Black American Small Business Ownership Soars Since Trump’s In Office: We don”€™t often hear good news from the media but here on WallBuilders Live, we are about to share with you just some of the good things happening right now. In this episode, we talk about how Pro-life wins again! How that In God We Trust stays on our currency! Small business ownership among Black Americans jumps 400% since Trump has been in office! And more!

Air Date: 09/14/2018

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

Thanks for joining us on this Friday. We call Friday’s “€œGood News Friday”€ around here at WallBuilders. Because it’s a chance to catch up on some of the good news in the culture, where we’ve applied that Biblical, Constitutional, and historical perspective to bring about positive change in the culture around us.

We’re here with David Barton America’s premier historian. Tim Barton is with us, national speaker and pastor. And my name’s Rick Green. Thanks for joining us.

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David, Tim looking forward to some good news today. I think we’re starting with David Barton, go for it bro!

Pro-Life Legislation in Missouri Required 72 Hour Waiting Period Before an Abortion


We’re going to start with Missouri. And in Missouri we’re going to go back months, even a year or two ago, to when Missouri passed a pro-life law that was- it was a 72 hour waiting period. And in that 72 hour waiting period it says when a woman first meets an abortionist, she has to wait 72 hours before she can go forward with an abortion. And that period of time it requires that the abortion doctor provide her with a booklet that she can read if she wants. And she also has to be given the opportunity to view an ultrasound of the child that”€™s about to be aborted. And to hear the fetal heartbeat that child.

So in the booklet, here’s what it says in the booklet, it says, “€œThe life of each human being begins at conception. Abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.”€ So that’s in the book, right.

A Satanic Temple Files a Suit Against the Pro-Life Law Claiming that it Teaches a Religious Doctrine

So not surprisingly a suit was filed against this law. But it doesn’t come from the usual culprits like Planned Parenthood and others. It actually comes from a religious group. A religious group objects to this because it says the state is teaching a religious doctrine by saying that life begins at conception.   

This religious group is fighting that. They go to court and the religious group is actually called The Satanic Temple. So it’s a Satanist that say “€œWe don’t like your religious doctrine.”€ And this suit is on behalf of Jane Doe. Jane Doe is a member of the Satanic Temple, so she”€™s–


And Jane Doe is just a pseudo name?


Anonymous. That”€™s right. Yeah, yeah.


They don’t want their name to be known which is interesting.


Yeah, doesn’t want the name to be known because she feels like she would be persecuted if people knew who she was. So and that’s– this is a little commentary on the side. Rick you know this, they often put Jane Doe, or John Doe, in cases to help kind of sway the judge that, man, the other side is so hostile and there’s so much persecution against this belief, you have to protect this belief. And that’s why we’re filing this anonymously. But that’s why we’re going to court, because you need to help this persecuted individual.

So that’s also kind of a psychological ploy time. Sometimes it can be real. But other times it’s just kind of a psychological ploy inthe filing.

Either Believing that Life Should be Protected from Conception or is Not Are Both Religious Tenets

So the lawsuit asserts that her decision to abort is motivated and informed by her religious beliefs and the tenets of Satanic Temple. And she says that getting an abortion is her exercise of religion protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. So the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which protects religious exercise, she says her religion says abortion is a good deal.

So, and by the way, I want to point out that on the one side you’re saying life is protected from conception. That’s a religious tenet. On the other side you’re saying life is not to be protected from the beginning. And that’s a religious tenet.


And that the taking of life is somehow protected.


And the taking of life should be protected–


–innocent life–


–under the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act.




Now can I point out that those are two exactly opposite viewpoints on the same subject, and they’re both religious. So tell me how you can possibly have a separation of church and state on this issue? Whichever side you choose, you’re going to come down on somebody’s religious beliefs. So from a theoretical standpoint, from a philosophical practical standpoint, how do you decide this case without violating somebody’s separation of church and state understanding?

Every Law Legislates Morality in Some Way (Frank Turek”€™s Legislating Morality)


Well this is exactly what Frank Turek talks about in his book Legislating Morality. Every law you make is going to legislate morality in some way. And this is probably the clearest sample I’ve ever heard of.

