Democrats Have A Dismal Outlook For 2022 Midterm Elections And More – The democrats have a dismal outlook for the 2022 midterm elections. Survey shows that gun control laws do not make a difference and more!

Air Date: 01/28/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton. David is America’s premier historian. He’s our founder at WallBuilders, a mentor of mine and a great teacher to millions of people who have been able to learn so much about the founding fathers, the Constitution, the Declaration from him. Tim Barton, as well if you haven’t had him speak at your church or event in your community, you ought to do that. You ought to get to today and book him, absolutely amazing stuff. You’ve never heard before the truth about so much that happened in American history. And he brings it all my goodness with fire, good stuff. Anyway, Tim’s our national speaker and pastor, he’s president of WallBuilders.

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Alright, David, and Tim, time to dive into our good news for this week. And for our listeners at home, if for some reason, it’s just not enough, like we’re going to pile on a ton of good news stories today, if it’s not enough, go to, click on the archive section, we got tons of good news in there as well on almost every Friday. So David, get us started for this Good News Friday.


It deals with the midterm elections. And here’s the headline, Democrats dismal outlook for 2022 midterm elections continues to worsen. And this is based on the fact that right now you have a lot of people announcing that they’re leaving Congress. There’s a state in which we’re working very close right now, we were just engaged and working with 138 different school board races in that state, and so very attuned to what went on there.

And out of the clear blue, one of the races that looked to be a safe Democrat seat, a congressman is just announced he’s not going to run anymore. Now for that to happen, it’s probably that the race is a whole lot tighter in his polling than what he thought it was going to be. And that’s certainly an area that we have targeted because he’s a guy that needs to go and be replaced with someone who’s at least loves America and loves the Constitution, and is God-fearing. And so that was a targeted race.

Well, he’s a very senior person in Congress. That’s what’s happening. A lot of these senior folks are doing this. And what’s unusual is this is really late in the cycle for an incumbent to announce that he’s not going to run. Because that doesn’t give your party much time to recruit a candidate and to raise the money and get the stuff in there. And so it really appears that they’re seeing a sea shift of public opinion that’s not going in their direction, which if that’s accurate, and this is all anecdotally and this is doing mind analysis of why these senior folks are leaving, which generally historically speaking, when this happens it’s because the poll numbers aren’t good that they’re saying.

So this could be really good for a shift because the quality of candidates that I’m seeing pop up and run, I mean, you’ve got a lot of great conservative, ‘I love America’ patriotic military folks running, you’ve got a lot of people who represent what the health of America has been for generations, and who are pushing back against all the woke stuff that’s happening. I mean, I’m just seeing some really good candidates.

And what’s amazing, I was looking even at report last night, they’re raising money at a rate that seems absolutely unprecedented in so many ways. And I’ve even seen some of the reports now on where both parties are in fundraising. And they’re so far ahead of where it typically is at this time. So I just see a lot of interesting stuff out there right now. It looks like what we’ve got is looks like about 12 Republicans have announced they’re not running, 26 Democrats have announced they’re not running. Now, a few of these, like you have Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler in Missouri, now she’s not running, that’s because she’s running for US Senate, and go Vicki go. I mean, that’d be great.

But you have some that are not running to step into something else, but a whole lot of them are just simply retiring. And it’s been a whole lot of the Democrat leadership, senior people, budget chairman and head over this committee or head over this powerful group, and they’re announcing they’re not running. So, that could be really good news for a philosophical change that we could see in the coming two years, last two years of Biden’s term that’ll be really tough for them to move things forward with that kind of see shift that appears to be headed their direction.


And David, just to drill down on that you mentioned even the types of candidates, the new people that are running that are not incumbents, you see a good slate out. I’m not meaning every one of them is going to be good. But I mean, you know there’s a lot of good ones that are running because sometimes people hear oh, well, so what if the Republicans are going to win, is it going to be any different? Well, it’s going to be a lot different either way. But I mean, in this case, it’s a potentially a philosophical shift, even for the Republican caucus in Congress.


