Abortions-97% of Democrat Leaders Are Way Out Of Step With Voters On The Issue: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about how 97% of Democrat Leaders voted to allow the killing of babies after they were born alive! But how a Governor signs a budget that defunds Planned Parenthood. How CNN and MSNBC combined viewership is lower than the Food Network or the Home and Garden Network. Why a kid in viral video receives MAGA hat signed by President Trump, Unemployment way down… And more!

Air Date: 07/20/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

It’s Good News Friday here at WallBuilders. We try to make every Friday have Good News Friday. Because it’s a chance for David and Tim Barton to share some of the good news from across the nation. Mostly stories you probably have not heard.

I know I usually have not heard of any of the things they talk about on these Fridays. So I enjoy the encouragement of knowing that our system does work when we work our system. And to see God’s hand still moving throughout our country.

So that David and Tim Barton I’m talking about is David Barton. America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. And Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and President of WallBuilders. My name’s Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator.

And you can find out more about us and WallBuilders at our two websites. WallBuilders.com is our main website. Lot of great materials there for you. Highly encourage you to get those for yourself and your family or your Sunday School. Spread the good news.

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We’ve got archives of the last few months of programs. That’ll include the interviews we have with some of the great leaders in our country that are on the frontlines. It includes our foundation of freedom Thursday programs. And then of course these Friday programs. David, Tim looking forward to the day let’s get some good news. David Barton is up first.

Let”€™s Talk About Abortion Stats


Rick, I’m going to start with some abortion stats. And actually they have a lot of good news. For people who don’t know. Roe v. Wade really justified abortion all the way through.

It was really supposed to be focused on the point of viability. Which was somewhere around 20 weeks. They said that before 20 weeks you’re viable. So you can”€™t do abortions before 20 weeks. Well, it’s interesting to see where the nation is on that now.

First off, I got to say I was really surprised to see a poll out that Roe v. Wade. We talk about all the time as being the key abortion decision right. The polling says that 57% of millennials did not know that Roe v. Wade dealt with abortion. Which that’s an amazing stat to me.


Did they know what Roe v. Wade was? Did they have any idea?


They did not know that it was about abortion. They hear it all the time. But they didn’t know what it protected. Or what it was supposed to protect.


I would think most millennials  could not identify with what Roe versus Wade was. So not only they thought it was a different case they just had no idea what it was or what it was about.


That’s right. And so when we in the pro-life community talk about Roe v. Wade they don’t have a clue what we are talking about. Now if we go to abortion. That’s a different issue.

And so we have seen that millennials for example, are very high pro-life. They oppose abortion higher than other age groups do. But if you talk about overturning Roe v. Wade. What’s that?  

Roe V. Wade and Millennials

So it’s interesting that our rhetoric a lot of times on the pro-life side talks about Roe v. Wade. But we’ve got to get past that in some ways. If we’re going to communicate with millennials.

But having said that. So what you get is 20 weeks. Is what people point to in the Roe v. Wade as that’s the point of viability is what they argue.

Now there are states out there. Iowa and others that start saying well, once you can detect a heartbeat. That’s when we’re going to protect life at that point.

And so now you’re back and up to six or eight weeks thereabouts. But the first trimester. What week does the first trimester end?


What week does the first trimester end?  What is that about 14?


Yes about 13 weeks.


Yeah. So you’re looking at about 13 weeks.


Do you know what  % of Americans support abortion only in the first trimester?

87% Disapprove of Abortion in Third Trimester


I would think of Americans as ***.  The vast majority would be the first trimester.


As 60% of Americans say abortion”€™s ok in the first trimester. But not ok after that. So you have really 60% who is actually saying that we don’t think you should have abortions after the 13th week.

But Roe v. Wade goes all the way up to 20 weeks as viability. So the polling actually puts most Americans in conflict with what Roe v. Wade said.

Now again people think Roe v. Wade characterizes abortion. But here’s where it gets interesting. When you look at Democrats and what Democrats think about abortion.

By the way, only 28% of Americans support abortion in the second trimester. And only 13%  of Americans support abortion in the third trimester.

So think about those kind of massive numbers. Where that you’re looking at essentially 87 % say you shouldn’t have an abortion in third trimester. Which is late term abortions etc.

What Do Democrats Think?

So when you look at that number. What do you think the numbers are among Democrats on the three trimesters?


