide them and protect them in their task. Give them the insight they need. For federal employees that serve our nation each day, for members of our nation, that we’re finding ways to serve each other and our communities. Would You help us this day to love one another and to be able to set the tone for a world that is watching us as a nation. Help us represent well You, and be who You’ve called us to be as individuals. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.”€

So that’s the prayer that was prayed last week on the floor of the U.S. Senate on the National Day of Prayer.

The Tomb of the Prophet Nahum Saved!

I cannot recall a time, in my life, that I can think of, when a prayer was prayed on the Senate floor. Well, maybe it’s happened, but it sure happened last week.


Maybe by a chaplain, but not a Senator. Certainly not a senator doing that. And yeah, really powerful and encouraging.


By the way, even though that prayer was prayed last week, we just heard it again today, I can easily say, “€œAmen James Lankford. We join our spirits and our hearts with that prayer. We still pray for that today for the government.”€

So, that was good news coming out of the Senate last week.

And another piece of good news that we”€™ve got coming from the Trump Administration last week dealt with something that really kind of started a little over two years ago in northern Iraq.

Back when ISIS still held a lot of the territory in Iraq, and as they were taking territory, they were destroying landmarks, and archaeological sites, and shrines, and all sorts of stuff. One of the things that almost got destroyed—they were stopped just before they got there—was the tomb of the Prophet Nahum.

Now, you may never have heard of the name Nahum, but that is a book in the Bible. It”€™s what’s called one of the Minor Prophets, not because these guys were less important than the other prophets, but because their books are a little shorter than the other prophets. So, Nahum, who is a prophet in Nineveh, goes back to the time of the Assyrians,  like 700 years B.C. There’s a book in the Bible called Nahum.

Hidden in the Desert

He’s buried there, and they actually built a tomb around him. It’s been like a landmark. That’s a holy site for Christians, it’s a holy site for Jews, a truly significant place.

What had happened was the Jews had taken care of that tomb until 1951, when so many Jews left that region of Iraq and moved into Israel, with the brand new nation of Israel as homeland for the Jews.

Many Jews in the Middle East moved into Israel as their new home. So when the Jews left that region, and this is, by the way, where the Kurds are, the KRG, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Kurds actually started trying to protect the tomb of Nahum.

You need to understand, these guys are Muslims, but they are the Muslims who really don’t like ISIS and don’t like the radical guys. They’re the ones who are actually fighting to defend Christians in the region when we need Christians rescued. They’re the ones willing to go fight ISIS and get Christians out. These guys have been great.

So they started trying to preserve the Tomb of the Prophet Nahum, but some Christians, there are some Chaldean Christians, and they actually took the body of Nahum out of the tomb, moved it out in the desert, and buried in a secret location so that if ISIS made it to the tomb, they would not have the body to desecrate.

A Significant Piece of Judeo-Christian History

We knew that at the time it happened. We couldn’t say anything about it because nobody was supposed to know where that body was buried, but they moved Nahum”€™s body back into the tomb.

Last November, the United States gave five hundred thousand dollars to help restore the tomb of Nahum. And here, last month, they gave another five hundred thousand. So there’s a million dollars that was given by the Trump Administration to help preserve this biblical landmark, help preserve the Tomb of the Prophet Nahum, which is really significant stuff for both Jewish and Christian history.


Piece of good news coming out of the Trump Administration. Friends, there is much more good news to come, so stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees to every individual the right to keep and bear arms, has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self protection.

Opponents argue that, “€œOnly the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.”€ But, those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually framed the Second Amendment.

He declared, “€œTo preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”€

For more information about Richard Henry Lee and the history of the Second Amendment go to

250 Pro Life Bills!


We”€™re back with WallBuilders Live, getting more good news. Tim Barton is up next for some good news.


All right guys, I have an article that identifies there have been more than 250 pro-life bills introduced in state legislators in just 2019. Now, we’re not even that far into 2019, and there’s 250 bills—now this article identifies that those are largely in 41 states. And actually, this is according to the Guttmacher Institute.