“€œSeparation of Church and State”€ Seems to Only be Brought Up When a Biblical Viewpoint Is Involved


That’s right. And I will point out that you will never hear separation of church and state brought up on her religious views from Satanic Temple. The only time you hear separation of church and state brought up, is when it has a Biblical viewpoint to it. So people need to recognize that that phrase is specifically designed not against religious beliefs, it”€™s designed against Biblical Judeo-Christian beliefs.

You Cannot Separate Values From Government

So when you hear that phrase, understand that every– the opposite position of every position we hold is held by somebody on the other side as part of their religion. You can never have a separation of church and state in the way that they want it. You will always have someone’s values they are– now you should always have institutional separation of church and state. The government should never run the church or the church run the government. But you can’t separate the values out.

So finishing this good news up, she said it’s a matter of religious faith that life begins at conception, but she doesn’t believe that her religion says otherwise. And here’s what she said. She said she felt guilt and shame for declining to hear the heartbeat or view the ultrasound. In other words, by me not viewing the ultrasound, which is optional, by me not hearing the heartbeat, which was optional, I feel guilt and shame. The state is trying to coerce me into this religious belief that I should know that life begins at conception.

Good News! The 8th Circuit Threw Out the Case

Good news is the 8th Circuit said, “€œGoodbye”€. That this case has no merit. You’re out of here.

So the good news is this got thrown out. But the informative part of this is this goes to the point that there is always going to be someone’s religious belief as part of policy. Get used to that. Don’t back away from standing up for Biblical Judeo-Christian values.

Someone”€™s Religious Belief Will ALWAYS Be a Part of Policy- Don”€™t Back Away From Standing for Biblical Values


Hey David what was the– so you said it was the 8th Circuit that threw it out?


It was the 8th Circuit. And it was being defended by Josh Hawley who’s the Attorney General of Missouri. Great guy. I went and campaigned for him–


Might not be the attorney general for much longer.


I hope he’s not-


Could be U.S. senator.


I hope he’s the U.S. senator from Missouri. He is a great guy. Josh Hawley, standing up for this law, gets a win at the 8th Circuit. He is in a race now for U.S. Senate and what a great change that would be for the state of Missouri.

Again a great guy, great man of faith. Great man of character. Great man who understands the law, and a great victory at the 8th Circuit for Missouri. And actually for the United States.


Alright starting our good news today with a legal victory at the 8th Circuit. Stay with us! We’ll be right back with more good news on WallBuilders Live.


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8th Circuit Faced With Case To Remove “€œIn God We Trust”€ From Money


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! It’s Good News Friday today. Tim Barton has our next piece of good news, Tim.


Alright guys, the first one on my stack also comes from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. This is a case that actually the decision was out of St. Paul Minnesota. It was upheld a 3-0 decision, and it actually was dealing with “€œIn God we Trust”€ on our money. There was a group of atheists. The case title is New Doe Child #1 v. the Congress of the United States.

And there were 27 individuals filed on this who are atheists or children of atheists, and I guess there’s two atheist organizations that are tagged on this as well. And they declared that we definitely do not trust in God. They’ve been fighting to have “€œIn God we trust”€ removed off of the coins, off of the currency. And they’ve lost each step along the way, but they’ve been appealing it.

8th Circuit Unanimously Decides It”€™s Not Unconstitutional for Our Currency to Say “€œIn God We Trust”€

So it went to the 8th Circuit and unanimously the decision came down and said, No, it’s not unconstitutional for our currency, for coins to say “€œIn God We Trust”€.

In fact one of the things that the judge, circuit judge, Raymond Gruender– I’m sure I’m butchering his name, I apologize.

The Motto Does Not Constitute an Establishment of Religion

He explained the motto does not constitute an establishment of religion. And then he rejects the argument that atheists are being forced to uphold a message that goes against their beliefs by carrying money. Which I think is just hilarious.

So the reason they say they have grounds in this is because they’re forced to carry money that supports a message they don’t believe in. Which I would think, well, the easiest option is just start carrying your credit card and debit card around. Right? I actually don’t know a lot of people that still carry a lot of cash around.

