Anti-Semitism On The Rise In America – With Mitch Danzig: What is the number one hate crime category in the country? Where are these hate crimes occurring? Why doesn’t the media cover the shocking attacks happening to Jews in America? How do we address the root cause of these hate crimes? How do we have an anti-semite on the Foreign Relations Committee? Tune in to hear Mitch Danzig discuss the rise in anti-semitism in America.

Air Date: 06/22/2021

Guest: Mitch Danzig

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live. We appreciate you joining us today, where we’re taking on all the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. 

And of course, one of the hottest topics of the day right now in the Middle East with Israel, all the attacks over the last month and the whole free Palestine movement on our college campuses and across the country. So it’s going to be a hot topic today, Mitch Danzig will be with us to discuss it.

Right now, we’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders, and I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach,. Check us out at, where you can learn more and get archives of the program.

David and Tim, of course, we all three love this topic in and should be encouraging all Christians across the country to get informed on this topic, because we have a duty and responsibility biblically to support Israel and to pay attention to what’s happening, not just in the Middle East, but on our own streets here in America when it comes to Jews.


Yeah, one of the things we’ve seen recently is the rise in reporting of these anti-Semitic attacks. And I’m very specific to say the rise in reporting. Because one of the things we know is that there have continued to be anti-Semitic attacks over the last several years. It’s just the media kind of picks and chooses when they want to highlight certain aspects. 

However, the fact that the media is highlighting some of these things now, certainly not coincidentally, when recently you had a lot of rocket attacks coming from Hamas into Israel and so then there’s conversation about Israel. And so then that led to conversation about Jews in America.

Nonetheless, with the midst of this, one of the things that that we just know, historically and traditionally, is that the Jewish people in Israel certainly are a targeted nation, a targeted people. There’s a lot of people in the world that do not like them. And even historically, Christians have not always been the best friend to Israel, certainly.

Christianity and Israel

Since the reformation, Christianity has kind of changed some of their perspective. And I’m saying Christianity, in the sense of biblical Christians have always align their values with being supporters and friends of Israel. However, there certainly where areas in world history when people that would identify as Christian certainly didn’t always hold biblical values, but since largely the reformation, you see a lot of a different tone.

And certainly in America, over the last several decades, you see a very different tone of Christians wanting to support and be friends with Israel. And, Rick, as you said, certainly, this is an important issue for Christians, for us to be aware of, for us to pay attention to what’s going on and even ask the question, and what can we do to get involved and help make a difference?


But when there’s going to be if there’s a bad attitude toward Israel, Tim, you’re talking about as biblical Christians, we support it, a lot of the media doesn’t, they don’t cover it. And a lot of the administration doesn’t. We’ve even seen big splits in Congress in recent weeks over the fact that you’ve got members of Congress really going after Israel. Well, when you go after Israel, you’re also going to go after Jews.

And so it’s not a surprise that in America right now, the number one target of hate crimes is Jews. Jewish people are targeted more than any other group. We’ve seen the media say, oh, hate crimes against Asians up 3,500%. And that’s terrible. But you know what’s more terrible than that is Jews are targeted more often than Asians are. And we hear very little about that.

But one of the things for sure is the more secular thinking you are, the more likely you are not to like Israel, which means you won’t like Jews. That’s one of the very few groups that race and religion kind of go together. And if you don’t like Jewish religion, you’re not going to like Jewish people and same with Israel. 

So it’s kind of been a weird thing in history that if you don’t like their religion, you don’t like the race and vice versa. Nonetheless, there’s a lot going on. And so we thought Mitch Danzig would be a great guy to update us on what’s going on, because he watches not only what’s happened in Israel, but also what’s happened in America regarding Jewish communities, Jewish hate crimes, good things and bad things that are going on.


Quick break, friends, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live with Mitch Danzig.


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Welcome back to WalBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. It has been way too long. But it is great to have Mitch Danzig back with us. Mitch, thanks for coming on, man.

Welcome Mitch Danzig


My pleasure. Thanks for having me.


Hey, we caught you just before you head out of country headed home to Israel. So your son’s getting married. Congrats.


Thank you, super excited. You know, he just finished his military service, and now he’s getting married. And he’s on to the next chapter in his life. And I couldn’t be more excited for him.