Yeah, it’s going to be a shift in that direction, or at least a potential shift. We’ve talked in recent years about how that we have so many more biblical thinkers in the Republican caucus now. Probably about half that caucus, we would put as really, really strong, God-motivated faith people. Now, half the Republican caucus means less than 1/4 of the Congress. But that’s still a growth. But you look back to even just a few decades ago, I mean, the number of God-motivated people in Congress who are driving to protect the Constitution, who love American who love God, there’s a lot of God-fearing people in Congress, but God wasn’t their motivation. But we’ve seen that change.

And so now what we got in Congress, I mean, we just got a lot of God focus guys who really loved the country and really loved the Constitution, but they’re passionate about their relationship with God, and think that that’s key to American liberty, etc. And that’s just we’ve seen that growing in recent years: a number of biblical thinkers are arriving there, a number good strategist. And so that’s going to continue to grow, I think. At least we have the opportunity to grow that this election. There’s a lot of those kinds of candidates running, and certainly, it’s not going to be everyone. We’re looking at a Republican race last night with eight candidates in the Republican primary.

Now, two or three of them are really, really good. That’s not a guarantee that those two or three they’re going to win up to the voters. But we have the opportunity to upgrade the Republican side of Congress substantially if voters choose to follow that path. And you know, I’m thinking of several races right now, specifically, I know of where that there are some really, really good people in there and there’s some really, really bad Republicans in there. And so it is an opportunity to upgrade. And it’s all going to depend on who votes in Republican primary and whether the good guys get out and choose the good guys. But we certainly have an opportunity to continue the upgrade. That’s for sure.


I like the way you brought that back to us. It’s up to us. We have to show up and vote if we want that good outcome and primaries are so important.


And by the way, I’m going to add, Rick, not just show up and vote, we need to show up and vote and know who every single one of those folks in the primaries are. I’m choosing this guy, not because everybody’s behind him, but because I’ve looked at all 5, 6, 7, 2, 3 candidates, and I know this is the good guy.

And right now there’s a lot of resources out there. is one of those that helps you identify the beliefs of every single person running for Congress. And so there’s no reason for us not to go into this not only turning out to vote, but casting informed intelligent votes, knowing who everybody in the primary is. And here’s the reason I’m for this guy, not because my neighbors for him, but I’ve studied and I know what they believe. And here’s why I’m voting for this gal or this guy. I’m sorry, that’s Texas colloquial, probably a little too familiarization with gender terms there.

But nonetheless, whoever you choose, you need to know why you choose them. And we’ve got more resources available now than we’ve had. So you’re right, Rick, it gives us a chance to choose, but we really need to be informed voters as well as active voters.


Yeah, that’s so good, David. And remember that if you become the informed voter, there’s a lot of people in your life that are not informed and they’re not going to know where to go for the information or they’re not going to, so you can be a force multiplier. Take your information. If you go do your homework, and share it on social media and send it out to your friends and family. You’ll multiply your vote by 5, 10, 15, 50, maybe, I mean, people, they just don’t know where to look. And so, your guidance, you’d be surprised, even if you haven’t been involved in this arena before, you’d be surprised how much influence you can have in a really positive way. So, really good stuff. Okay, Tim, what’s your next piece of good news for us?


Well, guys, this is a study from the Trafalgar group. And the survey they had revealed that even last year with the crime wave that came and when we saw a lot of these cities when they decided that they wanted to decriminalize a theft, if you didn’t take more than $1,000 worth of property, right out in California, wherever the case might be, as we saw an increase of some of these property crimes or some of these steps, and really just kind of crime across the board in 2021 and a lot of these very leftist, blue Democrat-run cities.

One of the interesting things from this survey, people were asked, do you think that we need stricter gun control laws or stricter gun control laws helped prevent crime in the States or is that made it worse? And so what was found in the survey was 47.1% of respondents said that the strict gun laws in most major cities make no difference when it comes to crime. What’s also interesting is add to that 47.1%, there’s 37.3% that believe it makes it worse.

