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Pastor Elected Mayor Faces Huge Back To Back Tragedies

Pastor Elected Mayor Faces Huge Back To Back Tragedies: We’ve wanted pastors to get involved in the culture as they were around the time of the American Founding Era and today we’ve got Rob McCoy on with us! Not only his Rob a pastor, but he is also mayor of Thousand Oaks, California and was on the scene during two of the most tragic events in that city’s history. Tune in now to get his story!

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Mike Lindell’s Story On How God Completely Transformed His Life

Mike Lindell's Story On How God Completely Transformed His Life: Today is a little bit of a different program for us. We have an incredible testimony in store for you! Our desire is to help faith be a part of everyday life whether it’s politics, education, business, or something else. See God’s power and restoration at work in this story of 10 years being sober from one of - if not the- most addictive substances out there! Tune in now to hear more!

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Three Reasons Free Speech Is Endangered

Three Reasons Free Speech Is Endangered: We talk about free speech a lot on this program as it pertains to cases dealing with Christian bakers, photographers, etc, but there’s another side of free speech that we don’t think of as often. What about the attacks on free speech that occur on online outlets? Do companies have the right to choose who to censor? Tune in now!

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Ark Of The Covenant Site Found

Ark of the Covenant Site Found: We’re getting a preview of the WallBuilders Israel Tour today! Did you know there are around 37,000 archeological sites in Israel?! Archeologists think they may have discovered a location where the Ark of the Covenant rested in Bible times! We have Omer Eshel with us to talk about some recent finds in the Middle East!

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Border Update and the Ten Commandments in Schools

Border Update and the Ten Commandments in Schools: Join us today as we talk about immigration and the Ten Commandments in schools. What is going on at our southern border? How is Texas leading in the immigration issue? Is there a different view than that which is being reported by the news? What about the new Ten Commandments bill? Representative Dan Flynn, who is also a Brigadier general in the Texas State Guard, is on to discuss these issues with us!

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History – How the Left Continues to Rewrite America’s Past

History - How the Left Continues to Rewrite America’s Past: Mark David Hall from George Fox University is back with us to discuss a new book that’s out from the authors of The Godless Constitution. How are these gentleman getting away with tearing our country’s founding apart without any documentation? What can we do about this revisionist history? Tune in now to find out!

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