Arrested for praying at home?  A case recently came out where a woman had been arrested for praying in her own home! Police broke into her house and told her that she was not allowed to pray, even inside her own home!  What did the Supreme Court rule?

Air Date: 07/13/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, all of it from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And my name is Rick Green, I’m a former Texas state legislator, national speaker, and author.

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And then our main website for a lot of great tools that you can get for your family to equip and inspire them. I think today’s actually unequipped equipping an inspiring day as well here on WallBuilders Live because it’s Good News Friday. And David, Tim, I love the good news you guys share. I know you’ve been working on collecting what’s going on out there and then sharing it with us every week on Friday. So let’s dive in. David, I think you”€™ve  got the first piece for us.

U.S. Supreme Court Follow Up


Well, Rick, we’re going to start with a final follow up on the U.S. Supreme Court the last of June. They finished their rulings, they got out of town ,and they really handed down some remarkable rulings this session. There were so many that we just really strongly agree with.  Some of them did not get much wide coverage. But they are really remarkable.


Let me take one here before you hit details there. Can you just comment on generally whether you were surprised. Because we didn’t change really the makeup of the court with Gorsuch him replacing Scalia and what not.

I was surprised by how many good ones we got.  Were you and if so why? What do you think pushed kind of the tilt of the court that way?


I think Kennedy who led the grammar. I really thought we were going to lose on the Jack Phillips case the masterpiece case and we didn’t win. We didn’t lose. But it was a small victory. And that Kennedy refused to address the issue but he said this is wrong what you did Phillips.


He kind of danced around it.


That’s right. So that is great because had he come out on the other side, man, that would be damaged for the next 10-15 years. Even if we got somebody with the next justice coming into reverse that.  It”€™s still going to be a while before we get to it.

So all total it was quite amazing to see all the religious liberty stuff and the free speech stuff. Where that really we’ve been talking about we thought the left gone too far.

But that doesn’t mean the Supreme Court thought they had gone too far. And in many many areas the progressive left really took a beating in several areas.

Supreme Court Rulings Went Better Than Expected

So it’s things that they’ve been pushing for the last seven, eight, nine years. And it takes a while to get a case to the Supreme Court. So we saw some of this stuff developing years and years ago and said this isn”€™t right this isn”€™t right.

It was a mixed bag and the lower courts of appeals. But when it got to the Supreme Court it really did well. I don’t know if that’s because Kennedy was kind of I don’t know how to say.  It maybe a little sensitive to having started something that went so much further than he wanted to go.

I mean he clearly laid the groundwork for all of these bakers, and florists, photographer cases. But I don’t think that he intended it to get as mean as it did. And  Jack Phillips looking at jail time because he wouldn’t bake a cake. I don’t think he intended for it to go there. So I think it was surprising.


And, David, for our listeners that may not know what you mean when you say he laid the groundwork. So you’re referring to Oberfeld from three years ago I guess that legalized gay marriage or at least some.


Lawrence v Texas Oberfeld. Several things he’s done several decisions that has certainly pushed the boundary and has certainly given LGBT more standing, more footing, more legal clout than they’ve ever had. And they took what he gave them and man they just beat people’s brains in with it.   So I just don’t think he thought it was going to go that far. And that’s part of being an ivory tower.

When you’re in politics how far it’s going to go. I mean we know what people are gonna do when they get their toe in the door. They’re going to push the door on and go in the house and take the house over.

And so Kennedy really did a good job of leaving on a very good note if I can say that. There were some very significant decisions that came down. There were a bunch of 5-4 decisions and a lot of them went our way which we did not really think was going to happen. So it was a very very good session with some minimal rulings  5-4 rulings. But man some of them broke our way.


Well, I got you off on the kind of general path there so you had some specific ones you wanted to refer to.

Arrested for Praying in Her Own Home!


We”€™ll go through specific ones here’s one that didn’t get a whole lot of news coverage but we had a case where that a woman had been arrested actually. Police broke in because she was praying inside her own house. She was told she could not pray inside her own house.

And so the Supreme Court actually picked that one up and reversed that and said Oh, no, no. You can pray inside your own house that’s OK.

So this is one that typically that’s the kind of one’s that they don’t pick up because you don’t have several circuits having ruled with this having different opinions. But they picked that up. And they dealt with it and said, “€œNo, you have religious liberty inside your house. End of story.”€ So it was a pretty short ruling but it was a fairly decisive ruling and that was a real good one.

