A Week Of Thanksgiving, Day Five – Nuns, Bible Class, Afghanistan’s Underground Railroad & More!: Does loving your neighbor include involvement in civil government? Should New York nuns be required to have abortions on their health insurance? How many students would you guess chose to take an elective Bible class? Have you heard about the amazing underground-railroad moment from a rescue effort in Afghanistan? How is Gov. DeSantis handling Biden’s unethical dealings concerning immigrants? Tune in to hear these good news stories and more on our last day of the “Week of Thanksgiving”!

Air Date: 11/26/2021

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


You found your way to the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks for joining us today on WallBuilders Live. My name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor, and president of WallBuilders.

And we are bringing you good news on Friday, even though we’ve been bringing you good news all week long. So this is actually day five of a great Thanksgiving week, we’ve been doing good news every single day. David and Tim have been trying to get rid of this massive stack that’s existed, I think forever because they just keep replenishing with more good news. 

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Okay, Rick, I’m throwing at you. Going back to your background, your religious upbringing, certainly, you at some point in your life were in a mission’s Sunday program at church, right?


Oh, yeah.


What did you cover on mission Sunday?


What did I cover or what did the pastor cover?


When you went to mission Sunday program, what did you usually get?

One Pastor’s Mission Sunday


In terms of what we learned?




Well, first of all, that it was a duty and responsibilities. It wasn’t just a nice thing to do, but that it was a biblical command to do these things and go into all the nations around the world. So that was always kind of an eye-opener for me because I tend to be I’m worried about my backyard, just what’s going on in my community. So I love that when they would open my eyes to hey, we need to be doing this all over the country. And usually, they had some missionaries there from somewhere around the world that would tell their story and what they were doing, and so we could give directly to them. But those are the things I remember.


That’s the things I remember as well. It was always about missionaries and about different countries and different missionaries and from different countries. But Pastor John Bouquet in Bethel Church in Ashland, Ohio did a mission Sunday, and it isn’t what I would have expected if I’d shown up that morning, because what you described is what I’m used to, it’s what you’re used to.

On his mission Sunday, it was all about missions, and to civil government, and into the local community, and into where we live and the government that affects us. And so in that mission Sunday, he had candidates for office there, he had a lot of people out of his church there. And it’s pretty fascinating to read what he said here about it. He said, “Do we believe civil government is redeemable? The resounding answer should be yes. And in a country where citizens have the ability to impact our society for Christ, it’s crystal clear that loving your neighbor includes civil government.”

So as it turns out, he’s been really working in his community, recruiting people and getting good people to run for government. And I just want to read you what the results were. I’m still fascinated. Here we are more than three weeks after the election, I keep finding results kind of obscure news stories that didn’t make the national news. But these are really uplifting stories, at least to me. So here’s what he says.

School Boards

He says “After this election, our faith community was able to put Christians on three different school boards, Crestview, Ashland city, and Loudoun, Perry Ville schools. We reshaped Ashland City School Board by electing three social conservatives for the majority. We also elected three Bible believers for Ashland City Council giving control of all five council seats to people who fear God.” I mean, that is such a good victory. I mean, not just a seat or two here or there, they actually took the majority of these things.

He further said, “This is how we actually change Washington, DC.” He said “You get to DC through the local level one person at a time, the school board member becomes a councilman, a city commissioner then a state representative, and before you know it, evangelical believers running for Congress. It’s a long-term plan that requires planting a seed of faith.” I love it when pastors are taking ownership of their own local communities.

And man, look at what the differences in that city council and then three school boards there, and even planning to what is going to be in Washington DC. This is such a healthy, healthy viewpoint to have, but it’s just so unusual or has been in recent years.

We have certainly seen a lot of this happening this election. And that’s some of the results we’ve been covering for last three weeks as these stories keep popping up. And this looks like a movement that’s gone across America and that’s great news.


Just imagine that very model what you just described, that big of a difference with the City Council in those local entities, every community in the country could be doing that. I mean, there’s churches in every community that if they got involved, they have the votes within their own church bodies. But certainly, if they teamed up with some other churches to do exactly what you just described, so that can be duplicated everywhere.

New York Supreme Court Overruled

And I was trying to remember there was a time, I think it was Assembly of God, it was one of the major denominations, they actually had that as part of their missions program, was that they literally taught, hey, look, local government here in America working on these things in the culture, the realm of government is a mission field. And I love that because we tend to think, oh, that’s not missions, that’s not being even holy, that’s not serving God, you’re going into this evil world of politics. And that’s actually what disarmed a lot of the church around the country was we made them think that’s dirty business over there.

