Most Americans Still Believe There Are Only 2 Genders And More – A recent poll shows that most Americans still believe there are only 2 genders. Utah bans transgender athletes in girls sports, despite Governor’s veto and much more!

Air Date: 04/22/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, that’s enough lead up, enough teasing. Let’s get to the good stuff. David Barton’s got the first piece of good news. David.


Well, this one deals with something that’s just certainly been a hot issue for the last 18 months since Biden has taken office. And that is how many genders are there? Now, that was going on before he took office, but he kind of really he facilitated a national way and things have really taken off. We’ve seen in sports. And we’ve seen, I think, now 26 states are doing something to say that biological men can’t compete in women’s sports, etc.

So Rasmussen poll decides, let’s see what Americans think about this. It’s interesting, it was a very simple question. A lot of times you don’t get really simple straightforward questions from pollsters. This one is one that’s going to be really hard to misinterpret. And the question is, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement? There are two genders: male and female?” Simple, straightforward question. Now, where do you think America came down on that overall after all the indoctrination we’ve had with social media and with liberals and progressives and censoring, Twitter and everything else, what do you think the numbers are?


I think the vast majority of Americans still believe there are two genders. Now, vast majority, I think it’s probably somewhere in the 60-70%. That would identify publicly that there are two genders. That would identify this in a poll. I think there’s probably even a higher number than that, right on the inside in their heart, they know there’s still two genders. But they’ve bought into the politically correct narrative of here’s what I’m supposed to say. But I think it’s probably in that mid-60, up, maybe even 70%.


Yeah, you’re exactly right on, it’s only 18% that oppose it. And there’s part. Not only is that good news to hear that, but it’s good news also in the sense that there’s a bigger group out there that thinks right about things than they speak out. And if they ever get to the point where they decide they’re going to speak out, or they’ve just had enough of this, there’s really a big size core element out there. And it can’t be a core if it’s a bigger, I guess. But there’s a huge element out there that has the right values and right beliefs that they can ever get engaged and get expressed.

So it’s kind of right now, like, you’re just letting the crazy people kind of run things. But it was interesting they also took this and started asking more questions, said okay, what do you think about schools counseling kids on gender and changing gender and gender identity? Can schools talk to kids about gender without parental consent? And it was actually higher on that than it was on there’re just two genders.


It was higher, meaning that even more people thought schools should not be covering that topic.


Yeah, a higher percentage of Americans said no, school should not cover gender unless they have parents’ consent. So there was more opposition to that than there was to just two genders. And it was all races, I mean, a majority of all races, 68% of whites, 70% of blacks, 65% of other minorities. And it’s interesting that the strongest support for there’s only two genders was actually among black Americans. That’s where the support is strongest. So good news out there is that the people are not buying into the woke stuff. They may be sitting it out and sitting on the sideline and remaining silent. But at least the woke stuff has not pulled the nation into it. And that’s good.


Yeah, no, that’s very good news. Because look, you follow the media right now, you think everybody’s for this nonsense until you actually have a conversation with real human beings, not media personalities. Oh, wait, we are media personalities, I guess. But real human beings still understand God made male and female. We just got to be willing to say it. I think, Tim, you touched on it earlier when you said there’s probably a whole lot more that believe it than are willing to say it, but at least we still got 60-70% willing to say it. Tim, next piece of good news.


Well, ironically enough, it kind of ties into what we’re talking about. And this is a good news that in Utah, there is a ban on transgender athletes competing in girls’ sports. However, the good news came after the Republican Governor Spencer Cox vetoed the legislation, saying that this is polarizing. And the Governor said that, for so many transgender kids, they have a hard time and this would just make life harder to tell a biological male that they cannot compete against females, that might make them feel bad, that might hurt their feelings. And he identified that actually, there’s a higher rate of suicide among transgender people. So anything that offends them might increase the risk of suicide.

Now, to follow that logic anywhere else, well, the greater degree you’re offended, the more likely you are to kill yourself. Like that’s a terrible argument in logic to begin with. Nonetheless, that’s what he actually articulated when he vetoed this piece of legislation. Now, the good news is there is a large majority of Republicans in Utah, and they came back and they overrode the veto. And they identify, we’re doing this to protect our young girls, to protect girls’ sports, to protect women. This is why we are doing this.

And so the good news is that even though, as we’re mentioning, there’s some people that are scared to take what is the logical common sense biological position that they’re in fact are two genders. Right now, people might feel a different way. They might be confused. But it doesn’t change basic biology that there are X and Y chromosomes, there’s a double X chromosome. It doesn’t change basic anatomy, even though people literally can butcher their bodies. It does not change the basic makeup of who God made someone to be or not to be.

