Air Date: 01/06/2012

Summary: We start off the program today with some good news from David’s stack-* Leesburg, Virginia changes the name of its “holiday” parade, back to “Christmas” parade.* In Idaho, the Boise Rescue Mission, a Christian organization that takes care of the needy, is taken to court by a federally funded organization for being Christian. The 9th circuit court of appeals rules in the Mission’s favor.* World Vision, another humanitarian organization, this one with access to federal funds, is sued for only hiring Christians. The 9th circuit court of appeals rules in the favor of World Vision, too.* A university in Texas refuses to provide hiring services for a pro-life Christian group. Guest Greg Baylor of Alliance Defense Fund tells us about it. Alliance Defense Fund comes to the rescue, and sends a message to other universities warning them not to try the same thing.* Child Evangelism Fellowship cases continue to be won in court. The courts are upholding the rights of students to have Christian clubs at schools, including participation by teachers.* “God Bless America” remains a part of the 911 memorial in Pennsylvania, regardless of opposition.* At Flathead National Forest in Montana, the park service tried to take down a statue of Jesus. People spoke up, and now the statue remains.* Law suits are filed in opposition to schools holding graduation ceremonies in in church buildings. The 7th circuit court of appeals rules that there is nothing wrong with holding a school graduation in a church building.


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