That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well, man, I wish we were just talking today about good news like that. Of course, here at WalBuilders, we talk about the good, the bad, the ugly: we cover it all. And there is a lot of bad and ugly happening even in the streets of America right now with the violence against Jews. It’s like we’ve gone back in time, man. I swear, it’s like people are forgetting history.

And there’s this, I don’t even know how to say it, this soft kind of approach towards this pro-Palestinian movement in America. And it’s not just people waving flags. I mean, we have actual violence in the streets. 

I even saw where one guy with a concealed weapon stood in the gap for a couple, a Jewish couple that was being attacked. What do you make of this? And is it isolated to just the big cities? Are we seeing this kind of really across the country?

Does the Media Cover Hate Crimes Against Jews?


Look, the reality is, it’s a long time coming that people in America are paying attention to the fact that anti-Semitism and hate crimes directed to Jews are by far the number one hate crime in this country. And they have been for a very long time. Sadly, the media doesn’t typically cover it, unless the perpetrator of the crime fits the right narrative for the media, right. 

So if it’s a white supremacist storming a synagogue, or a affirmed white supremacist vandalizing a synagogue with a swastika like that, then it might get some coverage. But if it doesn’t fit that profile, it doesn’t get coverage. And, you know, we’re not talking about something. I mean, clearly, it exploded in a big way during the Gaza conflict, so I said it was impossible at that point for most of the media to ignore it. But let’s be clear.

In 2019, so not recent, a Jew in America was three times more likely on a per capita basis to be the victim of a hate crime in this country than an African American. A Jew in America in 2019 would 18 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime on a per capita basis than Asian Americans.




Now, that’s not to say that I think it’s bad that hate crimes against Asians are getting coverage by the media. I think it’s important, and I’m a big supporter of the end Asian hatred movement, and I’m glad that that hashtag has been trending. But why is it that end Jew hatred, which is another hashtag barely trends?




And at the same time that end Jew hatred as a hashtag barely trends, during the first week of the war in Gaza was no. Hitler was right, was retweeted over 17,000 times in five days.


And I’m sure whoever put it out and the 17,000 retweets, they were all banned from Twitter. I’m sure that Twitter immediately, because that would violate, yeah, not one of them like that. Yeah.

Twitter’s Double Standard


Yeah, it takes a long time to get anti-Semites banned on Twitter. Look, Farrakhan still has an incredible social media reach. And he literally regularly refers to every speech to Jews as termites in the synagogue of Satan. I mean, he incites violence against Jews regularly and yet, he has a huge social media following. Why is he still on any social media platform?


Well, because he didn’t question the results of the election, so he’s safe. You know, he’s not the president. Unbelievable.


And that’s the issue. If you’re going to pick and choose people based on their political beliefs, and what they espouse to say, they’re banned from social media, then you’re obviously setting yourself up for that type of criticism, right? Either all forms of speech, you know, no matter how vile and no matter how wrong are protected on social media, or are allowed on social media. 

Or if you’re going to pick and choose and, clearly, you know, I don’t know where to draw the line, but clearly somebody like Louis Farrakhan who preaches the most virulent racism and anti-Semitism should be somebody that’s banned. And yet he’s not


Absolutely. I’m curious, and I apologize, you may not know this on top of your head. So I mean, with that level, with that multiplier of hate crimes against the Jewish community versus others, is the prosecution on that level? Do they go after those anywhere near as much as they do the other “hate crimes”, do you know?


I mean, I don’t know exact statistics for this. I can tell you that the reality is that the numbers are worse than what we have from the FBI data because so many hate crimes don’t get reported. I mean, obviously, I’m both sides of it. But in terms of prosecution, I mean, we see right now that the people who were arrested in the recent stint of anti-Semitic attacks, be in Los Angeles, Florida, or New York, that some of them that you referred to in the beginning of this segment that they’ve already been released on bail, many of them.

Hate Crimes Against Jews

I was part of a group, if they have the reference the #endJewhatredmovement, I was a signator along with many other groups that signed a letter to the Attorney Generals of all three states, New York, and Florida, and California, urging them to aggressively prosecute these latest offenders under hate crime laws. And that’s important.

But we also have to get at not just the prosecution of people for these hate crimes, but we have to make sure that we’re calling these as they are, and then we’re addressing the root cause. I mean, we just had a Hasidic Jew and Orthodox Jew, people wearing Jew gun down in the streets of Baltimore. The three people who gunned him down, were heard when they gunned him down, yelling racial epithets about Jews, right. They were heard yelling things about him being Jewish. They didn’t take his wallet. They didn’t take his watch, right.

