Holding on to Truth in a Marxist Leaning Culture – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Riding the waves of today's politically charged climate, we dive headfirst into the role of Christian pastors in shaping culture. We don't shy away from controversial topics such as family divisions ignited by political differences, and the creeping presence of Marxist ideology within the church. We pull no punches as we stand up for truth. We navigate the often treacherous waters of the biblical worldview and its clash with Marxism. We peel back the layers on Marxism's groupthink mentality, contrasting it with the Bible's emphasis on individualism. We're not afraid to risk disunity for the sake of truth. We turn the spotlight on the sensitive issue of political divisions, mending fractured relationships, and the role of pastors and Christians in civil government. We draw from biblical perspectives, historical references, and personal anecdotes, setting the stage for a journey towards understanding and reconciliation. Shifting the focus onto the importance of civil discourse and relationship-building, we share invaluable insights about winning hearts, not just arguments. So, let’s buckle up and equip ourselves for the journey ahead. Join us for this enlightening adventure on the WallBuilders Show.

Israeli Hostages Return, Progressive DAs Recalled and Creationism in Schools – on Good News Friday!

It’s time to look at good news articles from David and Tim’s stack. Fighting slows down in Israel and hostages return home. In California, there a recall efforts over progressive district attorneys. In Eugene Oregon, after hard drug use was legalized, city officials realize that was a bad move and start working to turn things around. Texas textbooks place Creationism back in as a potential explanation for the origin of the universe. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

The Gospel in School, Influencing Representatives and Former Presidents on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

It’s time to dive into questions from the audience here on Foundations of Freedom Thursday! Are public school students allowed to share the gospel? How do you reach out to legislators and those in congress and how we can make a change for the better. Could an individual who is not a member of the House be elected as speaker of the house? Could former president Donald Trump become speaker of the house? And does a former president still have pardon power? All of this today on WallBuilders!

Bad Policies Fail to Succeed – on Good News Friday

Today, on this Good News Friday, we’ll look at some news stories the major media doesn’t report. Soros-backed DA candidates were voted out in Virginia elections. Representative Rashida Tlaib is censured by the house for defending Hamas. Overall support for Israel is moving up. Plano ISD in Texas removes sexually explicit books after parents show up to a school board meeting and pressure them to remove the titles. World Series winner, the Texas Rangers, continue to stay away from wokeism. Members of the team give God the glory. All of this and more, today on Good News Friday!

Building On The American Heritage Series – Politics in the Pulpit

Building On The American Heritage Series - The Role of Pastors In The American Revolution: Who wrote the First Amendment? Who was the First Amendment intended to limit? Shouldn't Pastors keep their focus on church and not on politics? What is the biblical precedent for ministers speaking into the political arena? Did Jesus talk about politics? Tune in to hear answers to important questions involving pastors and government - as we bring a special excerpt from our Building on the American Heritage Series!

Life, Marriage, Christianity and Israel – on Good News Friday

Good News Friday is our time to look at news stories that the major media doesn’t report. Adult stem cell research continues to prove results over embryonic stem cell research. In Missouri, a referendum ballot initiative protects the unborn against late term abortions. Funds are redirected from IRS agents to aid Israel. A Catholic farmer who was banned from a farmer’s market for believing that marriage is between one man and one woman wins his lawsuit to participate in the farmer’s market again. Christian values are beginning to re-emerge in Czechoslovakia as they leave the UN to protect Israel. Abortion declines in Delaware. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Manifest Destiny, Women in the Draft and January 6th – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Foundations of Freedom Thursday means we get to take time today to answer Listener Questions- What is meant by Manifest Destiny? If there is a draft in the future, would women be included in the draft? What new information is there on January 6th? Ready to challenge your perception of American history and its impact on our existence today? Hop aboard as we journey through the controversial doctrine of Manifest Destiny, examining its historical roots and implications on our contemporary society. We'll untangle the knotted strands of the Democrat doctrine that asserted white American supremacy and led to the violation of Native American treaties. Transitioning from the past to the present, we look at the the roles that men and women play in our society, particularly in the military. We use biblical references to shed light on traditional gender roles and discuss the US military's approach to genders. As we ponder over the potential of a military draft, we ask - Could there be a conscientious exemption? How does the left's view of genders impact the idea of women being drafted? In the latter part of our episode, we look at Congressman Barry Loudermilk's information on January 6th. We ignite a conversation on transparency in government prosecutions. This episode is sure to stir your thoughts and offer a renewed perspective on the interplay of history, politics, and biblical truth. So, don't miss out!

Global Governance vs Biblical Law with Michele Bachmann

Could you imagine a world where a foreign entity has the power to make decisions on our behalf? In our latest episode, former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, sheds light on the dangerous potential of handing our sovereignty over to the World Health Organization. With her vast political experience and current role as the Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Bachmann offers a unique perspective that intertwines faith, culture, and government. From discussing the WallBuilders Pro-Family Legislators Conference to understanding how the Biden administration's plans could affect our nation, we uncover a world where God worked through imperfect people to create greatness. We explore the critical role of training the next generation of leaders with a biblical worldview - a mission that is core to Bachmann's work at Regent University. We also confront the threat of the Marxist 1619 project and reveal the importance of understanding the biblical basis of law amidst increasing government lawlessness. However, our discussion doesn't stop at the crossroads of faith, culture, and government. We also question the real implications of global governance, especially in the wake of COVID lockdowns. Bachmann probes the increasing authority that the World Health Organization is assuming over global pandemic responses, and how it threatens our sovereignty. With countless proposed amendments to the international health rules and a looming global pandemic treaty, we highlight the urgency of voicing our concerns to federal officers and governors. So, tune in if you're interested in staying informed and understanding the steps you can take.

Securing our Economy with Gold and Silver and Defending Against Economic Warfare: A Discussion with Kevin Freeman

Ever wondered what the intersection of faith and economic warfare looks like? Join us, as we delve into a fascinating conversation with Kevin Freeman, where we explore this less trodden path. We unpack the richness of American history, the unparalleled freedoms gifted to us by our founding fathers, and how these principles are deeply interwoven with our nation's economic future. Listen in for an exclusive sneak peek of our conversation with Kevin on The Tavern before it's aired for the public! We step onto the American economic playground, as we navigate the constitutional provisions that empower states to make gold and silver coin legal tender. Lets take a historical journey, tracing the roots of the term 'dollar' to its origins in the 1787 Constitution. We put the Supreme Court rulings under the microscope, as we highlight the states' ability to utilize gold and silver as legal tender. Gear up as Kevin enlightens us on the possible benefits of a transactional gold solution, the implications for the economy, taxes, and our country’s future. This is an invitation to understand, act, and shape our nation's fate.

Geopolitics, Spiritual Revival, and Cultural Restoration – on Good News Friday

Today is Good News Friday, so that means we’ll get to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. In Loudoun County Virginia, parents put their foot down against public education and get a new Christian school started. The US is beginning to intervene in the war between Israel and Hamas. Mississippi governor posted a picture of a revival, bringing 1400 people to Christ. In Tennessee and Kentucky transgender procedures on children are banned. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, switched to Republican from Democrat and now he has started a Republican Mayor’s Association to network conservative mayors for ideas and solutions. After Galesburg Illinois flys the pride flag, a lawsuit was won enabling the Christian flag to be flown as well. All of this and more on Good News Friday!

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