Black Genocide: Bishop Wellington Boone joins us today to talk about his new book, Black Self-Genocide: What Black Lives Matter Won”€™t Say, in which he tells us how to help reach our brothers and sisters in the African American community.

Air Date: 12/26/2016

Guests: Bishop Wellington Boone, Author



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Bishop Wellington Boone

David, Tim, we”€™ve got a great guest later today, Bishop Wellington Boone to talk about his new book that’s just out. Man, he’s hitting it hard.  He’s a black pastor that’s standing up in a black community saying here’s what we need to do to right some of these wrongs.



You know about 10 days ago, we had a program where we looked at what was happening with the documentary 13th which is based on 13th Amendment arguing that what’s happening to black men in prison is the same as slavery. So we looked at that point in time and really one of the biggest causes of black men being in prison is broken homes. The fact that there is not a father in the home– it would– it is the same for every other race.  But it is exacerbated with black folk because 68% of blacks are now born in a home without a father present and about 40% of the whites.



And those are the ones that actually make it to birth.



That’s right.


60% Of African-American Babies Are Aborted In NYC


Because it’s a significant number.  It’s over 50% of blacks depending on where you are. I think New York City is something like 60% of African-American babies are aborted and don’t even make it to birth.


A Black Man Is 6 Times More Likely To Be Killed By Another Black Man Than A White Man


Blacks represent 13% of the national population. And yet blacks have 35 % of all the nation’s abortions. So 3 times more than their population base.  Blacks again represent 35% of the population would have 40% of the AIDS cases. I mean, black on black violence.  A black man is 6 times more likely to be killed by another black man than a white man.


Even though there are only 1/8 the population base that whites have. So Black Lives Matter is making all this noise. But the solution is it’s family. And the white community is having the same problems.  They’re not as big as the black community because a smaller percentage are born out of wedlock with the same and Asian Hispanic, everywhere else.


If The Father Is Absent, The Family Is Going To Have Problems


It doesn’t matter nationality. If the father is absent, then the family is going to have problems. The kids are going to have problems. The wife is going to have problems. God made a family unit where there was a man and a woman and they raised a family.  And when you break down that unit you’re going to have problems.



And so it’s nice to have a black bishop from the black community saying, “€œGuys, Black Lives Matter, they”€™re wrong.  They’ve got this thing wrong. It’s not about civil justice. It’s about a strong family at home.”€ So Bishop Wellington Boone has authored a number of books.  He’s a great leader known for a number of years. He has a clarion voice on issues like this. And so he’s a great guy to address this issue.


Black Genocide


The book is called “€œBlack Self-Genocide, What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say.”€  Bishop Wellington Boone, the author will be with us when we return here on WallBuilders Live.


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How To Empower The Black Community


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Our guest today is Bishop Wellington Boone. You”€™ve probably read some of his books and I know you”€™ve seen him on television. His latest book is “€œBlack Self-Genocide, What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say.”€


You can get it at his website, or you go to Amazon. Also, you”€™ve got to check out, “€œYour Wife Is Not Your Mama,”€ “€œWomen Are King Makers,”€ and several other books that he’s got there as well.  Bishop Boone great to have you on, Sir!



Thank you.  It’s great being here with you.



Hey, lots of talk about the new book.  In fact, Ben Carson has said, “€œRiveting new book. Bishop Boone provides great insight in the belief systems and behaviors that have kept black America in a dependent position. More importantly, he provides sage advice for how to empower the black community in America and consequently to help strengthen the entire nation.”€ Quote After quote like that from folks that have already checked out the books.  So Bishop, what do you want to see happen in the culture in changing as a result of what you’ve put in this book?


Factor God Into The Equation


First of all, I don’t hear a lot about what God’s doing in this nation and also in these different cultural groups. And to me, I want to see him in the conversation. To me, if you don’t have God factored in then you gotta have the wrong equation because even recently when you saw this election the thing that they missed about this election is what God was doing.


In the end, even the leaders- the Christian leaders- they got up.  Still pretty much talking the same things. I want our nation to know that there hasn’t been a real revival.  We”€™ve had some kind of spiritual moves, Asbury revival, Pensacola had a move.  


