The One-Room Schoolhouse -Did It Work? Did Article Six Limit State’s Rights? Why Were The White Wigs Worn? Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Foundations of Freedom Thursday - Did Article Six Limit State’s Rights? Was The One-Room Schoolhouse Effective? Today on  Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we are answering the questions you’ve sent us! As always, from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective; today we answer questions such as: “When did Article Six, the religious test clause in the Constitution, change in order to limit the state’s rights?” and “Does the one-room schoolhouse work?” We also talk about white wigs, and how they were a pompous show of status, but they were not a joy to wear or maintain! Join us on this Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

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Students Arrested for Handing Out the U.S. Constitution. Free Speech Is Being Controlled By Universities

Free Speech Is Being Controlled By Universities: Our Rights Are Not to Be Confined to Geographical Locations. Casey Mattox from Alliance Defending Freedom, joins us today to explain a case in which students on a college campus were arrested for handing out the United States Constitution and asking the question: “Do you like Freedom and Liberty?” Our nation’s runaway universities are not facilitating free speech, but rather controlling and prohibiting it. If our Constitutional rights are not politically protected, we will not have the freedom to actually live them out.

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