In fact, that’s what Pastor Rob McCoy says, in our biblical citizenship class. He says, people say politics is dirty, and he says, well, the church is dirty, it’s all dirty. That’s why we have the gospel to take these good things to people. So I love the fact that they’re thinking of local government as a mission field. Very good news there, David. Alright, Tim, where are we headed with our next piece of good news?


Well, this one’s going to New York. But the good news is that the Supreme Court overruled something from New York. This is actually dealing with another group of nuns from New York and by nuns, we’re talking like Sister Act kind of nuns, the kind that have a habit and by habits, good habits…


There’s a lot of people who have habits.


Yes. They wear a certain kind of clothing, I believe is called the habits, and not just a habit of putting on clothes. Yes, anyway. So these are the N-U-N-S, Nuns. And New York several years ago passed a healthcare mandate that required all employers to cover abortions in their health insurance plans. And they had exemptions. And so some people have sued and gotten exemptions.

But this group of nuns, The Sisterhood of St. Mary were not able to get the exemption because the exemption was so narrow. They said you can only get exemption if the only people you employ is your own staff, if you employ other people, etc. Well, the way this unfold that is they have some property where people come and they rent some space. Like the 4H would come and rent some space to do a display there on their property. And they said well, because then technically, like they’re on your property, and etc, so there’s other people there, so you don’t qualify for the exemption, which it’s crazy to think about.

Another Immaculate Conception?

But the Supreme Court came in, and they determined that actually, nope, these nuns do qualify for religious exemption. And so they overturn the lower court’s ruling from New York and they said you need to go back and revisit this. And they pointed out, and this is actually Beckett Law is what it is in this article.

And they pointed out that if you go back, there was a case, Fulton versus Philadelphia, and actually, Beckett was the one that had this decision, and this is what overturned some of those notions of requiring religious entities to provide abortifacients or abortions for their employees on their health care.

And so, at least for the time being, it’s a major victory for these nuns, presumably, the lower court recognizes, oh, yeah, you guys Supreme Court already ruled on this, already determined we’re not allowed to make nuns provide abortions or abortifacients on their health insurance, which also it was just kind of crazy to think about that anytime we’re talking about nuns, and requiring them to have abortions on their health insurance, I mean, guys, we know of one immaculate conception, and like, if it happened to nun, they would keep the baby. So like there’s no area whatsoever possible that nuns are looking for abortions on this.

And this is obviously one of the things that came from the Obamacare health care mandates when we’re requiring people that certain things in their health care and you don’t get to choose your plan anymore, and all these disasters that came from it. This is at least a positive ruling, where we are protecting the religious liberty rights of in this case, a group of nuns, but of believers of people, of faith, who recognize this is wrong and for their church, their organization.

And they’re not the only ones listed in this appeal as well. Actually, there’s a paragraph, and this paragraph is nothing but the churches in the ministries who also fall under this as well. So this is good news for a lot of churches and a lot of ministries in New York that they will not be required to provide abortions or abortifacients in their health care.


Alright, good news from New York. David, another piece of good news before we go to break.

Students Choose an Elective on the Bible


We’re going to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the good news is the update on a program that’s been going there since 1922 that is still going. And it’s a program that teaches the young people and Chattanooga public schools the Bible while they’re in schools. They have thousands and thousands of students who take this course, and it’s an elective course on the Bible. The Bible is the textbook for the course, and it shows you the rich background and history of the Bible, it’s contributions to literature, to government, to law, to music, to art, all these areas. So, it’s the Bible as literature as history as, etc.

But this has been going since 1922 in Chattanooga public schools, is still going today. And by the way, if this kind of seems unusual, how can they do that you can’t have the Bible in schools. No. Even the Supreme Court has held that you can have these elective Bible courses in schools. So as we’re talking about conservatives taking over local school boards and wanting to get back to that which made America great, one of the things you can get back to is offering these elective courses.

There’s an organization that we’re on the board of that we work with it, there’s 120,000 students who have been through this course in recent years. It’s in thousands and thousands of school districts across the country. You just don’t hear about it, but it’s definitely available. So if you’re interested in doing this in your local school, go to the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools. But this one in Tennessee, it’s great.