And there, unfortunately, are people buying into this notion. And we’ve seen now a couple Governors, Republican governors bind to this notion saying, oh, we don’t want to do things to offend and be more divisive, when the reality is as you are doing this, you are offending and being divisive. Again, the good news is that in Utah, they had enough votes in their state legislature to override the veto, which guys, we’ve seen a couple of things where Arkansas overrode a veto from their governor, where Utah overrode a veto from their governor. Well, we’ve seen some just local state elected officials recognizing the basic realities and fighting and defending it.

And we have said so often on the show, the reality that elections have consequences is absolutely being realized. And in politics, the policies that we are seeing now over the last couple of years with some of these COVID and now with some of this woke ideology, we’re seeing elections have consequences. But that actually is a knife that cuts both ways. And in this way, it’s a positive sense. Because in Utah, they elected enough common sense logical conservatives, who held a very logical position of protecting women, protecting girls in sports that they were able to override a woke governor’s veto. So this is good news coming out of Utah.


Yeah, it’s good news. And let’s hope they end up with a new governor. I don’t know if you all saw the video of this guy talking to kids, kids about his preferred pronouns, but it’s just creepy. I mean, it’s like this is a governor in Utah and he really is creepy when he’s just… It’s just amazing to me, I don’t know how he got elected. I don’t know much about the politics in Utah. But I am so glad that you said the legislature was strong enough to override his veto and do the right thing.


We can point to people like Mitt Romney being a senator from Utah that is probably semi-revealing of the politics in Utah, that there are a lot of really great good hearted people, people who love God in Utah, and yet, they definitely have at times chosen some really wacky leaders to represent them along the way.


But Utah is a whole lot like an Illinois. Illinois is super conservative, except for Chicago. And New York is really conservative, except for New York City. But that’s where your population is and you have so much population in Salt Lake City. And by the way, to show you how radical Salt Lake City is, I believe the second largest gay population in the United States is Salt Lake City. San Francisco is number one. Salt Lake City is number two.

So you think of Utah as a conservative state and the state is, but there’s a big city and it has a lot of population. It’s like Washington State, 55% of the population in Washington State comes out of Seattle Tacoma. So if you’re on the eastern side of the state over across the Cascade Mountains man, you’re more conservative than Oklahoma and West Texas. But you got one city that runs you. And that’s pretty much the way Utah is, they’ve got that one liberal city and that’s what shifts the balance of power in that state all the time in statewide elections.


Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see in the next gubernatorial election there. Have parents gotten riled up enough? Is everybody tired of this crazy agenda that this guy obviously supports, radical agenda? And will they push back and override Salt Lake? If the legislature can override the governor, then maybe the rest of Utah can override Salt Lake with votes in the next election.

Alright, guys, we’ll take quick break, we’ll come back. We’ve got more good news for you, folks. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. It’s Good News Friday today. Thanks for staying with us. Let’s dive right back in and get the next piece of good news from David Barton.


After the presidential election a year and a half ago when there was so much extended controversy over whether the election was stolen or robbed or whether the machines cheated or whatnot, there have been about 400 pieces of state legislation introduced to kind of clean up elections, to change the way things are done, to go back to following state law. We had so many officials in states and so many election officials just overrule state law and said it’s okay to do this or leave the polls open for an extra week or whatever.

So among the cleanup that’s happen, Arizona has had a lot of bills passed. And they just passed a new one that came through the legislature. And it’s a bill that requires you have to prove you’re a US citizen to be able to vote in Arizona. Now, that’s, to me, kind of redundant since that’s constitutional. Why do you have to pass a bill to say what the Constitution says? But they’re doing that. And it clearly passed there. But here’s what’s interesting to me.

There was not a single Democrat in the state legislature, the House or the Senate that supported the measure that only US citizens should be able to vote in Arizona. Not a single one. So my question becomes, okay, then what’s the benefit of being a US citizen for a Democrat? Obviously, there’s none. Because you want everybody to have the same benefits that citizens do. And by the way, why is that clause even in there?

And if you go back to look at the requirements that the Constitution has on what it takes to be a citizen, you have to live here five years, you have to live here nine years before you can run for Congress, you have to be 14 years before Senate. And that’s because so many of the Founding Fathers themselves who crafted that part of the Constitution, they said we came here from other nations.

And when we got here, we thought the way that we thought in that nation. It took us several years to figure out that America is different and that we have to think differently here if we’re going to preserve what’s made this place great. And that’s why it takes five years. We don’t want your vote in the first five years because you might vote the way of whatever country you came from, Venezuela or Mexico or Russia or wherever. We want you to learn how to think like an American and then preserve American institutions and American ideas that have made us different. And we don’t want you running for office till you really understand what it is to be an American.

