American Experiment. We continue our special presentation of Dennis Prager’s speech at this year’s Pro-Family Legislators’ Conference in which he talks about the differences between the Left’s and Right’s ideologies, including limited government, lowering taxes, and the American Experiment.

Air Date: 12/28/2016

Guests: Dennis Prager, Radio Talk Show Host

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Today, we’re actually going to pick back up where we left off yesterday.  This week is a special series.  It’s a four part series here on WallBuilders Live, a chance for us to bring to you a great presentation from Dennis Prager.

He joined us at the Legislators Conference just a few weeks back and if you’re not familiar with that you can go to and find out more about our legislators program.  It’s an opportunity for state reps and senators, state legislators from across the country to come together and you know, sharpen iron.  It’s an iron sharpening iron kind of thing where they sharpen each other’s countenance.

They exchange ideas and they talk about what’s working well in their state or not working well. They get ideas from each other and from speakers they encourage each other and they go back home and have a great kickoff to their legislative sessions starting in January. So it’s a great program and you can invite your legislators to attend by going to and send that link to them.

The American Experiment

Dennis was one of our speakers for this year’s Pro-family Legislators Conference. We always have a great lineup of speakers at the conference. Dennis did not disappoint.  It was a really powerful message.  Very educational and really challenged the legislators. But even as a former legislator myself but not a legislator right now, just a citizen, it was challenging to me to recognize just how blessed we are just how unique the American experiment is.

But also to recognize it’s my job as a citizen, my responsibility to preserve that. So we wanted to share Dennis Prager”€™s presentation with you.  If you missed yesterday, the beginning of the presentation,  it’s available right now at our website If you’re going to miss any of the rest of this week, after the end of the week, it will be available right there at

So let’s go jump right back in where we left off yesterday. Here’s Dennis Prager at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference.

Less of God, Less of Liberty  


Let me tell you, philosophically and historically- God is central to the American Enterprise. And you don’t have to be a Christian or a Jew to believe this. You have to be honest to American history.

Here is the way it works, a few ways. Number one, there will be less liberty if there is less God. Now the secularist will say, “€œWhat are you? Are you out of your mind? There’s more liberty.”€ Yeah, there’s more liberty to act any way you want.  There’s more license but there’s not more liberty.

Humans Are Not Basically Good

The reason that there isn’t more liberty is that the bigger the God, the smaller the government. That’s why there is such big government in Western Europe, because there’s so little God. You have one or the other and the Founders knew this. Here is the way it works, they understood human beings are not basically good.  

By the way, everyone in the world understood this until the Enlightenment.  The secular French Enlightenment up-ended the most obvious aspect of human nature-that it’s deeply flawed. Correct?  I mean every Jew and Christian knows this Biblically. But again, any atheist has to acknowledge. The human history is filled with cruelty, filled.

It’s not an aberration. Goodness is an aberration more than badness is an aberration. So how do you make a good society if it’s going to be free? How do you do it? This is what the Founders grappled with. The answer is, there is only one answer.  The individual will feel accountable to God.

If The Individual Is Not Accountable To The State, One Has To Be Accountable To Something

If the individual is not accountable to the state, you have to be accountable to something. People drive slower when the police are driving next to them. People need to feel accountable. I do.  Everybody does. So you’re either accountable to God or accountable to the king or the state. They didn’t want the king or the state to be the source of accountability. And there’s only one option, and that was Judeo-Christian Biblically based religion.

The Founders were not all orthodox Christian. Small “€œO.”€ They were not.  That is true.  But they were all God centered. All. Including Benjamin Franklin. Do you know that reading Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography– and I wrote this in my book on him– comparing Americanism, Leftism, and Islamism– which by the way, I do recommend the book, I’ve most worked on in my life.  It’s called, Still The Best Hope: Why The World Needs American Values To Triumph.

And if you want to see the difference between Americanism, Leftism, and Islamism, it is three books in one. This is how we have understood what it means to be an American with the God centered idea. This was founded and Benjamin Franklin wrote it. I wrote this in my book. I couldn’t believe it. Benjamin Franklin and I have identical theology.  Identical. This is a man called a deist. I’m not a deist.  Not one of them was a deist.