And by the way, there’s a local group that worked hard to be able to fund this so the school district won’t say, oh, we don’t have the money for the teachers or whatever. And they, this year, just gave the school district a $1.8 million gift to cover all of, I think there’s 29 schools in the district the teachers, and these guys on the outside wanted to make sure there was no impediment for the schools to be able to do this. But it’s a great story out of Tennessee, and it does reflect what can be done in every single school district in the nation, public school district, if you want to, just copy what’s going on in Tennessee and copy what’s going on thousands of districts across the United States.


There’s one of the things that really want to stress about our good news programs and the things we share on here, it can be duplicated, it can be done in your community. So every time we share one of these stories, go, hey, I want that to happen in my backyard, I want that to happen with my local school district or city council. And basically, create these brush fires of liberty all across the country. Quick break, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you today on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this special Good News Friday. It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’ve been doing good news all week long. You can get the rest of the good news programs at our website wallbuilderslive.com. But for now, let’s dive right back into some good news. Tim, you’re up next, man.


Alright, guys, this is dealing with the debacle in Afghanistan. And we’ve talked a lot about this over the last month or two on the program. A lot of what’s going on with the Nazarene Fund and part of our involvement, and actually, many people have donated to help that effort and that course. And in the future, there will be a lot of testimonies coming out of the positive things that happened because of it. We can’t share a lot of details still to this point.

But there is a lot of positive things happening there. There’s still a need for prayer. There’s still a lot that needs to happen. Nonetheless, this is a story, Fox News covered this night a couple of weeks ago. And there was an individual, a US soldier who was from Afghanistan originally, and actually had family in Afghanistan. And he was medically discharged from the US military.

Underground Railroad in Afghanistan

And when this Afghanistan debacle unfolded when we saw the US military pull out and we knew there were still thousands arguably Americans leftover in Afghanistan, and then there were thousands, or arguably tens of thousands of SIVs and these are special immigration visas. And they’re given to people who either specifically they helped on some level with the military, or maybe it’s given to the wife and the kids of someone who helps with the military, but people who because of helping the American military, they have a target on their back from the Taliban, from people that they directly oppose that their leadership and actually helped do things that led to their destruction on some level.

Anyway, so with all these things going on and we also were very directly involved trying to help rescue Christians, because we knew that was going to be a highly targeted group that was going to be persecuted and executed in some situations, so we were working to get those guys out. Well, this is a veteran. And Fox News did a great job on the interview of not disclosing too much information.

So even in this, this is actually a several page article. In the separate page article, it doesn’t highlight the name it gives a few details about the operation. But essentially, he was able to go over and help on a kind of like an underground railroad kind of scenario, where they’re working on the ground, and they were able to walk out of Afghanistan across the border into Pakistan. And Pakistan was close, but he was able to get in Pakistan.

And then again, like kind of the underground railroad where you kind of have secret places and secret, maybe a little relative, but the places where you knew you could maybe travel where there was less detection, and you might could get through, and you might get to another country. And once you’re in another country, there’s not quite the same level of threat from the Taliban. So he was able to go over and help rescue people.

And among those, it actually highlights some of the families he was able to help rescue: there were 10 Afghan Christians he was able to help escape and get out. And so in the midst of this, that this is just, again, we are frequently highlighting just seemingly normal people who are going out and doing heroic and great things. And this is a story of someone who had fought in Afghanistan, was part of the US military, actually, originally from Afghanistan, joined the US military to fight for this cause of freedom over in the Middle East. But when he saw what happened with the US and the pull out of Afghanistan, he said, we’ve got to go help those people.

And there have been many individuals like this getting involved. There’s actually a lot of groups still doing stuff, ‘Save Our Allies’ is a really good group still involved trying to do things to help rescue people. We have friends who are helping lead, or at least kind of direct some of that organization, our buddy, Chad Robichaux is helping do some of that. So there’s still a lot of good groups out there who are trying to do things to still rescue people in need.

The Nazarene Fund

And then like the Nazarene Fund, and others we are trying to help people that have gotten out to be relocated to final countries and help get them a grounding and footing under them. So, there’s still good things happening. But this is just a story that came out a couple of weeks ago of someone who actually went on the ground, kind of an underground railroad moment where he’s sneaking in helping rescue people and get them out.

So there are still good things happening even though the media has long forgotten the story because it’s a really terrible reflection on the current administration. Nonetheless, there’s still a lot of good people getting involved trying to rescue people in need in Afghanistan. So this is one of those good stories.


You know, I can’t hardly think about all of those stories that are happening and continuing to happen without talking about Nazarene Fund and the good things that are happening there. I want to encourage people to continue to donate there. They can do that at WallBuilders and just be a part of it financially, even if you can’t physically go help people.

