AOC Compares Border Security To Concentration Camps: For the Left, it”€™s not about truth anymore, it”€™s about what will get people to vote for them. What a disgraceful comparison AOC has made in the name of winning herself votes. Today, we are interviewing the man who invited AOC to see the concentration camps with an actual Holocaust survivor. Tune in now to learn more!

Air Date: 07/30/2019

Guest: Johnny Daniels

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Johnny Daniels Will Join Us Later In The Program

A little later in the program, Johnny Daniels will be with us. We’ve been with Johnny over in Poland going to have a great interview with him. I’m telling you, the rhetoric is getting hot and so hot that we’ve got a member of Congress comparing our detention facilities on the southern border to the concentration camps. We’re kind of getting over the top here and frankly not a fair comparison at all anyway.

We Are Using Intense Hyperbole To Get The Reaction We Want


Not only is it bad comparison, but it’s reflective of what’s happened in politics over the last several years. We are using more and more intense hyperbole and more melodramatic statements. It’s like I’m not getting enough reaction off what I said so I’ve got to really ramp it up, I got to put this thing on fire. 

I was googling quickly to see some of the big phrases and the big names that we call each other now. It was words like Nazis, racists, bigots, terrorists, homophobes, misogynist, Islamophobic, anti-immigration, nationalist, transphobia, and haters. I mean it’s like we’ve got all this list of stuff, it’s not getting the reaction we want, so we’ve just got to kind of crank it up a little bit. 

That’s what happens when you start calling the people who work for the Immigration Naturalization Service, you start calling it detention centers, you calling them concentration camps and you say it’s a Holocaust going on on the southern border. 

I mean you can only say that if you’re really ignorant or if you think the people are really ignorant or if you just have no sense of proportion.

People Are More Interested In Their Side Winning


But also recognizing that we live in a day and age where people are more interested in their side winning than they are communicating what is true. If you want your side to win; then you have to make the opponents in this case the Border Patrol agents, the ICE facilities, you have to villainize them. So people change their mind. 

Well, what are some of the greatest villains in human history? They were the Nazis and their concentration camps. 

So if we don’t like them, how do we sensationalize this story to try to influence people so that our side wins. 

It’s Not About What’s True

It’s not about what’s true. No, this is not an actual concentration camp. They’re not actually lining people up and taking them to execute them for mass graves. We are not killing them starving them dead back at the concentration camps where you get very few calories on any given day. 

This is not an actual concentration camp. 

The comparison isn’t what’s important than the reality of what is true. The comparison is important to demonize the other side, and we only do that so that our side wins. The rhetoric has become the tool to how we can help our side win, not about how we can communicate and disseminate what is true.

Not Only Has Rhetoric Become The Tool


And not only has rhetoric become the tool. But it’s like you have to not care about the truth.  Because if you stop and think about it, and you made the comparison of ISIS agents to Nazi guards, and if you made the comparison of the detention centers to Holocaust concentration camps, you know that’s not true. 

I mean if you know anything about the concentration camps or about the border; you know that’s not true. But you really don’t care about truth because Tim as you said, it’s about my side winning. 

We Become Machiavellian

So the end justifies the means, and we become Machiavellian. 

Which is the prince who said the end justifies the means; whatever it takes to win. We do that. 

Truth becomes a casualty, and that’s a really dangerous place to be when truth no longer matters. 

Tim, as you said, winning does matter because then we use any objective there are. No rules. There are no limits. We’ll do whatever. 

Jonny Daniels

One of our friends in Europe that we’ve done many things related to the Holocaust is Jonny Daniels. He heads From The Depths. He has brought numerous congressmen over to Poland to show them the concentration camps, to show them what happens there to let them see what they studied about in history. He often does it by having a Holocaust survivor actually take them through the camps. 

When you see that, it is just so sobering. It is unlike anything that America has ever experienced at any point in time. 

In this particular case, when Alexander Acacia Cortez made this comparison, it’s just there’s not a comparison you can make. And so Jonny Daniels reached out to the congresswoman and said hey but let me show you what a Holocaust really looks like. 

Let me show you what a concentration camp really is. You may not know, so let me help you understand because your comparison really is faulty. 