And yet, in Baltimore, they’re adamantly saying it’s not a hate crime. How’s that possible? Man was murdered in the street by three teenagers who are yelling about him being Jewish, he was visibly Jewish, right, and it’s not being prosecuted as a hate crime. At the same time, media barely pays attention these things. 

Three weeks before the war in Gaza, again, before anybody in the media started talking about these hate crimes, you had a Jewish couple, visibly Jewish couple in lower Manhattan, they were walking in the park with dozens of other people who weren’t visibly Jewish.

And a man walked by them, saw them and it’s on video that he walked by them, it’s a little long, hard look at them, and then turns around, pulls out a knife and start slashing at them. He slashed their one year old baby. He cut their one year old baby with a knife, right. And these people bravely protected their kid. They ran and protected their kid, and eventually the police came and arrested this guy.


How are we not hearing about this? Unbelievable.


Exactly. How it was that? There’s a video of it, right. This is prime time material, right. There’s a video of it. It wasn’t carried on any major news media, not even Fox News ran this story.

It’s a Learned Behavior


Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Now, Mitch, I got to take the second half of our time together to go to exactly what you raised, the root cause. Because right now, you see all the free Palestine flags, the propaganda is off the charts. And we’ve talked before about how over there in the Middle East.

 I mean, these kids are taught to hate Jews, taught to want to kill Jews. I mean, from the time they’re kids, and we, of course speak that’s the root, that’s got to change over there. But frankly, it’s being done here at the university level, not quite to that level of rhetoric, but it leads to the same thing. So speak to that, the root cause here.


Look, first of all, we have to understand and there’s a prayer in Judaism, that every Jew who is moderately observant, who has a Passover Seder, says every year. And the first two they call, I says in every generation, there are going to be those who will rise to try to attack Jews, right. And the reality is in America, Jesus had become kind of, you know, for the most part too comfortable with the idea that we’re safe here. And we forget our history.

And our history has taught us that we felt safe and good and prosperous, and doing well. In many places in the diaspora, in Spain before the Inquisition, Jews were doing very well; in Germany before the Holocaust, Jews are during very well; in many Arab states before our cycles of persecution against us in those Arab states are under Ottoman controlled states, we were doing well, and then the cycle changed.

And as Jews, if we have, who are cognizant of our history, we have to be cognizant of the fact that that cycle returns. So what do we see now? We see in that anti-Semitism is a virus. It’s a virus. 

It changes over time. But like all viruses that mutates, you know, and you and I, before the segment, we’re talking about the Coronavirus, and we talked and people are familiar now with viruses mutating. When a virus mutates, it retains some of the old forms of it, some of the old issues with it and characteristics, but it also has new ones, right.

Anti-Semitism Morphed

So in the beginning of anti-Semitism, Jews were hated for their faith. That was the hallmark of anti-Semitism. As anti-Semitism morphed, and that became actually became known as anti-Semitism, it became known as anti-Semitism because more from being hated for our faith to hating us for our race. 

That’s why Semite, the term anti-Semitism was coined by a German named Bill Maher in the late 1800s to make it seem less hateful and more scientific. And the hate was for our race, obviously hit the ran with that, right. But it really started in the late 1800s, and even has its roots in the Spanish Inquisition when they had all these concepts of pure blood and Jews not having pure blood, right.

And today, we’re hating for our state, right and so now you see what you and I were talking about before in other segments about how this demonization of Israel, then how you deal with completely false crazy things like that we kill babies and we sterilize babies. And we do all these, where sterilized women so they don’t have babies and things like that. Absolutely crazy demonization.

Well, when you demonize the one Jewish state in the entire world, home to almost half of the world’s Jews, right, then you are obviously going to encourage Jew hatred, right. If people believe that the only Jewish state is uniquely evil and terrible, then what does that say to them about the Jews that live around them, the Jews that are their neighbors, the Jews that are down the street, right. And so, if you believe that eventually, some of you are going to do terrible things to those Jews.

And so I wrote an article recently that your listeners can find in the Jewish journal under my name that anti-Zionism is equivalent to anti-Semitism. And it really is. Because all in and I’m not an anti-Semite, I’m only anti-Zionist, is like I said, it’s a new way of saying, so some Jews are my best friends, right. Somehow my best friends are Jewish, right.