So it’s interesting to me that Democrats, not a single one seems to grasp that idea. Then another thought hit me is I’ve always thought of the progressives as being socialists, and they want everything for everybody. But they’re the same way even when it comes to not just money, but even something as simple is citizenship. It’s like everybody gets our citizenship and it means absolutely nothing and we’re going to share with the whole world and no longer… I mean it’s just like why do you even have families at that point? Why don’t we just all move into an open football field somewhere and all live together. It’s just crazy.

There seems to be no boundaries for these guys at all. They don’t have boundaries around citizenship. They don’t have boundaries around morality. They don’t have boundaries around voting or boundaries around money or anything else. But nonetheless, it’s really good news that we’re seeing now some 400 measures have been introduced and so many of them have been passed like this one in Arizona, that will chop out some of this.

And by the way, we’ve seen even the last week and a half where that over North Carolina, a judge has ordered over there, that they now have to reveal how many foreigners voted in the North Carolina elections in this last election because that’s now been evidently uncovered and revealed and now the state governments trying to keep those numbers from being known and showing what they are. And so a Judge has actually ordered that you have to show how many foreigners, how many noncitizens, how many from out of the country voted in North Carolina elections. So there’s a lot of stuff still coming out which is going to make the next election even more secure and more safe than we’ve had in a long time.


I don’t guess I’ve really thought about the fact that you would have to explain to people why you would only want citizens voting, right. I mean, that’s always been just a given, you think that’d be common sense. But we probably don’t teach that, why you would only want people that are citizens and have that vested interest and illegal citizens to vote. So maybe we’re just going to have to add that to all of our civics classes. Oh, wait, we don’t really teach civics anymore either. We got a lot of work to do, guys. But I mean, I’m amazed that there would be those people that want to let anybody and everybody vote. And I think you described it right. It’s just and anything goes, everything’s okay. Moral relativism run amok even in that particular area as well. Alright, Tim, next piece of good news, bro.


Well, guys, this one comes from a church in Kentucky. And we have talked many times in programs, in presentations about the different roles and spheres of jurisdiction that God has given the different institutions He created. We talked about that God made individuals and God made families and God made government and God made the church and God really gave them all different responsibilities. And they have different spheres of jurisdiction and influence.

Among those we talked about so often people are asking the government to solve problems, it’s not really the government’s job to solve certain problems, right. For example, we ask the government to raise families, and really, it’s not the government’s job to raise our kids. It’s the family’s job, and certainly the church, the government can help. But it really is the family and individuals can raise kids.

But big picture, we have a lot of confusion about the proper role of government or even the proper role of the church or individuals. And certainly, this is true when there’s moments of crisis in America or really in the world when people look to their government to solve so many problems that is not always the government’s job to solve every problem. It depends on if it fits in that sphere of influence. Well, this is a story related to a church that understood sphere of influence pretty well. This is a church in Kentucky that had a bake sale to help Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion, where there was a church who said, hey, we want to help make a difference.

Now, this church actually does have a pretty strong connection to Ukraine, because it was a Ukrainian congregation in Lexington, Kentucky. And guys, I know that in America, there’s a lot of people from a lot of different nations that are present, I had no idea that there was an entire Ukrainian denomination in America. Again, I knew there was Ukrainians in America. I had no idea Ukrainian denomination in America. But there’s apparently a Ukrainian congregation, a church in Kentucky, it’s Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Nicholasville. And they decided they were going to have a bake sale to raise money and they were going to send whatever they raised to…


And by the way, can I point out something really interesting? What was in Ukraine, it turned out there’s actually three denominations in Ukraine, there’s the Catholics, and there’s the Pentecostals, and there’s the Baptist. And whatever you are, you fit into one of those three groups. So it doesn’t really fit our Pentecostals or our Baptist the way we think of it, they’ve taken Protestants and divided them into two groups. And one is kind of more orthodox Protestants and one is a little more kind of nonorthodox. So it’s really interesting from Ukraine standpoint, what they call Pentecostals, a lot of Americans would not recognize as Pentecostals.


Well, so this Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Nicholasville, is their title, decided to have a bake sale. And the article says that there were around 100 donated baked goods of various kinds that were going to be available for sale. And so people started coming in and buying the baked goods. They end up raising $145,000 which like how much did you pay for your pie? That’s crazy. There was 100 baked goods. And so obviously, people were making donations along the way. And what they said to the churches that they were going to take the money and they were going to send it to churches in Ukraine, who were actually helping the people of Ukraine as they’re being relocated or maybe they’re displaced in those moments, but they’re sending it to the local church on the ground in Ukraine, knowing that the local church can be the ones to do the most good.

