Americans Became More Pro-Life After The Democrat Abortion Push: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. We don”€™t often hear good news from major media, however, here on WallBuilders Live, we love sharing news worthy of celebration! 

Air Date: 03/22/2019

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Constitutional Conservative Judges Bringing Bringing in More Cases!

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So, David, Tim, it”€™s Good News Friday. I am looking forward to hearing some good news from you guys. David start us off with the first piece of good news.


I’m going to start us off with the U.S. Supreme Court, and particularly I’m going to go to those that are known as, “€œConstitutional conservatives,”€ and there are a number of signals coming from the court that I find extremely good.

They deal with the fact that, in handing down decisions here and there, we keep getting conservative justices saying, “€œHey, why didn’t somebody bring us the case on this issue?”€ or, “€œLet’s re-examine this case, or this ruling.”€

I’ve not seen that from conservatives in a really, really long time, and it was because they didn’t have the votes to do so.

So the fact that you now get the justices saying, “€œWe want somebody to bring us a case on this issue.”€

For example, there’s saying—


Now David, before you go to a specific issue, you’re saying that maybe they didn’t do that. Why invite that issue to come before the court if they thought they were going to lose? 

So if you’re at Thomas, or Neil Gorsuch, you wouldn’t want that case coming if you were going to lose it. But for them to actually invite that case now, maybe they have the votes?

Scalia”€™s Strategy


That’s right. Can be : 4 or 6:3 the right way.

These conservative guys were not inviting this before because they knew they could not win them. There are times when a case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court and it only takes four justices to agree to hear that case.

So if they say, “€œWe want to hear this case,”€ Then it goes to the court.

Now, that”€™s not enough to win the case. You need five votes to win the case before it can bring a case before the court. There were times when Justice Scalia was on the court and would refuse to bring a case to the court because he knew they only had four votes for it, and if it was ruled against then it would simply reinforce bad policy.

So there was times he voted against giving cert, or viewing social right to religious liberty cases because he knew that in that religious liberty case, Kennedy would go the wrong way and we would lose it.

We would have a recent court decision saying, “€œYou can’t do this religious activity.”€

He wanted no court decision rather than a bad court decision. So there were times when Justice Scalia simply would not vote to hear a case that he really would have liked to have ruled on, and ruled favorably on, because he knew that the court would rule the wrong direction. He didn’t want that precedent in the court.

So they’ve been really silent for a number of years on the conservative side, and now they”€™re saying, “€œHey, somebody bring us a case.”€

Removing Superficial Constraints

That seems to indicate, based on the strategy they’ve been following for the last several years, that they believe they have five votes for those particular cases and those particular issues.

So the fact that they’re asking for that, I find that to be really encouraging. I think that predicts what the outcome will be if those cases come back. Otherwise they wouldn’t be asking for them.

They don’t want to ask for those cases, have them come back, and then the court rules against what they were asking for, and the just further enshrines that the problem they’re trying to get rid of.

So the case that really struck my interests here recently deals with something we’ve talked about in previous programs. It really irks me why we add superficial constraints to constitutional protections, for example, with with kids.

Why is it that kids don’t get the free exercise of religion if they’re in school? Now, once you’re 18 you’re an adult and you can decide if you want the free exercise religion. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says you have to be 18 years old before you get the constitutional right for free exercise of religion.

Where did that come from? Why do we grant certain rights based on age? You get a right because you’re a person, and that’s what the Constitution guarantees.

So, toward that end, there was an appeal that went to the Supreme Court just a couple weeks ago, and it dealt with Bill Cosby and all the women who accused him of using drugs, et cetera, to knock them out and rape them.

Challenging New York Times V.S. Sullivan

One of these cases went to the court, and the court decided not to hear this particular case, but in declining to hear the case Justice Thomas said, “€œHey, we really need somebody to bring us back to look at the New York Times versus Sullivan case from several decades ago.”€

Because the New York Times versus Sullivan case, and he did this in context of this woman who who brought the charge against Bill Cosby, the attorney for Bill Cosby just went to the meeting called her a blatant liar.