Avalon Project


Hey guys this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders.  And I know you hear my dad and Rick talk a lot about our Founding Fathers about the original intent of our nation, a constitutional heritage that we have. And really we’ve seen how far we slipped away from that. And I know a lot of us as we hear my dad and Rick talk think, “€œI wish there was a place that I could go where I could see these documents and I could read and learn about the Founding Fathers firsthand.  See the things they did.”€  

I want to give you some websites today that can help you accomplish that very thing. If you get online you can go to places like Library of Congress and you can look under their century of lawmaking or historical documents. You can go to the Avalon Project, to the Founders Constitution, Google Books, or even the internet archives.  

Or you can just go to We have a section for our library. And under that section we have different subgroups for historical documents, historical writings, even a place where you can get helpful links to find out more information about other websites.  Where you can do research for yourself and find the truth for yourself. Friends, this is the time that we need to know who we are and where we came from. is a great place to go.    


Deist is defined as someone who believes there is a creator who then retired from the scene.  Not one of the Founders, of the major Founders, I mean. There were atheists and such at the time. Tom Paine is the only well-known name who would not have been called a religious person among the Founders.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “€œI believe in a God. I believe in God acting in history. I believe that every one of us will be judged by this God.”€ That means he believes in immortality. That’s fine. That’s what they believed. They got their values from the Old Testament as much as from the New Testament. That’s why on the Liberty Bell is a verse, only one verse, that is taken from the Old Testament, from the Book of Leviticus. Very few Americans know this.  

Prayer In the Classrooms

This is how the country is founded and they are undoing it. Truly, it began in 1962 with the Supreme Court decision on prayer in the classroom. There are culture wars but they blame us for them, of course. They started the culture wars.

What is unconstitutional? You know what it was? It was the New York State Regents prayer. It was essentially this, “€œMay God bless my teachers, my parents, and my country.”€ If you didn’t want to say it, you didn’t say it. As I have often pointed out, kids went from blessing teachers to cursing teachers in one generation. Why would any teacher oppose kids standing up in the classroom in saying, “€œMay God bless my teacher.”€ Isn’t it sick that it was ruled unconstitutional? Non-Understanding. We are in an existential battle for the United States of America, for America.

Not Imposing Gender Identity On Children

They will always be United States of America as a country between Canada and Mexico.But that’s not what we’re fighting for.  We’re not fighting for a geographical state. We’re fighting for a unique idea in human history and we’re losing. We’re losing.  We’re losing everywhere.  We’re losing in red states just as much as blue states.

Now North Carolina is a purple state or a pink state or whatever you want to call it.  But did you know that in Charlotte, this year, the Board of Education of Charlotte, North Carolina announced that teachers may not refer to their students as boys and girls. Why didn”€™t that make national news? Really it bothered me terribly. You can only call them students.  You can’t call them boys and girls.

If it is not boys and girls who are in your class, what are they?  Well, we’re not going to impose a gender identity on children. Forget whether you’re Right or Left, it’s absurd. We’ve entered a world of absurdity.  This a terrible thing to deny to boys and girls that they’re boys and girls.  And it’s one of the most wonderful things of growing up. “€œWow, I’m a girl what does that mean? Oh, I’m a boy, what does that mean? I’m a little scared to talk to a girl. Ew, girls stink. Ew, boys they’re disgusting.”€ That’s part of growing up. Not that we are the same thing who happen to look a little different. There are boys and there are girls.

Adoption For Same Sex Couples

The battles in this country are existential. I have no doubt that in the vast majority of your races these things can in fact, appear. I don’t know any of your individual races but it would be interesting just to ask when Charlotte, North Carolina.  My opponent in a debate or a news conference or whenever you might have access to the press with regard to your race. I’d like to know what my opponent thinks about the Charlotte, North Carolina”€™s order to teachers not to refer to students as boys and girls.