And dad, I know that over the years, we’ve done a lot of stuff with the Nazarene Fund and even disaster relief that we’ve done a lot of work with Mercury One as they’ve tried to help do things around the world. And one of the things that we use as a strategy in Mercury One in disaster relief, and the Nazarene Fund is we try to find local churches who can help navigate some of the issues and some of the situations we’re dealing with. Because we recognize the local church is often the one who’s going to be able to have the best resources, the best information and be able to assist the most in local problems because they’re the ones connected in a local community.

And it’s really cool, first of all, not only to see a church saying here’s how we can help the most. They’re not calling on the US government necessarily to go solve these problems. They said, we know that we can help our Christian brothers and sisters, we can help people that are in need, that are displaced over and presumably their former nation in this Ukrainian church. They raised $145,000 and they sent it to the local church on the ground so the church in Ukraine can do the job of the church.

Guys, to me, not only is it super cool that people wanted to support the movement and help this church raise $145,000, which is crazy. But also, it’s cool that you see in this moment someone who’s recognizing the role of the church and where the church can be the church. And we’re not asking the government to solve a problem, where we recognize the church on the ground can be the ones to be the hands and the feet, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to bring drink to the thirsty, the basic notions from Matthew 25. It’s just a really cool story and picture of the church being the church.


It’s a beautiful thing, man. And we need to push that more and more and encourage that more and more that the church be the epicenter of the community again. That’s where we go to have those needs met like that. The government isn’t supposed to do everything. You nailed it. And what you’re really describing is the proper jurisdictions of all these different groups and areas in the culture, the way that God designed it and government, certainly God created, but it’s not created to do everything for us. And the church has such an important role. Alright, David, we got time for one more piece of good news today.


Well, I want to go over to Germany at this point, because of something that Germany is doing, I think, is significant. This goes back to the end of World War II. And at the end of World War II, after all the stuff came out about what had happened in the Holocaust and there’s about 18 million total killed by murder in Germany, not in war, but by murder; and so Jews, non-Jews, all these, what they call despicable and certainly the Jewish Holocaust, 6 million massive stuff.

And so what’s happened is Germany at that time, in 1948, accepted responsibility for that and said, you know what, there’s a lot of Jews that survived the Holocaust, about 120,000 that came out of the camps, and their health is broken, or their families are now gone, they’re alone in the world. We’ve really created a social problem here with 120,000 that really have lost everything they have.

And so at that time, they started doing reparations. And this is the right way to do reparations when you have identifiable people that have had identifiable problems that need to be solved or need to be fixed by the people who created them. And so since 1948, you have Germany that has now given out $90 billion to help those 120,000 still survive because they are old, they are elderly, they are frail. They were broken when they came out of the camps. And so they just haven’t been able to provide for themselves as you would if you were healthy.

And so this year, they gave 720 million more, this year, to take care of these folks until they died. And these folks are scattered across Europe. There’s 300 different social organizations that are dealing with them and helping them, whether it be lodging or medicine or whatever it is. But I look at this and think now, if you want to talk reparations in America, okay, but let’s talk about it in about 1868 when we still know who exactly was there and what the situation was.


Well, and really what you’re mentioning, and we were saying reparations because that’s a word that’s used today. But really, it’s restitution, where what the Bible talks about, if a thief is caught breaking and stealing something, they have to repay seven fold what they stole. But that’s to the person that it was stolen from. So you make restitution to the person that you’ve wronged. And that is actually a biblical thought.

And this is certainly an example of Germany, saying, hey, we recognize we did something wrong here. And we’re working to make restitution. And again, I’m being careful with the word choice here because reparations now is being redefined lots of things different than probably the proper definition of the word reparation. But really, restitution is a biblical idea. And guys, I mean, we’ve even talked about before, if you look at the criminal justice system, there’s a lot of things really screwed up about the modern day criminal justice system, not the least of which is that so often people who are wronged in a criminal behavior from someone else, they never get restitution, they never get restoration for what was damaged or destroyed or broken or stolen from them.


But the government gets paid. But there’s a fine, the government collects it, not the victims.


Right, the government makes money off of this. Or in some scenarios where these people are told, hey, you’re going to go to prison for X number of years. And in those X number of years, they might even have a job. Well, you know what, we’re going to take the money from your job and we’re going to use it to repay or replace Is what you damaged or whatever the case might be. Anyway, there’s a lot of things we could talk about. But this notion of restitution, restoration is certainly a biblical notion.

Dad, as you mentioned, it is really cool to see some leaders in Germany making a move to still take care of people who are in need, who were in many cases displaced because of what happened all the way back in World War II. So this is a cool story.


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