So as we’re talking about strict gun control laws, you now have a strong majority of Americans that are saying, you know, these gun control laws are not working. It’s not solving the problem. It’s not keeping places safe. This is an encouraging thing as we’ve actually seen over the last couple of years in many Americans that some who were okay with the idea of guns and they weren’t anti-gun, but maybe for some people, you know, they never trained with a handgun, they never trained with a firearm, they maybe had never owned one personally themselves, maybe they had their grandpa’s hunting rifle or hunting shotgun in the closet somewhere.

But it’s really seeing the reality of the brokenness of man, seeing that the heart of man is weak and deceitful and when left to its own ends and purposes, bad things happen. A lot of people have been awakened to the reality of why we have the Second Amendment in America. And it’s encouraging that not only are people against stricter gun control laws in some of these major cities, but a lot of Americans are turning to actually getting trained with these firearms.

And guys, we’ve talked, I guess, for years now about us going to Front Sight; actually, several times a year, Rick, I think you go 10 or 12 times a year, you all take groups. And my dad, and I try to come with you guys at least once, sometimes twice a year to go out and get handgun training, get firearm training. And genuinely, I think most people have been kind of anti-gun on some level is they’re not familiar with guns. And the lack of familiarity breeds a fear because they’re scared of this unknown, they’re scared of the same thing is really dangerous, not recognizing that it’s just a tool, like a car, like a chainsaw, that can be dangerous if operated incorrectly, but can be very beneficial and helpful if you know how to use it.

And so we would definitely encourage, in the midst of people now recognizing that stricter gun control laws don’t stop crime, don’t stop violent crime, don’t stop deaths, if people are saying, I’m ready, I want to get trained, I want to get equipped Front Sight is a really great place to get trained and equipped. And, Rick, again, I know that you take all kinds of groups, and I’m actually already booked for a couple times to go with you this year as well. But I think it’s very encouraging for Americans to recognize that the stricter gun control laws have not solved the problem, and also that Americans are recognizing they need to become responsible gun owners and know how to use those firearms. That’s encouraging.


Yeah. You know, not and I go all the way back, I can’t remember what year, David, you released the second amendment primer, but the founders were so clear in there; you had so many good quotes in their teaching the fact that, hey, it’s the individual responsibility to defend yourself and your family and your home. And too often we kind of slough this off to the government. And we blame the government for everything. We want the government to take care of us in all these different ways, from health care to, you name it. But here in terms of defense and defending ourselves, this was one of the Founders said, we need to be ready to defend ourselves. And so that’s really where I started kind of realizing, whoa, I’ve kind of been lazy, or I’ve been irresponsible with this right to keep and bear arms because I haven’t trained I haven’t prepared myself, and that all changed a few years ago going through one of these classes. And it’s good fellowship too. So we just invite everybody to come.

But what great news that people are realizing the gun control laws that make it harder for law abiding citizens to defend themselves and protect their family, and obviously, the criminals are not going to pay attention to those laws. So it actually makes it easier for the criminal to prey upon people. So they’re just a bad idea. They’ve never ever, ever worked. And the fact that people realize that, very, very good news. Let’s see, guys, let’s take a quick break. When we’ll come back, David will have some more good news for us. So stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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This is a really weird story. This goes back to Christmas. You guys know that I love Christmas. I love playing Christmas music a time just to tweak you guys 4th of July, anything else. So this is an article about a Christmas Pageant. I’m just going to read the first part of the article, very interesting to me.

It says “A Michigan grade school is defending its decision to stage a rainbow themed Holiday Musical that features Santa Claus and rainbow colored reindeer. A rainbow Christmas it’s called was performed by kindergarteners and other children at the elementary school. School leaders describe the program as a quote, ‘joyous holiday musical’ that is ‘secular in nature’. It teaches a valuable lessons about acceptance of school said in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

The holiday program tells the story of a black and white forest, where the residents only accept things that are black and white. And to Santa Claus and his rainbow colored reindeer who teach the creatures of the force that the world is full of different colors, and that they should be tolerant and accepting and share the world with others whose colors are different than theirs. Once the citizens of the black and white force understand the era of their intolerant ways, they renamed their home the ‘Rainbow Force’ that children sang songs titled ‘We share the rainbow and Christmas as a rainbow’. Alright, there’s your Christmas program at public school, elementary school in the Michigan. How do you think parents responded to that?


