Systemic Racism in America – Foundations Of Freedom

Is America Systemically Racist? - Foundations Of Freedom: Is our American system built to promote unfair treatment among minorities? Does systemic racism have roots in America's founding? How do we really resolve the human issue of racism? Tune in to hear the truth from a Biblical, historical and Constitutional perspective!

Sacrificing On The Battlefield & Investing In The Next Generation – With Gary Beikirch

Sacrificing On The Battlefield & Investing In The Next Generation - With Gary Beikirch: What is life really all about? If forgetting doesn't heal hearts, what does? Tune in to hear highly decorated army medical sergeant Gary Beikirch share how his experiences in Vietnam taught him that building true relationships based on listening and love can save the lives of those around you.

Why Are Atheists More Involved In Politics Than Christians? – With Lance Wallnau

Why Do Atheists Have More Political Activists Than Christians? - With Lance Wallnau: Studying the Bible should encourage us to engage in culture even more, due to its impact on people. The detachment and apathy of Christians will be our undoing. We need "evangelists" to influence  at all the gates of influence in our culture: the family, church, academia, politics, business, media, and entertainment. Tune in to hear this vital conversation for our times!

Foundations Of Freedom – Inalienable Rights, Trump and Federalism, And More!

Foundations Of Freedom -Inalienable Rights, Trump and Federalism, And More!: Do judges not know what "inalienable" means? How can we defend Trump for overriding governors on these COVID religious issues?  Do pastors, or the majority of Americans for that matter, understand who or what is the authority in the United States is?  Tune in to hear these important answers to these questions and more!