Brookhill and High Point Summer Camp For Christian Students: In this episode, David Pate talks with us about his two camps for students. The first one is Brookhill Camp for students in 3rd grade to 9th grade. The mission of Brookhill is to teach kids to learn to have fun as a Christian. Hight Point is for 15 – 19 year-olds, training and equipping them for leadership and how to practically apply Biblical principles in their everyday life to become culture shapers and changers. These are life changing camps empowering our youth to grow up with an applicable and Biblical worldview. Learn more about both Brookhill and High Point right here, on WallBuilders Live!

Air Date: 05/22/2017

Guests: David Pate, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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You found your way to the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks for joining us on WallBuilders Live! Where we”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, always looking at it from Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

Our founder is David Barton.  You can find out more about him at our website He’s America’s premier historian and there’s a wealth of information at the website there.

Also, today Tim Barton and myself are going to share a little bit with you and have a special guest coming on later. David Pate will be joining us. But Tim Barton, he”€™s a national speaker, and pastor, and president of WallBuilders.

Awakening Millennials Into Knowing Their Identity

Always good to have an opportunity to talk about the next generation. Tim you and I both have a heart for this idea of passing the torch to them and equipping them in a way that they can lead their colleagues in their generation and we love what David Pate is doing at High Point. We”€™re going to be having him on later to talk about it.


Yeah, you know Rick, anybody that’s doing something to engage the next generation, to reach out and help millennials know how to be the leaders that God wants them to be. Certainly is someone that resonates with us. With as much as we do to help try to change the next generation. Obviously, what you’ve been doing at Patriot Academy for, gosh 12, 13, 14 years, or however long you”€™ve been doing it, we’ve been partnering with you in that.  It’s something that we just want to see this next generation really awakened to who God has created them to be and what God called them to do.

Millennials are just seemingly lost in culture in a lot of ways when it comes to Biblical truth, when it comes to understanding. George Barna who we”€™ve had on this program several times has a survey where he says that only 4 percent of millennials actually possess a Biblical worldview.


Four percent.


Four percent. Most millennials don’t read the Bible.  Which, arguably most Christians don’t read the Bible. It’s not exclusive to millennials, but millennials certainly are the lowest percentage of people that read the Bible, have a Biblical worldview, etc.

And we know that God has given us a solution to all these problems we’re facing in life. Whether you pick a cultural issue like bathrooms or church, and the issue of life, and where does life begin, the Bible the answers all these questions.

There are a lot of millennials, and Christians in general, but people who say, “€œI love God, I believe in God, and I want to do what God has called me to do.”€ But they don’t know Biblical truth is.

David is certainly someone, what they”€™re doing at High Point in Brookhill is to help connect kids, not just with knowing God and loving God but with Biblical truth. Again, that’s why you and I are so fond of what David does. Their ministry and multiple ministries that do this kind of stuff because we see the need for it in culture.

An Internal Impact


I think today’s program is really going to hit home for several different groups. You know there’s those that look at millennials and say that there’s no hope. I think they’re going to hear some hope today and realize that there is a remnant being raised and is going to really encourage them.

There are millennials listening to the program that they’re hungry for truth and they just want us to come alongside them and equip woman and give them the tools they need to go lead in their generation.  Also, they’re going to find out some great ways to do that today. And then I think there’s a lot of parents and grandparents out there that are specifically thinking about their kid or grandkid and saying, “€œWho will come alongside me? Who will help me equip my child or grandchild with these things that they need? I want them to get a good Biblical worldview.  I want them to be around other sharp young people that have a desire to serve the Lord and to impact culture at the same time.”€

So I think all of those groups are going to hear something today that really gives them hope not just in theory but real hands-on results that are happening.

We’ll hear from David, of course, on this but, Tim, you went to High Point. You taught at High Point for years but you grew up going to the Brookhill camp. So you know firsthand what kind of impact these programs can have.


Yeah, there’s no doubt. I was a camper at Brookhill and my life was changed. I went back as a counselor.  My life was changed as a counselor. I’ve now gone back and I’ve done some teaching at Brookhill but specifically at High Point, the leadership camp. I’m one of the instructors there. And even teaching there, working with young people, it’s been life impacting.

So, really from about the third grade all the way through present day history has had a significant impact on me.  And as you mentioned, the various groups listening in and how it might impact them whether they”€™re parents, or millennials, and people concerned for the future, this is really a place where you can be encouraged knowing that there is training in the next generation.