The reality the reality is, all these people do for the most part is they change the word Jew, and they replace it with Zionist. So, in 1930s, they’d say Jews are baby killers, Jews control the media, Jews control the United States or Western governments, Jews control the banks, right. Now they say, Zionist are baby killers, Zionist control the media, Zionist control Western governments, right, Zionist control banks. It’s the same thing. You just replace Zionist with Jews. That’s the trick, right?

A Righteous Cause?




And again, if you believe that kind of craziness, right, then at what point that you’re going to say, oh, I’m going to ask this Jewish person if he or she is a Zionist before I attack him?


And when you say if you believe that stuff, that is not beyond the pale at all for people to believe that because they are being taught that on college campuses across the country. So a lot of these young people, they know nothing about what’s actually happening. They’ve bought it hook, line and sinker. They think they’re part of a righteous cause.


And not only that, it’s become so mainstream that some people didn’t realize what’s happening. So during the recent conflict of Gaza with Hamas, the New York Times published this front page article with the pictures of approximately 58 kids under the age of 18, who in Gaza died during the conflict. And under the headline, they were only chosen.

 Now, indeed, it’s terrible that 58 children approximately died in this conflict on the Arab side, on the Hamas in Gaza, and two or three children on the Israeli side died right. It’s terrible. Children shouldn’t die as [inaudible 17:51] just said this morning, I think in Israel, children shouldn’t die in adult wars.

But setting aside that a number of those, we don’t know how many of those children in Gaza were killed by Hamas own rockets falling back into Gaza, which happened over 700 times. And setting aside some of those people that were identified as children were actually 17 year old and 15 year olds that were used by Hamas as soldiers, which the world should be in an uproar about, right?


That’s right.

Skewed Reporting About Children


But setting all that aside, at this point in 2021, over 50,000 human beings have been killed in armed conflicts around the world. It’s probably sadly, of those 50,000 people killed in armed conflicts around the world in the last six months, that about 10,000-15,000 of them were “only children.” Did as in New York Times going to spread on its front page in the last six months covering any of those children that were killed in these other conflicts?


Of course not. Right.


Of course not. So the average person reading the New York Times get a picture painted of this depraved Israel killing children and make it seem like Israel is the only country in the world that is engaged in conflicts in which children are killed, which of course is not remotely the case…


With almost zero coverage of the rockets and the damage to private businesses, to individual families, to children in the Jewish community, you know, no coverage of that.


No coverage. No context. I mean, again, I ask every one of your listeners to think about it. If you are living someplace in America right now where there was a foreign terrorist group on your border, where near where you live in control of that area, and they were spending all of the money practically they get, all their spare cash on building terror tunnels, and rockets to fire on you and they’re [inaudible 19:56]

…said, you know, their sworn belief system as one of their leaders says, I want to kill every person in your family and everybody you know. And they started randomly firing rockets at you indiscriminately, where you live and where your friends and family and your neighbors and your colleagues, and every person you know live.

Anti-Semitic Democrats

And even though, you know your government has spent a fortune to build this missile defense system that’s going to protect 90% of you, the 10% of you are going to be subject to this Russian Roulette of having rockets hit your homes, your cars, and occasionally killing your family members, or somebody you know, what would you want your government to do?


Right. No, it’s the only nation on the planet that gets criticized for defending themselves. I mean, man, I hate this we’re out of time. We got to get you back. But I got to ask you before we go, about Pelosi and the I mean, it’s hard to give one of the anti-Semitic Democrats in Congress like the mantle of the most anti-Semitic because there’s some of them that are so bad, but Pelosi refuses to even condemn the comparison, throwing the United States in with Hamas and that sort of thing. What do you say about that?


Yeah, I mean, look, it’s unbelievable, right. Let’s take a tale of two Congresswoman women, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Ilhan Omar. Marjorie Taylor Greene, in my view, essentially pretty ridiculous stuff. Her space Lazar comments was definitely at least bordering on anti-Semitic, in my view. 

Frankly, whenever you invoke the Ross fields in any theory, you’re being anti-Semitic. But how does the Republican Party respond? They censure her. They sanctioned her. They removed her from committees, right.

