Conservatives Are Winning Local Elections – Border Strike Force And More – Tune in for some good news today! 26 Governors create a border strike force, conservatives are winning local elections and much more!

Air Date: 05/27/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to WallBuilders Live. This is the intersection of faith and the culture. And we’re glad you’re here with us. This is a place where we take on the hot topics of the day from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective.

And we get to have that conversation with David Barton. Man, this guy is the premier historian in America. I’m telling you, he’s read more of the Founding Fathers than anybody alive, I’m talking original documents. He’s really been inside the head, inside the minds of the people that started this nation, which allows us to really dive into those original documents, but also get his perspective on what they would have thought about some of the things happening today and how to apply the principles that they put in place and where they got those principles. That is an incredibly valuable discussion. And you get to be along for the ride, as do. I’m Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator, and America’s constitution coach. So it truly is an honor for me to get to be here with David Barton, learn these things. And with Tim Barton, he’s a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. You really ought to have him come speak at your church or at your dinner banquet, wherever you can get him in. Powerful, powerful speaker, I believe a great voice for America and restoring our constitutional republic today.

You can do that at is where you can book Tim to speak or David as well., that’s where you go, if you want archives of this program. In other words, if you miss some shows earlier this week, or last week, or whenever, last couple of months, actually is available there at our website So check that out there today.

Today is actually Good News Friday. So we always on Friday bring good news. And I’m telling you, there’s a lot of good things happening. I realize there’s bad. I get it. There’s things that happen every day, and I go, whoa, how do we survive that and yet we do. And there’s a lot of good stuff happening as well. And we want to use our Fridays to dive into that good news so that you know these principles work. As Bob McEwen says, the only problem with these founding principles is they only work every time they’re tried. So if we try them, if we put them in place, we get good results. And so we’re going to talk about good results today and some of the things that are happening out there in the culture here on this Good News Friday.

Alright, guys, let’s jump into some of that good news. See how much we can squeeze into today’s program. David, first piece of good news for today?


Okay, Rick, I want to look at some things happening across the nation with local races. And this has been a really healthy development over the last two, two and a half years. I mean, we saw, was it, two and a half years ago is that when we saw the nonsense at Loudoun County and Fairfax County, in Virginia, is that when that was?


I think it was probably the fall of 2020. So maybe we’re looking closer to a year and a half ago, maybe coming upon two years ago, because it was when things were being shut down for COVID. And I mean, really, maybe even kind of rolling into early 2021 is when a lot of these continued stories were emerging. Time has seemed to stand still on some level because of COVID. It’s really messed with the timeframe. But I think it was you’re talking the fall school year, that spring school year of 2020 and 2021.


So after that, others parents started saying, wait a minute, are they doing this in our schools? Might this be going on? And they looked and they found all sorts of detestable material in libraries and they found stuff that was going to the kids and kids were being told not to tell your parents, don’t let them see this, don’t tell them this conversation. Then you had all these transition clauses that were there to keep parents from knowing. It was just crazy. And so parents all over the country started standing up.

And you had that with critical race theory, all the other things that were going on, and it was like the school thought they owned the kids and these were their kids, not the parents’ kids. They weren’t entrusted with raising the parents’ kids, they’re going to raise them the way they want to. And so as a result, we saw school board elections flip in all sorts of places. I mean as the year ago in the elections last November when you saw what happened in Virginia with the governor change in there. But also at that point in time you had like Boise, which is the most liberal city in Idaho. The Boise school board was totally election conservatives. The same in Wichita, Kansas, which I think is the second most liberal city in Kansas. Houston school board went to conservatives. Denver School Board went to conservatives. Just across the nation, conservative started taking school boards, and people started running say no, no, you’re not going to do this.

Well, this is now we had in Texas just few weeks ago, kind of an off year election. Texas has its municipal elections, not in the fall when a lot of states have theirs, but we have ours and we had ours back in early May. At that point around the Dallas area and Dallas is one of the bluest parts of Texas. I mean, that is, hands down, one of the most liberal areas in Texas and Democrats have really worked hard and what they call turn “Texas Blue” to get a hold of the urban areas in the big cities. And so they’ve got San Antonio and El Paso and they’ve got Austin and they’ve got Dallas and Houston. So they got these big cities.