We’ve got Jonny on to talk about his offer to the congresswoman and what happened as a result.

His Tours Are Life-changing


Jonny Daniels course you guys have been over to Poland with him. As you’ve said, when he takes people on these tours, it is a life-changing, powerful experience. 

It would be great if we could get more members of Congress to go he’s taken many, but it would be great if we could get these liberal members of Congress, who have made these kinds of outlandish comparisons.

Let’s get Johnny thoughts on the offer to Cortez to take the trip with him, along with one of the survivors of the Holocaust. It will be really interesting to see how that exchange took place. 

Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Jonny Daniels -From The Depths


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us Jonny Daniels is back with us from From The Depths. 

Jonny, it’s good to have you back. Man, it’s been too long. 


Wonderful to be back. Thank you so much for having me.


Hey, thanks. David and Tim have had a chance to travel with you to Poland and visit; I’m assuming, the same concentration camps that you invited AOC to join you as well. 

Of course, that’s kind of the story of the day; of her referring to the detainment centers on the border to being like concentration camps. 

But before we even get into that thank you for what you do – to educate so many and it takes so many people from the U.S. to Poland. To walk back in history, to get to meet these survivors, to experience this is a vitally important thing. Bringing that to life for this new generation is really important. 

Can we send people to your website if they want to find out more about this?


Absolutely. So the website is Really thank you again so much. Education is so important. It’s so important not just for people from the United States but from all around the world; to understand what happened just 75 years ago. 

Auschwitz II-Birkenau

Coming up this January, we’re going to be commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz II-Birkenau. You know the most difficult and horrendous of the German Nazi concentration camps. Where well over a million people were mass murdered. To even have a comparison made to these places; it doesn’t make a difference what the comparison is, any kind of comparison is wrong. 

One shouldn’t compare from a historical perspective, any peoples tragedy to anything else because it just isn’t right and it’s incorrect. 

To compare the containments that was enforced by President Obama before President Trump, to compare them to the camps in which Jews and Gypsies and others who were so brutally murdered; it’s just absolutely horrendous and brutal. 

We looked along with absolute disbelief and shock. It wasn’t just us, but Holocaust survivors with us, people who themselves have been through these concentration camps were so deeply offended that a member of the United States Congress could make such a disgraceful comparison.


 Well, as you said, not only you but even survivors themselves. 

The Letter To The Congresswomen

You even invited her to go on the tour with a survivor, that if I understand right, he lives in New Jersey and was going to travel with you guys. A 93-year-old Holocaust survivor and take her on this tour.

Jonny, I read the letter. You were so respectful in the way that you invited and said we’re about educating everybody on this, especially members of Congress. You’ve already taken a couple of dozen members of Congress on these tours.


Absolutely. We’ve taken congressmen from the right and from the left. It truly doesn’t make a difference; to be honest, it’s those on the extremes that are even more important to take. 

The congressmen who are well educated and they understand it’s important they see such sights, but they understand history. We were remarkably respectful and to be honest. I gave member Cortez the benefit of the doubt. 

In the letter, I was very open, and presumably, she’s misinformed and didn’t have the correct education because with correct education nobody would have said that she said. So respectfully I invited her to join us with Edward Mosberg, who is a remarkable man born in Krakow Poland who survived numerous concentration camps. 

He lost over 40 members of his family who were brutally murdered. His wife is a survivor of Auschwitz II-Birkenau, and we invited her to join with Mr. Mosberg, and she flat out refused. 

Holocaust Denial

She refused us over some strange reason that we once took Congressman Steve King on a trip which is remarkable and very sad. 

But regardless, it’s important that this message gets out and it’s important that we fight as well. We don’t allow comparisons to be made. Comparisons like these lead to Holocaust denial and are in fact Holocaust denial themselves. Denying the Holocaust isn’t simply saying it’s not true it didn’t happen. 

It’s also making up facts to fit our own narrative. And the narrative which she is still pushing is a narrative which is incredibly problematic for anybody who cares about history. 

Obviously, the dissenters in the south and in other places are problematic, and we all wish that it wasn’t the way it was. We wish that parents wouldn’t bring their children and put them in a position where they have to be detained. 