We’ve actually kind of gone a different direction even culturally, as a society in how we pay for things. But nonetheless, it is good news that the 8th Circuit is still recognizing that our currency is not establishing a religion by having this motto on it of “€œIn God We Trust”€. Anyway good decision coming out of the 8th circuit.

Judges Are Humans Like Everyone Else, They Have Natural Human Tendencies


And by the way, can I make a little political comment on the 8th Circuit? To say that judges don’t have a political viewpoint is crazy. As Jefferson pointed out over 200 years ago, judges are humans like everybody else. They have the same motivation for party. The same motivation for everything else.


Which, by the way, I think we’re seeing with some of the protests of the Kavanaugh hearing, right? Where were you have Democrats going- “€œNo he’s not on our team. He’s not going to help us.”€ So they’re being really ridiculous.

No Matter How Constitutional They May Be, There”€™s a Human Aspect to It

It’s why people are being arrested, it seems like almost every day these hearings have gone on, somebody was arrested. Because people recognize that even though Judge Kavanaugh is upholding the Constitution, at this point that’s become very political. Where one party wants to uphold the Constitution, one party doesn’t. And certainly Judge Kavanaugh is going to have his natural human tendencies and emotions in his views in the midst of what he does, even if he is doing the best Constitutional job that he could possibly do. There’s no doubt there’s a human aspect to it.


And there is a human aspect. And there is on the 8th Circuit as well. So if you look at the 8th Circuit, there are 11 judges on the 8th Circuit. The good news I had, the good news you had, both out of the 8th Circuit. So out of the 11 judges, do you know what the political composition is of those judges, at least by the appointments, who made the appointments?


I have no idea.




Yeah even as you were reading the good news in the first segment, I was thinking about that. I was trying to remember 8th Circuit judges. So I couldn’t think of any, so I have no idea who made those appointments.

The 8th Circuit Is the Most Republican Appointed Court in America


Only one of the 11 has been appointed by a Democrat, and that was by Obama. So 10 of the 11 have been appointed by Republicans. Some date back to Reagan. But Reagan, and then Bush 41, and then Bush 43, and Trump. Trump has three on the court. So–


Wow. Well and even saying that they’ve been appointed by Republicans, some Republicans have appointed very liberal judges.


That’s right, that”€™s right.


So it’s not always a great indication necessarily, but you can at least see maybe they might have more of an inclination to appoint somebody that upholds the Constitution–


That”€™s right.


–or whatever their views might be.

Presidential Elections Have Consequences


So it’s, this– of all circuit courts in the United States, it turns out the 8th is the most Republican appointed court, by percentage, of any court in America. So that’s another thing where that presidential elections do have consequences. And part of that is what happens on the downstream side of the federal judicial appointments, and the type of cases you win.

And two of what we consider to be good news cases this morning, good news positions that the courts have taken, have come out of that 8th Circuit.


Alright, quick break guys. We’ll be back with more good news. Stay with us! You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Two Good News Cases From the 8th Circuit!


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Good News Friday today, we’ve already got one piece of good news from David, and one from Tim. Both from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. I got to know, did you guys plan that? Was that totally accidental? What happened there?


No. We actually, we come in, we have a big stack of good news in front of us. And we just go through and pick out a few articles, and it’s random.


That was on top of my stack.


Wow. Crazy. All right 8th Circuit, way to go. Thanks for the good news. OK what’s next David?

400% Jump In Small Business Ownership Among Blacks Since Trump Has Been in Office


I’m going to go to a business stat. This article I’m reading, “€œSmall business ownership among black Americans jumps 400% since Trump has been in office.”€ That is amazing. And when you look at historic lows with unemployment of blacks, historic highs of black ownership of businesses, it kind of makes sense that the approval rating for Trump has now moved from 9 percent to 39 percent among black Americans?