Finding Their Direction And Significance

You know millennials are very unique in some senses but really in a lot of respects just like everybody else. No nobody in life grows up and thinks, “€œI want to be unproductive, I want to be a loser, or I want to accomplish nothing in my life.”€ Well, of course not, that”€™s just foolish. Every millennial thinks, “I want to be significant and do something significant.  I want to make a difference in the world around me.”€

That’s why you see so many millennials that their social justice warriors, why? Because they think, “€œHey, I can make a difference.”€ Well, so many millennials, their hearts are in their right place but they just need direction of, “€œHow do I do this? What’s the best solution? How can we really help people in need?”€

Again, that is why going back to the Bible makes such a difference. Which is why we will continue to point out that”€™s why Brookhill and High Point do such an incredible job of connecting people back to the creator of the universe to God and then the principles that God put in his universe to operate and function. There is just no place like Brookhill.  There’s no place like High Point.

And so we will encourage every parent or grandparent, you need to send your kids or your grandkids, or if you are listening and you’re 19 or younger then you need to find a place at Brookhill or High Point to get plugged in and go this summer. It will change your life.


I couldn’t agree more. First-hand testimony, I mean my own kids, too, so far that have been through, just radical positive change in their lives. This summer I’ve got three going. In fact, I told my wife to just yesterday, “€œWe’re going to interview David Pate and it”€™s going to go on WallBuilders Live all over the country.  You better make sure they’re signed up because it’s going to be full after that program.”

So we made sure we had our three signed up.  And they”€™re looking forward to spending a week with you and David and the team there.

But we just know first-hand how our kids come home from High Point. And I’ve heard so many great stories of other parents as well from Brookhill and High Point. So, real honor to have David Pate with us today. He’s going be talking about what the programs are, what they’re attempting to do, and actually succeeding in doing in young people’s lives and how you can be a part of that. So, David Pate when we return right here on WallBuilders Live.

Patriot Academy

Have you noticed the vacuum of leadership in America? It”€™s not just that we have a few bad leaders taking us away from our founding principles and leading us down a road of destruction. The real challenge is that we’re looking around for leaders of principle to step up and too often no one is there.

This is a generational Challenge.  And we must have a generational solution.  God is raising up a generation of young leaders with a passion for impacting the world around them. They’re crying out for the mentorship and leadership training they need. And we need to equip them for the purpose God has laid on their hearts.

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Welcome back!  Thanks for staying with us on WallBuilders Live! Our good friend, David Pate, is back with us from High Point Summer Camp at Brookhill Summer Camp. All kinds of great opportunities this summer for your young people to get closer to Christ and makes some great friends and just have a great time. David Pate, good to have you back.


Thanks for having me, Rick. Always love being here with you.


Hey man, I always have to have full disclosure with these radio laws and my personal bias when I have a guest on because your program has had such a positive impact on the Green family. Two of my kids so far have gone through, both my older ones, and just had a radical impact on them and every time I have you guys on I just have to thank you because of the benefit I saw when they came home.

And it wasn’t just like a “€œhigh”€ from church camp for a couple of days. I mean, it changed them and it’s been years now for my oldest and that change has stuck. And for my second one, it’s been a year and he’s just so looking forward to coming back and spending another week with you.


Well, we appreciate that.  That’s what we want to hear and I’m okay with that bias.


Well, I know you hear it all the time because you guys have thousands come through there and the stories are just endless. But they’re the kind of stories you want to hear. I mean, every parent wants their kid to get a strong foundation, to be close to God, for that to be a real relationship, and to meet other Christians and have that iron sharpening iron.

Millennials Are Rising Up And Shaping Culture

And man, sometimes we get on an island as parents and we think, “€œWell, we’re just going to do it all ourselves and we can’t. We need other people to breathe destiny into the lives of our children.”  And that’s what you guys did for my kids and you do it for, as I said, thousands of other kids. So, tell us a little bit about the different programs coming up this summer.


We have two summer camps. One is High Point Leadership Camp, and that’s the one that your kids have been to and that”€™s full of 15-19-year-olds. And we have such a void of leadership in our Christian culture today.

We’ve become more complainers than we have leaders.  And we’ve become very critical of the culture instead of really strategically sitting down and saying,  “Alright, how do we fix it? How do we change the culture? How do we do what Jesus has called us to do?”