Jack Phillips and Barnaul Stutzman Cases

Another case that was really good was we talked about Jack Phillips. And that Kennedy said not enough. This is not supposed to happen to this guy.

But what’s significant is you also had the Barnaul Stutzman case out of Washington. She was the 75 year old or something older florist that had homosexuals that came to her place all the time. But she would not do special stuff for them for their homosexual wedding. If they wanted to come buy stuff from her she was happy to sell and had sold. Then they came after her and she paid hefty fines and it was really a bad deal.

And so interestingly enough the Supreme Court took that case and did not just let it stand. They sent it back to the Washington court and said pay attention to what we just did in Jack Phillips. Because what we just did there applies to this.

So essentially that’s like sending it back and saying change your ruling. What we gave you in Jack Phillips is the kind of stuff that you need to address here. That one I expect to come back much better. What happened to Barnaul should get reversed. Hopefully, she’ll get all that money back that she was fined for doing that.

Pro-Life Victory Cases In Hawaii and California

Then the third one that I’ll throw out was a really good one that came out of California. Where in California they said, “€œOh by the way, if you’re a pro-life pregnancy center you have to promote abortions in your center. You have to make sure that any woman that comes in knows that abortion is an option and where to send them.”€

And the Supreme Court struck that one down as well and said, “€œNo, no, you cannot force pro-life people to deliver a pro death message.”€ And so that one.

There was a case that had come out of Baltimore that was like the California case. And so the court refused to do anything with that. Said  pay attention to what we just did in the California case.

There’s one in Hawaii that’s been underway. And the health and human services secretary Ben Carson said, “€œNo, that’s not right you shouldn’t be forcing pro-life clinics to have  pro death message.”€ So all of that tied into that Supreme Court decision. Those were three really, really really big decisions that didn’t get just a whole lot of play but they are huge decisions nonetheless.

Surprising Supreme Court Victories


And we could we could spend all day just on those three decisions. That’s fantastic news coming out of the Supreme Court. Something that we did not necessarily expect. Certainly not almost run of the table with most of these decisions that are being handed out.

Let’s take a quick break. We’ll be right back. Tim Barton is up next with some good news! Stay with us. You’re  listening to WallBuilders Live!

Muslim Terrorists Attacking American Ships Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American History. The year after the American War for Independence ended we begin addressing the issue of Muslim terrorists in North Africa, who were attacking American ships, killing, and enslaving American seamen.

Congress dispatched John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to negotiate peace. When they asked the Muslim ambassador the reason for the unprovoked attacks he told them that it was written in their Qur’an, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them whenever they could be found.

Sixteen years of negotiations failed and in 1801 America send its military to crush the terrorists. When that war ended in 1805 the first American edition of the Qur’an was published, urging Americans to read the Qur’an to see for themselves that it”€™s teachings were incompatible with the safety and peace of non-Muslims. To see the first American Qur’an and to get more information about America’s first war on Islamic terror, Google

High Point Leadership Camp


We”€™re back on WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today on this Good News Friday.

And Tim Barton is up next with good news he’s actually beaming in that good news all the way from Hot Springs, Arkansas. At a High Point Leadership Camp there. Tim, how’s it going man? Tell us about camp this week.


Guys,  it”€™s going great. We have another good group of high school students. You know it’s so fun to be able to pour into young people who want to grow. And want to be leaders. Who want to make a difference in their schools, in their churches, and in their communities.

Disrespecting Authority

And we’re diving in and we’re talking that we have sessions on leadership. We have sessions on authority. It’s a great session talking about how so much of culture in the young generation. They don’t respect authority. And we don’t understand it.

When you look at some of this police brutality and in the way kids are treating teachers. And you have schools where teachers are getting injured in the school district on a daily basis because of students. We don’t understand the authority anymore.

When we talk about things related to social media and relationships. I mean just so many things that are where these kids are.

And everything is from a Biblical perspective saying, “€œOK, what does the Bible say? How do we apply that in these scenarios? What’s practical? What are we dealing with?”€

And seeing kids who, I mean, we’re talking about basically we’re doing a mini semester is basically what we’re doing.

With how much we are giving these kids information. Then encouraging them to take notes in the sessions we do. And these kids are just eating it up!

Most people would not think high school students want to go for a week and sit in a classroom kind of setting and have lectures. And these kids are loving it.

Now granted we do a lot of fun stuff in the afternoon. A lot of games. And a lot of team building challenges. Where they get to practice and develop their leadership.

