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New Light Shone on COVID Mandates – with Mat Staver

Mat Staver is on with us, again. This time he is on to talk to us about a review on COVID mandates as Neil Gorsuch address a case related to Title 42, halting immigration during COVID. He brings to light the overreach by state and local governments with mandated masking, closing of churches, lock-downs and more. He lays it all out and presents the truth. What can we learn from this going forward?

University Professors Refusing to Teach Founding History – with Virginia Foxx

In this world of indoctrination, professors of higher education are refusing to teach the truth of America’s founding. Instead, critical race theory, socialism and woke ideologies are infiltrating education. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, leader of the Education Committee in Congress, is our guest today to fill us in on the abysmal state of colleges and universities. Think hard before sending your young person to university, and weigh your options. What options are there, and what can be done. Tune in today for the answers!

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Leading the Fight in the Pro-Life Movement – with John Stemberger

Today we have John Stemberger on with us again, this time to discuss some victories in the pro life movement and his new book, Legacy of Life. This book tells us the story of some of the most notable pro life leaders in a beautiful, well-presented format. He reminds us that life is worth fighting for and we have some amazing leaders with amazing victories to learn from.

Good News from the Supreme Court on Good News Friday

Today, we work through David and Tim’s stack of Good News. From the US supreme court, we have a couple good decisions regarding government boundaries, on civil asset forfeiture and on private property on wetlands. The supreme court acknowledges that some of the issues regarding Title 42 and illegal immigration were government overreach in the name of COVID. Federal court upholds a Mississippi school’s rule that graduating seniors must dress according to biological gender. After the announcer for a softball game in Houston said there would be no national anthem sung, the fans stood and sung it themselves. Target’s stock continues to drop as they promote transgenderism for children. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Freedom, Debt and War – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we look at some listener questions. How can we make sure that the freedoms of private Christian schools are not restricted? Do Satanic groups have a constitutional right to hold the events they do? The Biden administration is citing the 14th amendment as the reason they can raise debt; was this the intent of the 14th amendment? Could a World War III be on the horizon? What would it mean, and what advice would the founding fathers have?

The Biden Administration is Weaponizing the Government – with Congressman Mike Johnson

Congressman Mike Johnson is on with us today to give us an update on some recent hearings. The Biden Administration is weaponizing government agencies. The FACE Act was put in place to protect free speech for pro life individuals, but the Biden administration has been turning it against them, by prosecuting the peaceful protesters and letting off the violent offenders on the other side. This is just one example. Congressman Johnson fills us in on a number of others, as well. As this is getting out of hand, what can be done?

Florida is Leading the way for Conservative Values – with John Stemberger

Today we have John Stemberger on to talk about all the constitutional conservative victories that have been won in Florida recently, including victories for life, transgenderism and even border security. With the proper leadership, our country can be set in the right direction. We'll also take some time to look at Ron DeSantis and what the future may hold.

Expanding the Minds of the Next Generation with Poetry – with Mark Bauerlein

Today we have on Professor Mark Bauerlein from Emory University to discuss the state of learning for the next generation. He offers poetry as a solution to the the abysmal state of our kids’ mental development at this point in our history. In the past, kids minds were enriched with catechisms and scripture memorization. There is a movement growing in Arkansas and Georgia to bring this back.Mark Bauerlein tells us all about it.

Foundations Of Freedom Part Five- The Bible And Civil Justice

All this week we will be sharing a special presentation from Foundations of Freedom! We”€™ll be having special guests coming on each day so stay tuned throughout the week! Today, we will be discussing what court trails are like when they are done Biblically

Foundations Of Freedom Part Four- The Bible And Civil Justice

Foundations Of Freedom Part Four- The Bible And Civil Justice: Foundations of Freedom is our latest television program. We are so excited to get to share it with you here on WallBuilders Live! In this series, we will be discussing The Founders Bible, what kind of influence the Bible had on America, and we also discuss the foundations of law! Tune in now for the fourth part of this five-part series!

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