Well, first of all, let me just point out the contradiction of Santa Claus who has a list of who is naughty and who is nice. So, Santa Claus is not this tolerant, all accepting individual of whatever behavior there is. No. So there’s actually things that are naughty and things that are nice. The whole thing is contradictory in general. But hopefully, where you are going is the parents recognize the absurdity of this for children who are 4, 5, 6, whatever they are just that’s ridiculous that we are doing this propaganda for kids that age. So hopefully there was pushback from the parents, hopefully, that’s what you’re going to say.


Yeah, there’s a lot of pushback, and the parents actually accuse it of being an LGBTQ agenda. Now the school denied that, say, there’s no way that’s an LGBTQ agenda. This is where I have a lot of fun. Okay. So first point I’d make is they announced it as a secular Christmas program. If it’s Christmas, what’s the root word of Christmas? Christ. If it’s a holiday program, the Federal holiday is built around the birthday of Jesus Christ. Are you telling me that Jesus Christ is a secular figure? So first off, you’ve got a real problem having a secular Christmas program when Christmas is nothing secular about it. Next thing is, is there any other movement in America other than LGBTQ that uses the rainbow as a symbol? I can’t think of one.


Ken Ham and the Creation Museum in Kentucky.


There you go. The closest thing with no oh, that’s biblical, but this is secular Tim, we can’t do religious stuff, got to be secular. And then seeing things in terms of black and white like the naughty and nice list, and good for us, the Ten Commandments are not black and white. They’re individually interpreted. And so if you want to kill or if you want to steal or purge yourself, that’s totally up to you, God doesn’t care because there’s nothing black and white.

And I mean, you just go through this, this is so much indoctrination. What’s amazing to me is that the teachers did not see this as indoctrination. And they’re defending this, and they make a big deal of, hey, we’re not trying to indoctrinate the kids with anything. These are just good values. It is so amazing to me that education has become such an indoctrination faucet, that when it actually happens, and everybody else recognizes that, they don’t see what everybody else sees.

So the good news about this is the parents went absolutely through the roof on this which they should have. And the parents and it was not just religious parents, it was parents saying, this is pure indoctrination. We want to teach our kids values, not you. You should be reinforcing values that we believe community holds. And so it was so good to see that which led to the next article that goes right with this. It says…


And dad, before you get too far away from that, let me point out that I do think it’s one thing to be said that the teachers, maybe they didn’t all recognize that they were promoting propaganda. I do think that there are some teachers Most likely who were there who probably were just being intellectually dishonest. And they probably knew exactly what they were doing, but they don’t want to come clean, especially to these parents about what they’re doing.

Because one of the things we’ve seen in a lot of the public school setting, kind of what we saw in the Virginia governor’s race last year, right, where you had the gentleman who’s running for reelection in Virginia said, hey, it’s really not parents business, what happens in schools, and we’ve seen school boards come out and say, parents shouldn’t have a say in what goes on. I don’t think then as farfetched to say that you do have many situations where you’d have teachers lying to parents about what goes on.

In fact, we know that oftentimes teachers have been caught covering for bad behavior of students or for sex change operations, or for abortions, etc, not being honest with parents. And so to assume that maybe none of the teachers recognized that this was propaganda, I think it’s probably a little naive, probably, there was just a lot of dishonest teachers involved in that process as well. Which, again, we have talked so much about the brokenness of the public school system, and we’ve tried to highlight there are some really good teachers, there’s some God-fearing teachers, or some God-fearing principals, and superintendents, administrators. There are some really great missionaries in that public school system.