I would suspect they’re a little higher.


The Democratic  party essentially worships abortion at this point.  So maybe the rank and file that that is not the members of Congress.  Are you talking about members of Congress or Democrats in general?


Nope. Democrats in general. Self identified Democrats and polling. Let me just take the third trimester. That’s late term abortions.

That’s where we did the infant born alive protection act. We talked about it before. Only six Democrat House members said that we think that if a baby is born alive you shouldn’t be able to kill them on the table.

If we tried to abort them and that child survived the abortion and was born alive. Can you go ahead and kill him? Only six Democrat House members said no.


Wait. So the entire Democrat delegation in Congress other than those six which would be what.


97 % of Democrats in Congress.


So that’s over 100 members of Congress right.


I think it was 184 members of Congress I think somewhere in there.

97% Democrat Members of Congress OK Killing Baby After It”€™s Born


So it’s over 150 of them — just ballparking–Members of Congress. These are people elected to Congress were not okay with outlawing the taking of a baby’s life on the table.


On the table once it was outside the womb and had been born.


Wow. So that”€™s the party of Obama. Because that’s exactly what he did as a state senator.


That’s right.


When he was back in Illinois. Twice he killed legislation that would have saved that baby. So we’re probably seeing the fruit of eight years of him being their president.


Well, what you’ve got interestingly is you’re talking among the Democrats in the House. Roughly 97 % voted to kill a child after it is born.OK. That’s not the third trimester. That’s after it’s born.

In the third trimester only 13 % of Americans thought you should be able to do an abortion in the third trimester. Only 18  % of Democrats think you should do an abortion in the third trimester. You’re looking at 82 % of Democrats who did not think you should be doing abortions in the third trimester. That’s after 26 weeks.

And yet Democrat leaders 97  % voted for it after after 40 weeks. I mean it’s unbelievable. And so I think that’s great news that the Democrat rank and file are not where their elected officials are.

Democrat Leaders Are Out of Sync With Their Constituents

And at some point Lord willing, the Democrat rank and file will say we need better representation.


By the way for rank and file for us who are under 40. What does that mean?


That’s the average Democrat loyal voter.


That’s how it works out. The normal people that identify as Democrats. The Democratic voters are not as far left as crazy on the abortion issue as the elected officials are.

As you’re saying, it’ll be great when they realize that we don’t want to keep electing people who are so crazy on this issue. Who think it’s OK to murder a child after it’s been born and outside the womb. It will be great when they get to that place.

But at least they’re not as far left as we see some of these officials. And go, “€œOh my gosh how in the world can all these Democrats be thinking that?”€ Well the good news is they’re not all thinking that.


That’s right.


It hasn’t changed the way they vote at this point. Maybe. But at least it’s not as far gone for the country as sometimes it feels like.


Yeah, that’s a great point, Tim. Because sometimes if you think of the members of Congress as representing the people back home. And we”€™re split down the middle on so many of these things.

And you say,  “€œWell, if the Democrat leadership was voting that way that means half the country thinks that way.”€ This clearly proves  that’s not the case. They are way out of step with the people back home on this issue.

So you’re 100% right. That’s actually very hopeful. Because that means the message of life and if we get that information out there. The opposite of 30 years ago where the consultants would say, “€œDon’t talk about life because you’ll lose votes.”€

Now you talk about life you win votes. We can win people over to this. And get people in office that will stand for life.

Hey guys. Quick break. I know you’ve got more good news. Let’s take a quick break we’ll come right back. Tim Barton will be up with some good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Revisionists today often assert that our Founding Fathers were atheists, or agnostic, or deists. This charge is not new. In fact, Patrick Henry was even called a deist in his lifetime.

Clearly, no one could question his patriotism. But Henry was hurt that they would question his Christianity. Against the charges he was a deist, Patrick Henry thundered,
“€œDeism with me is but another name for bias and depravity. I hear it is said by the deists that I am one of their number. And indeed, there are some good people think I am no Christian. This thought gives me much more pain than being called a traitor. Being a Christian is a character which I prize far above all this world has or can boast.”€

Patrick Henry was quick to refute the charge of deism and to declare his open belief as a Christian.

For more information on God’s hand in American history, contact WallBuilders at 1-800-8- REBUILD.