But the great revival in we had in 1906, a hundred years ago in the black community, itself. So there hasn’t been a revival in that community in 100 years. So in writing this book, I’m not just giving them information, I want their hearts to burn. To really go after God because God is the solution. He’s not a solution, he”€™s is the solution. I want to tell the story, using history but yet, taking them to the Father.


Revival In the Inner City


Well, in fact, in one of the chapters you talk about revival in the inner city. What do you think it takes for that to occur? What needs to change in our perspective and even as people in ministry, our attitude towards making this happen?



Well, I would say when pastors and leaders start getting together and praying together and seeking God and repenting to one another. I believe that there needs to be reconciliation in the inner cities between denominations, cultures, but particularly in the black culture. Listen, tribal warfare in Africa relates to gang warfare in America and the division amongst the church. If we were really are honest about it, we have to take responsibility for gangs.  I am talking about clergy-guys like me. What’s going on down there? And you tell me, if the Bible says this, David said, “€œLord, wilt Thou not revive us again? That Thy people might rejoice in Thee?”€  


God Becomes the Solution


I see the civil marches. I see these kids marching in the street, targeting the government. Well, that was the problem originally. Listen, half of the high schools built for blacks after the emancipation were built by the black church. Every insurance company started out as burial insurance company from the tithes from the black church.


So look, the church was where the solution for the culture came from. Now through the civil rights movement, we have moved from the steps of the altars of the church, to the steps of the federal government. We changed our allegiance. If we go back to God, He becomes the solution.  And that’s what I want to see happen.



You know, I’ve heard Rabbi Daniel Lapin say, “€œYou”€™re either going to have a Nimrod society or an Abraham society.”€ And it really depends on what the epicenter of the community is going to be. Are we going to make government the epicenter of the community where everybody goes to solve all their problems or the church?”€


So if the church is going to again be the epicenter of whether it’s the inner city or anywhere in America, that begins with us having that mindset of saying, “€œWe want it to be that way. We don’t want government to solve everything.  We want it to be limited but that means the church has got to step up. We’ve got to be what you’re describing.


Trump”€™s Heritage


You know what?  They probably don’t know, I’m kind of dating myself when I say this, but this particular president-elect that became President.  What people don’t know is a friend of mine named Philip Cameron is from Scotland and he’s from the village where the grandmama of Trump came from. Do you know what those people are religiously in their background in that part of the of the world? They are Calvinists.


So his Grandmamma told him all his life, “€œGod has ordained you to be a leader of the nation. God has called you and has chosen you sovereignly to become a leader. It”€™s more than about money.”€ All of his life.


So when Christians, for example, met with him up there in New York, they were trying to ask him like, “€œWhat is your experience with God?”€ Well, he would say, “€œI’m a Presbyterian.”€


Well, what they didn’t understand is he had inside of him of a sense of divinity or divine destiny. And that’s what drove him to do this thing. Because you know, we know rich people with money.  They never would come to the conclusion, “€œI should be president.”€  Just because go to their bank account.


But this man felt that because his grandmama pounded into him Calvinistic thinking. And I’m not a Calvinist.  But that”€™s what was behind him. I guarantee you that probably right now, if he is reminded of that point, if he hears this broadcast or if somebody gets up and tells him he would say, “€œYes that is it. That’s what drove me.”€



You also talk about not just the church being the epicenter the community but how once again have strong black families. To fix the fatherhood issue, a whole chapter Chapter 6 on how to father the future. Tell us a little bit about that.


What Is The Curse On The Culture?


Yes, let’s ask this question.  There’s some people that say that, “€œBlack people are cursed,”€ but they talk about in terms of Ham and the Hamitic implication. No, no, no.  The last two verses of Malachi says that he’s going to send Elijah the prophet.  And said, “€œAnd he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.”


The last word, if there would have been no New Testament, the last word in the Bible would have been curse. The correlation was fathers missing in action. What’s the culture that has most kids born out of wedlock, most kids raised by single parents, most kids not having a father there, who is that? The black community.


Reverse The Curse

So what’s the curse of the black community? Renegade fathers. And I believe that the beginning of the restoration of a culture, because I didn’t meet my dad for the first time until I was 35.  But a white man became a spiritual father to me and began teaching me the principles of the Bible and the principle of of character.