But the system is continually being exposed for the brokenness that is there. And I think that’s definitely true. Even if these teachers come out and say, hey, we there was no propaganda here, somebody knew there was propaganda there. Again, there could have been a couple teachers who were naive, and they didn’t see it. But I’m going to say probably a lot of teachers saw it, and they were just being dishonest, which again, is one of the major problems we’re seeing in this public education system is that teachers are not being honest with parents, and they’re promoting an agenda far different from what the parents want for their own kids.


Now, what happened was, and I think you’re right, Tim, there’s, there’s going to be some people that are naive and are not culturally informed and don’t know what happened. And that’s probably true. And I probably overstated the fact that teachers did that. I still think the system is indoctrination system where there everybody there recognize it and the parents do too, which is interesting to me, that the next headline says “School board shenanigans inspire greater interest among parents to vote in midterm elections”.

Now, we saw some of the stuff going back before November, and we saw just hundreds and hundreds of school board races in November going in a very conservative direction, whether it was Denver, or Houston, or all these big blue cities that suddenly became conservative school board. But now they’re saying, look, what is doing to the midterm elections, when you normally only have a 39% turnout of registered voters, this thing seems to be driving voter turnout through the roof, and they’re looking at these issues.

And the good news for me dealing with this is Republicans actually seem to be picking up on this. And the Republicans came out with what they call the Parental Bill of Rights. This came out of the Republican Study Committee and said, look, here’s the fundamental rights parents have. And here’s the rights you should have with masks and with musicals or whatever else it is. And so it is good to see that the pressure from the parents and from average common Americans who may not have engaged in the last few years, they are engaging now. And it looks like it’s going to pay off big, not only with school boards and school board elections, but also even what could happen in the national leadership and national direction of Congress and the agenda they take. I mean, the fact that they’ve come out with a Parental Bill of Rights, good for them. That’s exactly the kind of stuff that we should be fighting for and standing for. So, a lot of fun stuff starting to happen now.


Very, very good stuff. Okay, Tim, final piece of good news for the day.


Well, guys, this one is from TSA. And I generally feel about TSA like I do about going to the DMV. It’s not generally my favorite kind of group of people to deal with, even though there can be some great TSA agents and I have met some great TSA agents over time. But this is a really cool story. This happened back in December. And there was a mother going through with a child and the child ends up not breathing, not being responsive. This is an infant in a car seat.

And TSA agency sees it, Cecilia Morales, and there’s actually a video footage of her, December 9th, where she jumps over the barrier and gets out there. And fortunately, Cecilia had been an EMT, and she’d only been with TSA for about two months. And so her training as an EMT came back. And so she did the infant version of the Heimlich where she kind of rolled the baby over in her hand and she’s patting the baby on the back to try to clear a blockage. And then eventually there’s a medical team that comes in there for the oxygen and so help the baby along the way.

But this is one of those incidents, obviously, TSA is supposed to be there for our safety and security. But more times than not it feels like they’re patting down grandma and it’s just ridiculous on a lot of levels. However, this is something where we talked about we want to give credit where credit’s due. And this is a moment where you see in the video Cecilia Morales Just incredible heroic, quick to respond. She actually said when she saw the video afterwards, “It was the first time I’ve seen myself and action saving a life. It was mind blowing to watch. I felt that my training and experience just took over.”

And so in the midst of craziness, guys, I actually have a stack of stories of just individual people, normal citizens who are doing things courageously, heroically, to bless other people. And so in the midst of the chaotic world we see around us, in the midst of the national news that is highlighting national stories that are so many individual heroes that are just standing up that are doing the right thing, that are helping their fellow man, that are blessing loving and serving others. There’s a lot of reasons to be hopeful, and there’s a lot of good news. But it’s a Cecilia Morales is definitely one of those. So, want to give her props for saving a baby’s life there at TSA going through security.


Alright, folks, we’re out of time for good news today. But there is more good news at our website. Be sure and check it out, you can dive into those archives. You can also get signed up for one of our biblical citizenship courses, lots of good news in that eight week course and you can be the one to bring it to your church or your community completely free, free for you as the coach that hosts that class, we’ll train you on how to do it. All of that available for free at our website today,,

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