And let me just throw out a thought, it might be that the less government is involved, the more people are able to do and succeed. And It might seem to be the case. Which is interesting over the last couple of decades when you have even Republicans who are big government Republicans, we did not have the minimisation of government engaging in the business, or the individual startups, the enterprise kind of areas of America. And now that you have some of this deregulation, you’re seeing this is making a major impact in benefits for a lot of the black community, which is pretty amazing.

Government Deregulation Helps Business and the Black Community


Yeah it is very amazing. And it’s part of why I think we’re seeing a a demographic shift. A lot of the intense loyalty, either Republican or Democrat, is really reflected in some older generations. Older generations of blacks, younger generations of black are not nearly as partisan as an older generation. Same with whites. You look at America now and the largest single political demographic in America is independents, not Republicans or Democrats.

So this kind of stuff– and Tim you mentioned that government not being involved in this, kind of helps.

The last stat I saw on the Trump administration was for every new regulation they put in, they repealed 22. I don’t know if that’s still the current stat, that was most recent one I saw. All of that is really really good for prosperity and business growth, and unemployment dropping, and all the things we’re seeing.

Because Business is Going So Well, You Have to Watch for Inflation

That now- there’s a, if there’s a downside to that, is that business is going so well right now that you need to watch for inflation. Because things are becoming so prosperous,that that’s when people start charging higher and higher because they can. People have more money available. That’s where inflation really takes off.

So that’s always- inflation is always the kind of reaction to good prosperity and good growth. You have to deal with that. But this is good.

Trump Offered the McCain Family Air Force Two to Fly John”€™s Body

And by the way, just one other piece of good news, I’m going to throw it out as a head nod- when you look at the recent death of Senator McCain, and you look at the kind of spittin”€™ match that was going on. Where the McCain family didn’t invite Sarah Palin, and   certainly didn’t invite Donald Trump, because they’ve had a public open feud for a while, and you look at the people that were excluded- and I understand Trump did not like McCain and said some very harsh things about him- I still thought it was a class act that he offered Air Force Two to the McCain family to fly John’s body.

It’s not necessary. It was not obligatory. There’s nothing requires Air Force Two to be used for any political official in a funeral sense. But the fact that he offered that to fly Senator McCain’s body back, I thought was very significant.

Air Force Two Flies the Vice President and First Lady


Now is Air Force Two, is that is that where Mike Pence flies?


That’s Mike Pence”€™s airplane. But it’s also what the First Lady uses. So both of those planes are really under the jurisdiction Trump, because it carries the first lady or the vice president.


So would that possibly be in Mike Pence making that gesture?


It”€™s most likely both of them because the president still has control over Air Force One and Two. Air Force Two is his backup plane. Both of those would be under the president’s control. Apparently, according to this article, it’s Trump who offered the plane to the McCain family. I thought that was really a class act. And again, nobody talked about it in the media. And so he wasn’t doing it to get credit. I think he tweeted about that. It was just, it was a nice thing for him to do particularly since there had been such hostility between the two of them back in their political days.

Great Response by President Trump


Yeah well that’s the part that stands out to me, is not just hostility during their political days, but continued hostility. And yet he still made that overture. That’s the right way to respond.

Quick break! More good news when we come back. Stay with us here on WallBuilders Live.


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Chick-Fil-A, Great Example of What a Christian Business Should Look Like


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday here at WallBuilders Live! We got one segment left of good news, and I believe Tim’s up first.


Alright guys this is something that is dear to my heart because one of my favorite places to go, especially when I’m hungry, is Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A, we’ve talked about it before, they’re just doing something right with their customer service. And the fact that they are closed on Sundays, they actually are remembering the Sabbath and keeping it holy, at least according to the notion of one of those Ten Commandments.

They”€™re a very unique business model. And certainly they”€™re a faith based organization. They’ve been attacked because they are a faith based organization at times, or for at least holding faith based positions. But they really are kind of the business embodiment of what a Christian business ought to look like on so many levels.

Their Customer Service is Amazing

The way that their customer service does, and I don’t know what kind of training their customer service does. But I can guarantee you if McDonald’s, or Taco Bell, or Burger King, or you pick a franchise, if they followed this with their customer service they would be doing a whole lot better. Because sometimes although the chicken is delicious, the sweet tea is wonderful, waffle fries, absolutely every time–


You sound like you’re from somewhere south.