And that helped me to begin to develop a mentality that we have to go down there in those inner cities and command those fathers, those men to take responsibility. My father could do the thing that could bring me into the world but he didn’t take responsibility for what he did. He wasn’t just a man, he was a male. Male is gender, manhood is development. We got to now train males to become men. And that’s just that’s a real issue with me.


Train Males To Become Men


And it’s not just black community.  White community continues, the numbers keep going up in the white community as well. The exact same problem. You know, it’s why that part of book, Brother, I mean, it applies to every single one of us and needs to be read.


That’s why I mentioned your other book, “€œYour Wife Is Not Your Momma”€ is the whole mindset of men and how to build stronger families. No matter what issue we deal with in the culture, with politics, with budgets, with every problem we have, comes back to the breakdown of the family.  The way you address it has great solutions in there.


Man, I wish we had more time.  OK, so let’s hit a couple of these other ones. I want people to realize how broad the book is as well. The last chapter is on Planned Parenthood versus Black America and you talk about the genocide of the black community. Give us a little bit on that as well.


Darwin”€™s Book Was About Favorite Races


I mean look, if I go to some of these universities and I ask them, “€œWhat’s the subtitle of Charles Darwin’s book Origin of Species?”€ Most cases they can’t answer. The subtitle of it is, “€œThe preservation of favorite races in the struggle for life.”€ That book was not about creationism versus evolution. That book is about eugenics.


This fiery red is the founder of Planned Parenthood is the one that said this, “€œWe”€™ve got to slow down the birth rate of the dysgenics.”€ And who are the dysgenics? She said it was poor white trash and blacks.


Because she said that all these people who are consumers are using up all the resources and the ones who are the creator of the resources are not going to have enough. So you know what she did? She went and targeted the black women and used the slavery card and said, “€œLook they’re trying to control you again. They won’t let you be able to make the choice as to whether or not you can have a baby.”€


Black Women Bought Into the Lie

Black women bought it hook line and sinker, fishing pole, fishermen boots, and everything. And so what did they do? Out of that wound, they said, “€œWe’re going to decide whether we want to have a baby or not.”€


Wait a minute, no, no.  You can’t make the baby happen, God has to allow it to happen. I am ghetto and gutter by background.  Look, my father conceived me out of wedlock. Here’s my point. I came the wrong way, but I am the right result. God ordained that I would be alive. Think of how many entrepreneurs, doctors, attorneys, and Godly people, weren”€™t born because we kill them in the womb.


So even though we only represent 12 to 13 percent of the population of America since Roe v. Wade 37 percent of all the babies aborted were aborted by the black community. So she won. She chose men like W. E.B. Debois and other blacks, clergy, and black professors and businessmen to get on her board so that they didn’t know they were contributors in their own deaths.


Blacks Are Dying As A Population

You know, guess what, a couple of years ago, I was in Harlem and other cities because they’re going through depopulation right now.  Meaning that the birth rate is less than the death rate and blacks don’t realize it, that they are dying as a people right now.  And that’s why I call it Black Self-Genocide.


Nobody has to kill them anymore. They’re killing themselves. When you look at these pundits like Black Lives Matter and other guys like Jesse Jackson, look, Jesse Jackson in 1977 article you can find it on the Internet. He was pro-family, pro-life.  But when he ran for the Democratic nomination in 1984 and then again in 88, when he created the Rainbow Coalition, that”€™s when he changed. And so consequently, he changed it because of politics.  


Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition

He wasn”€™t a statesmen.  He wasn’t a Biblicist.  So consequently, now he opens the doorway that says a family is not a man and a woman.  It is going to be a man and a man or a  woman and woman. So that idea of the Rainbow Coalition, he told gays that what they’re going through is what blacks went through.


Come on now. You mean, sold in slavery, dying in the middle passage by the millions, kept enslaved for hundreds of years, a war fought, going through 1877 compromised, segregation, discrimination, and Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act later in 1964 and “€˜65.  All that’s the same thing that gays are going through? I don’t think so.


Jesse Jackson is the one who opened that portal to that. I’m saying no. If that child is conceived, you have that baby. Even if you have to give it to adoption but you have that baby. I’m saying that we bought into the idea that you are less than a person because of your lifestyle.


