Israeli Hostages Return, Progressive DAs Recalled and Creationism in Schools – on Good News Friday!

It’s time to look at good news articles from David and Tim’s stack. Fighting slows down in Israel and hostages return home. In California, there a recall efforts over progressive district attorneys. In Eugene Oregon, after hard drug use was legalized, city officials realize that was a bad move and start working to turn things around. Texas textbooks place Creationism back in as a potential explanation for the origin of the universe. All of this and more, on Good News Friday!

The Gospel in School, Influencing Representatives and Former Presidents on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

It’s time to dive into questions from the audience here on Foundations of Freedom Thursday! Are public school students allowed to share the gospel? How do you reach out to legislators and those in congress and how we can make a change for the better. Could an individual who is not a member of the House be elected as speaker of the house? Could former president Donald Trump become speaker of the house? And does a former president still have pardon power? All of this today on WallBuilders!

Journey to America’s Past: The Impact of Faith on Our Founding Principles

Are you ready to journey into the past and explore the fascinating intersection of faith, culture, and the founding of America? Your guide will be David Barton, as we take a deep dive into the contrasting approaches to governance of the Jamestown and Plymouth. Discover how their different priorities have shaped America's values and institutions to this day. In our quest to understand America's past, we also discuss the crucial role of religion in shaping our government and society. Did you know about the decline in Bible reading and biblical literacy in America, and its impact on our understanding of God's institutions, such as the family and government? This conversation doesn't shy away from contemporary issues either, as we touch on the societal reflection of gender identity and secularization. Finally, we grip the alarming issue of the decline of Christianity in America and its implications for believers. As we spotlight the biblical concept of "occupying until Jesus returns," we also face the challenges of retaining Christian children in faith amidst the rise of the "Exvangelicals". We wrap up with an encouraging call to action, urging believers to stand firm and work to reverse this trend. So, join us on this enlightening journey and explore the American story.

From Education to Witch Trials: Early America and The Deep Impact of the Pilgrims and Puritans

Ever wondered how the principles instilled by the Pilgrims and Puritans have shaped America's government, economy, and education system? Prepare to embark on a historical journey as we uncover the profound impact these early settlers had on the country we know today. From a constitutional, historical, and biblical perspective, we unravel the influence they had on establishing elected government, free enterprise, and private property rights. We also highlight the agreements they made with Native Americans. We also look at pilgrims and their significant influence on public education. We fast forward to New Jersey in the 1800's, a time when education was heavily rooted in the Bible teaching. We uncover the educational requirements of the time and the significant role that black officials played in early American education. Equipped with these insights, we gain a deeper understanding of America's rich history and the values it was built upon. Wrapping up our journey, we examine the stark difference in the number of casualties between the European and American witch trials. We credit this to the Pilgrims' and Puritans' commitment to biblical teachings which led to the establishment of due process rights. We also look at the contrasting narratives of the founding of Jamestown and Plymouth. Be sure to tune in as we keep the flame of freedom alive and learn from our past to build a better future.

Challenging Historical Narratives: Jamestown, Plymouth, and the Role of Faith in Early America

Ready to question what you thought you knew about the early settlements in America? Join us as we delve into the contrasting tales of Jamestown and Plymouth. We challenge the claims of the 1619 and the reality of slavery in America's early days, and discuss the role of evangelical Christianity. These two cities show the contrast that is present when you do things God's way vs embracing socialism. Far from the sugar-coated history lessons, this discussion explores the stark realities of survival in these early colonies. As we journey through the pages of history, we examine the hardships faced by the Pilgrims in their quest for religious freedom. We dissect the beliefs of these early colonists and look at their motives for leaving Europe. Their painful journey from England to Holland, and finally to the Virginia Colony, is a testament to their unwavering faith. We highlight the Mayflower Compact and its emphasis on Christian purpose and godly leadership. Wrapping up our exploration, we emphasize the significance of community responsibility. Stay tuned for our next episode as we continue this enlightening discussion.