The Guttmacher Institute is Planned Parenthood’s research arm. They’re the guys that are on the pro-abortion side. So they really would be concerned about 250 bills, they would know how many there are.


That’s right. They’re watching this closely. Well, what’s interesting is, of these 250, almost 50 percent of those bills would ban abortion in some or all circumstance. Which, obviously, is a huge deal. We’ve already seen, in some states—I think Mississippi was one that, in the last several weeks, their governor signed a bill to ban abortion.


Alabama just made it a felony to have an abortion. So, Alabama, really strong.


A Challenge to Roe Versus Wade?

Yes. We’re seeing states go that direction. And Dad, Rick, from my perspective, it seems like the states that are doing this are not doing this merely because they want to see this banned—although certainly they do. They recognize, if they’re doing this, this is something that’s gonna be challenged by a federal judge. It’s gonna be challenged. Some judge is going to overrule and say it’s unconstitutional.

Ultimately, it seems like these states are smart enough, these Attorney Generals, these legislatures, these Governors, are smart enough to know that this is just a case that’s fodder to go up to the U.S. Supreme Court, because one of the things that has been talked about for a while is a challenge to Roe versus Wade.

If you go back to the Declaration, one of the things that the Founding Fathers believed government exists to protect is inalienable rights, among those is the right to life. And yes, the Founding Fathers did even talk about the right of unborn children. That was something that came up in several different writings. But the point is, it would seem like that, when we’re looking at 50 percent of these 250 laws trying to ban abortion, that’s in our current climate, and culture is not something that is just going to be done, and happen, and be accepted. Now, that’s got to be challenged.

This could go to the U.S. Supreme Court. So Dad, Rick. What do you guys think? Is that something that probably—strategically this is a move to make the Supreme Court think that now we have the votes to see some changes in the way Roe vs. Wade is interpreted?

Federalism and Abortion


Well, I think both sides see the Supreme Court as having shifted with the new nominees. Now, whether they’re all pro-life, or are willing to dump Roe v. Wade, I think that’s debatable. I don’t know that we have five justices willing to say Roe v. Wade goes out the door, but we do have five justices who are willing to say, “€œHey, this at least belongs to the states. This is an issue for the states to decide.”€

That’s why they’re holding up things like parental notification, informed consent, all these various measures that are coming through.


Both sides see the courts starting to act more pro-life, and it would be interesting if it does go back to, “€œWhat would you consider states”€™ rights?”€

That’s where this word, federalism, comes in. Federalism is kind of differentiating the control of what the Federal Government has versus what the State Government has. It”€™s what we would know as a 10th Amendment issue, where the 10th Amendment says that whatever is not explicitly written in the Constitution, the rest belongs to the States. Well, the Constitution doesn’t mention abortion.


By the way, it could have mentioned abortion, because abortion existed at the time of the Founding Fathers when they wrote about it. So they could have put it as a federal issue. They did not.


Well, it’s also something that strikes me. It could be something that they thought, maybe, had been clarified in the Declaration. These are one of the inalienable right. So maybe they thought this didn’t need to be defined in the same way that we’re battling it today, but it’s certainly something that we’re seeing a lot of movement, and traction, and culture with.

Oklahoma Fights Abortion

In fact, the very next article in my stack is Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Pro-Life Bill to Save Babies From Abortion.

Just glancing over this article, it’s highlighting that one of the things he just signed into law, and the law doesn’t take effect until November 1st, nonetheless, he did sign this new pro-life law.

One of the things that they’re requiring is for all abortion clinics to put up notification and give women the notice that, if they’re going to do a medically induced abortion through pills, there is a two pill process to do that. If you take the first pill and begin to regret it, and you don’t think it”€™s the right decision, they are required to notify, even before the first pill is given, that they can reverse any effects of the first pill.

So, if you take this first pill and you decide, “€œI don’t wanna take the second pill,”€ they can come and reverse those effects.

Well, the law states that any abortion facility, abortion clinic, abortion provider, is required to give notification, and put up somewhere in their building, do writing, and verbally notify that they can go back. This would be one of those 250 pro-life pieces of legislation, this actually was signed into law.