Trump Did Not Give Up

Now we do need to increase our lifestyle because right now it’s a desktop.  So I’m agreeing that we can change this stuff.  It”€™s not too late.  And like sometimes, politically they have given up.  


But I’m glad Trump didn’t, though.  He we went out there and went after them. Didn”€™t he? He got criticism from the left.  He went after Hispanics the same way, too. He got all that criticism but it was all a lie. It’s systemic evil.  It’s principalities, powers, mights, dominions, and wicked spirits in heavenly places. But the Left, I hate using political terms, I like using Biblical terms, they are sold out to manipulation, domination, and deceit, which are qualities of the devil and evil.



Well, in fact, let me ask you a political question.  You laid the case out so well in chapter 7 on Planned Parenthood vs. Black America.  But knowing that and the black community hopefully becoming more and more aware of that.  Will that change some of the voting habits? For example, instead of supporting Democrats that support Planned Parenthood which you lay out the case of why that’s part of the Black Genocide, that they’ll stop supporting those people that support Planned Parenthood?





Follow The Money


And I guess we saw some of that in this presidential election. I mean a higher black vote against the Democratic candidate than we’ve seen.



That’s right. We saw that we got 6 percent of the black vote. And yet, you have these pundits. All you have to do when you start seeing even black people who are pro liberal. All you gotta do is follow the money. Follow the money.  They bought themselves some Negroes.  Now that is some strong stuff.  


But I’m saying– and even the Conservatives don’t know how to invest into guys that’s telling the student to stand on the principles that helped make our nation great. But that’s ok. A guy like me, I’m going to stand on the Word of God because I”€™ve got to answer before God in that great day. So I’m going to live this life with eternity in view.


We Must Have Revival

So yes, the blacks are changing.  But it’s going to take revival.  It’s going to take guys like you also targeting like you got. The Bible says, “€œWhere sin does abounds, grace much more abounds.”€ Kenneth says it this way, “€œWhere sin is in abundance, grace is in super abundance and then some more on top of that.”€ Revival is going to come to Black America because the cry is going to start coming up from there like with Israel.


God’s going to hear the cries of those people and it’s going to get his attention and there is going to be revival down there. I want to say thank you for not giving up on the inner cities. Thank you for having someone like me on.  And I’m like I’m screaming right now. I’m passionate really about it. But it’s not stupid passion, though. That is why I documented and I did the research.  And at the same time, I want revival. My prayer is, “€œWilt Thou not revive us again? That Thy people might rejoice in Thee? Say now, Lord.”€ That is what I am seeing.



Amen, and I love that you even lay out in the appendix the vision for Black America.  You have great prayer affirmations in there as well. We haven’t even scratched the surface with all that Bishop Boone’s got in this book.  You gotta check it out.


We’re going to have a link today to make it easy for you at But you can go straight to or you can go to  It’s called “€œBlack Self-Genocide, What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say.”€ And Bishop Boone, fair to say that this is not just for inner city black community to read.  The white Americans need to read this as well.


Higher Literacy Rate 100 Years Ago Than We Have Now


Yes, I want to go to the Christian College Coalition Group. These are Christians.  They understand Biblical worldview. I want to just give them some of this history so they can understand.  Like some of these major universities were started by the white community.


I mean, the American Missionary Association sent 2,000 teachers from the north to help take blacks from 99% illiterate, to become 80% literate.  Which was a higher literacy rate a hundred years ago than what we have graduating now. There’s always been white enfranchisement in terms of helping. I mean William Garrison was the person that discipled Frederick Douglass.


So I’m not buying into this hyper criticism of the white community, police murders and all. Sure, I am not condoning it, but at the same time, there are white people that are doing great things to help enfranchise blacks from a crystal centric perspective.  And also just out there in the culture. Anyways, it”€™s happening.



That’s a big part of what you did for years with Promise Keepers. The reconciliation that came out of Promise Keepers with the black and white men just phenomenal.  We need another resurgence like that.