Faith in Action: Igniting the Christian Vote and Building Christian Networks for Positive Change

This episode offers an enriching journey into the nexus of faith and politics, guided by our esteemed guest, Chad Connelly of Faith Wins. A seasoned advocate and a passionate believer, Chad shares his experiences traveling with David and Cheryl Barton, the critical role of pastors in shaping political discourse, and his takeaways from the Pro Family Legislators Conference. This conversation illuminates the significance of Christian engagement in the political sphere, unearthing insights and encouraging action. We explore the tenets of biblical voting, local race involvement, and the power of faith in action. Guided by the principle that God has a plan for everyone, we urge our listeners to pray, act, and leave a positive imprint on their communities. In these challenging times, this message is a beacon of hope, reminding us of our potential as individuals and as one nation under God. We then pivot to the instrumental role of pastors in political engagement, discussing the success faith as a driving force in politics and the need for promotion of biblical values. We delve into the nuances of building a network of pastors, addressing the hesitations and criticisms that often arise in relation to politics and religion. Wrapping up on a high note, we emphasize unity and shared values. This episode is not just an informative discussion, but a call to action and a testament to the power of faith in affecting positive change.

Bad Policies Fail to Succeed – on Good News Friday

Today, on this Good News Friday, we’ll look at some news stories the major media doesn’t report. Soros-backed DA candidates were voted out in Virginia elections. Representative Rashida Tlaib is censured by the house for defending Hamas. Overall support for Israel is moving up. Plano ISD in Texas removes sexually explicit books after parents show up to a school board meeting and pressure them to remove the titles. World Series winner, the Texas Rangers, continue to stay away from wokeism. Members of the team give God the glory. All of this and more, today on Good News Friday!

Citizenship Education in Upholding American Principles – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

It’s time to dive into some listener questions today on this Foundations of Freedom Thursday! Could Joe Biden be impeached for incompetency? Is it true that several states are removing Trump from the ballot? And looking at immigration, are there any citizenship classes available to immigrants? You don't want to miss today's episode!

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Engaging in Civic Duties Amidst Potential Fraud: A Discussion on Ballot Harvesting

Ever wondered how regulations around ballot harvesting affect electoral outcomes? We're peeling back the layers on this controversial topic, tackling the delicate balance of using the tools that are available while pushing to remove ballot harvesting from the law. We take you on a whirlwind tour of differing state regulations on the topic. We must ensure robust verification with checks and balances. Our guest today is Hans von Spakovsky from The Heritage Foundation. Listen, as he walks us through this delicate topic. There is ongoing ballot trafficking in our country. What can we do? We leave no stone unturned. We illuminate the constitutional provision that empowers legislatures to dictate election law and we unearth the pitfalls of tampering with ballots and the criticality of documentation in such instances. Lastly, we plunge headfirst into the debate storming around election rules pertaining to ballot harvesting. We dissect how regulations from the states that tolerate some form of ballot harvesting, shape electoral outcomes. We bring to light the importance of staying engaged in the political process, regardless of the potential for fraud, emphasizing the need for personal responsibility in fulfilling civic duties. Step into this vital conversation on our electoral process and the call for wisdom and action rather than surrendering to the status quo. Don't miss out!

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Dissecting Climate Change: A Conversation with William Happer

Ever wondered how the Bible, historical context, and constitutional principles intersect with hot-button issues like climate change? Get ready for an eye-opening discussion as we welcome our esteemed guest, Professor William Happer, a professor emeritus of physics at Princeton and he is unafraid to challenge widely accepted narratives. We journey through faith, culture, and the controversial topic of climate change, connecting biblical interpretation and constitutional perspectives to current realities. Discover the role WallBuilders plays in fostering this connection. Our discussion takes an intriguing turn as we join forces with Professor Happer to challenge the notion of climate change as 'settled science.' Brace yourself for a deep dive into the complex world of science, where theories continuously evolve, and consensus can sometimes be misleading. In our final segment, we navigate the divide within the scientific community over climate change and the potential global ramifications of certain policies. The Left uses climate change as leverage to push their agenda. We know that biblical truth will prevail.

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