Bad Policies Fail to Succeed – on Good News Friday! Today, on this Good News Friday, we’ll look at some news stories the major media doesn’t report. Soros-backed DA candidates were voted out in Virginia elections. Representative Rashida Tlaib is censured by the house for defending Hamas. Overall support for Israel is moving up. Plano ISD in Texas removes sexually explicit books after parents show up to a school board meeting and pressure them to remove the titles. World Series winner, the Texas Rangers, continue to stay away from wokeism. Members of the team give God the glory. All of this and more, today on Good News Friday!

Air Date: 11/17/2023

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


Rick Green: 0:03
Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks so much for joining us today on this good news Friday. You can learn more about WallBuilders at our two websites, and I’m Rick Green, America’s Constitution Coach In a former Texas legislator. I have the privilege of serving here with David and Tim Barton. The Bartons have the largest private collection of founding fathers documents in the world Right there in Aledo, Texas. Just really, really cool stuff. And of course, they’ve been doing WallBuilders now for well, should I say how long? Three decades nearly since David Barton and Cheryl Barton started this, and it’s had a huge impact in a positive way on our nation Bringing truth back, actually studying history, actually falling in love with history. I know I hated history growing up, but now I love it because of David Barton’s old cassette tapes, yeah, I’m that old. Anyway, so David and Tim, honored to be here with them. David’s, America’s premier historian and our founder at WallBuilders. Tim Barton, national speaker and president of WallBuilders and just a Joshua Caleb style approach to what’s going on in the world. So the reason we do these good news Fridays, give you a little pick-up, give you a little positive news of what’s been happening out there and don’t let all the negative stuff get you down. Alright guys looking for some good news. This week I’ve been watching the news and haven’t seen a lot of good news, so I’m hoping that you guys have dug a lot deeper and found some good news to share with our audience today. David, where do you want to start?

David Barton: 1:28
It is a really good thing you tuned into the WallBuilders show on Friday, because we have exactly what you’ve been looking for all week, brother. So we’ve got some good news.

Rick Green: 1:34
I’m glad I could make it

David Barton: 1:36
Now it is. Sometimes it appears to be selective because there were elections a few weeks ago in places like Virginia and Kentucky and other places like that, and so overall, it was not a good night for conservatives in Virginia. There were some things that weren’t great.

Tim Barton: 1:52
Now you’re saying selective information. I’m just curious Did Ronna McDaniel know there were elections? I don’t know, just curious.

David Barton: 2:03
Oh! Okay, by the way for those that don’t know, Ronna McDaniel is the head of the Republican National Committee. So the Republican Party at national level, who was a no show and failed to even show up at the plate for bats, and most of these states is just they did absolutely nothing and what could have been some real close races in Virginia and Kentucky elsewhere. Tim, that’s a great question. I don’t know if anybody told her that there was an election coming. She may have missed that totally because she sure acted like that. So within a lot of really close losses in those states, there was some really good wins and both of them dealt with a defeat of Soros backed candidates were source that put money into them. Now, Loudoun County, Virginia, where so much started three, three and a half years ago, with all the stuff that went to school board, and Loudoun County all I think they either had eight or nine candidates up for election this time and they lost every single one of them. So, Loudoun County there was not a change in their school board. As woken, as crazy as that was for the last three years. The Loudoun County definitely got most of the nation moving in other places and so you saw school board changes going from Louisiana to Michigan, from Florida to Oregon, eastern Oregon, et cetera. There was good changes, but in Loudoun County there was a Soros prosecutor and Soros, George Soros is the I don’t know how do you describe George Soros. He’s kind of evil incarnate. You know he was, his family was involved in the Holocaust and as a young boy who is involved in the Holocaust, turning Jews in to the Nazis and there’s just some bad stuff going back and he lived through a lot of that. But he’s still a very wicked, evil person today if you judge by what we consider to be basic ethical, moral, biblical standards. He’s on the wrong side of most issues and he’s put so much money, so many billions he’s pledged up to $17 billion to basically overthrow the politics of America and he’s put so much of that into what we would call down ballot races and he did that for secretaries of state. He did that with attorney generals. He did that with other things that people weren’t watching. He got so many of these guys elected that started changing the direction of states and so he was doing that with prosecutors never going in, not prosecuting crime. They were everything you would want from a prosecutor, they did the opposite. They were releasing criminals and not prosecuting. So what’s happened is that’s blown up of them in so many places. It’s blown up in New York and in Chicago and San Francisco and Austin All these places where crime is soared and people are pushing back and St Louis, etc. And Loudoun County was one of those. And so in Loudoun County the win that stood out was they got rid of their Soros-backed DA. They got tired of the high crime, the increasing crime, the complete disdain of the cops. The Soros-backed DAs don’t like the cops and don’t want to prosecute what the cops bring them criminals. And the other one that was with that also happened up in Pennsylvania and in Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, which is Pittsburgh. So I guess Pittsburgh is the second largest city up there. Is it Philadelphia then Pittsburgh, probably?