Being Biblically Correct


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday Tim Barton has our next piece of good news, Tim.


Alright guys I got some good news from South Carolina. Also related to some victories over abortion industry, abortion stuff.

But before we go there. We were on radio foundations of freedom. I think Thursday a couple of weeks ago. And we’ve gotten a lot of emails. Just didn’t have time to really get to it and talk about this. Because we were talking about.

Penalty of Lying in Court

Somebody asked the question about why is it if somebody is guilty in court of lying about somebody else and they’ve been convicted. Why don’t they have to suffer the penalty of what they were trying to accuse the person of?

And I remember going,  “€œOh wait a second. No that’s not how it works. It’s crazy.”€ We kind of all chimed in and agreed.

It might be worth noting we’ve had an incredibly busy summer. We were all exhausted. Not to excuse the fact though we were totally wrong.

So, we got so many emails from listeners saying. Hey guys, just by the way the Bible and Deuteronomy does say that exact thing you just said that you shouldn’t do it.

The good news is people were listening and going wait a second. No let me look at the Bible and let’s see what the Bible says. And then they were able to send us and say hey guys just so you know. Because we know you guys care about being biblical. Here’s what the Bible says.

Listeners Confirming The Bible

So, I thought it was good news in all kinds of fronts. That not only were people actually hearing what we were saying. But they’re saying well wait a second let me just confirm that with the Bible.

And one of the things actually said during the summer. We do a lot of training with young people. With college kids and high school students. One of the things we tell them is don’t just take somebody”€™s word for it just because they said something.  Go actually look it up.


Including us.


It’s OK to trust somebody but verify and make sure it’s right. Even the idea of the Bereans  from Acts. When Paul was speaking to the Bereans they always wanted to look it up. To make sure what he was saying was true.

The good news in this situation is there were so many people saying, “€œHey let’s look that up. Oh by the way, Deuteronomy does say that you can be punished and held accountable for whatever you were accusing the person of.  If you’re found guilty of lying in court, if you were accusing them of a crime. Whatever the penalty was that was going to be imposed on that person can be imposed on you. Anyway, it’s in Deuteronomy chapter 19 verses 15- 21.

Kudos to our Listeners

And so the great news is that we had listeners who know the Bible. Who wanted to help us make sure we are biblically accurate. So we will go back and say, “€œOK yeah we missed that one. The Bible was very clear on that.”€ Yeah, we we just blew that one.

So bravo and kudos to the listeners who pointed out what the Bible says. And helping us remember oh yeah the Bible does say that. We want to be from the biblical position we always want to stand there.

So we do appreciate listeners for helping us remember those verses that sometimes we forget. We would try not to. Right? That’s why we always encourage people make sure you’re reading the Bible. Know what it says. Sometimes you just got to review it and help remember.

Governor McMaster Vetoes Funding for Planned Parenthood

So anyway good news from listeners. But let me now go to South Carolina. So first segment my dad was talking about some of this abortion issue. And how the culture is not as pro abortion as sometimes it feels.

Even those that we would say are on the other side of the aisle. Well, now it’s come back to our side of the aisle. There’s some good news coming out of South Carolina.

Gov. Henry McMaster from South Carolina has been an anti-abortion guy. As governor he ran on this said I’m not going to support it. Well in one of the things he promised that they would cut funding to kind of the abortion industry. But specifically to Planned Parenthood.

16 million dollar health care funding bill that came to his desk. He actually vetoed it because funding was going to Planned Parenthood. Well it actually gets even better.

I have a second article after the one about him vetoing the bill. That was going to help fund Planned Parenthood. The second article I have. Actually he has instructed that Planned Parenthood can no longer be recognized at their clinics. Can’t be recognized for Medicaid.

And so he said look we’re just not going to do Medicaid with people that do abortion. So he really is making some very positive moves forward with the pro-life movement. Saying we’re not going to recognize health care for people who actually take life of these innocent children. That’s very destructive.

So we’re not going to give them health care funds. Because that’s not really health care what they’re doing. That’s an abortion mill. It”€™s Planned Parenthood. So there’s really good news coming out of South Carolina.


There’s other options right, Tim? I mean there’s no need to give money to Planned Parenthood for those services. When there are plenty of other women’s clinics and providers that.