Unfortunately, this is the situation, and regardless of that, people are not doing anything, nothing awful is happening to them. No one is chasing them and killing them and doing terrible things like what happened in the concentration camp. So the comparison is utterly absurd.

It’s More Absurd To Demonize What’s Happening On The Border


Yeah. And you just touched on something: it’s more than just the absurdity of the comparison or trying to demonize what’s happening on the border. 

These border patrol agents are doing everything that they can, the best that they can with a crisis situation created by really bad policies that essentially invited these people to come and that’s a whole other topic. 

Her attempt to make the border sound even worse and an awful. It’s not just the untruth in that; it’s the fact that it desensitized what the Holocaust really was, right?

 It makes people think well if that’s all the Holocaust was then you know why did people make such a big deal out of it? 

Yes, the border is bad and yeah it’s not good. Maybe the way that they’re being held there. As you said, it’s making people think who don’t know that that’s all that happened. We forget. 

You know this better than I do. I wonder how many Americans if polled couldn’t tell you anything about the Holocaust and have no idea how many millions of Jews were killed and the type of atrocities that happened in these concentration camps.


Right. Well, this is a ginormous problem. 

A recent survey showed that two-thirds of American students had never really heard of the Holocaust. 


There you go. Wow. 

The Comparision Leads To So Many Other Awful Things


Which is just unbelievable. It is more than that because this comparison than leads onto just so many awful things. 

The 6 million Jews who were brutally murdered weren’t trying to run away or escape any borders, and they were taken from their homes and thrown into ghettos. From there to camps where they were eventually mass murdered.

The comparison again these guards,  these incredible men, and women who are keeping the United States safe are comparable to Nazis by her comparison? This is beyond belief and really shocking. 

As a felon who deals with this subject, it was so offensive and so wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t just demean the Holocaust and belittle it. It’s also horrendous in terms of her view of the United States is. 

We as foreigners watch this with real disbelief and the kind of shock and horror that something like this could be happening today in the United States of America.

They Just Want To Sprout This Stuff And Not Be Held Accountable 


I couldn’t help but think Proverbs 18:2, a fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his or in this case her opinion. 

It’s like they want just to spout this stuff and then not be held accountable for it. 

She says she refuses to apologize for it and will not apologize for it. 

Obviously, not taking any pleasure to understand it. She doesn’t want to go in and learn despite your fantastic offer. 

Jonny, what would be the best way for us to help with the education of Americans to reduce that number from two thirds who have never even heard of it? What are some ways that we can make sure this doesn’t happen again by educating a new generation?

From The Depths Ministry


Well, I think, first of all, the work that you’re doing at WallBuilders is remarkably important. I’m watching as a proud Israeli Jew in utter disbelief, watching other Congresswoman Omar refusing to apologize for her blatant and disgraceful anti-Semitic comments. Really shocking.

Having outlets like yours and the work of David, Tim, yourself and many others in really spreading the word and telling the truth. We’re incredibly grateful for everything you are doing. 

From our perspective, as people are able to follow us on Facebook, From The Depths. You can find us relatively easy and share the conference and make sure that many people see it as possible. Like I said before going onto our website and have a look and sort of look around.

As you educate yourself more, you’d able to educate others. That’s always remarkably helpful and something that we’re very happy for people to get involved with.


We’re definitely going to have the website on our website today and encourage our listeners to share that on Facebook and Twitter and other social media tools.

It’s a great way to respond when a member of Congress says something so ignorant and unwilling to apologize for it, one of the best things to do, not just to lash out at them but get the good information out there, get the truth out there. is a great resource for being able to do that. 

Jonny, always a pleasure. Look forward to having you back again soon and look forward to going to Poland with you at some point the near future. 


Absolutely. God bless. Thank you very much. 


Stay with us folks. We’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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We’re back on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. Back with David and Tim Barton now. Thanks for Jonny Daniels for joining us. 

Of course David, Tim, no surprise to us that Cortez said no to the tour. 

Actually, I thought an offer like that is pretty amazing to be able to go experience something like that.

And if you’re a member of Congress, you take trips like this all the time to do research. Even if it’s a group I don’t agree with or a place I’ve never been and maybe I don’t think I want to know what really happened. I think I would still want to go and just see what’s there but not so here.

