Constitutional Truth – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means we’ll spend our focus on listener questions- Shouldn’t judges cite laws and the constitution instead of other court rulings? Why didn’t the founders set up term limits for judges? Does the 2nd amendment apply to all weapons? Tune in today for all the answers and more!�

Conservatism and Sports – on Good News Friday

We take time, today, to work through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles- The pull-out of US troops from Afghanistan is being reviewed in the House of Representatives. The Texas Rangers baseball team, refuses to celebrate pride night, against pressure from Major League Baseball. Gallup pole shows growing conservatism in our nation. God’s power is acknowledged in women’s softball. And Private property is defended against Unions. All of this and more on Good News Friday!

Our Power Grid is in Jeopardy – with David Tice

Our power grid is vulnerable to any number of hazards, including deliberate acts of terrorism. David Tice is on with us today to discuss this real danger. Cascade failures could leave huge sections of our country without power for months. Starting with Texas, David walks us through actions that can be taken. He tells us about the movie Grid Down Power Up, shedding light on this Achilles heel of our country. Is there any current effort to secure this critical part of our infrastructure? What can we do to make sure we never go without power?

American’s Unhealthy Behaviors are a Matter of National Security – with Chad Robichaux

Chad Robichaux is our guest, today, on to talk about the dwindling pool of eligible recruits for our military. America’s epidemic of unhealthy behaviors, body and mind, are leaving our military branches without the applicants they need. We need a strong spiritual emphasis to turn the culture in the right direction. With American’s once again believing that the body is a temple, we can start turning our behaviors around and building healthier, stronger bodies in the process. Only then will we have a once-again ready military.

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Giving Our Veterans A New Opportunity – with General Bob Dees

Our black history segment today is on Bridget Mason, the story of a former slave who goes on to become very successful and start churches in California. Our interview segment is with General Bob Dees to talk about their Valor Farm program, taking Veterans who need help becoming re-acclimated to society. It’s a one-year program where patriots can learn new trades and get plugged back in to society.

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An Update on the State of the Government – with Congressman Josh Brecheen

Our black hero segment today is on Lemuel Haynes. Later, we have Congressman Josh Brecheen, representative from Oklahoma, on to discuss the state of our federal government. How are things progressing now that the house has new rules? What is happening regarding our relationship with China? Is anything going to be done about our out-of-control spending? All of this and more!�

Remembering Veterans with Christmas Wreaths – on Good News Friday

Today on Good News Friday, David, Tim and Rick share some great news for this Christmas season- Professional Soccer player shares Christ and brings 18,000 people to Christ; protection for federal contractors against a vaccine mandate; remembering veterans with Christmas wreaths; and abortions drop 97% in Texas!

Christian Persecution is on the Rise – with Rudy Atallah

During this season of Christmas we must remember our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. The level of persecution of Christians, especially in the west Africa region- Nigeria, Iraq Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan is on the rise. After the removal of the US military, social and political hostilities are as bad as ever. Rudy Atallah from White Mountain Research tells us the story.

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