You know we went through the same debate here in Texas. When we took money away from Planned Parenthood. They screamed, well where are they going to get the services? There are a lot of other places you can go where you’re not supporting abortion.


That’s exactly right.There are a lot of women’s health organizations. And in fact every state has them. They offer actually many things that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even offer.

Although the Planned Parenthood sometimes claims they do things they don’t do. And then sometimes they don’t do things they say they do. However, there are many state organizations that they are going to help fund.

Funding Women”€™s Health Care

They’re going to give money to actual women’s health organizations. But they’re just choosing the women’s health organizations who don’t actually murder unborn children.

So you had kind of a novel concept. That women’s health actually should include the healthy pregnancy. And delivering babies and things that Planned Parenthood just doesn’t do.


Alright guys quick break. We’ll be right back. David Barton is next with some good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Pastors Only Briefing Trip


Pastors Only Briefing Trip


Hi, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders and I want to encourage all the pastors out there with a unique opportunity that we’re presenting it WallBuilders. We’re doing a special tour just for pastors that you can come and learn more about the spiritual heritage of our nation. Not just seeing the sights but understanding the significance of what they are and what they represent.

We get to go to the Capitol at night.  And we get to see the spiritual heritage of our Founding Fathers, of who we are as a nation, where we came from. We bring in congressman that will tell you about current legislation, about our religious liberties  and freedom, and what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

If you’re a pastor or if you want to recommend your pastor for this trip, you can go to our website at www.WallBuilders.com. And there’s a link that’s for scheduling.  If you click on that link there’s a section for pastor”€™s briefing. There’s more information about the dates, when it’s going, and how it’s going to happen. If you want to know more about our nation, our religious liberties, our freedom, our spiritual heritage, this is a trip you want to be a part of.

President Trump in the Media


We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on Good News Friday; David Barton is next with some more good news for you. David.


This deals with the way that we see President Trump and the media.  If you see how the media is going after him there’s a couple of stations that just seem to be fixated on Trump coverage. CNN is one and MSNBC is the other. And I saw some numbers here just a week or so ago that when you look at the combined viewing audience of CNN and MSNBC combined it’s lower than the Food Network or the Home and Garden Network. So they don’t seem to be doing real well with their attacks on Trump.


That is incredibly embarrassing.


That is incredibly embarrassing


I cannot tell you the last time I saw the Food Network or was it Home Shopping Network?


Home and Garden Network

CNN and MSNBC Combined Viewership Lower than the Food Network or the Home and Garden Network


Home and garden. Yea there you go. Haven’t seen those.  Although it does seem like every airport I go in there”€™s CNN and many hotels we stay in, there”€™s CNN in the lobby.

And so we’ve talked about this before but it makes me wonder. If it wasn’t for hotels and airports showing CNN how much lower would  their viewership be? Because I know they’re counting those TVs as part of their viewership


To a trapped audience, right?  This viewership is a trapped audience.


Well, they pay for that privilege.They’re the ones that pay to be able to show stuff in airports and restaurants and others. So they’re actually paying to try to keep some modicum of numbers up there.

So they can get advertising revenue and sell ads. If they just went by home viewing is probably a lot more abysmal. But even those two networks combined.  Those clearly are the two most hostile networks out there.

And so you listen to the media quote each other. And it’s amazing the way they do. The articles that are out there and they get tweeted around in social media.

But here’s what I find really interesting. Gallup did a poll on President Trump. They gave people a choice of choosing from 13 characteristics about Trump. And how do you rate him on this characteristic or that characteristic whatever.

58 % of Americans Agree That President Trump Is Intelligent

58 % of Americans agree that President Trump has a common characteristic. That means Democrats and Republicans and independents. The number one characteristic that they associate with Trump. 58% said he is intelligent.

Now, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that word used by any of the the mainstream left media.


That is certainly not even the first word I would have picked to describe Trump.


It’s amazing because the perception certainly is not that he’s intelligent.




But the people 58  % of Americans say he is intelligent. You also have he wins in three categories.The next category is he is a strong and decisive leader.

And the next category is he can bring about the change that this country needs. I think needs is an important point there. Not that he says that the change that the country needs.


I would love to know if  that was a multiple choice option on this survey. It would be interesting to see.


What it was is do you agree or disagree with the statement. And do you agree that President Trump is intelligent.


So just true false?


True or false.


