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Higher Education Has a Professor Problem-What Impact Are Professors Having On Our Culture?  David Barton at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference Pt 4

Higher Education Has a Professor Problem-What Impact Are Professors Having On Our Culture?  David Barton at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference Pt 4: One of the hottest topics right now is on what is happening on our university campuses. The indoctrination of multiple generations now at this point and the negative impact it's had on the culture.  Will liberals admit to openly discriminating against conservatives? David Barton tackled this very issue at the Pro-family Legislators Conference giving legislators a wake-up call on what's happening in their own backyards with their universities, but then also giving solutions on how we can turn this thing around. We're in part four of a five-part series on this where David shared with those legislators.  Join us as we learn more about the discrimination that is taking place, how the age of adolescence is being extended, discover new vocabulary words that we didn’t even use ten years ago, learn about bias response teams, learn how our legal codes go back to the Bible, and more!

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The Failure of Higher Education, Part 3 of our Higher Education Series

The Failure of Higher Education: Are we educating or indoctrinating? What are our schools teaching about equality and freedom? Are we teaching a one-sided story? We need to pick wisely where we send our kids to college. We want to find universities that teach absolute truth. David discusses how sunset laws should be applied to universities, more about the indoctrination our kids are receiving at these institutions of higher learning, how we’re lacking in graduates in our STEM fields, how liberal ideology is rampantly taking over.  Tune in now to find out if your college of choice is the right choice!

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The Hostility of Higher Education Towards American Values, Part Two of our Higher Education Series

Conservatives and Liberals: The Hostility of Higher Education Towards American Values-We are on part two of our Higher Education series! We discuss some polls of conservatives versus liberals throughout the country and learn the shocking evidence of how the numbers are drastically reversed on college campuses. David also talks about anti-Israel propaganda, college debt, speech codes, paying a lot of attention to where you send your kids to college, understanding the philosophy on most universities, and how to make sure we stand for our conservative American values even on liberal campuses.

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Universities-The Ridiculous Direction of Higher Education, Part 1 of our Higher Education Series

Universities - The Ridiculous Direction of Higher Education:  Education has a major influence on our culture and too often faith is expelled from universities.  There are problems with Colleges, Universities, and Higher Education.  Listen to the program today to hear part of David’s fascinating presentation from the Pro Family Legislators Conference. You will learn about many of the issues with our current forms of higher education, how our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on ridiculous degrees that you may not have heard of before, and how all of this affects jobs and our economy.  In this episode, we will be talking about what needs to be done in these universities to bring faith back!

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Honoring Our Veterans Who Are Serving During Christmas, And Remembering The Reason For The Season!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our listeners from WallBuilders!!! Today all around the world we’re celebrating Christ, the reason for the season! In the hustle and bustle of getting ready for family dinners and parties, let's not forget the reason we come together to celebrate:  The birth of Jesus Christ!  Today, we had the privilege to talk with Pastor Tim Brooks & Congressman Colonel Brian Birdwell on how we can share that Christmas spirit with our military, prisoners, and how to share that love everywhere we go and especially how to remember our vets who are serving during Christmas.  Tune in now to learn more!

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California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill That Would Force Christian Schools to Hire Abortion Activists and National Monuments Will Stay! Good News Friday!

California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Force Christian Schools to Hire Abortion Activists, National Monuments, Pledge of Allegiance, and In God We Trust victories and more!   We call it Good News Friday because it's a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how the Ten Commandments monument in Maryland County will stay; victories for the Pledge of Allegiance and In God We Trust; California Gov Jerry Brown vetoes a bill to force Christian schools to hire abortion activists, two national studies confirm common sense messages on sex, sex education, same-sex parenting, and more!

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How Can We Legally Teach The Bible And Get God Back In Schools? And What Is the Proper Role of the Press? Foundations Of Freedom Thursday!

How Can We Legally Teach The Bible And Get God Back In Schools Again? And What Is the Proper Role of the Press? It's Foundations of Freedom Thursday, a special day of the week where we get to answer questions from YOU, the listeners! Always answering your questions from Constitutional principles! Tune in today as we answer your questions such as: What does the Constitution really say in regard to freedom of religion, how can we legally teach the Bible and get God back in schools, and In regards to our news media today, what have our Founders said about the First Amendment and about a free press? You don’t want to miss this Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

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Why Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Matters With Pastor Jim Garlow

Why Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital Matters: Should President Trump recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? What is the significance of making it the capital? In this episode, you’ll learn why recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital matters.   Israel and Palestine: Two Claims to the Land With Pastor Jim Garlow: In this episode, Pastor Jim discusses President Trump’s recent move to switch the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. We learn about how Palestinian claims to the land really don’t hold up. We also learn about the importance of being Pro-Israel and the negative things that have happened to nations that have tried to divide the land. Tune in now to learn more!

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Why Are There Are Fewer Born Again Christians In America Today? Interview With George Barna

Why Are There Are Fewer Born Again Christians In America Today?  Interview With George Barna: In today’s episode, we are going to be interviewing George Barna on the trends of this country from a Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional perspective. His research has found that since 2011 we have been on a pretty consistent decline of winning souls. Tune in or read below to learn why that is and also the tools we can use to reshape the culture!

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Are The Tax Cuts For Real? The Most Productive Congress In Over 30 Years!

Are The Tax Cuts For Real? Interview With Congressman Jim Jordan: Pew Research has documented that this has been the most productive Congress in over 30 years. In fact, by June they had already hit that 30-year mark and have continued to do more since! But what has Congress done? We certainly haven't heard much on the news. In this episode, we interview Congressman Jim Jordan to answer that question!

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