And even in Dallas, conservatives ran for school board and won 15 out of 15 races. They were able to completely take over and flip school board towards in a number of areas that had gone really woke and where parents are really concerned.

So the trend is still moving, that we’re winning local races and parents are waking up, they are getting involved. And most recent wing pointed Dallas and what happened there with 100% win and those races. And by the way, there were some great allies who got involved. In the Soros, this is the kind of stuff that George Soros has been funding for the left for a long time. But now you’re starting to see people like Patriot Mobile, you know that’s a cell phone service, but they put their money into prolife things, not pro-abortion things and into pro-family things. And they put money into these local school board races and it had an impact.

So it’s good to say the conservative business community is joining with conservative candidates and conservative parents, and that looks like right now that that is the trend in the nation that that majority sure appears to be conservative, or at least those that are voting. And that’s a really good piece of news.


Well, and even do identify, dad, as you’re saying that appears those who are voting are a majority Conservative. I think wokeism is turning people into becoming more conservative, where you look at some major, major leftist individuals with their overall philosophy, whether it be Elon Musk, or Bill Maher, or Joe Rogan, people that are 100% left of where center used to be, they are now finding themselves, what they are even saying their right of center because the Left has moved center so far left, and by Left, we’re talking about the extreme wokeist Left that a lot of people are now trying to conserve things that they didn’t think they’d have to conserve, which is where many of us have been for decades trying to conserve what has been under attack.

But it is great to see that so many people are recognizing there are some basic traditional values that we don’t want to lose. And hopefully, this awakens to them the reality of how many of those traditional values are under attack and maybe they swing even further than they ever intended. This is also one of the things we’ve talked about before that could be an indication of part of maybe one of these new Great Awakenings that God’s just waking up some people’s eyes. And sometimes, for people’s eyes to be open, they have to feel the pressure and oppression and tyranny on some level. It has to become personal for them on a level before their eyes are really open. Nonetheless, it’s great to see how many people are coming out and supporting this reinstating of basic values.


And listen, while it’s really hard to win a lot of national races like president or anything else, it’s much, much easier to win these local races. So if you’re not engaged in local races, let us encourage you to get engaged because this is where you can make a difference. It doesn’t take that many votes to win a local election. You’re usually talking 2-4% turnout, as opposed to 54% turnout in a presidential election. You can have a big difference here.

So be aware of what’s going on around you to see if there’s things going on your community. Maybe you start something. Maybe you run for school board, or you go recruit people for school board, find out what’s going on in your schools at the local area and get organized because that’s where you can make a difference.


Alright, well, that’s our first piece of good news. Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?


Alright, guys, there’s a couple articles I have that are just dealing with some basic common sense victories. As we’ve even identify, dad, in your segment with just restoring some sanity on some level. There’s some other things going on with people recognizing we need some leaders on the school boards or in different positions that have some basic common sense understanding. But this is things that to me is just basic common sense.

I might have mentioned this before on another Good News Friday. There are so many things we talked about it’s hard for me to know. So I’m going to say this again just in case it didn’t get mentioned; it’s worth highlighting as I’m moving through the stack of several things that I have. But this one is coming from Oklahoma. The title says “Oklahoma becomes the first state to ban non-binary identification on birth certificates”, meaning that Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law, a piece of legislation that said that we’re only doing male and female and it’s based on the biology, the anatomy, the DNA of the child, not based on the whim of the parent or not based on the whim of a child as they get older; we’re not leaving it open to let them decide.

No, there actually is biology. There actually is science on this. And we’ve mentioned before the great irony of the “party of science” that denies almost every basic level of science. And then so often the left accuses the right of ignoring science and they’ll point to like the science of climate change or evolution which really is not really settled science in the way you’re saying science. Because even when it came to COVID, and they said, hey, you can’t question the science, that’s the very idea of science is that you question it.