I think for this next generation, for millennials especially, they see themselves as the answer.  They’re not as frustrated with culture, I think as more adults and parents and as we are.  Millennials, they want the answers because they’re ready.


So they see it as a challenge that they want to overcome?


They do.  They do. And I think that’s what made High Point so big for young people, is that if it”€™s the in culture, we’re talking about it. And Christian young people want to be taught. They want to discuss hot topic issues. They’re not scared. They don’t fear scary, touchy, weird, or odd subjects.

So we discussed Biblical worldview, and politics, and economics, and education, and gender, and young people are hungry for that. And so at High Point we address that. And then our other summer camp is Brookhill.

Authenticity Is The Key


And David, real quick before you go on to Brookhill. I just wanna say that’s one of the things that I think made it work so well for my boys. Because they talked about that. They came home and said, “€œMan dad, they didn’t shy away from the tough issues. And they didn’t say, “€˜Here’s what the Bible says about it.”€™ They said, “€˜Here’s how you live it.  Here’s how you apply it to culture.  And this what you do when you face the situation.”€

So it was that real life application. Not just theory, not just listening to a lecture, but really applying it. That’s that’s what makes such a big difference.  So few people are doing that and you guys do it so well.


And it’s not easy because you really have to sit down.  You have to look at what are the upcoming TV shows? What is the new music? What is being taught in college today versus even six years ago? You have to really stay up on it to be in their world.

You know, Snapchat, Instagram, even Facebook is old now, you have to be in on that.  And young people want authenticity. They want to discuss these issues.

And I think, you know, Rick, I was talking to a professor friend of mine the other day. He said, “€œDavid, you have to spiritually vaccinate your kids.”€ The idea of a physical vaccine is given our kids small doses of the disease so their bodies build up immunity to strong defenses and are then ready to come in contact with the real disease and it won’t kill them. 

And that’s what we have to do with students. Students have to have small doses of exposure to the culture so they can know it and be ready to influence the culture instead of being shot and taken out by the culture when they’re 18, 19, or 20 because people didn’t really have sit-down conversations and were candid about things that are happening in culture today.


Yeah, absolutely. Quick break.  We’ll come back. We’ll talk about Brookhill as well. And as we’re going to break, David, the website? Just so our listeners know.  We’re down to the wire here only a few weeks left and y’all always fill up. So, folks need to hit the website quick and get in there if you’re interested. So David, the best website for them to go to?

Pate: is the High Point website.


Alright, we’ll have a link there at WallBuilders Live. Stay with us.  We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back with David Pate on WallBuilders Live!

DVD On Common Core


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For generations, we taught students how to think. But after the progressives took over education in the early 20th century, things began to radically change. Education shifted from thinking to learning, which made the emphasis on the teachers rather than the students. And that elevated indoctrination above knowledge.

At that time, progressives also made massive changes in the way we tested students. They extended school from 8 to 12 years. They introduced graded education and they added compulsory education. Statistics prove that these changes have harmed education rather than helped it. And now the progressives are pushing common core.

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Brookhill Summer Camp


Welcome back! Thank”€™s for staying with us on WallBuilders Live! David Pate, our guest today, talking about High Point camp and also Brookhill camp.Great opportunities for your children to get closer to God and meet some incredible people and learn truth about what’s happening in the culture and how to apply true Biblical principles to that culture as well.

And David, in our last segment we were talking that 15 to 19 age range program which is High Point. Then y”€™all do Brookehill, tell us about that, that’s for the younger students.


Absolutely, that’s for third and ninth graders. Brookehill is the Christ-centered activity camp. It isn’t a church group camp even though we do have some people from the church that get together. But it’s the individual friends, cousins, brothers, and sisters, and they come to have the greatest week of their life.

And Brookhill, it’s not a denominational camp.  It’s simply about how to have fun being a Christian.  And our goal is to show them through all the different activities we have like horseback riding, go carts, fishing, archery, swimming, tubing, water trampoline.  

We have so many activities.  You can see them all on the website.  But our goal is to show kids that having fun the right way is way better than compromise, or doing something illegal, and when you can get that in a child’s heart, that living a Christ-centered life, is the better way.

It so helps them as they get up into high school and college, so that’s our whole goal. And we’ve been at camp for over 50 years. So, we’re seeing a lot of legacy kids coming, grandparents come, parents came, and now their kids are coming. It’s really a special week.

