3 11, 2023

Geopolitics, Spiritual Revival, and Cultural Restoration – on Good News Friday

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Today is Good News Friday, so that means we’ll get to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. In Loudoun County Virginia, parents put their foot down against public education and get a new Christian school started. The US is beginning to intervene in the war between Israel and Hamas. Mississippi governor posted a picture of a revival, bringing 1400 people to Christ. In Tennessee and Kentucky transgender procedures on children are banned. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, switched to Republican from Democrat and now he has started a Republican Mayor’s Association to network conservative mayors for ideas and solutions. After Galesburg Illinois flys the pride flag, a lawsuit was won enabling the Christian flag to be flown as well. All of this and more on Good News Friday!

2 11, 2023

From Hammurabi to Cities and Country – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

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Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means we’ll take the time to answer listener questions on the air- If the Code of Hammurabi was not discovered until the 1900‘s why is there an image of him in the congressional chamber? Why do cities and coastal regions typically vote liberal and country areas vote conservative? Prepare for an intriguing journey back in time to 1750 BC, as we explore Hammurabi's code and answer the question, "Did it have any influence on early American law?" We'll shine a spotlight on the 23 lawgivers honored in the Capitol, especially the revered position of Moses. Amidst this exploration, we'll delve into the charged discussion surrounding the 1980s court decisions to remove religious elements from public spaces, including the Ten Commandments. Imagine if the sentiments of the Founding Fathers about city-dwellers versus rural-dwellers could help decode current voting patterns. Through a close examination of intriguing quotes from our nation's forefathers, we'll attempt to decode this exact mystery. Our journey will take us through intense perspectives about city life from Benjamin Rush, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Adding an extra layer to the discourse, we'll also discuss the biblical story of the Tower of Babel and how it is relevant to the idea that attitudes found in the city are detrimental to society as a whole. We'll also take you through the quiet lanes of rural life, exploring its potential benefits, particularly for children and families. Unravel the intricate thoughts of the Founding Fathers regarding urban and rural dwellers, and join us in discussing the advantages of real hard work. Buckle up for an enlightening exploration of historical law and the ongoing urban versus rural debate, all through the insightful lens of the Founding Fathers.

1 11, 2023

The Role of Faith in Shaping America: An Insightful Dialogue with John Cooper

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Standing at the crossroads of culture and faith, we are joined by John Cooper, a rock musician turned cultural commentator. John has transformed from being known solely for his music to being recognized for his cultural commentary. A voice of reason in a divided world, his thoughtful insights into the current cultural climate, the role of Christianity in shaping America, and the perilous consequences of forgetting this Christian heritage make for compelling listening. Riding on the same wave of thought, we discuss the repercussions of a culture that has discarded truth as its foundation. He urges Christians to recognize the magnitude of what they stand to lose. Also, John's views on the totalitarian regime, state control, and the much-debated idea of mandated masks add another layer to the discourse. But it's not all about controversies and debates. It's a journey with John Cooper, where music harmonizes with truth, faith faces culture, and a discussion evolves into an enlightening experience. Let's navigate these challenging times together, one episode at a time.

31 10, 2023

Quoting Scripture and the School Board: Heather Rooks’ Fight for Religious Freedom

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Can you imagine being silenced for quoting a Bible verse during a public meeting? That's the shocking circumstance that Heather Rooks, a school board member, found herself in. Joined by Andy Gould from First Liberty, we pull back the curtain on the hostility Heather faced for exercising her religious freedom. With the legal perspective from Andy, we explore how this event has sparked a larger debate on the application of the First Amendment's free exercise clause. You might ask yourself, how does a school board member face objections for quoting a Bible verse, especially after receiving a staggering number of votes in her district? The answer lies in a surprising shift from the original intent of public education in America. A juxtaposition that takes us from historical instances of presidents and public officials freely quoting scripture to today's hostile reactions. As we navigate through Heather's story, we invite you to reflect on the importance of understanding these shifts and their implications for our nation. As we wrap up this episode, we turn our eyes to the road ahead. Heather's journey is far from over. Yet, her story sends a clear call to action for listeners like you to get involved in school board races and stand firm in the face of adversity. After all, as George Washington stated, our political prosperity is built on religion and morality. So, join us as we delve into the necessity of electing the right kind of school board members and the crucial role they play in shaping our society.

30 10, 2023

Decoding Middle East Tensions: Rudy Atallah’s insights on the Israel-Hamas War

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Prepare for an enlightening journey featuring our guest, Rudy Atallah, the driving force behind the Nazarene Fund. Rudy, with his military background and profound understanding of Middle Eastern dynamics, dissects the escalating conflict between Hamas and Israel, painting a vivid picture of the potential global implications and how these events could catapult us into a third World War. His insights are not just informative, but a clarion call for every informed citizen and Christian to stand in solidarity, pray, and usher in the right leaders. We plunge further into the labyrinth of the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the deceptive warfare strategies of Hamas and Hezbollah. Rudy unravels the insidious propaganda machine manipulating university students towards a pro-Palestine stance and the challenges Israel faces with US leadership that, at times, tends to speak from both sides of the mouth. This segment is an eye-opener, breaking down the complexities of the situation and highlighting the urgent need for truth and transparency. Our conversation with Rudy concludes with an explorative dig into American history, the heroism of our veterans, and the essential work of the Nazarene Fund. The fund's mission to rescue persecuted Christians and other religious minorities is a beacon of hope amid the chaos. But there's more – Rudy shares the gritty realities of unconventional warfare. The challenges of waging war in hostage-laden territories are daunting. But amid the uncertainty and despair, we are urged to pray for our military and the wisdom of our leaders. This episode, a stark illumination of the Middle East's fragile state, is a call to action for all of us.