I’ve debated Kamala Harris, the new senator-elect from California. I debated her on Larry King about five – eight years ago.  You can see it on YouTube. We debated the issue of same sex marriage and you know all the surrounding issues. So I asked her,  “€œI’d like to ask you a question. Imagine that you are the one who makes the decision on an adoption and you have two equally wonderful couples, loving, affluent, and stable. So they have everything in common. One is a same sex couple and one is a married man and woman.”€ This was before same sex marriage passed. I said, “€œAnd there was a child, a newborn up for adoption. To which couple would you award the child?”€

And it was fascinating.  She tried to get out of it.  She said, “€œWell I would need to know more.”€ That was her answer. I said, “€œWhat when you need to know? I have given you the premise that everything is the same except one’s a same sex and one’s an opposite sex couple.”€ And she wouldn’t answer the question. I have gay friends who would answer, “€œGive the child to the heterosexual couple.”€

Enemy Of God Is Enemy To His Country, John Witherspoon


This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. America has a history of great patriots who love and sacrificed much for their country. One of these was John Witherspoon, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. While President at Princeton he personally trained many who became important leaders in American government, including James Madison.

How could John with a spoon tell if someone really loved America? He explained, “€œHe is the best friend to American liberty who his most sincere and active in promoting true and undefiled religion and who sits himself with the greatest firmness to bear down profanity and immorality of every kind. Whoever is an avowed enemy of God, I hesitate not to call him an enemy to his country.”€ Founding Father John Witherspoon believed that a true American patriot opposed profanity and immorality and promoted true and undefiled religion.

For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

Leftists Don”€™t Believe In Western Civilization


Just as you don’t have to be Christian to know that the cross should stay on the county seal of Los Angeles. You don’t have to be straight to understand that it is better for a child to have a healthy mother and father. That’s why they never refer to it.  They always say, “€œWell you know how many heterosexual couples are dysfunctional?”€

Yes, but that’s not the issue. It’s functional versus functional. They give you functional same-sex couples versus dysfunctional heterosexual couples. That’s apples and oranges. On all of these issues ask your opponent- you, every one of you, here is fighting for the United States of America to stay as America. It is a battle.  

Look at what the Left has done to Western civilization. When Jesse Jackson chanted at Stanford in the 1990s, “€œHey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go.”€ That was an honest statement of what the Left believes.  The Left doesn’t believe in Western civilization.

You know that you can get this- I’m glad you’re sitting.You might fall.  You can receive- and UCLA is not alone in this, you can get a B.A. in English from UCLA without having read a single Shakespeare play. A degree in English and not have read Shakespeare. Why? Because Shakespeare’s a dead, white, European male. So why would we want to read that? Why do you claim these any better? There is no better and worse in the world of the Left. Michelangelo and Jackson Pollock, who’s to say who’s greater?

War On Western Civilisation

Kids are raised- the whole generation- My generation started earlier, way earlier, was raised there is no beauty and ugly.  Those are purely subjective terms. There is nothing better than anything else.

One of the biggest awards in Germany in the arts world was given to the sculptor who sculpted a German police woman crouching and urinating and he even sculpted the puddle. Would you say there is a war against Western civilization? Here’s the irony, if you go to Japan and say, “€œWhat’s the greatest music ever written?”€ They’ll all say, “€œWestern classical music.”€ But if you went to Harvard and asked they would say, “€œThere is no such thing as the greatest music ever written.”€

I am very involved in classical music so I know something about it. I conduct orchestras as an avocation.  And at the New York Times a few years ago the chief music critic Anthony Tommasini wrote a piece, The 10 Greatest Composers. So of course it’s fun, right? My list versus his list. I noticed his list did not have, for example, Haydn.

Franz Joseph Haydn is the father of the symphony, the father of the string quartet, the father of the piano trio, and almost every other form of music that we have. He and Bach are really the founders in many ways of Western music. Haydn was missing. Handel was missing. I believe Schubert was missing. But who is on? He did include Bartok and Debussy, who are fine. I have nothing against them. I don’t think they should be in the top 10 without Haydn and without Handel or without Schubert and so on.

But he wrote, “€œPeople will ask why didn’t I have these composers.  Because I just didn’t want to fill it with Austrians.”€ So it’s not a 10 best list of composers.  It’s a diversity list.

He Needed Diversity Not Quality

He needed a Frenchman.  He needed a Hungarian.  This is what I mean. It’s all pervasive. I want you in your hearts to understand you are the last best.  You, each of you was the last best hope for the United States.

You Represent Western Civilization

You’re not just representing your district you are representing Western Civilization. I’m not here to flatter you. I”€™m here to bug you. The cause is so much greater than you realize.  Or maybe some of you do realize, but most people don’t.