Thank you, Brother.  Hey look, if they go on the internet and look at my talk on YouTube ( ) on Indianapolis in 1996 is where I talked to 70,000 men about we are one based on the premise we all of one blood in Acts 17. Those men, these are white men, you”€™ve got to see this. They stood up 20 years ago and clapped for three minutes. You”€™re not going to get a white guy standing up believing that white and black men are one, unless God has touched their hearts.





Whites Are Not Anti-Black.  God Is Moving


I don’t believe that whites are anti-black in terms of the whole community. You got some crazies out there, but they’re waiting to hear somebody that’s just not mad at them. Somebody that believes that God is moving. I believe He’s moving today.



Amen! Good stuff. Bishop I wish we had more time, Brother! Thank you very much for coming on. Thanks for doing the book.  Thanks for sending us a copy as well.  And look forward to getting you back again.



Yes Sir, I”€™d appreciate it. God Bless!



Stay with us folks.  We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


America”€™s History


This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Federal courts have made several amazing rulings recently ordering the removal of a cross from a cemetery, banning religious holiday displays, removing the Ten Commandments from public view, prohibiting student prayers whether verbal or silent, and numerous other similar restrictive rulings. As one current justice has noted, the “€œSupreme Court has now become “€˜a national board of theology.”€™”€


Our Founding Fathers would be astounded. They designed the First Amendment to keep the federal courts completely out of this issue. As Thomas Jefferson forcefully declared, “€œI consider the federal government as prohibited by the Constitution from meddling with religious exercises. The First Amendment was designed to keep decisions on religious expression out of the federal courts and in the hands of the local communities.”€


For more information on God’s hand in American History contact WallBuilders at 1 800 REBUILD.


DVD On Common Core


Hi friends! This is David Barton of WallBuilders. The current condition of education in America is abysmal. Not only is educational achievement plummeting, but every year, some 19 percent of high school seniors who graduate is completely illiterate. They can”€™t read at all but it was not always this way.

For generations, we taught students how to think. But after the progressives took over education in the early 20th century, things began to radically change. Education shifted from thinking to learning, which made the emphasis on the teachers rather than the students. And that elevated indoctrination above knowledge.

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The Fatherhood Issue


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks again to Bishop Wellington Boone for joining us today. We’ll have links to his website and the new book available for you right now at WallBuilders Live. We’re back with David and Tim.



You know, he’s got some strong stuff there. And he said what we talked about is fixing the fatherhood issue. I love what he said, “€œFathers are missing in action and it’s the wrong cultures being created there.”€ So it’s not a matter of civil justice, it”€™s a matter of fixing the family. And I loved what he said, “€œWe don’t need males.  We need men.”€ You know it’s not the gender you worry about, it’s the development of the males into men.


And that’s what’s really needed. And I was thinking if government’s going to have any role in this at all, the only role that it should have should be to strengthen the family and the strengthen marriage. But they do exactly the opposite. If you have children without a father in the home, we”€™ll pay you more money.  If you have father and home, we’re going to tax you a higher rate.


Everything is setup to encourage the family to break up. And that’s exactly the opposite of what the government needs to be doing. They ought to be encouraging that. I mean it’s up to the family to be the family, not the government to be your family.They at least should be encouraging this stuff rather than opposing that which is what they do right now. But it’s nice to have a voice as clear as Wellington Boone talking about this and it does go back to just strengthening the home.


Kids Are Praying For Their Families


And this is an issue across the board as we mentioned. In the summer, I’ve had a chance to work at a lot of Christian camps and one of the things significant with a lot of the people I work with is that they will have altar time or ministry time at various points throughout the camp. And the majority of kids that come down that want prayer, the majority of the prayers they are asking for is related to a broken home.


This is something that is a very real issue in society and so certainly it’s evident in the black community. But really, it’s kind of across the board because we are embracing this culture of independence where family is not really this big deal.  And then husband and wife, and marriage and longevity, and commitment, and it’s these emotions. And so we’ve really done a lot to destroy the family unit. And so ultimately, when you look at the majority of problems in our nation, you really could point back to most of them going back to deal with the breakdown of the family unit. And so this is something we definitely want to see restored in culture.



Absolutely.  Thanks to Wellington Boone for being with us today.  Check out his books at our website today. Lot of great information there on his website at  Thank you for listening today.  You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!