Rick Green:
I think so, yeah.

Yeah, both of them are very blue cities. Pittsburgh is more your blue collar city. Philadelphia is more of the white-collar Democrats and more of the blue-collar Democrats in Pittsburgh. But Pittsburgh had a Democrat district attorney who had been there for a couple decades, 23 years and had been tough on. Crime had really been what you want from a prosecutor prosecuting criminals, backing the police, saying the police need more funding, not less. All the right things. And in the Democrat primary a Soros-backed candidate came in and beat this tough-on-crime Democrat, and so then Soros put about 700,000 into the primary there in Pittsburgh. And so that’s where Soros is pouring massive amounts of money into these local races and making a big difference. And so now what you have on the ballot in a Democrat city is a very liberal, progressive Democrat DA, and that’s the only choice you’ve got as a Democrat in that city is a Soros-backed DA. Well, the Republicans in Pittsburgh, to their credit, reached out and got the defeated Democrat DA and said hey, why don’t you run as a Republican? We’d love to have you as a Republican. And he did. He jumped over and ran as a Republican and beat the Soros-backed DA. So in a Democrat city the Republican candidate for DA, who was the former Democrat DA, beat the Soros-backed DA. And so the good news is that Pennsylvania and Loudoun County have some good tough-on-crime kind of DAs there to replace the soft-on-crime DAs that they had from Soros. So those are two good stories that came out of Election Night that are good victories, especially for the people who live in those jurisdictions who have to face the crime and lack of prosecution that goes with those kind of DAs.

Rick Green: 6:50
Yeah, and remember we also talked about some other DAs a few weeks back before that election the one that finally was removed in Nueces County, which is Corpus Christi, Texas, and a couple others. We had a guest a couple of weeks ago from Heritage talking about that, and so Lord Willing will get more and more good news there. David, you’ve talked about the verse a lot. In fact I think you talked about it in Constitution Alive out of Isaiah. That, you know, I’ll give you lawyers at the beginning, judges at the first, and then you’ll be the righteous of city. We know the justice system has to be restored to biblical justice, not social justice, otherwise the Republic won’t survive, and so this is very, very important for us to see these areas, see good news in these areas. So thankful for those two, for sure. Tim, alright man. What about you? What’s your good news today? First good news, today?

Tim Barton: 7:35
This one is going to Congress and specifically an issue of moral clarity where there should not have been confusion. And yet, when you have a battling worldview of basic humanity, good and evil, the Bible versus whatever kind of Koran, sharia, whatever else there might be, this article headlines as House censures, Rep Rashida Tlaib over defense of Hamas and calls to destroy Israel. This is something that many of us sat back and just thought that obviously we understand, in America there’s a First Amendment where you have the freedom to say things, but the freedom to say things does not remove responsibility from you to maybe say honest or truthful things or maybe to have a moral compass or code of some kind. But when Hamas did their terror attacks, there are several individuals that are known on the squad, whether it’s Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib or Ocasio-Cortez, several individuals that are kind of known for their pro Hamas, pro Palestinian, pro Muslim and really more specifically, maybe anti-American, anti-Israel views. And there was a move in the house. There was a rep from Georgia’s name was Rich McCormick, who is the one that led the motion to censure Rashida Tlaib for defending Hamas’s October 7th terror attack against Israel, citing it as resistance, and she called for the destruction of the Jewish state. The vote went through. The resolution passed 234 to 188, which means that there are actually many Democrats that voted in favor of this as well. 22 Democrats voted with 212 Republicans to censure Tlaib and 4 Republicans voted with 184 Democrats against the resolution. So this article is actually several pages. So it goes into a lot of what she said and what members of Congress are thinking or how they responded to what’s going on, because, as we might imagine, a lot of Democrat reps came to her defense and said what just happened it’s just political and it’s immoral and unethical. And all these words they will flippantly throw around without actually understanding their meaning or applying them in a correct way. But one of the things Rashida Tlaib… several things she tweeted one of them she identified in great irony in my mind, she said from the river to the sea is an aspirational call for freedom. And for those that don’t know, part of the Palestinian call is saying from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea… and Israel’s between those. Israel is the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, but part of this Palestinian call is from the river to the sea, Palestine should be free and what she said is that it’s a call for freedom, for human rights, for peaceful coexistence. Now there can’t be coexistence if you’re saying Israel shouldn’t exist, but that’s what she says. She said it’s not death or destruction or hate. My work and advocacy is always centered in justice and dignity for all people, no matter faith or ethnicity, which, of course, is not the position she’s holding. But that was a response after she was censured and her trying to defend herself. As people pointed out, she actually had a post on formerly what was Twitter, where she was identifying how evil Israel was with what they’re doing to Gaza and how they bombed a hospital, even though they didn’t, and even the Biden administration came out and said the intelligence we have indicates it was not Israel, it was actually a Hamas firing a rocket and it landed in their own zone, and then come to find out more that it actually didn’t even blow up the hospital, landed in the parking lot, and yet she did not change her narrative. So, all that to say, she said a lot of things that were untrue, that were immoral, that certainly were not in the realm of nonviolence and coexistence, as she was advocating, but the good news is there was enough moral clarity for members of Congress to say this is bad and shouldn’t be done. And she actually now is a part of history because she’s only the 26th member of Congress to ever be censured in the history of our nation and Congress, so that puts her in a pretty elite category to be censured. But it is good news that somebody in Congress had the moral clarity to recognize that what Hamas was doing is not morally equivalent to Israel saying that terrorists are bad guys and shouldn’t get away with doing bad things. So good news that she is held accountable to some extent I mean a censure is not removing her from Congress. She doesn’t have a inability to perform her duties in Congress, she’s still there, but it’s a recognition that this position was incredibly wrong, which is good news.

