Faith in Action: Igniting the Christian Vote and Building Christian Networks for Positive Change

This episode offers an enriching journey into the nexus of faith and politics, guided by our esteemed guest, Chad Connelly of Faith Wins. A seasoned advocate and a passionate believer, Chad shares his experiences traveling with David and Cheryl Barton, the critical role of pastors in shaping political discourse, and his takeaways from the Pro Family Legislators Conference. This conversation illuminates the significance of Christian engagement in the political sphere, unearthing insights and encouraging action. We explore the tenets of biblical voting, local race involvement, and the power of faith in action. Guided by the principle that God has a plan for everyone, we urge our listeners to pray, act, and leave a positive imprint on their communities. In these challenging times, this message is a beacon of hope, reminding us of our potential as individuals and as one nation under God. We then pivot to the instrumental role of pastors in political engagement, discussing the success faith as a driving force in politics and the need for promotion of biblical values. We delve into the nuances of building a network of pastors, addressing the hesitations and criticisms that often arise in relation to politics and religion. Wrapping up on a high note, we emphasize unity and shared values. This episode is not just an informative discussion, but a call to action and a testament to the power of faith in affecting positive change.

Bad Policies Fail to Succeed – on Good News Friday

Today, on this Good News Friday, we’ll look at some news stories the major media doesn’t report. Soros-backed DA candidates were voted out in Virginia elections. Representative Rashida Tlaib is censured by the house for defending Hamas. Overall support for Israel is moving up. Plano ISD in Texas removes sexually explicit books after parents show up to a school board meeting and pressure them to remove the titles. World Series winner, the Texas Rangers, continue to stay away from wokeism. Members of the team give God the glory. All of this and more, today on Good News Friday!

Life, Marriage, Christianity and Israel – on Good News Friday

Good News Friday is our time to look at news stories that the major media doesn’t report. Adult stem cell research continues to prove results over embryonic stem cell research. In Missouri, a referendum ballot initiative protects the unborn against late term abortions. Funds are redirected from IRS agents to aid Israel. A Catholic farmer who was banned from a farmer’s market for believing that marriage is between one man and one woman wins his lawsuit to participate in the farmer’s market again. Christian values are beginning to re-emerge in Czechoslovakia as they leave the UN to protect Israel. Abortion declines in Delaware. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Geopolitics, Spiritual Revival, and Cultural Restoration – on Good News Friday

Today is Good News Friday, so that means we’ll get to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. In Loudoun County Virginia, parents put their foot down against public education and get a new Christian school started. The US is beginning to intervene in the war between Israel and Hamas. Mississippi governor posted a picture of a revival, bringing 1400 people to Christ. In Tennessee and Kentucky transgender procedures on children are banned. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, switched to Republican from Democrat and now he has started a Republican Mayor’s Association to network conservative mayors for ideas and solutions. After Galesburg Illinois flys the pride flag, a lawsuit was won enabling the Christian flag to be flown as well. All of this and more on Good News Friday!

Woke Policies are Failing on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday, which means we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of Good News articles. First one is about a girl who was persuaded by her school counselor to consider herself to be a boy. She won a lawsuit against the school, sending a message that these transgender policies won’t be tolerated. The Biden border policy has changed to allow more southern border security. California’s woke policy of banning government employee travel to conservative states and boycotting their products is failing as funds can’t be appropriated. In Virginia a new Christian school as opened allowing parents a wholesome option for their children’s education. Tune in, today, on Good News Friday!

God’s Way Works – On Good News Friday

It’s Good News Friday, so lets take a look at some good news from around the nation that the media doesn’t report. First on our list, we talk about some recent archaeological discoveries in Israel affirming, yet again, the truth in the Bible. Next we switch gears and discuss Disney’s decline in light of their woke agenda, showing us that when you follow God’s ways, you prosper, and when you don’t, you don’t. Finally, A winner of the Ms. America Pageant states that being a mom is her greatest calling. Lets follow a Biblical model. We also talk about Biblical discipleship and the great commission. All of this and more, on WallBuilders’ Good News Friday!

Values Still Exist – on Good News Friday

Today is Friday, which means we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. Students at Oregon State University refuse to give a survey on “identity” any real consideration. After a man was forbidden from talking to mothers outside an abortion clinic, a law suit was filed and he won his case. A journalism professor, moving from the University of Texas to Texas A&M was given a more limited position because of her woke policies. The 6th circuit court of appeals ruled that minors should be shielded from cross-sex procedures. Viewership on late night TV programs is reflecting a more positive trend in values. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

College Professor Fired for Teaching Basic Biology – with Dr. Johnson Varkey

A college professor was fired for teaching basic biology, and that X and Y chromosomes alone determine a person’s gender. The college claimed that this was an “ethics violation” and that he was “preaching” in the classroom. We have Dr. Johnson Varkey on with us today to share his story, as well as attorney Kayla Toney from First Liberty to inform us about the lawsuit they are filing, and what they expect to happen with this case.

The Marketplace of Ideas – on Good News Friday

It’s Friday, so that means we’ll work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. In Moscow Idaho, Christians who were arrested for not wearing masks during COVID finally win their law suit. Investors continue to pull out of Target stocks, in response to their woke and transgender policies. A judge rules against the Satanic Temple as they claim abortion as a ritualistic sacrifice as their first amendment right. ESG is continuing to under perform and investors are recognizing it. The state of Montana leaves the American Library association for their Marxist ideas. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

Being Woke Doesn’t Work – on Good News Friday

Lets take some time today to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles. A message is being sent to Disney as park attendance plummets from their woke policies. Elon Musk speaks out against the transgender movement. The University of Minnesota drops affirmative action. The Sound of Freedom surpasses Indiana Jones in box office sales. Fort Worth’s fine arts counsel requires the Texas boys choir and Texas girls choir to only allow biological boys and girls according to their gender. Transgender cyclist says that sports should only be according to biological gender. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

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