There are a lot of very positive components to it. But still it is just so fun to see these kids grow. And develop and become more than they are and love it in the process.

So certainly, it’s a fun thing to be a part of. But that’s why I”€™m not in studio with you guys. So if it sounds a little different it’s because I’m on a land line out in kind of the woods in Arkansas.

High Point Is A Great Investment

But I am I’m excited to be here. And it’s been great. So let me do my good news.


Hey Tim, by the way man, it’s well worth it  having you on a landline. To know the investment that’s been made. And I’m obviously biased on that because you had several of my kids with you last week. Just thank you for sowing  into them and tell the whole team at High Point.

The results are amazing. I had a niece there. Had two of my kids there.  Family, friends that were there. And every one of them just came home.

I mean I’m talking major major life changes and dramatic encounters with God and just awesome awesome results. So God bless you man y”€™all keep it up.


Hey, by the way, can I jump in here for a minute. What is a landline?


Yeah, yeah. They still have those in Arkansas.


I actually had one go out at the house. Cause some radio networks want you to be on a landline when you talk to them. I went to the store and could not find phones for landline. I mean it just doesn’t exist. It’s almost like an antique.

I finally found one at the back of the shelf. And it was so old and so beat up but it”€™s the only one they had in the store. So landlines are pretty much a thing of the past, I think.


We make fun of that. The technology thing. But I’ll be honest in my house because I have a metal roof, my cell phones don’t work very well in the house. So we still have a landline in our house too. They’re not just in Arkansas.

But yeah, crazy crazy. Hey Tim hold your good news. We’ve got to take a quick break. We’ll be right back. Tim Barton is up next bringing us some good news from High Point there. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Avalon Project


Hey, guys, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders. I know you hear my dad and Rick talk a lot about our Founding Fathers about the original intent of our nation, a constitutional heritage that we have. And really we’ve seen how far we slipped away from that. And I know a lot of us as we hear my dad and Rick talk think, “€œI wish there was a place that I could go where I could see these documents and I could read and learn about the Founding Fathers firsthand.  See the things they did.”€

I want to give you some websites today that can help you accomplish that very thing. If you get online you can go to places like Library of Congress and you can look under their century of lawmaking or historical documents. You can go to the Avalon Project, to the Founders Constitution, Google Books, or even the internet archives.  

Or you can just go to We have a section for our WallBuilders Library. And under that section we have different subgroups for historical documents, historical writings, even a place where you can get helpful links to find out more information about other websites.  Where you can do research for yourself and find the truth for yourself. Friends, this is the time that we need to know who we are and where we came from. is a great place to go.


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live on this Good News Friday! Tim Barton is up next with good news.

Tim, if you would start your good news with the web site for High Point. Because even though obviously it’s too late to get there for this week. I would encourage parents and young people to make plans right now for next summer.

They need to get on the website and start finding out now. And be prepared for a great summer. Would you give that website out?

High Point Empowering Young Leaders


Absolutely yes. It”€™s Rick, you’re right.  I mean, it’s too late this summer. But this is something that every parent who wants their kid to be able to stand up for biblical truth. And know what biblical truth is and be a leader where they are.  

The challenge of High Point is not that we are trying to change kids minds. Really we’re trying to encourage them with things that most of them their parents have already been saying this. But they just maybe have not had that many voices around them encouraging and challenging.  

The parents know sometimes you just need somebody else’s voice to say what you’ve been saying for years. Your kid comes back and says you’re never going to believe what I learned. And the parents are like I’ve been telling you that since you were three.


I know that one  firsthand. No doubt. Every time they come home from High Point there’s not one thing. It’s 10 or 12 things. They”€™re going through their notes going dad, dad, did you know? That”€™s  exactly my response.

I’ve gotten to where I don’t respond.I just stay quiet instead of saying how I feel.


And you”€™re  like wow that’s great. Yeah. Only I would have told you that a dozen times already. Yeah.

So really the idea is we want a partner to help disciple kids who are. I mean, families and kids who want them to grow and know more. And so definitely worth doing. It’s worth the investment up here in Arkansas.

Terror Plot Thwarted – Pledged Support of Al-Qaeda

It”€™s Just phenomenal definitely would encourage people to go.

Now, I was actually up at High Point for the Fourth of July. So that happened very recently. One of the articles that I saw related to the Fourth of July.

Here’s the headline.  It says July 4 terror plot thwarted in Cleveland. Suspect pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda, FBI says.