Christians Can Have Fun Too

We have eight different sessions that happen throughout the summer. We’re seeing over 2,000 kids from 26 states and four different countries. I mean, it’s just really awesome the massive impact that Brookhill has had over the last 50 years.


So eight different sessions? So you have eight different weeks throughout the summer that folks can go to and find a date that works best for your family?


Correct. It’s basically all of June and July and those are eight different sessions. I think there is a week in the first of August this year. But some are already full. We already have I think sixteen hundred kids registered. And so that’s really getting to about 80 percent full.


Hot Springs, Arkansas is where the camp is located. It’s a beautiful place, incredible activities, as you were saying, David, to be a part of. And of course, just having that Christ centered fun. I love how you put that, showing them you can have fun as a Christian. Not this you know sourpuss running around depressed all the time. Not, “€œGrab your guns and your canned food and go hide out at the ranch. It”€™s all over, America is-“€ that’s all over America. Not none of that. Man, this is all about celebrating that relationship with Christ, celebrating his creation, celebrating these things and having joy. I mean, we need that in the Christian community. We need to be living in a way that others say, “€œI want some of that.”€

Not this you know sourpuss running around depressed all the time. Not, “€œGrab your guns and your canned food and go hide out at the ranch. It”€™s all over, America is-“€  That’s all over America.  Not none of that.  Man, this is all about celebrating that relationship with Christ, celebrating his creation, celebrating these things and having joy. I mean, we need that in the Christian community. We need to be living in a way that others say, “€œI want some of that.”€

Man, this is all about celebrating that relationship with Christ, celebrating his creation, celebrating these things and having joy. I mean, we need that in the Christian community. We need to be living in a way that others say, “€œI want some of that.”€


Absolutely. And at Brookhill it”€™s media free.  They have no cell phones for a week. Third to ninth grade and they learn that you can be creative.


Do they go through withdrawals by about two days in? Do their fingers start typing and there’s nothing in their hands?


We joke with them about it. You know, of course, they can’t wait to get back to it.

Attending High Point And Brookhill Ranch

Actually Rick, I went to Brookhill as a third grader, that’s how I got up here. It was my first time away from home from Houston, Texas, and that’s where I actually felt sorry for Tim Barton and became his friend.  I met him at Brookhill. So, Brookhill is something that Tim Barton went to, and then we were counselors together, and I’m telling you, it will be the best week they’ve ever had this year.


Such an important investment in our in our kids, getting them around programs like this. And folks, honestly like you, David, and Tim and others the Godly example is in their in their lives. I used to be one of those that thought, “€œWe”€™ll just do it all ourselves as parents.”€ And it wasn’t until my oldest went to a High Point and came back I just realized how important it was to have others breathe into them. It’s huge.

Now at High Point, we were talking about Brookhill being eight weeks in the summer.  High Point you”€™ve got two weeks, right? So the last week of June I think and the first week of July?


That’s it. It’s always two sessions. End of June and first of July. Go to, check that out, register online. is our website for Brook Hill. And there is a link on both websites to each other. But you go on You can register on that one. So either way, online you can check out all the details of what you need to know.

And Rick, I like what you said. Your boys came home and I know they told you stories and said, “€œDad, here’s what we learned.”€ And what’s funny is that everything they told you was things you’d already told them.




And as a parent, you just got to agree and say, “€œWow, yeah! Man, that is so cool.”€ And you gotta act like they heard it first from us when you know we were just reinforcing what parents are already putting into their young people.


That’s good stuff man.  It’s called truth. It’s just great. Alright, so the both those websites.  We”€™ll have links today at to make it easy for you to get over there. It’s very inexpensive folks.  They do a great job of keeping the price down and making it just an incredible experience for your family and for your kids.

So go check it out today. David, God bless you, man. Keep up the great work. What a great legacy and what a great impact you all are having on our culture.


Thanks, Rick. Thanks for having us.  We cannot wait for this summer and continue to impact young people for the next generation.


That’s David Pate, folks.  Stay with us.  We’ll be right back with David Barton and Tim Barton.

