Good News Friday: Year Of The Bible and Multiple Pro-Life Victories

Good News Friday: Year Of The Bible and Multiple Pro-Life Victories Pro-Life Victories: Kentucky Governor Matt Bivens declares 2017 the Year of the Bible. Several States are holding Bible marathons. Pro-Life victories include breakthroughs in adult stem cell research. Adult stem cells restore sight and 50 out of 60 races went pro life.

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Deterioration Of Religious Liberty

Deterioration Of Religious Liberty: Is praying at home no longer Constitutionally protected? That's the position of one city in its fight against a Catholic former nurse. The city and police are trying to limit the First Amendment to only choosing your religion, not actually living it out. Kelly Shackelford, noted Constitutional Attorney, joins us to discuss the ramifications of the case and the future of the First Amendment, as well as giving us an outlook for freedom of religion under judges chosen by President Trump.

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Seven Mountain Philosophy

Seven Mountain Philosophy: The Church is beginning to take notice of the different areas of the culture and how to take a that Biblical approach to each and every area of life to bring Kingdom principles to the world. Every person, no matter their gifting is called to use that talent to glorify God. Dallas Jenkins is a producer who is influencing the entertainment mountain and has a new movie coming out this weekend, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

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