27 10, 2023

Higher Education and Better Options Plus Homeschooling to the Rescue – on Good News Friday!

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Welcome to Good News Friday! Today we’re going to look at David and Tim’s stack of good news articles of stories the major media doesn’t report. First up- Hamas supporters in are not being recognized or accepted in universities. After that, we look at a German homeschool family seeking support in US citizenship after their country condemns their homeschooling efforts.

26 10, 2023

The Making of a Speaker: Mike Johnson’s Commitment to Conservative Values

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Ever found yourself wondering what it takes to be at the helm of the House of Representatives? Join us as we delve into the story of Mike Johnson, the newly crowned Speaker of the House. Johnson's journey from Liberty University to the corridors of the U.S Capitol is a testament to his steadfast commitment to conservative principles. We discuss his dedication to individual freedom, limited government, and the rule of law, and what these mean in the context of his role as Speaker. Johnson will prove his ability to navigate these tricky political waters. Our conversation takes a personal turn as Speaker Johnson shares a poignant chapter of his father's life and the profound impact it had on shaping his own. As we sign off, we draw inspiration from Mike Johnson's leadership and urge everyone to keep the torch of freedom burning bright. Remember to keep him, his team, and our leaders in your thoughts and prayers as we collectively strive to uphold the values that our great nation stands for.

25 10, 2023

Christin Bentley on the Despicable Content in School Libraries

2023-10-24T22:00:24-04:00October 25th, 2023|Broadcast, Education & Schools|0 Comments

Are you curious about how to navigate age-appropriate content in school libraries in our relativistic culture? Join us as we untangle the complexities of aligning the content in school libraries with an absolute moral standard. We'll discuss how the absence of an absolute standard has blurred the lines in defining age-appropriate content, and how this confusion extends to the role of schools and parents in molding children's moral compass. Furthermore we discuss the truly despicable nature of the books that can be found in public school libraries, many encouraging transgenderism and the sexualization of children. Christin Bentley sheds light on the progress made in Texas with the passing of HB900, which offers a toolkit for auditing and removing unsuitable books from school libraries. We'll also ponder over how to take action at and beyond the local level. Christin's compelling perspective will inspire you to step up and make a difference in your local community.

24 10, 2023

Navigating Faith, Homeschooling and Entertainment: An Engaging Conversation with Sam Sorbo

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Curious about how movie-making could foster faith and education? Prepare yourself for an insightful conversation with Sam Sorbo as she spotlights the intersection of Christian values, homeschooling, and entertainment. As we traverse hot topics such as the tangled Speaker of the House drama, the value of responsible news sources, and the ramifications of negative rhetoric on politics, the Sorbos generously share their experiences - from their upcoming film, Miracle in East Texas, to their dedicated homeschooling ethos. Continuing on this fascinating journey, we'll navigate the intriguing history of the East Texas oil strike - a pivotal event that serves as the backdrop for the Sorbos' forthcoming film. Be prepared to be regaled with tales stranger than fiction and full of miracles, all served with a dose of humor and a sprinkle of forgiveness. We'll also engage in enlightening discussions about the curriculum developed for homeschoolers and the potential of entertainment as a tool to generate healthy conversations in families. To cap this engaging discourse we talk about Glenn Beck's plan to produce more movies that reflect Christian and conservative values. In light of recent faith-based cinema successes such as 'Facing the Giants' and 'Jesus Revolution', we'll delve into the potential of our contributions in supporting various trainings and initiatives. So, join us on this enlightening journey, and be inspired by people who are unrelenting in their quest to instill Christian values through homeschooling and entertainment.

23 10, 2023

The Crucial Role of Churches in Society: A Discussion with Neil Mammen

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Wouldn't you love to be able to identify a church that not only cherishes biblical principles but also has a sound cultural and political awareness? Join us as we engage Neil Mammen in a riveting conversation about his personal journey from a Marxist family to embracing Christianity and his revolutionary tool, MyChurchFinder.org, that is changing how we find good churches. In this episode, we take a historical trip back to the time of Jesus and His not-so-sweet interactions with the politics of His era. We examine the governance of Judea by the Sanhedrin - the Pharisees and Sadducees - and Jesus's strong messages about justice, mercy, and faithfulness. We delve into God's moral laws, their protective nature, and the dire consequences of ignoring them. Neil shares insights on the injustices faced by the poor and persecuted, reminding us of our collective responsibility to challenge laws that sustain their suffering. To conclude, Neil explains why it is crucial for churches to be the salt and light of the world. We discuss how MyChurchFinder.org assists in locating churches that are biblically sound, culturally cognizant, and politically active. Hear from Neil about how you can list your church on MyChurchFinder.org and let it shine its light to the world.

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