Rick Green: 12:27
Alright, more good news when we come back. Stay with us, folks. You’re listening to WallBuilders.

Tim Barton: 12:42
This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The Reverend James Caldwell was a famous minister during the American War for Independence. His sermons taught liberty and God’s opposition to tyranny. The British hated him and tried to kill him, so for his own protection, he would actually take loaded pistols with him into the pulpit and lay them beside his Bible as he preached. In the 1780 Battle of Springfield, the Americans ran out of wadding for their guns, which was like having no ammunition. Pastor Caldwell ran inside a nearby church and returned with an arm load of Watts Hymnals, the pages of which would provide the much needed wadding. He took this great Bible-based Hymnal, raised it in the air and shouted to the troops now put Watts into them, boys. This pastor’s ingenuity saved the day for the Americans. For more information on Pastor James Caldwell and other colonial patriots, go to

Rick Green: 13:38
We’re back with David and Tim now to get some more good news on our Good News Friday. I’m curious, guys, are you surprised by? On one hand, we know the anti-Israel sentiment that’s been taught on the universities for so long and we see that in the marches and the pro-Palestinian stuff and pro-Hamas stuff that’s going on, and you would think there would be more of that actually in Congress, based on what’s been going on in the streets of America and the colleges of America for so long. And yet you know we’ve got the Democrats are really there at war with each other over this, because a lot of them do are supporting Israel. You know the Biden administration, for the most part, at least publicly, is. We had this massive rally a few days ago with what 200,000 or more or might have been way more than that for Israel, and a lot of speakers at that rally from Congress including, you know, democrats that went over and spoke. So I was just curious if you guys felt like the level of support at least public support is, you know, from Washington DC is better than what you would have thought.

Tim Barton: 14:36
Yeah, I think it’s actually pretty close to what I would expect from my side. Now, Dad, you might have a different perspective, but it doesn’t surprise me that there are Democrat members of Congress that are pro-Israel on some level Doesn’t mean they agree with their policy and even have the same position that we might have from a Christian, biblical, conservative point of view. But it’s also worth noting that there’s been reports coming out that there are hundreds of people that are part of the Biden White House administration that are talking about leaving working for Biden over his position of standing with Israel. I think it’s incredibly short-sighted for those people that are saying Biden should turn his back on Israel and it should tell Israel cease fire. And if you continue this quote unquote war that you started, then America’s not going to fund you. All these things that people on the left are suggesting needs to be the course of action. It really is short-sighted. If America and Israel cease to be allies, America will have no friends in any of that region and then that region can continue to be the breeding ground for terrorism. It’s been for so long with some of those Muslim nations around that general area and region, and America will not have an easy access point if we ever have to respond to some of the evil and terrorist that go on. It’s also worth going even further to point out that when you look at Gaza specifically, or the Palestinians, as people might argue, there’s approximately 40 Muslim nations in the general region Middle East, africa-ish area and none of them are taking Palestinian refugees. Why? Because if you go back to the 1970s, every single nation that took Palestinian refugees dealt with some level of a civil war that was largely instigated by the Palestinian refugees they had taken back in the 1970s and those nations virtually said from that point forward, we’re not going to help with the Palestinians because they’re not just seeking freedom, they want to do their own thing. Those nations, those Muslim nations, they’re not sending them aid or help. All that again just giving context that it’s not surprising to me that some Democrats are intellectually competent enough to recognize the reality of the situation. But I’m also not surprised that there are some very vocal Democrats that are very anti-Israel, and so to me this is kind of the split I generally would have expected, although I am a little surprised how well the Biden administration is done standing by Israel to this point.