Good Bills Becoming Laws

We’re seeing so much positive going—in a time when we saw New York and Virginia go the exact wrong direction, we saw the Senate, the U.S. Senate, go the exact wrong direction in favor of infanticide, at least for most of one party, they went that direction. You’re still seeing other states and other members of different parties go an entirely different direction to protect life, and that is really encouraging.


I would say it’s good news, not only the 250 measures have been introduced, but that a bunch are going to pass just like the ones you just covered. That’s really good news.


Well, before we dive into more good news, guys, I got to go take a very quick break. We’ll be right back folks. Stay with us for more good news, right here on WallBuilders Live.

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100th Federal Judge Approved!


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday here on WallBuilders Live. We”€™re ready to dive right into more good news. David?


Let’s go to Washington D.C.. In Washington D.C., We have an important number that just came out of the U.S. Senate, and the number is 100. No, it’s not because there’s 100 U.S. Senators, it’s because the Senate just confirmed their 100th federal judge as nominated by President Trump. So a hundred federal judges are now sitting on the bench, and as we’ve talked about in previous programs, the caliber of these guys is so very good, so strong, with few exceptions, judges that we would object to from a constitutional standpoint that they’ve been very good constitutional judges. Now here’s what I’m looking at, Judge Rodolfo Armando Ruiz II. He was number 100, and he was approved on a 90 to 8 vote. Sounds like even the Democrats liked him.

So what’s happened is Mitch McConnell and the Senate decided, “€œYou know, I’m going to do the same thing in the Senate that Harry Reid did when he had the Senate back under the Democrats. What we’re going to do is use the nuclear option, because they didn’t like the Republicans slowing down judges going through when they had control, and they wanted that control under Obama.”€

Shortening the Process by 94%

Well, McConnell is doing the same thing now.

What has happened? He just cut the process for approving judges by 94 percent in length of time. The Democrats have drawn out hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, even when they confirmed someone by a vote of 90 to 8, they’re still making it go for hours, and hours. So we’ve talked before about how, at the current rate, it would take eleven years to get all these guys confirmed.

McConnell says, “€œNo, we’re cutting it to two hours. We”€™re not using 30 hours.”€

That is going to start speeding these guys through in a very good way.”€

Now, it was kind of humorous as I see here in the article, a quote from a Senate minority leader Democrat Chuck Schumer, and he said, “€œWe don’t like the far right agenda of these judges who won’t promote climate change and gun violence.”€

You don”€™t want to promote gun violence anyways, but we know what he meant. I know he’s talking about gun control. So you want a judge promoting climate change and promoting gun control?

No, no, that’s not their role. Their role is to interpret the Constitution and to apply the Constitution.

Schumer”€™s Hypocrisy

So I find it interesting the Schumer says, “€œWe don’t like these guys because they’re not activists. We want super legislators on the court who will do what we can’t do in the Senate. That’s what we want them doing.”€

Then he makes this comment, he says, “€œMany of these nominees are unqualified.”€

Hey Chuck, you just voted. It was 90 to 8. Your party voted for this guy. Are you voting for an unqualified judge?

Now, granted, there’s been a handful of these guys that were pretty much party line votes, but the overwhelming majority has been bipartisan on so many. As a matter of fact, they just confirmed an Assistant Secretary of State, also by a vote of 90-8.

Yet Schumer says, “€œNo, no, no. These are radicals. They’re extremists and they don’t represent.”€

No, actually Chuck, they do.

By the way, was Schumer giving out that kind of misinformation, it’s all about media stuff. I was also struck by this article, which says, “€œThe top Democrat strategist launched a secret money group to rebrand the party, rebrand the Democrat Party.”€

What kind of rebranding are you doing?

Here’s what it says.

“€œThey’re launching a 60 million dollar political group with plans to reclaim value laden terms.”€

Oh, so people don’t associate values with the Democrat Party? Here’s the terms they want to reclaim. They want to reclaim the value laden terms like freedom and opportunity.