I”€™m going through the article. There was a guy who on social media has been posting things very supportive of Islamic terrorism. Very supportive of Al- Qaeda. And saying that we need more radicalized Muslims in America standing up and fighting back.

And talking about levels of violence where they should be cutting off heads and hands. They should be bombing against the military. Now not all of this was on social media.

But he posted enough things on social media. The FBI kind of took note and so apparently they had some people that were undercover spies. Because they became friends with him and so they started conversations.

They’ve been tracking this guy for months. Apparently, he was saying that he was going to find ways. And they were going to have trucks filled with bombs and they were going to do things.

So not to glorify what this guy was doing. But the amazing thing is contrary to when you look at it. For example, the mass shooting that happened in Florida. Right this Stoneman Douglas shooter. And he had posted things on social media and he had done things to get him in trouble. You see the lack of action and involvement from different law enforcement agencies or officials or the sheriff’s office down there.

This was a situation where his plan was to go to a Fourth of July festival this festivity. And he was going to plant a massive explosion in it. The idea was kind of like the explosion in Oklahoma back in the 90″€™s. Where it was just going to devastate an entire block and eliminate entire facilities was his idea.

FBI Raid

So before he was able to carry that out, the FBI conducted this raid. And they go and they bust them and they get this evidence.

So the really good news is that we have law enforcement agencies doing, in theory, their job in keeping Americans safe. But what could have been a travesty. What could have been another one of these moments where we’re calling on people to pray and ask for  God to help and comfort and do things in these terrible situations.

Now we’re looking back on all this as a thank you Jesus moment, right. This is where the Founding Fathers would have a day of prayer and thanksgiving. Let’s thank God for what he’s done. And so this is definitely one of those thank God moments.

But looking at the fact that on the Fourth of July when there was a major terror plot planned. With a guy pledging allegiance to Al- Qaeda, the FBI steps in and is able to stop that bombing from happening.


Very, very good news and no telling how many other times that type of thing happens. That we don’t get a report on it.

But it is always good to hear when they do stop it. And we take a quick break . We’ll be back with more good news. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!


Leadership Training Program


Hey, friends! We’ve got a great program to share with you today. It”€™s the WallBuilders Leadership Training Program and it’s an opportunity for 18 to 25 year olds to come spend two weeks diving into the original documents we’re always talking about here on WallBuilders Live.

Tim, you’ve already been doing this a couple of summers and seen the results of young people coming to this program. We’re going to see more of them coming this year.


Yeah, Rick, it”€™s something that”€™s been cool to see the transformation with young people coming in. The emphasis, for us, largely is a pursuit of truth. We have a culture that doesn’t know what truth is. We don’t know what biblical truth is, or constitutional truth, or the American heritage that we have. And so we really dive into original documents and say, “€œWell, what did they actually write? What did they actually do? Not just what did somebody say, what is actually true, and the truth is what’s transformational.


Yeah, guys. This really is a remarkable opportunity. And for those who want to spend time with us and spend time in the original documents, this is a great program. So, if you’re from 18 to 25, or you know someone who’s 18 to 25, send them to sign up for one of our three sessions this summer at


We”€™re back on WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us on Good News Friday. This week get a full segment here for some more good news and David Barton is up next.

Supreme Court Reversal From 41 Years Ago


I’m going to go back to the U.S. Supreme Court. Look at some more decisions that came down in the final little flurry there. Here’s one that I think is somewhat significant. Is the Supreme Court reversed itself from 41 years ago.

The position 41 years ago dealt with what are called public sector unions. Now these aren’t like automotive unions. These are the ones that are government kind of unions.

So when you look at government unions and if you work for a state government like in Illinois, they’re all represented or most represented by unions. So if you’re a state employee you’re in a public sector union. The same with many other governments elsewhere.

Public Sector Union

In fact, about half of union members right now are public sector union members. And you had a guy in Illinois who said I don’t want to be part of a union. I don’t agree with them. I don’t like what they do at all. And I don”€™t like where they’re headed.

But he’s required to have union dues taken out of his paycheck every week. And that goes back to a 1977 decision by the Supreme Court that ruled in favor of unions. And said, “€œNo, no, if you’re in that job you will pay the union. Even if you disagree with them and  don’t like them.”€

That was reversed by the Supreme Court. They said if you’re not part of it and don’t want to be part of it and don’t like what they do you should not be forced to pay. So what happened at that point was now you’ve had these studies going across Illinois and elsewhere.