And the reason even Charles Darwin talked about the theory of evolution was a theory because unless you could confirm it with scientific data and studies and the scientific method of investigation and being able to reproduce those results, he said, this is just a theory until we can prove it. Well, certainly like microevolution, that’s not question. But macro is where it’s very different. You’ve never seen a one animal become a different animal in the macro sense for the history of the world. With that being said like that’s the party that says we’re the party of science now rejecting basic biology of the X and Y chromosome of basic anatomy of male and female. The good news is Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill securing in Oklahoma that they will only have the male and female on birth certificates.

Also, along the lines of just some basic comments and stuff, in Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a piece of legislation just a couple of weeks ago dealing with fairness and women’s sports. This one is specifically at the collegiate level. And many governors have been scared to deal with things at the collegiate level because of the NCAA. There were threats the NCAA would not allow schools to compete in NCAA tournaments if they didn’t allow transgender athletes, meaning if they didn’t allow biological males to compete and women’s sports and they weren’t going to be allowed to compete in the NCAA tournament, they would lose the recognition or funding or whatever the case might be.

And so many governors have been scared, many states’ legislators have been scared to do things dealing with collegiate sports. This is one from Tennessee, where Governor Bill Lee actually signed to preserve fairness for female athletes in college is the way this is described, saying that they’re not going to let a biological male compete in women’s sports in collegiate competition. So, overall, very good news.

And guys, I mentioned, this shouldn’t be basic common sense. Unfortunately, we are living in an era where there are people actually denying science. And we’ve talked about this a little bit off air, maybe some on air with some of the irony of the Left’s position of saying that anybody can be a woman and a woman is that there’s not an actual biological definition of woman. It’s just based on how you feel and the idea of femininity or womanhood is a social construct.

And yet, when then Justice Alito writes his draft opinion and it gets a leaked in Politico, all of a sudden, the leftist say, wait a second, you can’t tell a woman what she can do with her body and it’s her body, her choice. Now, wait a second, I thought that being a woman was an abstract concept that wasn’t actually involved in biology. And actually, I thought you said anybody could have babies because there are actually states, there’s actually public schools that are putting feminine hygiene products in the boys’ bathroom, urinals and the female restroom. This is an actual thing happening right now. Well, you can’t have it both ways. Either women exist or they don’t exist. And if women don’t exist, and why do you have a male and female team? Why is there a girls’ team and a boys’ team? Why not just a basketball team and let the best athletes, the best competitor that’s going to join the team, well, this is…


You’re saying that should only be boys’ basketball teams, is that what you’re saying?


Well, whoever happens to make the team, because in fairness, I’ve played with many girls who are better than many of the boys I’ve played with. However, when it comes down to an elite level, yeah, generally speaking, God made male and female different, and we know generally speaking, the average male has more muscle mass, has more bone structure, density size, absolutely, they have a physical advantage over female.


You know, that’s an interesting thought. I wonder how many ladies from the WNBA, which is a professional top level women athletes could actually make the team in the NBA.


Well, and let’s point out one of the things that we often hear from women’s sports as they don’t get paid enough. And why did the men’s sports get paid more? Well, hang on, let’s be fair. If the WNBA doesn’t pay you enough, go beyond the NBA team and make more money because I’m pretty sure they’d have open tryouts. It’s just you’re not quite good enough as even the D league teams that are not even in the NBA. It’s the development league for the NBA.

All that to say, the good news is there are places like Oklahoma, like Tennessee where their governors have signed legislation to identify females are a real thing: it’s not a social construct, it’s actually something God created them male and female, and they’re working to protect identity, actual human sexuality and biology. So this is good news that in the midst of wokeism there are governors working to do the right thing.


We’re going to take a quick break, guys, we’ll be right back. We’ve got more good news for you when we return a WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live

We’re back with David and Tim now to get some more good news on our Good News Friday. And David, I think you’ve got the next piece of good news?


Okay, Rick, I’ve got an interesting one here. It’s an interesting title. It says “26 Governors Create Border Strike Force ‘In the Absence of Federal Leadership’”. Now, 26 governors on a border strike force, if you start thinking about the states that would be most impacted by this, when I look at the list of 26 governors, it’s not the states I would have thought about. For example, of the 26. Governor’s on the Border Strike Force, which we’re talking the southern border, which is Arizona and Texas, New Mexico, California, etc, the governors that joined this include governor’s like from New Hampshire, really, and North Dakota. I don’t know that they can see the border even without telescope from there.


