Air Date: 07/11/2011

Summary: The level of civilization of any nation is determined by the way it treats Israel. The UN wants to put Israel back to to pre-1967 boarders in September of this year. Doing so would reduce Israel to a width of 7 miles and it would leave her people no high ground to defend themselves. If this isn’t bad enough, is it true that we are now becoming the military might for the Arab League?

Guests: Congressman Bob McEwen

  • Restoring Courage
  • Bob McEwen’s website
  • News Article –
    After Obama speech,
    Israel rejects return to 1967 borders
  • News Article –
    Obama Wants Israel To Roll
    back Borders To 1967 Boundaries
  • News Article –
    In meeting with Obama, Netanyahu rules out
    Israeli withdrawal to 1967 boundaries
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