David Barton: 17:03
I’ll point out one more observation that I would make here, and it goes to a passing comment you made, Rick, but I think you’ll also find a very clear divide generationally. Notice that it’s the squad, it’s the younger guys who are very anti-Israel, and it’s the older Democrats who are still pro-Israel, and the speakers at the rallies tend to be along that generational divide, which says a whole lot about what schools have been teaching. We mentioned a couple weeks ago that there are 1,100 campuses a year, college campuses a year that hold anti-Israel events every year. This has been going on for a good while, and so you’re seeing it now show up, and to that, even though we’re going to break, Rick, I’m going to throw one more story in, because this is what we’re talking about. This is a story out of New York City, and so in New York City, a Jewish owner of a coffee shop in New York City, his entire staff walked off the job. All those baristas walked off when he put up an Israeli flag and put out a jar raising money for the Israeli Red Cross. When he did that, everyone and they were all young, they were all like 25 and under and he said our staff was young, they think they know everything. They’re liberal, they’re college educated. I tried to reason with the staffers and discuss their issues like grown adults, but instead they all bolted. And so here’s a 25 year old who has a coffee shop in New York City and nobody working there for him. Well, word got out, moved out on social media and suddenly all these community folks started coming in saying how I’ll make coffee, tell me what to do. And so before long he had 70 folks lined up on the sidewalk outside the shop, going around the block almost, and all these neighborhood community people in working doing all they could to help Jewish rabbis, jewish doctors starting coming to the shop. They’re encouraging people coming door by gift card, by menu items, spend some money here. So it was really good to see, even in a city like New York City, a very liberal, progressive city, that the people still recognize Israel. And again it was the young people that bolted and said hey, Israel, they’re in a genocide and their colonialism. And you know he said they didn’t even know how to define those words. They were throwing those words at me and didn’t even know what they meant. But this goes back to education, which goes back. What you’re seeing here, I think is a generational difference of education, and what’s happening in modern American education is showing up in this anti-Israel movement.

Rick Green: 19:13
Alright, guys, quick break, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you folks. Stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders.

Tim Barton: 19:26
Hey, this is Tim Barton, with WallBuilders, and, as you’ve had the opportunity to listen to WallBuilders Live, you’ve probably heard the wealth of information about our nation, about our spiritual heritage, about the religious liberties, about all the things that makes America exceptional. And you might be thinking, as incredible as this information is, I wish there was a way that I could get one of the WallBuilders guys to come to my area and share with my group whether it be a church, whether it be a Christian school or public school or some political event or activity. If you’re interested in having a WallBuilders speaker come to your area, you can get on our website at and there’s a tab for scheduling and if you’ll click on that tab, you’ll notice there’s a list of information from speakers bios to events that are already going on, and there’s a section where you can request an event to bring this information about who we are, where we came from, our religious liberties and freedoms. Go to the WallBuilder s website and bring a speaker to your area.

Rick Green: 20:27
Welcome back to WallBuilders. It’s Good News Friday, and I think let’s see David snuck another one in right before the break, Tim, so I think we’re tossing over to you.