It’s not just Afghanistan, right. You guys talk about all these places around the globe where persecuted Christians are rescued from very difficult situations. And so we’re very thankful for the work you guys are doing in Nazarene Fund. Again, wallbuilders.com, if you go to the donate page there, you can donate to those courses. David, next piece of good news, brother.


Going back to Tennessee, and Tennessee, the schools there, as you can imagine, if they are teaching bibles in school, they probably even allow prayer in schools or try to. And at a football game at Tennessee recently, there’s been lawsuits going there as well. You make and pray, but the adults can’t pray. You can’t have adults praying, because when an adult prays, that’s coercion, that is forcing the children to pray. And if a student prays, now the kids felt like they have to pray, otherwise, they’re going to get an F in the court. I don’t know where this fear coercion comes from.

But nonetheless, that’s the argument the other side makes is you can’t have any adult sit in an example for them. And by the way, there is a case, we think going to do a Supreme Court soon out of Washington State where that there was a former Marine military veteran who was a very successful football coach. And after the game, he would just go and kneel down in the field by himself and just have a quick silent prayer, thank you for protecting the kids, whatever.

And they sued that, said, you can’t do that. That’s an adult setting an example. And you can’t have an adult setting an example unless it’s a really bad example will allow that. If you want to be a socialist or Marxist or violent or lead protests, you can do that, but nothing God honoring.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

And so we think this might be going to a Supreme Court and the Supreme Court might be willing to overturn it. We’ll see. It goes back to, I think, 1995 case, Jane Doe versus Santa Fe Independent School District, is case in which we’re involved that time, but that’s where the court came down, said no, adults can be participating in sports kind of stuff with prayer.

So what happens in Tennessee is since they can’t do this, and they’ve had an effort going recently to allow that prayer of football games, but it’s all tied up in court. So what happened was after a recent football game, the players on the team just went out to the middle of the field and knelt down and prayed, and they invited people from the crowd. And I tell you, look into the pictures, it looks like there’s as many people in the field as there were in the bleachers on both sides. It was just a great thing to see.

So here you have the kids stepping up and saying, we’re going to pray. I mean, if you’re not going to let adults pray, we’re still going to pray. And the adults went and joined them. So perhaps that’s what the scripture says the little child shall lead them, in this case, it was the kids picking up and doing the religious activities at school and the adults coming up to support behind them. And that was really good, really fun to see, really great picture.


Good leadership from the next generation. Tim, next piece of good news?


Well, this was from Florida and this is Governor Ron DeSantis. This actually happened earlier this month. There was an initiative who had come into the US. One of the things under Title 42 is it’s dealing with unaccompanied minors. And if you have illegal immigrants crossing the border who are a minor, if they have people they know in the States or a sponsor somewhere in the States, then they can be sent to that sponsor, and they’re given a notice to appear that one day they have to come back and appear before court and there’s a trial.

DeSantis Deals With Biden’s Antics

Actually, there’s lots of problems. One of the problems in that we see revealed in this situation is there was a man who pretended to be a teenager, he actually was in his mid-20s. And he said, he’s an unaccompanied minor, and he appeared in Florida, ends up murdering someone in Florida.

Governor Ron DeSantis had a press conference on this. And one of the things that was pointed out was the Biden administration had been taking a group of migrants and like hundreds and thousands of migrants, and were flying them into Florida, and turning them more or less loose in Jacksonville, Florida, kind of like the middle of the night scenario, just turning them loose. Some of them had sponsors. But they’re just dumping them on the city.

And this is where DeSantis says, guys, this is crazy, it has to stop. And then this murder happened. And so he’s now getting involved stepping up saying we have to do something. He pointed out that this person never should have been in the country in the first place. He said, it’s reckless, and it’s wrong.

And later, there was some tongue in cheek when he was talking about all these migrants that are being dumped in Florida. He said maybe we’ll put them on buses, we want them to Delaware, and send them toward Biden, let Biden deal with them and take care of them.

But this is one of the major atrocities we have seen with the southern border. But the good news is we are seeing that there are some governors with backbone. And Ron DeSantis, said, look, we’re going to call the legislature in, and we’re going to come up with a way to resolve this problem. We’re going to find a way to solve this problem. So they’re getting their legal heads together. They’re getting their legislators together.

