Good News Wednesday!

In order to get caught up on our Good News Friday stack, we’ve decided to bring you some good news, today on Wednesday! We start off the program with another segment from our black history segment on Christian Fleetwood. We follow it up with our good news topics- Increased oil and gas drilling bills being passed in the House, in the NHL teams are declining to wear special pride jerseys, the constitution was read before the State of the Union address and a judge in California blocks COVID-19 disinformation law. All of this and more today on Good News Wednesday!�

The Government Has Been Dragging Its Feet on Drilling for Oil in Alaska – with Todd Tiahrt

We start the program with a black history segment on George Washington Carver. Our topic for the day is a petroleum reserve in Alaska. The drilling company has been waiting 20 years to get a permit to drill, but the government has been dragging its feet. Tapping into this reserve would bring gas prices down drastically. Will this be able to go through with the Biden administration? Congressman Todd Tiahrt is on today to tell us about it. �

House Rules, Healthcare and Women’s Sports – on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday! We start off with the history of Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves, followed by more good news from David and Tim’s stack, including more news related to the updated House rules. Now there is more time for bills to be reviewed and congressmen and congresswomen on the House floor can propose amendments to bills. The New York Supreme Court strikes down vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. In Massachusetts, physician assisted suicide is now banned. And in West Virginia, women are now protected from men who want to participate in their sports. All of this and much more today on Good News Friday!�

Black History, Student Council and Term Limits – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

We continue our segments on black heroes with the remarkable story of Robert Smalls. Later, on Foundations of Freedom Thursday we look at a couple listener questions. First, a question about standing up for what is right on student council. What do you do when the school leadership won’t listen to reasoning? And second- though congress would never term-limit themselves, could a state put together a ballot initiative for term limits for their state?

People Are Loosing Their Jobs Over Their Vaccination Status – with Brad Dacus

There is a religious liberty case in Oregon involving people losing their jobs over their COVID vaccination status. For refusing to take an experimental vaccine with a questionable track-record these people are facing unemployment. Though our topic is a case in Oregon, it paints the perfect picture of what is happening all over the nation.�

The Government Could Take Your Property Without Just Compensation – with David Deerson

There have been many cases of government abusing property taxes throughout the nation, taking the entire equity of a foreclosed home when only a small debt was due. David Deerson of Pacific Legal Foundation, explains the ramifications of a case they are working on now, using the 5th amendment takings clause as a defense. This could affect you! Listen, today to find out more.

Good Things are Happening in Sports, Religious Liberty and Guns – on Good News Friday

Working through our stack of Good News Friday articles, you will be inspired with all the positive things that are actually happening in our country. Women are protected from men wanting to compete in their sports. We’ll also hear stories of how God is being recognized in sports. There have been supreme court wins in religious liberty, and we’ll find out more about these wins and also a case involving 2nd amendment rights. All of this and more today on Good News Friday!

School boards, Marriage and Christian Nationalism? – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Can school boards overrule state laws, regarding transgender and abortion policies? What does Christian Nationalist mean? And how do we respond to it? There are low marriage rates. How do we bring the opinion back to marriage as a sacred institution? All this, and more today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

OSU is Violating Students First Amendment Rights – with Maddison Farris

OSU is Violating Students First Amendment Rights: In conservative Oklahoma, OSU is infringing upon its student’s first and fourteenth amendment rights. Speech First is bringing a lawsuit against OSU. Maddison Farris, the former editor-in-chief of OSU’s newspaper was forced to resign when she posted a column stating that per Oklahoma state law, students cannot be required to wear masks. Maddison Farris is our guest today. Lets get the story straight from her!

Washington is Re-Opening for Tours! – with Tim Wildmon

Today we have Tim Wildmon on to give us updates on spiritually based tours opening now in Washington DC. With new Republican leadership in the house we are seeing the re-opening of the capitol to guests. Join us for details on how you or your pastor can come see the birthplace of our nation.

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