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Insight from Nehemiah on Property for Today – with Rabbi Lapin

There is a growing difficulty for the individual to own property, in our country. To better understand what is going on, we bring in Rabbi Daniel Lapin for some insights from Nehemiah on property ownership. Should land be available to everyone? What does land ownership mean? What can we learn from Nehemiah on the state of property ownership, today? How is it that government is making it all so disproportionate? We will address all of these questions and more.

Speech, Behavior and Representation – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday we address listener questions. If the leaders of our country are throwing the constitution out the window, is it too late to make a difference? If you wear a MAGA hat, is that free speech, or is it behavior? Why do we not have 2 senators for every county in the states, and representatives based on the number of citizens in each county? Are there any resources for children 10-13 for remembering God’s hand in the founding of our nation?

Combating the Culture with Truth – with Jeff Myers

Today we have Jeff Myers with Summit Ministries on to talk to us about the state of the culture and the direction of our young generation. With woke culture and indoctrination in all levels of education, what can we expect moving forward? And what can we do to protect our young people from this toxic culture. We need to overcome this culture with Truth.

Christian Influence Strengthens in the Culture – on Good News Friday

Today on Good News Friday: Revivals proliferate at Christian colleges, Christian film makers who continue to make great Christian films, and are now getting notoriety for it. Gender transition surgery is being recognized as unhealthy and dangerous for minors, DEI policies are being suspended, now enabling people to excel based on merit rather than the color of their skin. Catholic kids visiting the Smithsonian are permitted to wear their pro-life hats after being reprimanded for them upon entry. All of this and more!

Megachurches Making a Difference – on Good News Friday

We start the program with another black history hero. Today’s hero is Stephen Smith. Next, we work through David and Tim’s stack of good news. In Africa, terrorism is being fought by the US government. More Christian programs are being introduced into public schools. A megachurch in Florida requires its members to agree affirm the biblical definition of marriage. In Fort Worth, Texas, a megachurch gets involved in school board elections and turns things around.�

Collage Board Using AP to Indoctrinate – with Stanley Kurtz

Today we start our program with another black history segment. Our hero today is William Carney. Later in the program we have Stanley Kurtz on to talk to us about the College Board’s addition of advance placement classes such as African American Studies, which are a facade for leftist indoctrination. The good news in this is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is putting his foot down and saying enough!�

Black History, Student Council and Term Limits – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

We continue our segments on black heroes with the remarkable story of Robert Smalls. Later, on Foundations of Freedom Thursday we look at a couple listener questions. First, a question about standing up for what is right on student council. What do you do when the school leadership won’t listen to reasoning? And second- though congress would never term-limit themselves, could a state put together a ballot initiative for term limits for their state?

Don’t Forget Our History and Heroes – with Tim Geoglein

We must teach the American story to the rising generation. If we forget who we are we will not know the direction of the country. We are facing an epidemic of historic illiteracy. The future of America is on the line. Tim Geoglein is on with us today to tell us about a new book that aims to remedy the ignorance of our history and heroes, and get us turned back in the right direction.�

School boards, Marriage and Christian Nationalism? – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Can school boards overrule state laws, regarding transgender and abortion policies? What does Christian Nationalist mean? And how do we respond to it? There are low marriage rates. How do we bring the opinion back to marriage as a sacred institution? All this, and more today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

OSU is Violating Students First Amendment Rights – with Maddison Farris

OSU is Violating Students First Amendment Rights: In conservative Oklahoma, OSU is infringing upon its student’s first and fourteenth amendment rights. Speech First is bringing a lawsuit against OSU. Maddison Farris, the former editor-in-chief of OSU’s newspaper was forced to resign when she posted a column stating that per Oklahoma state law, students cannot be required to wear masks. Maddison Farris is our guest today. Lets get the story straight from her!

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