Ilhan Omar repeatedly, repeatedly engages in anti-Semitism, uses the most anti-Semitic tropes there are, you know, basically, it’s all about the Benjamins. I mean, it doesn’t invoke an anti-Semitic trope, more than that. Again, we talked about this idea of Jews controlling Western governments with their money and Jews controlling banks, these are central anti-Semitic tropes that have been plaguing the Jewish people and causing Jesus to die for hundreds of years.

And yet, she doesn’t get censured for that. She doesn’t get removed from the Foreign Relations Committee. Now, as you just mentioned, she compares Israel and the United States to Hamas and the Taliban. And she’s still on the Foreign Relations Committee. 

You are still not censured by her party. She’s still defended by her party. And then you have other people like Rashida Tlaib, and trying to make this about the color of her skin and her face. No, this is not about the color of her skin or her face. This is about her words, right.

It’s Happening Here

Every person should be judged by their words and their actions. And that’s how we’re judging Ilhan Omar. The color of their skin or faith is not relevant to this at all. It’s what she’s saying, what she’s doing. And what she’s saying and doing is anti-Semitic. period.


Yeah. No doubt about it. And I’m hoping, man, I mean, we’re going to find out, but I would hope that the hypocrisy here is obvious to people, the embarrassment of Nancy Pelosi, not even letting the reporter even repeat the statement, you know, I mean, it’s got to be noticed. And I hope we’ll begin to change votes in the country.

 Mitch, man, I mean, we could go so much while we got to get you back soon. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time. Let’s do it again soon.


I appreciate it. Appreciate the time and the conversation. Thank you.


Alright, we’re back with David and Tim as well. And man, David, you said it right. I mean, Mitch has a wealth of information on all of these issues. 

You could tell I needed more time. I think we could have gone for several hours more, just really good to get Mitch back on the program. And I mean, look, this is not a problem just in the Middle East. Like we said, this is something happening here in our own country. And just to get people aware of it is a big step we got to take.


It is a big step. But it’s interesting to see even where these hate crimes, if you will, are occurring. And I’ll just point to the community we live in. We’re out in the country. 

The whole county has only 9,000 people in the county. It’s very rural, very agrarian and very cowboy, very conservative, very Republican. And the church we attend out there, they have a Texas flag up and a US flag up and an Israel flag up because they’re very strong pro-Israel. 

Israel is Not the Aggressor

And it’s interesting that in that tiny little county, over the last month that Israeli flag has been torn down and desecrated twice. Even folks have come in with bolt cutters and cut the cables on the flagpole so you can’t put the Israeli flag back up. It’s like are you kidding me? And a rural conservative Republican Christian County that you’ve got people who want to express their dislike of Jews by chopping down the Israeli flag?


But clearly, right, we’re talking about somebody who’s probably watching one of the liberal news outlets that probably, I mean, arguably somebody that’s doing this, it would not be surprising to be a younger person and certainly they’ve been at college somewhere. And then Mitch Danzig pointed this out, they’ve been at college…


It’s learned a behavior. I mean they just automatically hate Jews. They’re being getting propaganda somewhere.


Correct. They’re being taught that the Jews are, and specifically not just Jews, but Israel is the aggressor and look what they’ve done to the Palestinians, and therefore they’re bad. And so if somebody would support Israel or in this case support the Jews, or maybe the pro-Zionist, even as Mitch pointed out, then they just equate all of it and say, well, that means you’re a really bad organization, you’re a bad church, you’re a bad whatever, because they don’t have the context.

Anti-Semitism On The Rise In America – With Mitch Danzig

And I thought Mitch also made a really good point when he said that if you look at all of the people who have died in different kinds of wars throughout the world, over this last six months, and you have news outlets in America that want to say, well, Israel’s bad because in this war, they’ve had some kids that have died. And of course, nobody wants to see kids die, as was already pointed out in the interview, that in a war where it’s a grown up dispute, kids should not be the innocent victims in this grown up dispute.

With that being said, you haven’t seen any of these news outlets reports on these fatalities involving minors from these other wars. It’s only when Israel’s a part of something and when Israel’s defending herself after being attacked. And as Mitch pointed out, many of these fatalities, you don’t know how many of them were 15, 16, 17 year olds who actually were fighting with Hamas, or how many of them actually were hit by their own rockets Hamas was firing. 

There’s so much context left out, but you are seeing this bias against Israel. That’s very clear from these leftist news organizations.


This is another program, folks you got to share. Make sure you’re going to, grab that link, send it out to your friends and family, get them informed on these truths. Thanks so much for listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.