She filed a defamation suit against the attorney, and the court said, “€œWell, since he’s a limited public figure he can say a lot of things other people can’t say, so we’re really not going to hold him accountable for calling you a liar in the press, and perhaps you can prove otherwise.”€

So what the court did was they turned down her particular appeal in trying to nail this attorney for defamation. In the midst of turning it down, Justice Thomas said, “€œSomebody needs to bring us a case that challenges New York Times vs. Sullivan.”€

That’s the case where the court said, “€œYou know ,we think that if you’re a public figure, and if you’re going after a public figure like the New York Times, you have to really prove that there’s an intent of malice. It’s not that what you say it is a lie, or that it’s wrong, or that it does harm. You have to have deliberately intended to create a level of harm.”€

No More Higher Standards for Public Figures

Justice Thomas pointed out that’s ridiculous.

“€œWhy do we not give the protection of free speech to public officials in the same way we do to private officials? Why did the court create an artificial standard that says, “€˜Well, if you’re a public official, you have a greater First Amendment protection, or a less first a member protection or if you’re a newspaper you can you can say more things that are false than an average citizen can.”€™”€

I think the fact that you have Justice Thomas calling for a reexamine of that case is such a good message of what might come that we might actually get constitutional protections back for every person, regardless of whether you happen to own a newspaper, or regardless of whether you’re a public official or anything else, that there are certain constitutional standards that just apply because you’re a person, and if you’re a person those standards apply.

I think that’s—man, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the court calling for certain cases to be brought to it.

Public Figures Deserve the Same Constitutional Protection as the Rest of Us


Yeah. David, I totally agree with you on on the—first well the idea that they’re calling for those, but also this particular issue and for people at home that may not know this, they’re thinking, “€œOK, what do you mean by defamation, and the standard, and all that?”€

They think about it this way. Right now, if somebody says something about you and you’re not a public figure, they lie about you, you prove that was a lie, and you can get damages for defamation, you can fix the record and repair and protect your reputation.

If you’re a public figure, you have to not only prove that it was a lie. You have to prove that they knew it was a lie and that they did it with malice. It’s an incredibly high standard, and it is incredibly difficult to win. Very few people do.

David, you and I both have won settlements in cases like that, and that’s rare to be able to do that because, what do people do?

They lie, and then they say, “€œOh, well I thought it was true,”€ or, “€œSo-and-so said it was true, so I went ahead and repeated it and with no responsibility or any kind of responsibility for looking into it, or making sure they weren’t spreading a lie.”€

So you’re 100 percent right. I think public figures deserve the same constitutional protections as everybody else, and if somebody is going to lie about you, and they’re going to spread a false thing about you, they ought to have to accept the responsibility that comes with that.

Quick break guys. We’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news coming from David and Tim Barton. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Do Americans Feel the Same Way?


We’re back now with WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It’s Good News Friday, and in this next segment of Good News Friday we’re turning to Tim Barton. Tim?


Ok guys. This is a national survey that was done after—if you remember a month or two ago when Governor Cuomo signed this really atrocious, egregious abortion law in New York saying that basically up to the moment of birth it was OK to murder this unborn child. You saw the governor of Virginia kind of following suit supporting this.

There was a group that said, “€œHey, let’s see where the nation is on these positions.”€

So Americans United for Life did this survey, and they just want to find out, do Americans really feel the same way that these governors from New York and Virginia are are supporting and proposing these abortion laws?

Here’s what they found.

The vast majority of Americans reject abortion the day before child is born.

Eighty percent of Americans said, “€œThat’s ridiculous! We’re not doing that!”€

Seventy nine percent of Americans did not support abortion even in the third trimester. Now, the third trimester is where medically it’s proven that babies feel pain. This is no longer a blob of tissue, there is no doubt. Look at the sonogram. This is a human child. It’s not just this tissue fetus.

82% of Americans are Against this!

Seventy nine percent opposed abortions in the third trimester, and 82 percent were opposed to removing medical care for a viable child after birth. This idea that if the child is born and the mother wanted it to be aborted but the doctors just kind of messed it up, quote unquote, “€œThey didn’t get the job done ,”€ then the option that actually—I think the Senate came out recently and very much a party line vote, President Trump tweeted about it where the Democrats said, “€œWe do not want to protect infants who were born alive during a botched abortion. They should be allowed to go ahead and die.”€

This is where the American people said, “€œNo, no, no. If a child is born, then they should get care to help them stay alive and to keep them viable.”€

That’s the majority of Americans.

But here’s where it gets even more interesting to me, is that, when you look at people that are pro-choice, so people that support abortion, even 68 percent of pro-choice Americans say they oppose abortion the day before the birth is scheduled. So this is what Governor Cuomo supported. This is what the governor of Virginia supported. So even people that are pro-choice said that went too far. 66 percent of people that are pro-choice oppose abortion in the third trimester.