Well, I guess I could see that because they might think he’s intelligent to play up his audience. They might not like what he does. And obviously don’t support what he does. But acknowledge he’s smart to do what he does


But he’s not a dummy.


Right. I know I could see that. But you’re right. CNN or MSNBC and all these networks oftentimes paint him as a dummy but no.

Trump”€™s Recent Trip To Russia


Look at the most recent trip to Russia and what he did there. Media says is there anyone dumber?  They’re actually calling for military insurrection. One of the officials called for the military to shape up and throw the guy a military coup. Are you kidding?

So their belief that Trump is intelligent. I mean that’s just so far down. That’s why he’s got to be impeached because he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I found it really intriguing that the people are not buying into media lines. Which is why I think that the next election 2018 cycle is going to be really interesting.

Media has its own spin and the polls have their own spin. I’m just not buying what they’re selling on the upcoming election.


Quick break guys. We’ll be right back with our final piece of good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

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Biographical Sketches

Hi friends! This is Tim Barton of WallBuilders.This is a time when most Americans don’t know much about American history or even heroes of the faith. I know, oftentimes as parents, we”€™re trying to find good content for our kids to read.

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Man Takes Kid”€™s Make America Great Again Hat


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Good News Friday. Today is our last segment of good news for the day. So here we go. David you”€™re up.


I’d like to play sometimes too if you guys pass me the ball I like to be part of the team.


That’s right. Tim Barton is up next. I skipped over you man.


So I don’t know if you guys remember seeing this on social media. There was a kid who was in a restaurant and he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat. And a guy came up to him took off the hat and threw a soda on him.  I mean just very ridiculous for an adult to treat anybody like this. But the fact that it was a teenager. It was just kind of a big deal that would happen.

And we’ve talked about the polarization and we’ve seen people call for violence. Don’t show tolerance to people that don’t agree with our position. We’ve seen this stuff being talked about.

But just seeing the behavior of an adult to a teenager is just so ridiculous inappropriate. What was kind of cool about this is actually the teen got a surprise.

Because he got a signed hat from President Trump. That was a Make America Great Again hat. So it is just kind of a neat gesture.

Somebody in the White House obviously saw this video. Gets word of it to the president. President wants to do something kind of unique special. Get something to the kids. So just a cool move coming from the White House.

Which, by the way, speaking of even President Trump and kind of the way that Americans are viewing him now. Well, probably the way they view him is going to continue to improve. Just based on some of the economic outlook. Where when you look over the summer jobless claims have plunged to the lowest we’ve seen in really just decades.

It’s 3.8  % of Americans.  They said it’s decades low that are unemployed or at least those that are looking for jobs. One of the things people have argued is wait a second there’s still a lot of people not looking for jobs. That’s probably true.

But of those that are looking for jobs. There are more jobs available than there are people that are actually looking for jobs. But it plunges at 214,000 which is even lower than May was.

Just really interesting to see the economy coming in the right direction. With opportunities that simply just weren’t there for many years. Maybe the past couple decades. To see businesses doing well again. To see opportunities coming back again.

It really is great to see the economy taking a turn. And certainly, President Trump and his policies have had a large part to do with that.

Spread the Good News


Well it’s a lot of good news on that front. But really across the board of the different things we we talked about today. And we’re really scratching the surface.

I mean you guys always have a bigger stack of good news to get to than we have time during the show. So I really do encourage people to visit our website for more of this.

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So make sure you’re listening to the podcast. Or listening to one of our 300 stations around the country that carry the program. Find some other way to pick up the program. But just know if there’s good news that good news has to be spread.

There is a lot of people out there that are not hearing the good news that you heard today. And that you can get more of at WallBuilderslive.com. So we strongly encourage you to be like Paul Revere and spread the news.

Go knock on some doors. You don’t have to actually go out in your neighborhood knock on the doors. But you can take these links at  WallBuilderslive.com. You can send them out on Facebook and on Twitter.

Abortion Defunded, Unemployment At Decades Low, Hostile Networks Viewership Down and More Good News

That’s a way of spreading the word. A way of helping other people in your community, your family, your church and in your neighborhood. Find out this good news and be encouraged that the country can be saved.

That these principles do work. And there’s things they can do to make a difference in the culture. So make sure you’re spreading the good news. Help us spread the good news by coming alongside us there at WallBuilders.com

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