Most senators, most people running for John McCain didn’t understand this. Donald Trump didn’t understand this. It is not understood by Republicans. They don’t run against the Left, they run against crooked Hillary or they run against, you name it. And she is crooked, but if it were Joe Biden, who isn”€™t crooked what difference would it make?

The government would still expand beyond everything the American experiment was founded to be. It”€™s the only country ever founded on the principle of limited government. The concept doesn’t exist in Europe. Forget it doesn’t exist in a non democratic society. It doesn’t exist in democratic Western societies.  Limited government.

Problem With Minimum Wage

The rules and regulations. I had a friend of mine, he was the biggest private chef to some of the biggest actors in Hollywood. He’s a brilliant chef.  But his dream in life was not to be the chef to the stars.  It was to open up his own pizza place because he makes a masterful pizza.

I had him on the show twice for an hour each time.  That’s a lot of time on radio, to just tell people how Los Angeles in California made it virtually impossible for him to open a pizza place. He should be rewarded. He had to fire people because of all the fees he had to pay, all the laws that were passed. People speak about being in favor of the minimum wage.  

Just let me tell you something- and by the way this is why we put up Prager U for you to have 5 minute chunks of information. We have one on the minimum wage. Did you know that in the 1980s the New York Times had an editorial, “€œThe right minimum wage is zero dollars and zero cents.”€ That was when the New York Times was more liberal.  Today it is Left.

And by the way, that is a distinction that is worth making in your races. I’m not running against a liberal. I’m running against the Leftists. Then you can get liberal votes. Liberals. I’m with you.

Bring A Speaker To Your Area


Hey, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders.  And as you’ve had the opportunity to listen to WallBuilders Live, you’ve probably heard a wealth of information about our nation, about our spiritual heritage, about the religious liberties, and about all the things that makes America exceptional. And you might thinking, “€œAs incredible as this information is, I wish there was a way that I could get one of the WallBuilders guys to come to my area and share with my group.”€

Whether it be a church, whether it be a Christian school, or public school, or some political event, or activity, if you’re interested in having a WallBuilders speaker come to your area, you can get on our website at and there’s a tab for scheduling. If you”€™ll click on that tab, you’ll notice there’s a list of information from speakers bio’s, to events that are already going on. And there’s a section where you can request an event, to bring this information about who we are, where we came from, our religious liberties, and freedoms. Go to the WallBuilders website and bring a speaker to your area.

JFKs Views On Lowering Taxes To Produce Business


I”€™m with John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address. I’m with John F. Kennedy’s view that lowering taxes is the only way to produce business. By the way, here’s the proof.  It drives me crazy, drives me crazy, when the most powerful and obvious arguments aren’t used.

The Democrats announced that they wished to retain the 35 % tax rate on corporations. During this election campaign, there were ads on national television put out by New York State run by a left wing Governor Andrew Cuomo. The ads said, “€œBring your business to New York State and we will give you special low or no taxes for X amount of time.”€

Leftism Is Emotional

They don’t live by what they preach and what they legislate. We will have less unemployment if we lower taxes on companies. It’s an utterly emotional Marxist– all Leftism- and you must know this, that all Leftism is emotional.  All of it.  It is rooted in emotion from Marx to whomever you’re running against. It”€™s all emotive.  “€œWe care for the poor, we care for the black, we care for this, we care for that.”€ I’m going to address that in a moment.  But it’s not true it’s a facade.

If you cared for those who were unemployed, you would lower corporate taxes. Not because you love corporate– I don’t love corporations. I actually I think big business is as left wing as as anything else. They’re not our pals.

Big Business Is Left Wing

This is a myth, “€œBig businesses conservative.”€ Big business overwhelmingly was in the Democratic camp and gave its money there  But it doesn’t matter.  I want to lower taxes on business, not because I love businessmen or don’t love business.  It’s irrelevant. I love high employment.

And it’s nip and tuck whether my master chef friend can keep his pizza place open in Northridge, California. It’s unbelievable what is done. By the way, there’s a movement now after the election for California to secede. I might- that’s right, you can applaud. I want to tell you, I will move to one of your states. I know, I announced it on radio. I did, I’m sorry. (Crowd names out states) Thank you. Give me a tax break, I’ll show up immediately.

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