So again, rather significant that they recognize no but babies shouldn’t be aborted at that point. Even people that are pro-abortion recognize that’s wrong. 77 percent of people that are pro-choice oppose removing medical care for a viable child, so the child is born the abortion was botched.

Life is at Conception

They think that child should receive care.

53 percent of Americans identify pro-choice, 47 percent as pro-life. So the only bad thing in this rally that I saw coming away is that there still are more people in America that identify as pro-choice than pro-life.

There’s no doubt there is some work left to be done, we need to help educate people to this this human life that is growing in a mother’s womb. This is something that we need to learn to communicate and stand for.

But the good news is is that even those who identify as pro-choice are still very pro-life, and, in a lot of situations at least, recognizing the viability of human life in the third trimester.

Now, we need to back that up and say, “€œNo, no, no, right from conception. This is a human life. It has its own DNA. This is a separate organism that’s growing in the mother. This isn”€™t a part of the mother’s body.”€

The argument that this, “€œIs my body, my life. I can do what I want in my body and life.”€ Well, that’s a different argument because the life growing inside you is not your body and it’s not your life. It has its own DNA.

The American People are Not as Extreme as the Governors

Then you look at so many days and you have the heartbeat, and in so many days and you have the hands, and you have the feet, and you have the brain, and all these things that are taking place. There’s no doubt this is a human life, and this is where we need to do a better job helping communicate that to other generations. But this was really an interesting survey recognizing that most Americans are not anywhere close to supporting what Governor Cuomo signed into law in New York, or what the governor of Virginia was was supporting.

So it is good news. The American people are not where those governors are.


All right. We got time for a little more good news in our next segment, guys. We’ll be right back with another piece of good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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A Shout Out to Congressman Walter Jones Jr.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Next piece of good news coming from David Barton.


I want to do a very respectful shout out to the life of Congressman Walter Jones Jr, he recently died in office. He was a very good friend, great friend of WallBuilders, great friends of conservatives and Christians, he was a independent minded congressman. He came in under the Gingrich revolution, by the way.

Walter Jones Senior, his father, had also been a congressman and he died in office.


The Gingrich revolution was back in the 90s under Bill Clinton, when a lot of Christians realized, “€œHey, we shouldn’t be going the direction that some of the liberal policies are leading.”€

There was a huge huge influx of Republicans, specifically Christian conservatives, pro-life, and pro family that were elected to the House and the Senate. Newt Gingrich was then the Speaker of the House. It was it was known as the Gingrich revolution because of what they did.

A lot of the positive things that Bill Clinton received credit for, even a lot of the economic prosperity America had achieved under Bill Clinton, was largely because of the House and the Senate. It was a supermajority of Republicans in the House and the Senate and were helping make sure that we passed good economic policies, and passed them with such a majority that they were veto proof.

They Overrode Clinton”€™s Vetos

So even if President Clinton had said, “€œI don’t like these, I”€™m not going to do it.”€

He didn’t have the authority to veto it, because it was the way the Constitution is written is the Congress can override a veto over the president if they have enough votes. Two thirds majority and they can override the veto of the President, and they had a veto proof majority.

Bill Clinton, being the smart politician, decided to take credit for what they were doing and said, “€œLook what I have done,”€ and, “€œI aren’t I wonderful? The economy is prospering under me and my good leadership!”€

No, it was actually Newt Gingrich’s leadership and what the House and Senate were doing anyway so just a reference outfits what the Gingrich revolution was, back in the 90s under Bill Clinton when the Republicans flooded the house and the Senate and a lot of positive things were done.


Yeah. Walter Jones was there from the beginning. He was a fierce economically strong guy constitutionally, he voted against every bill to fund the government.

So take that even in a Republican majority. They were able to balance the budget back then at that point in time. He was just against funding the government. He was very strong supporter of the war after 9/11, but he also ended up opposing that war.

He’s from from Fort Lejeune, North Carolina. He’d gone to so many funerals of so many of their soldiers, that he just saw firsthand all the families.

When he would speak for the WallBuilders—and he was so good on life and marriage, and every moral or religious value, he would always bring in the faces of the guys who had recently been killed.

H.R 135

He kept that a very real part of his belief and his heart. He actually took on opposed Speaker Boehner very openly and they threw him off a key committee as a result. So his convictions and his conscience he just flat did not compromise and he was a very, very, very honorable guy. Just he was a Southern gentleman in every sense of the word, he had that North Carolina drawl accent, but he was just a gracious gracious man. He loved God and loved this country. We’ll miss him. But just a shout out to the life of Congressman Walter Jones Junior.


