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Good News from the Supreme Court on Good News Friday

Today, we work through David and Tim’s stack of Good News. From the US supreme court, we have a couple good decisions regarding government boundaries, on civil asset forfeiture and on private property on wetlands. The supreme court acknowledges that some of the issues regarding Title 42 and illegal immigration were government overreach in the name of COVID. Federal court upholds a Mississippi school’s rule that graduating seniors must dress according to biological gender. After the announcer for a softball game in Houston said there would be no national anthem sung, the fans stood and sung it themselves. Target’s stock continues to drop as they promote transgenderism for children. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Freedom, Debt and War – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we look at some listener questions. How can we make sure that the freedoms of private Christian schools are not restricted? Do Satanic groups have a constitutional right to hold the events they do? The Biden administration is citing the 14th amendment as the reason they can raise debt; was this the intent of the 14th amendment? Could a World War III be on the horizon? What would it mean, and what advice would the founding fathers have?

The Biden Administration is Weaponizing the Government – with Congressman Mike Johnson

Congressman Mike Johnson is on with us today to give us an update on some recent hearings. The Biden Administration is weaponizing government agencies. The FACE Act was put in place to protect free speech for pro life individuals, but the Biden administration has been turning it against them, by prosecuting the peaceful protesters and letting off the violent offenders on the other side. This is just one example. Congressman Johnson fills us in on a number of others, as well. As this is getting out of hand, what can be done?

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