So apparently, Americans don’t think freedom and opportunity go with the Democrat Party. So they’re launching a 60 million dollar group to do the advertising, and their first ad came out. I’m just going to read it.

New Democratic Brandings Shows Americans Still Value Freedom!

“€œThe people in power are so busy giving tax breaks to the wealthy that they blow up the deficit and leave nothing for roads and bridges, nothing for veterans or Medicare, nothing for job training.”€

Wait a minute. What do you mean they blow up the deficit? You guys have not proposed a budget in the last 13 years! You’ve not done it when you’ve been in power.

I will point out that just last week Trump announced 500 billion dollars for infrastructure, and over the next four years, two trillion dollars. Your ad says nothing’s being put on infrastructure.

This is why people have credibility problems with you. This is why you need to launch a rebranding organization. The first thing you ought to do is start telling the truth of what’s actually happening. The Americans clearly are so much in favor of freedom and opportunity that the Democrats are having to rebrand themselves to catch up with the people. That’s really good news that people see freedom and opportunity as positive things.


Hey guys, we”€™ve got one more break, then time for some more good news when we come back. Folks, stay with us through the break. We love bringing you this good news. If you want more, it’s on our website right at, but if you stay with us for a one minute break we’ll be back with more good news. You’re listening to WallBuildersLive.

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Texas Tech Prayers


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. One more segment of good news. Tim Barton’s got the final word on our good news today, Tim?


Very limited time we have left. So, going back to March Madness.


So it’s the last thing we have because of time. We have a huge stack of good news. We’re just out of time.



So, going back to March Madness, that NCAA basketball tournament, a lot of really fun moments, but there was a time when Texas Tech, after one of their games, are going back to the locker room. There’s all this celebration, and the cameras waiting to see them get back there because they won their side of the brack at the tournament, and when the coach gets back to the locker room the team instantly huddles up and they go to a prayer time. They kneel down, and CBS cuts aways so fast, they did not want that to be visible.


I was going to say, I don’t remember seeing the prayer time.


Well, it became a very big deal on social media. People were commenting on it. As I saw that, obviously you’re going, “€œOK, come on CBS.”€

You’ve seen other outlets do this too. So it’s not just CBS, but it’s kind of the way the culture is going, where we’re not going to promote faith in athletics. But I thought that’s really, really cool. I had no idea that Texas Tech had any kind of faith, or their coaches had faith.

An Encouraging Prayer

I was really encouraged, and then I found another article. This was after the Sweet 16, when Virginia Tech lost to Duke, their coach at Virginia Tech, Buzz Williams, actually gets the team around and he leads them in a prayer because, for several players, they’re not coming back. There were three that he specifically prayed for. I have the transcript of his prayer, which is just really remarkable.

But as he’s praying for these three guys that are no longer going to be there, he says, “€œGod,”€ for one them, “€œthank you for how much he cares, and how smart he is, and how tough he is. Thank you for his attitude, and the good times, and bad times, and thank you that he’s getting a double degree. God, thank you that he’s been the engine for the team.”€

But then he gets more specific.

He says, “€œI pray for his life as a leader, I pray for his life as a father, I pray for his life as a husband, God, that he becomes the governor, as he becomes the mayor, as he becomes the head coach, God, that you would just anoint him with the opportunity to impact people’s lives.”€

And he goes on and prays very specific prayers for each one of his players. I actually encourage people to go read this transcript, but what was so encouraging to me was, often we look at college athletes and we see the negative. We see the drugs and we see that domestic violence or the abuse, and we get a negative connotation in so many situations. I was so encouraged to see that there are programs where you have godly people encouraging these athletes to be godly leaders and fathers. Just such encouraging stuff.

More Good News at


Man, there’s so many encouraging things that you guys share on these Good News Fridays. I’m just thankful to get to be a part of it. I know our listeners enjoy it, so thanks to David and Tim Barton for gathering those good news stories for us.

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100th Judicial Nominee Approved by Trump on Good News Friday

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