Tim Barton: 20:36
Well, I’ll take it. I don’t know that officially that was the count, but I’m going to take it because there definitely are some of what I get to. So this one is from Plano ISD, the Plano Independent School District, that’s from the Dallas-ish area. For those that don’t live in Texas, if you live in Texas and if you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, there might be people being skeptical, being like wait a second. Plano is not really Dallas. I get it, but we’re helping people that are not from the area know. Generally it’s in the Dallas-Forth area and the headline says parents successfully pressure Plano ISD to remove sexually explicit books. This is one of those incredible stories where we saw parents show up to a school board meeting, where parents got involved, where parents found out what was going on. The article says in an email Wednesday the district finally responded to parents, requested 67 titles containing graphic sex and other inappropriate content be reconsidered for removal. Now also, let’s point out that parents found 67 books containing graphic sex and other inappropriate content, and this is something we’ve talked about on this program before. A lot of times people look and they think man, these inner cities, it’s crazy what’s in their libraries. This is not just an inner city problem. This is a public library problem and also worth pointing out, this is not just a public school problem anymore. This is even a public library in the town and the community that so many of these librarian kind of association affiliations, the ideology that they are buying into, is promoting so much of the sexualization of the rising generation and this is content that is all over library shelves and public libraries and in public school libraries. But the good news is there was a grassroots organization, Citizens Defending Freedom, and they held Plano Families Raising Awareness.

Rick Green: 22:28
Yeah, and that’s our friends over there, that’s Steve Maxwell and these guys that we’ve been working with with Liberty Pastors, and they’re good folks out of Florida that have really been investing in Texas and helping to train a lot of grassroots and they’re all doing Biblical Citizenship, by the way, all those citizens defending freedom folks.

Tim Barton: 22:44
It is awesome. So what they identified is of these, there were 64 of the 67 exclusive titles in question that were identified for removal and identified by citizens defending freedom, helping them come in and see what was there. The article goes through… The article is a couple pages and it identifies some moms, school board members. They are having the conversation, but the short of it is Plano says that they will now work or, excuse me, they will continue to work with the remainder of our collections to identify any other titles, for its availability should be adjusted as a result of the updates to our procedure. So the bottom line is they ended up changing their procedure, saying that we recognize some of these are not appropriate for certain ages. Now we would say they’re not appropriate for any kids in school. It’s not the point and purpose of school and certainly from us looking back at the historical idea of why did schools begin in the first place, you can go back to the pilgrims, the very first education law passed early America passed up in Connecticut, in 1647 known as the Old Deluder Satan Act, or the Old Deluder Satan Law, where the law identified that the primary purpose of the devil was to keep men from knowledge of scriptures, as in former times when people couldn’t read and the Bible was in unknown languages, but now we can read the Bible. So we need to make sure that we can read so that our kids know the Bible. Like that was the whole point of education was helping kids be able to read, for them to know the Bible, certainly not to sexualize a rising generation and have them reject truth, reject morality and basic biblical standards and decency. So this is a big win from a really large school district in Texas Plano ISD.

David Barton: 24:23
Alright, David we get time for one more quick one, brother, go ahead. I got to get this one in. I’ve been holding it for a couple of weeks because there’s so many other stories. I got to get this in. It happened a couple of weeks ago. It’s a World Series. So the World Series, Texas Rangers won first ever World Series and I’ve got to admit that within, with probably too much to go into the season, I wouldn’t listen to Rangers games at all, wouldn’t pay any attention to them at all. And then I saw a post that Texas Rangers are the only professional baseball team who has never had a pride night and I thought now, wait a minute. I can support that. I can support the team not being woke. And as I got into the team and watched them the last couple of months, they were a blast to watch, but I was really struck by how many faith people there were on the team and so they ended up winning the World Series in five games and did it really convincingly. And so just going through here Tony Beasley, who’s one of the Ranger coaches, he said anyone who interviews me, it gives me an opportunity to speak. God’s going to receive the glory. Evan Carter, who was the guy called up from AA and was such a powerhouse in the whole playoffs he wore a Jesus Won T-shirt and rookie Josh Young’s, another one who wore a Jesus Won T-shirt. He said I’m a competitor for Christ. And so these guys in interviews throughout the year and even leading up the playoffs and in the playoffs, you would find them in media wearing T-shirts that said Jesus Won, openly acknowledging their faith in Christ, not running from that and that boldness of faith that’s really refreshing to see at that level from those guys who get that much money and could do all sorts of stuff. To acknowledge Christ is a really good deal and it’s an example for every one of us. Every one of us need to acknowledge Christ. Proverbs 3:5-6, God says in all your ways, acknowledge me and I’ll direct your paths. So it’s just a good word for all of us at the grocery store, at the gas station, at school, at work, wherever, remember to acknowledge God. And I appreciate the Rangers for doing that. It’s really fun to be able to get back behind a professional team that has some really good values.

Rick Green: 26:15
Brother, it was good enough that I ended my three and a half year boycott of MLB over all their Marxist stuff back in with BLM. So, yes, everything you said ditto’s from my side over here. Alright, folks. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders. More good news for you next week.