Well you know what, the people up north–


The chicken, and the sweet tea, and the waffle fries–


Yes. But everybody up north, if you’ve had Chick-Fil-A, you can appreciate, no, yes. This is one more of God’s gifts to us.


Do they even know a sweet tea is up north?


Well if not, find a Chick-Fil-A. Come visit the south just to go to Chick-Fil-A. You will not regret that decision. Anyway, as a faith-based–


I have a gallon of Chick-Fil-A sweet tea in my fridge right now. Just so you know. Actually it”€™s not a gallon because it’s down to like a fourth of a gallon because it goes really fast in this house. But that’s beside the point. Go ahead, sorry Tim.

Chick-Fil-A Helps People in Need


So yes. You know about the goodness that the Lord has blessed us with this Chick-Fil-A of which we speak. Well so as a faith-based organization, there’s a lot of times they do things motivated by faith. If there are storms in the area you oftentimes will see a Chick-Fil-A respond and they will send food out to people in need. When people are stranded actually we’ve seen them open up even on Sundays, when there were some devastating storms or things happen, to be able to help provide for people. Just really remarkable.

Well there was a video that came out, I guess just a week or two ago, and it’s already got over 100,000 views. It really kind of has gone viral, so to speak. And it’s actually of Chick-Fil-A staff members who have kind of put a pause on the store, in the middle of the store, to lead a prayer for one of their co-workers who has breast cancer and was going in for an operation.   

Manager Paused Store Activities to Pray For Co-Worker”€™s Breast Cancer Operation

When the operation was supposed to start, the manager came out and just kind of paused everything in the store and said hey we’re going to pray for this co-worker Miss Tish. And leads really the entire store, all the staff they all bow their heads, the people in the store you see them bowing their heads, and they pray for their co-worker. And actually, the post has been shared so much, actually Miss Tish, it says her full name- Patricia Waters Russell, if you want to pray for her in the midst of this story.

This Co-Worker”€™s Name is “€œPatricia Waters Russell, If You Want to Pray for Her in the Midst of This Story”€

But what’s so cool, is that not only do you have a company that is praying for their co-workers, especially obviously in the midst of battling cancer, this is a big deal, but then you have even the crowd coming in. And I would just venture to say, right, even if people are coming in and they’re not believers in Christianity, they’re not believers in Jesus, when you go into Chick-Fil-A and something like this happens, you kind of just in solidarity go “€œOh yeah. OK.”€ and you join in.

Staff and Guests Stopped to Pray For Patricia Waters Russell

It’s just so cool to see the Christian witness and example of a Chick-Fil-A. And the impact it’s having on the community. And now even on social media, this video is going viral. People are seeing what happened and the prayer that was prayed. And just a really kind of a cool deal and just one more reason why I think Chick-Fil-A is such an awesome place.

Good News Friday- Great 8th Circuit Decisions, Deregulation, and Chick-Fil-A Leading By Example!


Good News Friday on WallBuilders Live from the courts to Chick-Fil-A. I love it. I love it. Great program today guys. Thank you all for so much good news, being able to share that with our audience. Folks, there”€™s more good news on our website, just go to All of our Friday programs, or Good News Friday programs, and you can basically get a pick-me-up. I think it’s encouraging to find out all these good things that are happening out there in the culture. Because if you only listen to the bad news out there, you’ll think that we cannot win the culture back and the principles don’t work. And none of that”€™s true.

It”€™s Not All Bad News, We Are Getting Victories

You got to look at where the principles are being applied, where people are taking a Constitutional, historical, and Biblical perspective and applying it to the culture. We’re getting great victories. You can learn more about all of that at And not only learn it, and equip yourself, and put, take the tools that we have available there and use them in your family and your church, not only learn it and apply it in your community in the people around you, but you can come alongside us and be a partner of WallBuilders. And help us spread this across the entire nation.

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We sure appreciate you listening today to WallBuilders Live. This has been Good News Friday on WallBuilders Live.