The Marketplace of Ideas – on Good News Friday

It’s Friday, so that means we’ll work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. In Moscow Idaho, Christians who were arrested for not wearing masks during COVID finally win their law suit. Investors continue to pull out of Target stocks, in response to their woke and transgender policies. A judge rules against the Satanic Temple as they claim abortion as a ritualistic sacrifice as their first amendment right. ESG is continuing to under perform and investors are recognizing it. The state of Montana leaves the American Library association for their Marxist ideas. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Week 8 – How You Make A Difference

Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Week 8 - How You Make A Difference - Join us for the conclusion of this amazing course. We talk about how you make a difference, what you can do to hold your own class, how to find and follow God's calling for your life and more! 

Combating the Move Towards Digital Programmable Currency – with Audrea Decker

Audrea Decker, Executive director of the ProFamily Legislative Network is on the program today to discuss the Biden Administration’s move towards digital programmable currency. What can we do about it? What legislation is in place to stop this overreach by the Biden Administration? Audrea fills us in with critical information as well as action steps for your legislator.

A Need for Biblical Perspective in Business with Steve Dulin

Today we have Steve Dulin on to discuss the need for biblical perspective in business. Steve’s construction company has experienced supernatural success by using God’s principles in the business. He brings this to the table as an example of how applying God’s principles can lead to a successful business. We discuss curriculum and conferences that are made available to business owners who want to put God at the forefront of their business.

Good News for Life on Good News Friday

Today on this Good News Friday, we work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. Kansas passes a law defining gender as biological gender. Kansas also passes an infant born alive protection act to protect babies who survive an abortion. A lawsuit was placed against Virginia Commonwealth University for not providing protection to its students during violent protests that arose during a pro life function. Alliance Defending Freedom got involved and won the suit. San Francisco’s attempt to boycott pro life states fails when it isn’t financially feasible. A massive pro life convention in Maine meets and provides positive influence at the state capitol.

States and Federalism on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

On this Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we take some time to address listener questions- Is there anything in the constitution preventing states from printing their own currency? How can we consider letting each state set up their own policies, when there are big issues such as abortion and mutilation of children that should not be permitted in any situation? With such divisive issues at play, is civil war inevitable? People quote Jefferson as saying that Christianity cannot be a part of the common law. Is this accurate? And if so, what does it mean?

The Biden Administration Wants to Control Your Money – with Justin Haskins

The Biden administration is moving to create a central bank digital currency that will phase out the paper dollar and replace it with an electronic currency that will be programmable by the government. If they don’t like how you spend your money, they can deny your transactions. Needless to say this is a dangerous direction the Biden administration is taking us down. What can we do? Justin Haskins from the Socialism Research Center at the Heartland Institute is on today to tell us about it and provide answers.

Digital Programmable Currency? on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today, on Foundations of Freedom Thursday, we focus on a couple listener questions- Has Biden signed an executive order to convert our currency from paper to digital? At a Christian school in Vermont, A girl’s basketball team forfeit for having to play against a biological male. A lawsuit was brought against them. What can be done?

Insight from Nehemiah on Property for Today – with Rabbi Lapin

There is a growing difficulty for the individual to own property, in our country. To better understand what is going on, we bring in Rabbi Daniel Lapin for some insights from Nehemiah on property ownership. Should land be available to everyone? What does land ownership mean? What can we learn from Nehemiah on the state of property ownership, today? How is it that government is making it all so disproportionate? We will address all of these questions and more.

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