And that public unions in Illinois. One of the public unions in Illinois two out of three members say we don’t want to pay union dues.

Unions Are Going To Plummet

So what you’re looking at is unions are going to be plummeting. The number of memberships, they’ve already been losing clout anyway. And so now they no longer have these mandatory dues that they can use to spend on very liberal progressive candidates.

I don’t recall the last time that a union came out in favor of anything conservative, anything traditional. So this is a huge seismic shift politically in the landscape to take that much money off the table.

Freedom For 2 out of 3 Members Who Don”€™t Want To Participate

But it’s the right thing. It’s freedom for all these guys. They get their choice whether they want to participate or not. It”€™s the right of association. So the court reversed itself which is a really big ruling.

Another one that came down is the Supreme Court upheld the Trump travel ban. Now you remember when that went out. He said we want to stream that in and it went to court after court, after court said, “€œYou can’t do that.”€

And they said,  “€œOh this is bias. It’s religious bias. This is a religious test. You’re telling Muslims they can’t come in.”€

Trump Travel Ban Upheld

And we talk to even back at the time when that happened. That a whole lot of those nations were not majority Muslim nations. Matter of fact, if they were there were a whole lot of nations who had a higher percentage of Muslims than nations he took.

So we talked about how ridiculous that was. But that was the claim and the charge and that’s where several courts went. But the U.S. Supreme Court reversed that and said, “€œNo that travel ban is constitutional.”€

And *** for the majority here’s what Justice Roberts said.He said that ban the executive order. He said, “€œis squarely within the scope of presidential authority.”€

He went on to say and talking about he said the proclamation is expressly premised on legitimate purposes. Preventing the entry of nationals who cannot be adequately vetted. And inducing other nations to improve their practices.

Religion Was Not Mentioned

The text says nothing about religion. He said that that was a sufficient national justification. And here’s what I love. At the end he said we expressed no view on the soundness of the policy.

Now that’s really restrained judiciary. We’re not looking at where the policies are good or bad policy. That’s not our role. We’re just simply telling you that what happened here is squarely within the president’s prerogative. To be able to do this.

He did not even mention religion in the text. This was not a religious test. So you really have a very, very constitutional narrow decision here. And I say narrow in the sense of they’re not using expansive powers. Or not tried to reach out and that opinions were there or not.

It’s just a really good decision. And the final thing that came out of the session deals with the attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Once he became Attorney General.

What happens in a lot of these cases is the government will have a viewpoint that it wants to express. So the Solicitor General for the United States will go into federal courts. And say,  “€œHey, this case out of Illinois, for example, this case on unions. The government wants to see you rule in favor of the unions because that’s United States as a centrist.”€

Jeff Sessions Reversed the Justice Department Positions

And so what will happen is the Justice Department, even though its not handling the case will send someone in to argue for the case or write briefs for the case or whatever.

Well, after Jeff Sessions came in this time he reversed the Justice Department position on four cases. And that’s really, really big stuff. It made all sorts of legal news and legal communities.

Oh, you can’t do that. Man, you’ve taken a position. You’ve offered legal arguments you can’t go into reverse.

Well, he did. And as it turns out the reverse position is what won in all four cases.

So had he stuck with where Obama justices have been arguing they would have lost those four cases. And Justice Department Ruben been out of step.

But as it was Jeff Sessions comes in and said, “€œNo that’s the wrong position to argue.”€ And the position he changed to is the position the Supreme Court said was the constitutionally correct position.

No Longer Forced to Pay

So that’s just another good piece of news. And by the way, one of those cases was that actual case out of Illinois. Dealing with the government unions where that under Obama they said no, that the guy should be forced to pay. You have the decision from 1977. Keep it.

And Sessions came in and  said no he should not be forced to pay. That’s his money. You can’t coerce him to pay for having a job. That’s where the justices came down. So that’s another piece of good news. A whole lot of good news out of the Supreme Court this session.

Helping to Restore Our National Republic


Now fantastic good news. There”€™s more on our website Or you can click on the archive section and get more of those Friday programs. With good news over the last few weeks.

And you can also help us spread the good news and actually bring this good news to you through WallBuilders Live! We”€™re a  listener supported program. You can go to to support the program today.

A contribution one time or a monthly contribution helps us to continue not only the radio program but the leadership training, the legislator training, all the different things that we’re involved in. To help spread the word and help restore our Constitutional Republic.

Arrested for Praying, Union Dues Reversal, Terror Attack Prevented – Good News Friday!!

Thanks for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!