The Game That Is Being Played Right Now Is Who’s Going To Win


Well, you’re also saying that from an intellectually honest standpoint. The game that is being played in America right now is not about what is honest; it’s about who’s going to win.

So for someone like Congresswoman AOC, this would seem embarrassing or shameful to have to go be educated of what this is. And it’s not really intellectually honest when she says; I don’t want to go anywhere that a Republican congressman has been; Steve King being the one. What does that have to do with anything? 

Well, I can’t go into that restaurant because somebody who I politically disagree with went into that restaurant. 

That would never be a standard for other things in life, especially not if it came to something that is so historically significant and valuable.


And let me point out Tim, the standards she erected; she’s not willing to follow. Because she’s not willing to go to Poland because Congressman Steve King has been there before her. Well, guess what? Congressman Steve King was in Congress before she was.


She better resign. Better get out quick. In fact, there are lots of other Republicans there right now.

She may not have noticed that. It’s very inconsistent; it’s not intellectually honest. 

Again it’s a game. It is being played because she wants her side to win. 

Rick, one of the things that you pointed out in the interview, it really does a disservice to the very memory of the Holocaust and even the atrocity of what it was. To imagine that what is happening at the border where people are given three meals a day, they have an air-conditioned facility. They’re able to take showers. They have indoor plumbing with medical care. 

You start looking at all they have, and you’re gonna say that’s what the Holocaust was, really? It is ignorant. It is dishonest. It’s a political ploy because again the culture we live in, it’s more about my side and winning than about what’s true.

Jonny Made A Fantastic Point


I thought Jonny made a fantastic point – I had not thought about it. He would be the guy to think about this because he deals with teaching people about the Holocaust and what happened. He was one of the guys who actually got Poland to excavate some of the extermination camps.

They had left them alone until four or five years ago, and he got them to go in and excavate them and rebuild them to show. So that you could teach history. 

He’s had a huge influence on this. He’s very familiar with the Holocaust. He deals with survivors of it. He deals with the righteous who helped save people from the Holocaust. He’s right in the middle of knowing what this is all about. 

He made such a profound statement when he said a Holocaust denier is not just someone who says the Holocaust didn’t happen, which is what I would have immediately thought. 

He said a Holocaust denier someone who makes up facts about the Holocaust to fit and to promote their narrative. He’s exactly right. 

She’s trying to fit the narrative that what’s happening on the border are these concentration camps. No, that’s not what a concentration camp looks like. 

Jonny can show you what one looks like and what they did. So she really is denying the Holocaust by rewriting it to fit her political narrative instead of looking at the actual facts of what had happened. 

Rick, you made the comment and Johnny responded – I wonder how many Americans if they were polled would know nothing about the Holocaust, and the number literally is 66% of Millennials have never heard of Auschwitz which is the largest death camp in the Holocaust era. Twenty-two percent of Millennials have never even heard of the Holocaust. 

That’s how poor our education is, and you know maybe AOC has that education where she didn’t get taught anything about this. That’s why she makes a ridiculous comparison. But when given the opportunity to learn about it, she didn’t want to go do that. So it really is not about truth or knowledge.

It’s Just Recognizing The Reality Of The Culture And The Political Climate We Live In


Well, to be fair, she might be interested when it wasn’t a politically polarizing issue because there could be some genuine interests. But right now, it’s not about what’s interesting or what’s true it’s about my side winning. 

It’s just recognizing the reality of the culture and the political climate we live in. She might be willing to learn, grow, and gain knowledge; maybe would change her forever. This is not a time that she’s going to do that because she’s got to win this argument, she’s got to stop these “concentration camps” at the border.

Well, clearly, it’s not. But only someone ignorant of history can make a claim like that, to begin with.

WallBuilders Has Programs To Help Us Be Students Of Freedom And History


Well, one of the best ways we can keep from making outrageous claims like that is not to be ignored of history. 

We got to become students of freedom, students of history. We got to be willing to learn ourselves. We encourage all of our listeners out there take a little time every week to be a student of freedom; to look back and learn from history. 

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Also, one of the ways you can be a part of that is at our website

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