Well, the Canadian border probably.


Yeah, that’s right. The Canadian border…


Do we know which border they were sending there…


You know that’s a good point. I wonder. So it’s amazing, Maryland, I never would have thought Maryland would have joined anything relating to the southern border as the border is in this case. But what’s interesting is we’ve recently seen a federal court rule that look, the immigration laws are federal laws. And it’s not just the federal government that upholds federal law, states have a responsibility to uphold federal laws as well.

And so if the federal government refuses to uphold federal laws, then states can step in to uphold the law because you do have the supremacy clause, the federal laws take precedent over overstate laws. And if they’re not going to be enforced by the federal government, they can be enforced by state governments, which is a really unique decision. I don’t recall any time in recent years where we’ve even had the question raised of whether the state should be enforcing federal laws because that’s it’s always been part of it. But here they are. 26 governors have announced they’re going to do this.

And it’s interesting, the motivation is not immigration per se. The motivation is because there’s open borders. There’s now this huge growth of cartels and criminal networks and financial networks and others that are coming in and they’re trying to crack down on the crime and the violence and the death.


Well, and to your point of death, I mean, this is where we’ve seen the explosion of fentanyl across the US when you look at the people that are overdosing on these drugs, and how that number of deaths has skyrocketed. I mean, not the least of which is as we’re identifying in the midst of these deaths is the increase of violent crime, cartels along the border where people who have homes along the southern border actually can’t even live in their homes right now, they don’t feel safe because of all the things that is happening under the current administration.

So this is where we’ve talked about many times before in the program, it’s great to see some of the states stepping up and remembering the 10th Amendment, remembering state sovereignty, that they can say, you know what, federal government even though this actually is officially your job under the Constitution, if you’re neglecting to do your duty, then as governor, we will work to protect our states.

And you know, dad, to your point, what in the world is North Dakota worrying about the southern border for? Because there’s a massive increase of drugs and drug related crimes and drug overdoses in North Dakota and those drugs are coming across the southern border. So what’s happening on the southern border is impacting actually all of the states of the United States with these policies of not prosecuting criminals of not criminalizing crimes, things that should be basic. So it’s great to see these governors stepping up to try to get involved and defend their people as they should.


Alright, Tim Barton, what’s our next piece of good news?


Alright, guys, this is one dealing with really kind of all of the US, it’s dealing with all 50 states. And this is dealing with numbers from the Department of the laborers Bureau of Labor Statistics. And this looks to see how states have responded and performed in the midst of COVID-19. Of course, what happened with the federal government, what happened with governors putting crazy lockdown restrictions, closing down businesses, destroying people’s homes and families and savings, etc, devastating.

What’s interesting, though, on some level of economic numbers, again, this is numbers from the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, what they identified is that we do know in different states that there are different laws of those states and some states have are what are known as Right to Work states, where people have the freedom to hire and fire you without lots and lots of strings attached. And there are some states where you don’t have the right just to arbitrarily fire employee that you don’t like or might not be doing a good job if you don’t have a good enough reason.


And by the way, this is really the difference between Union states and not Union states. This is right to work is the right to fire, but it’s also the right to avoid all the incumbrances that come from Union regulations and Union laws and Union control.


So in the midst of that, one of the things, I think the Epic Times is the one who did this study, but they went to get the data from the Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics and what they identified, and these are from the numbers that were given them from the government. And the most recent data is there are a total of 27 states with right to work laws on the books and there are 23 states that don’t have right to work laws on the books, dad, as you mentioned, much more in the Union run category.


And that really puts it in the government run category because when you get the unions involved, the government is really running businesses. When you have a right to work state, it’s much more the private sector running the businesses and there’s less government regulation and government control.


And specifically, as you were mentioning, with the Right to Work states, not only is it much more of the private sector, but it’s the government allowing individuals to make individual choices, things that impact them directly and specifically. Instead of and these non-Right to Work states, you have to get the government’s permission. And if you don’t do it the way the government likes, and you can’t do what you want to do, even if you own the business. So, lots of loopholes, lots of regulations, and lots of problems with that.

