Shaping the Fate of the Free World – Our Role and Responsibility

Eager to understand the roots of America and the ideals it stands for? Let's embark on an enlightening journey as we explore the significance of these in the contemporary world. We introduce you to Rick Green’s new talk show, The Tavern, where we engage in stimulating conversation. We take a leaf out of our founding fathers’ book, revealing how their intellectual exchanges have set the bar for us today. We dive into the need for civic engagement and the role we play in shaping the fate of the free world. Our journey doesn't stop there. We move on to consider the safeguarding of our freedoms and the importance of their advocacy in public forums. John Lovell's Warrior Poet concept comes into play as we delve into the lurking dangers of tyranny, and our responsibility during crises. Our guest, Patriot Academy leader Elias Coop-Gonzalez, offers a glimpse into his journey of fighting for freedom. We wrap up our discussion by reflecting on the profound influence politics has on American culture and freedom, and our responsibility as Warrior Poets in shaping our society. This episode serves as a reminder of our role in preserving the liberties enshrined in our Constitution for future generations.

Engaging Conversations, “What is it?” Living Waters new Pro Life Movie, with Mark Spence

Looking to sharpen your skills of debate and gain insight into the power of apologetics? You're at the right place. We're joined by the insightful Mark Spence from Living Waters, ready to unpack the importance of asking questions to engage in meaningful discussions. We examine Jesus' example in the Gospels of using questions as conversation tools, particularly in addressing misinformation or opposing viewpoints. Transitioning into more sensitive topics, we dive headfirst into the pro-life debate and abortion. Join us as we explore how to navigate these difficult conversations with empathy and understanding. Mark throws light on the impact Living Waters' new film "What Is It?" can have in spreading the message. We also address the Black Lives Matter movement and the necessity of acknowledging that all lives matter, including the unborn. In the final stretch of our conversation, we switch gears to the need for equipping our churches and individuals with the knowledge and tools needed for evangelism and apologetics. Mark explains how films like these can ignite discussions on topics such as abortion. As we wrap up, we explore the concept of biblical citizenship and how it can benefit modern America. We also share resources for you to delve deeper into these topics. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that will arm you with tools for engaging in these conversations.

A Political Firestorm: Senator Phil King’s Perspective on the Paxton Impeachment Trial

Imagine being a fly on the wall during one of the most riveting impeachment trials in Texas history. In our latest episode, we have the privilege of unpacking this historic event with a man who was in the eye of the storm—Texas State Senator Phil King. He gives us an insider's perspective of this ongoing trial that unfolded, grabbing the nation's attention due to its unique circumstances and high stakes. We delve into the multitude of allegations against Ken Paxton, including bribery and unethical conduct. Senator King discloses the immense pressure to acquit Paxton, and the difficult task of making a decision based solely on evidence and law. He also discusses Angela Paxton's role in the trial. The episode will uncover the unusual impeachment process in the Texas House of Representatives--one that didn’t involve any sworn testimony. Get ready for a deep dive into the heart of Texas politics. Don't miss out!

God’s Way Works – On Good News Friday

It’s Good News Friday, so lets take a look at some good news from around the nation that the media doesn’t report. First on our list, we talk about some recent archaeological discoveries in Israel affirming, yet again, the truth in the Bible. Next we switch gears and discuss Disney’s decline in light of their woke agenda, showing us that when you follow God’s ways, you prosper, and when you don’t, you don’t. Finally, A winner of the Ms. America Pageant states that being a mom is her greatest calling. Lets follow a Biblical model. We also talk about Biblical discipleship and the great commission. All of this and more, on WallBuilders’ Good News Friday!

Constitution Alive Section Two – The Seeds Of Liberty Day Four

Constitution Alive Section Two - The Seeds Of Liberty Day Four: Our Constitution is still alive and applicable today! As citizens, we all have a duty to study the Constitution, to understand where our rights and our freedoms are laid out in that document, and how our government structure should work. The reason our government continues to overstep its boundaries is because “we the people” don’t know what those boundaries are! Tune in for day four of another segment from Constitution Alive as we talk about the seeds of liberty and lay the foundation for studying our Constitution and Declaration in later episodes.