Bring A Speaker To Your Area


Hey, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders.  And as you’ve had the opportunity to listen to WallBuilders Live, you’ve probably heard a wealth of information about our nation, about our spiritual heritage, about the religious liberties, and about all the things that make America exceptional. And you might be thinking, “€œAs incredible as this information is, I wish there was a way that I could get one of the WallBuilders guys to come to my area and share with my group.”€

Whether it be a church, whether it be a Christian school, or public school, or some political event, or activity, if you’re interested in having a WallBuilders speaker come to your area, you can get on our website at and there’s a tab for scheduling. If you”€™ll click on that tab, you’ll notice there’s a list of information from speakers bio’s, to events that are already going on. And there’s a section where you can request an event, to bring this information about who we are, where we came from, our religious liberties, and freedoms. Go to the WallBuilders website and Bring a speaker to your area.

Transforming Culture One Kid At A Time


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks to David Pate for being on today and talking about what’s going on there at High Point. We’re back with Tim Barton now.

Tim, obviously, you and David kind of had the same experience coming up and being impacted by the program and now giving back and helping to influence another generation with the same thing. So this isn’t guesswork. You’ve seen this. I mean, of course, Brookhill has been doing it 50 years.

I forgot how many years High Point has been going. But you’ve seen the results, this isn’t guesswork.  There is really a science to this, a system to this, where you know when you have that kid there for a week how much positive impact you can have over that five, six, seven days.


Yeah, there’s no doubt. David mentioned that Brookhill”€™s motivation is to help kids learn to have fun as a Christian. And certainly, I remember as a camper we were doing things and activities and if you stopped and thought about what you were doing, you know, there’s really nothing special to maybe riding go carts, or horses. For some people who have never done it that is a big deal. But what they do, if you look at their course,  they”€™ve got this dirt field with a little asphalt track to ride go carts.  They”€™ve got horses in a one acre lot, and you ride around in a circle I think.

So it”€™s not the most technologically advanced activities.  However, what made the difference was the student counselors. No matter what you did it was a labor of love.  They were encouraging you, they were speaking vision into your life, and it made such a difference that you felt like you were in a place where you were valued.  You were loved, you were encouraged to be all that God created you to be.

And to the campers you’re just, I mean, I wanted to stay in this environment. I want to come back and be a counselor. I wanted to help people the way these counselors have helped me.

How High Point Came About

What they discovered from Brookhill is that it goes from third to ninth grade. And in ninth grade then kids graduate and they can come back in highschool and be a junior counselor.

David is a camp all the training for the college kids that are getting to camp.  And we’ve McCammon director and he does all the training for the college kids that are leading the camp. But what they discovered is that so many kids would graduate from camp and they were loving Jesus but they would go to high school and they would get really pulled aside. Whether it’s an athletic team they were on, and the thing that would just happen, just kind of the flesh pulling at them.

And so they said, “€œWe need to do something more than just bringing these high school kids back in. We need to help train and equip them to know what it is to be leaders at their school.”€

And that’s when High Point was really birthed. I don’t know if it 10, 12, 15 years ago something is when it was birth. And they’ve been training now those kids. So you go to camp, learn to love to Jesus, have fun with as a Christian, and then at High Point you really learn what it means to live life as a Christian, how to be salt and light, how to make an impact and a difference in your high school, in your athletic things or whatever it is that you’re doing, or at your part-time job if you’re in the workplace.

And so this is something that is totally impactful. And by the way, I’ll back up and say that David pointed out that he had great compassion when I was a camper and he wanted to buddy me. That just speaks to the greatness of David, that he is just that compassionate.


Yeah, feelin’  sorry for that Barton kid.

Good Influences On Our Youth


But, you know, David is really someone that does speaking with us at WallBuilders. And he’s someone that is so connected into that Millennial generation, doing so much work with young people. He’s the principal of a school, but he does a lot of speaking helping other Christian private schools around the area.

But he and I actually travel and do conferences. It’s challenging and encouraging the millennial. We go to churches and do conferences for churches. But you know, this is a guy that went with my wife and I having a kid. This is someone that I want speaking into my kids life. This is a place we want our kids to go because it is such a unique place. So you can feel really safe if your kid is going.


So we’re talking from third grade up through 19 years old. There is something for you at Brookhill or our High Point. Both of them right there in Hot Springs at same campground area.

We”€™re literally down to the wire.  So get on the website today.  We’re gonna have links today.

It”€™s But you can link through today and get signed. I’m telling you, they fill up every summer.  And as David was saying to me, the Brookhill camps are getting close as it is.  And High Point has only two more weeks.  They’re going to both fill up very quickly.

It is a phenomenal opportunity. Find out more at our website today. So thankful for what they’re doing there and the impact on the next generation. Thank you for listening today, you’ve been listening WallBuilders Live.