So according to the data and the numbers, in those 27, Right to Work states, in the middle of the COVID shutdown with devastation, those states were able over the last two years to still grow in their employment numbers overall, were the Right to Work states there’s now 1.2% of an increase, which is actually nearly 1 million additional people that have found jobs in those Right to Work states. It may be an interesting correlation.

If you look at the not right to work states, they have decreased a decline of 1.75% in their total numbers of employment. But nearly a million people have left their jobs or lost their jobs in these non-Right to Work states. And so what they discovered was that if individuals in these states have the freedom to make their own choices, it’s actually beneficial, not just for them, but for the employment of the state which this just goes back to confirm the idea we’ve talked about many, many times is freedom is much better than government regulation, leave it up to the individual leave it up to the free market, leave it to consumers.

And this is yet another example of the benefit of freedom where Bob McEwan has long said, the greater the government, the greater the poverty; the greater the freedom, the greater the wealth. This is just more data confirming that notion that the more government gets involved, the less prosperous states are; but the more freedom they have in the free market, the more successful those states become.


Okay, David, we’ve got just enough time for one more piece of good news. What are we going to close it out with today?


Just as we’ve been looking at really contrast between government growth and private growth and where it prospers, and the way that conservatives seem to be winning more battles now, particularly at the local level we’re seeing that, but we’re seeing that also in many states. It’s still we’ll see yet if they’re going to win at the national level.

But there appears to be a growing movement of conservatism that is returning to traditional values, loving the Constitution, loving the country, rejecting wokeism, etc. And part of that conservatism appears to be reappearing in the church as well. We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but now here’s a story out of Florida where that 107 Florida congregations are leaving United Methodist Church to join a new conservative church network, because the United Methodist Church has really just embraced the wokeism, which means they’ve rejected biblical teachings in a number of areas. Those areas include sexuality, and they include Israel, and they include gender and so many things.

And so it’s really cool to see that there are growing numbers of churches saying, look, we’re going to affiliate with denominational focuses and denominational organizations actually do believe the Bible and do teach the Bible. And so it’s good to see. And by the way, there seems to be this going across the world because it’s now called the Global Methodist Church. And the Methodist Church for so many centuries was a very conservative biblically-oriented church. That’s where George Whitfield came from and John Wesley and Charles Wesley. So much of the abolition movement in America came through those Methodist churches, especially Wesleyan Methodist churches, very conservative, always have been theologically conservative, really good folks that took the Bible and applied it to life and affected that the nation, affected communities around them.

So you’re seeing a return to those kinds of teachings by growing number of churches. Now certainly, not everyone has left the United Methodist Church, and maybe at some point they’ll figure out that being woke is not good for them because most of the world is still conservative in the Methodist realm. So whether it’s in Africa or South America, etc, Methodist Church there are still pretty Bible-believing and Bible-teaching. But in America, it’s the American church that has led the way away from the Bible in the Methodist community, by and large, or in the United Methodist community.

So we’re seeing a growing number of Bible-oriented Methodist churches saying, United Methodist Church is not the place for us, we’re going with the new global Methodist Church Association, which is biblically-oriented. And that is the one that really does dominate the world. So it’s good to see that even we’re coming back to the Bible in growing numbers in America that’s really healthy for us, just like coming back to the Constitution, coming back to principles that have proven themselves to be true over time, coming back to freedom. These are all good things.


Alright, guys, we are not going to get anywhere near through the stack of good news that you’ve piled up for the last few weeks. So we’ll dive into more of that next week on good news Friday. But for folks that want more right now, right this minute, go to You can get some more good news there by going into the archive section and listening to previous Friday programs. And frankly, a lot of our interview programs also are packed full of good news as well.

Now we’re not Pollyanna, we’re not just waving the flag and saying all hope everything works out. I mean, we’re diving into the issues of the day, we’re looking at everything from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. But not only do we look at that issue and what’s actually happening, we talk about solutions for how to turn this culture around, how to be true salt and light.

So thank you for listening. Share the program with your friends and family and join us in being salt and light in the community. Biblical values, that’s where all the answers are right there in God’s Word and you can be the one to apply that in your community. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.