The Fight for Equality: Dean Nelson on the Two-Tiered Justice System

Justice isn't blind anymore - it now looks at the group you belong to rather than the facts of your case. That's what we're exploring in our latest episode, as we celebrate a hard-won victory against this two-tiered justice system. We're talking about a case that saw Black Lives Matter and pro-life activists treated differently outside a DC abortion clinic, with pro-life activists arrested for the simple act of writing 'pre-born black lives matter' in washable paint on the sidewalk. It's a shocking reminder of how far we've strayed from the ideal of a justice system that is impartial to the identity of the plaintiff or defendant. Joining us for this discussion is Dean Nelson, who shares valuable insights on this recent court decision. He delves into the implications of this ruling, which stands as a significant victory for freedom of speech and religious liberty. This case and its outcome encourage us to continue challenging the status quo, and Dean's perspective helps us understand the potential implications for justice and freedom in our society. So, come and celebrate this monumental legal victory with us, and together let's explore what it truly means to restore justice and equality.

Standing Firm in Faith and Freedom, A Battle Against Government Tyranny – With Mike McClure

Uncover the riveting narrative of a man of faith standing firm against government tyranny with our esteemed guest, California Pastor Mike McClure. This episode recounts the extraordinary journey of Pastor Mike who, adhering to God's mandate rather than government mandate, faced extreme scrutiny and fines in millions, yet never wavered. The government told him his church could not meet during COVID. His compelling testimony throws light on the escalating government intrusion and the fight for religious freedom. Listen in as he shares how his resilience led him to convince the judge that his church cared more about people's health than the health department did. Next, we touch upon the intricate aspects of the legal system, discussing the status of the lawsuits and the final result of the Supreme Court ruling in Pastor Mike's favor, the conversation takes a chilling turn as we explore the increasing privacy violations in America, specifically focusing on data-tracking technology. Was the government actually tracking his congregation to see when they stepped foot on the church grounds, during the lock-down? Hear about Pastor Mike's unique insights and his congregation’s reaction to this violation of their privacy. Furthermore, be inspired by the impact of Pastor Mike’s stand against tyranny on his community. This episode is a testament to the power of faith, community, and the fight for freedom.

Common Sense is Prevailing – on Good News Friday

Lets take the opportunity on this Good News Friday to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles- Box office sales of movies still reflect that Americans don't support woke agendas, specifically seen in recent Disney movies. University of Virginia waves eligibility standards for a Marine Veteran who wants to play football for the college, who would otherwise be too old to play. The Fort Worth Independent School District removes books from their libraries that have sexually questionable content. In light of a new COVID scare, a decision in a federal appeals court in New Orleans rules against the FDA for misleading the public about ivermectin. Tune in today to learn about all of this and more!

Finding Leadership – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we focus on listener questions, specifically regarding leadership. What should we look for in a leader? And can we have faith that our leader is picked legitimately, when there is so much voter fraud and cheating? How do we respond to people who say "what's the point?" Tune in today for the answers!

From Ashes to Hope: Rebuilding Lives and Communities Following Hawaiian Disasters – with JP Decker

Picture this: you're standing in the middle of what once was a vibrant neighborhood, but all that's left now are charred remains and the silent echoes of despair. That's the reality for many in Hawaii following the devastating disasters, as our guest JP Decker reminds us. JP provides a raw, heart-wrenching account of the scenes he witnessed and the deep-seated trauma of the survivors, particularly the children. Yet, amid the despair, there's an urgent need for help, accentuated by the glaring lack of governmental support and resources. The Lahaina fire, in particular, has left the locals grappling with a myriad of challenges. Negligence and lack of transparency from the government, questionable policies, and restricted access to core areas have added to their woes. The road to recovery is long and arduous. Organizations such as Mercury One have stepped up, offering immediate relief. We also touch upon the importance of community and how you can contribute to restoring hope and normalcy. So, come join us as we navigate this tragic yet inspiring journey towards rebuilding lives and communities.

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