He was also maybe one of the greatest champions for trying to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, and protecting religious liberty and restore that constitutional protection.


I still remember, H.R. 135 was his bill. We had 170 co-sponsors on that 20 years ago to get rid of the Johnson Amendment.

So he was he was a great, great warrior for all the right things.


I remember doing a couple of capital tours with him as the sponsor and really, really enjoyed it. Of course, he was always a great speaker at the WallBuilders pastors briefing as well. Quick break guys. We’ll be right back with one final piece of good news for today’s program. You”€™re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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What is Bieber Fever?


Thanks for staying with us. One more segment of good news, and I think Tim is next. Tim?


OK guys, I won’t ask you a question that’s going to reveal your age, although I think much of the audience is going to be with you on this. So I don’t think you have to feel bad, but if I say Bieber Fever, what am I referring to?


Now if I admit that I know what that is, does that make me sound younger than I am?


If I admit that I don’t know what that is, does that make me sound older?


That just means you are a bad homeschool parent if you know what Bieber Fever is.


Good answer!


  1. So—


Then I have no idea what you’re talking about. Yeah, I’ve never heard of that. What’s Bieber Fever?


  1. So everybody listening thinking, “€œThat’s ridiculous. What are we talking about?”€ Justin Bieber was one of the sensations ten years ago.

He was a little boy heartthrob that every teenage girl wooed over, and he ended up going a little bit off the deep end as—not totally surprising for a young man worth how many hundreds of millions of dollars doing shows and performances as a teenage boy—the lifestyle that you might imagine would accompany that, it was there.

So, he actually was interviewed recently, and said he’s said he was, “€œI was very sexually promiscuous.”€

He was in it, ended up getting into drugs, he was very discontent in this life, and actually he said he turned to drugs because he knew that the promiscuity, the sexual promiscuity that he was embracing and living in wasn’t right. Then he turned to drugs to try to comfort that.

A Year of Celibacy

But one of the cool things about this story is he did say he came to faith in God, and actually this was several years ago, we might have even talked about it on the show a couple of years ago.

But what was so fascinating, and the reason I thought it’s worth mentioning on Good News Friday. In this interview, he talked about that he practiced celibacy before he got married. He’s married now. I think it was Stephen Baldwin’s daughter or one of his daughters that he married.

They have now been married for a little bit, got married in 2018.

But he said before they got married, he practiced a year of celibacy and he said he knew it was good for for them good for their relationship good for their soul.

In an interview he said, “€œGod doesn’t ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff. He’s like, “€˜I’m trying to protect you from hurt and pain.”€™”€

He commented, “€œI think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they don’t feel good enough, because they lack self-worth. Women do that, guys do that, and so in this interview was just explaining this.”€

This is so interesting that you you see a guy who, allegedly, had it all right in theory, had it all, and is saying almost what Solomon says in Ecclesiastes is right like, this was worthless, it was meaningless, it didn’t work out.

He came back to doing it God’s way.

One of the things he said in this interview is, “€œI believe that God blessed me and Haley as a result of this celibacy.”€

Americans Become More Pro Life After Democrat Abortion Push and More on Good News Friday!

He says, “€œYou know there are perks you get rewarded for good behavior.”€

I thought this is so cool that you have a guy who was the teenage heartthrob for years, who’s now acknowledging, “€œNope. All right, let’s do it God’s way. This God’s way works. You get blessed for doing it God’s way.”€

This is just something so cool and positive. We’re seeing now people from Hollywood, Chris Pratt and now Justin Bieber, who are saying things very pro God, pro Christian, and are supporting those biblical standards. Just very cool to see.


We’ve said it a lot on the program, “€œGod’s ways not only right, it works best. It gets good results.”€

It’s great to see culturally popular people that have a large audience and large following discovering that way being best, and actually echoing that to the culture that desperately needs to hear it.

That”€™s a great piece of good news to end on today, folks. You can get more good news at our website, just go into that archive section and listen to some of those past Friday programs. While you’re there, click on that donate button and help make this program possible and help it to grow.

Help our entire ministry to grow. We do training for young people, we take pastors to Washington D.C. to train there. We train legislators, all kinds of great ways to equip and inspire a new generation to restore our Constitutional Republic. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.