Restore a Christian Worldview in America – How Do We Do It?

Restore a Christian Worldview in America - How Do We Do It? In some areas we're doing well in the culture and in some areas we're losing. Gallup is saying that there's now record support for gay relations and polygamy while a plurality still opposes abortion. Tune in today as we discuss how to turn that around and bring back a biblical worldview.

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Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Should We Be Surprised?

Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Should We Be Surprised?: In this episode, we interview Dr. Everett Piper on his article titled, “Reports of Sexual Misconduct Should Not Be a Surprise.” The solution to the problems we are seeing today starts with fixing the root issue. We need to teach this generation about foundational truths and morals. For years, our schools have mocked morality. Why are we now shocked to find we live in a society that has no understanding of personal morality?

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Former Muslim Warns Christian Leaders on Islam

Former Muslim Warns Christian Leaders: In today’s episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Mark Christian on his experience growing up in an Islamic home and the rising capitulation that Americans feel towards Islam.   Today’s broadcast is really a wake-up call and warning to Christians.  We discover how we’re actually submitting to and furthering Islam through appeasement. We must stand up!  

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Family As Defined By The Bible, How America Has Shifted

Family As Defined By The Bible, How America Has Shifted: In today's episode, we talk with Tim Goeglein who is one of the presidents of Focus on the Family. His message is so strong on families, and that is exactly what our culture needs to hear today. We hardly hear the media promoting marriage as defined by the Bible. Yet, statistics show that the Biblical form is the best and most beneficial form of union! Tune in or read now to learn more about the restoration of the family union in America! 

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Brookhill and High Point Summer Camp For Christian Students

Brookhill and High Point Summer Camp For Christian Students: In this episode, David Pate talks with us about his two camps for students. The first one is Brookhill Camp for students in 3rd grade to 9th grade. The mission of Brookhill is to teach kids to learn to have fun as a Christian. Hight Point is for 15 - 19 year-olds, training and equipping them for leadership and how to practically apply Biblical principles in their everyday life to become culture shapers and changers. These are life changing camps empowering our youth to grow up with an applicable and Biblical worldview. Learn more about both Brookhill and High Point right here, on WallBuilders Live!

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Protect Family Rights Is Giving The Power Back To The Parents By Filtering Your Movie Content

Protect Family Rights is giving the power back to the parents by filtering your movie content. In this episode, we discuss with Bill Aho, the CEO of Protect Family Rights, the importance of updating the Family Movie Act. Protect Family Rights wants to enable the family to again be able to have clean entertainment in your home by filtering the content for you. Yet, Hollywood is trying to take away that right away. Tune in now to learn what you can do to update this bill and bring clean content into your home once again!

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The Refuge In Austin Is Saving Lives From Human Trafficking

The Refuge In Austin Is Saving Lives From Human Trafficking: In today's episode, we talk with Brooke Crowder about her organization called, "The Refuge" located in Austin, Texas. The Refuge is a place where child survivors of sex trafficking can find safety and have access to the proper therapeutic services for healing from the trauma they’ve endured. Listen to find out more and how you can get involved in stopping this epidemic too.

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