And this is one of the great things, obviously, we don’t ever want to see tyranny and abuse, anytime it happens in America, it’s a terrible thing. And we certainly don’t want to see it from the highest levels when you have the president that one of the leaders of the executive branch and obviously a leader of the federal government when they’re doing this, that is a major problem. But we’ve talked about it even before in COVID. There’s been some positive things coming out of this. And one of the positive things we are seeing is there are governors who are beginning to reclaim the notion of the Tenth Amendment, which is the state’s rights issue.

Governors Stepping Up

And so again, terrible scenario happening in Florida, but the good news is, you are seeing governors begin to flex their governors’ muscles. And we will largely see probably over the next several years, maybe over the next several decades, we will see the federal government, at least there’s an opportunity to see this and dad, and Rick, you guys might have more thought on this–

I think there’s an opportunity for the federal government to be reduced on some level for some of their overreach when these governors start standing up and telling the federal government that you don’t have the authority to do that and we’re not going to let you do that in our states. When governors are flexing their muscle, it can help control the out-of-control federal government a little bit more.


Yeah, Tim 100% agree, and DeSantis, of course, has been leading the way on that. But some other governors are starting to step up. You know, Stitt in Oklahoma has done a couple things like that. I mean, there really is starting to be I think the courage at the state level to say that where the feds are failing completely or way outside their bounds, we’ve got to step up and intervene. So, hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of that. David, one more piece of good news before we go today.


Yeah, it deals with what’s going on in particularly inner-city schools. With a lot of inner-city schools, there is no community in the nation that is higher in its support of school choice than the black community, Hispanic right behind that. So these are areas where that often you find large black populations, Hispanic populations in urban areas, and that’s where you get the urban schools.

The Influence of Fathers

And we heard the story here a few weeks ago at a Shreveport where one of the schools in Shreveport just went crazy: kids were fighting, kids were getting arrested, I think 23 kids in just a couple days. And what solved the problem was 40 dads went to school and started patrolling the hallways of the school, just having the influence of a father figure completely changed our school district.

Now that’s something the government’s been fighting for years, been trying to undermine traditional family and say you don’t need a father in the home, you can be whatever. It’s just been really bad to see policy. But yet, here’s the evidence that it really does work.

And so as I was recently in Florida, and we were doing some meetings there with pastors, and I spoke at several schools, and I was really surprised at the number of black students at these private schools, because for far too long, private schools have been primarily white only, and pretty much had to be because it took parents that were getting high income.

Now, although the black community now in recent years has really come forward in family income, and where you have two parents in a home working, you’ve got more disposable income and a lot of white homes have more two-parent homes than black homes do, so you receive more white students in private schools because you’re paying your taxes to pay for public schools, but you’re also having to paying at your pocket to get into these private schools.

Well, I saw it really different in Florida. I saw so many black students, just almost 50% of the students would be black students in these Christian schools. And it’s like, wow, I haven’t seen this in most Christian schools. And it turns out because Governor DeSantis in Florida has said, no, no, we’re going to have school choice. Parents, if you’re dissatisfied with your school, we’re going to let you choose any school you want to.

And he did this again, most recently, with a mask stuff. Parents, if you don’t like the way your school is saying, your kid has to wear a mask, we’re going to give you a scholarship to go to any school you want to. Here’s the state funds, you pay your tax dollars to pay for kids to go to school; here, you take and use them with the school of your choice.

A Week Of Thanksgiving-Nuns, Bible Class, Afghanistan’s Underground Railroad

And so it really is fun to see the growing movement for school choice; competition, it makes everything healthier. And you’re going to see public schools have to start competing in the marketplace of ideas, and of quality, because the fact they have so many students that are now leaving to go to places that have better climates, where you don’t have the fighting, and you do have the presence of fathers and you do have choices about mask and other things.

So, really good news coming out of several states now where they’re trying to return to this traditional family structure, and traditional educational structure. That’s going to be good for everybody.


Well, guys, I feel like my cup runneth over, so much good news all week long. And we’re going to have it all available at our website wallbuilderslive.com. Check out the archives for this week. Thanksgiving week has been just so encouraging. So many things from across the country that we wanted to share with you, got through a lot of David and Tim stacks and caught up on a lot of that good news we haven’t had time to share over the last few weeks and months. So check it all out at wallbuilderslive.com. Share it with your friends and family. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend.

And for your Black Friday today, be sure to check out wallbuilders.com and give the gift of freedom, get folks educated, equipped, and inspired to make a difference. It’s a great way to spend your Christmas sharing that with folks here in a few weeks. Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.