Manifest Destiny, Women in the Draft and January 6th – on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Foundations of Freedom Thursday means we get to take time today to answer Listener Questions- What is meant by Manifest Destiny? If there is a draft in the future, would women be included in the draft? What new information is there on January 6th? Ready to challenge your perception of American history and its impact on our existence today? Hop aboard as we journey through the controversial doctrine of Manifest Destiny, examining its historical roots and implications on our contemporary society. We'll untangle the knotted strands of the Democrat doctrine that asserted white American supremacy and led to the violation of Native American treaties. Transitioning from the past to the present, we look at the the roles that men and women play in our society, particularly in the military. We use biblical references to shed light on traditional gender roles and discuss the US military's approach to genders. As we ponder over the potential of a military draft, we ask - Could there be a conscientious exemption? How does the left's view of genders impact the idea of women being drafted? In the latter part of our episode, we look at Congressman Barry Loudermilk's information on January 6th. We ignite a conversation on transparency in government prosecutions. This episode is sure to stir your thoughts and offer a renewed perspective on the interplay of history, politics, and biblical truth. So, don't miss out!

Navigating Faith, Homeschooling and Entertainment: An Engaging Conversation with Sam Sorbo

Curious about how movie-making could foster faith and education? Prepare yourself for an insightful conversation with Sam Sorbo as she spotlights the intersection of Christian values, homeschooling, and entertainment. As we traverse hot topics such as the tangled Speaker of the House drama, the value of responsible news sources, and the ramifications of negative rhetoric on politics, the Sorbos generously share their experiences - from their upcoming film, Miracle in East Texas, to their dedicated homeschooling ethos. Continuing on this fascinating journey, we'll navigate the intriguing history of the East Texas oil strike - a pivotal event that serves as the backdrop for the Sorbos' forthcoming film. Be prepared to be regaled with tales stranger than fiction and full of miracles, all served with a dose of humor and a sprinkle of forgiveness. We'll also engage in enlightening discussions about the curriculum developed for homeschoolers and the potential of entertainment as a tool to generate healthy conversations in families. To cap this engaging discourse we talk about Glenn Beck's plan to produce more movies that reflect Christian and conservative values. In light of recent faith-based cinema successes such as 'Facing the Giants' and 'Jesus Revolution', we'll delve into the potential of our contributions in supporting various trainings and initiatives. So, join us on this enlightening journey, and be inspired by people who are unrelenting in their quest to instill Christian values through homeschooling and entertainment.

The Crucial Role of Churches in Society: A Discussion with Neil Mammen

Wouldn't you love to be able to identify a church that not only cherishes biblical principles but also has a sound cultural and political awareness? Join us as we engage Neil Mammen in a riveting conversation about his personal journey from a Marxist family to embracing Christianity and his revolutionary tool,, that is changing how we find good churches. In this episode, we take a historical trip back to the time of Jesus and His not-so-sweet interactions with the politics of His era. We examine the governance of Judea by the Sanhedrin - the Pharisees and Sadducees - and Jesus's strong messages about justice, mercy, and faithfulness. We delve into God's moral laws, their protective nature, and the dire consequences of ignoring them. Neil shares insights on the injustices faced by the poor and persecuted, reminding us of our collective responsibility to challenge laws that sustain their suffering. To conclude, Neil explains why it is crucial for churches to be the salt and light of the world. We discuss how assists in locating churches that are biblically sound, culturally cognizant, and politically active. Hear from Neil about how you can list your church on and let it shine its light to the world.

Foundations of Freedom, A Revealing Conversation with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Laws, part 2

Welcome to a riveting exploration into the heart of our republic with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and historian David Barton. We're about to embark on a journey through time to examine the concept of jurisdiction, a fundamental pillar in our society. Have you wondered about the relationship between religion and government? From Henry VIII in England to the French monarchy, we'll delve into historical attempts to control religious doctrine. We'll also visit the story of King Uzziah, allowing us a peek into the jurisdiction of civil government. And of course, we'll discuss the modern implications of the government imposing its will on religious institutions. Lastly, join us as we highlight the imperative role of laws and the Constitution in safeguarding our rights and freedom. We'll reflect on the profound impact of the Ten Commandments, as ruled on by the landmark US Supreme Court case of Stone v Graham. With the guidance of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and David Barton, we'll strive to comprehend the profound foundations of law, and how these foundations, sculpted by our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bible, have shaped our understanding of law and freedom. Ready for a deep dive into the essence of our free society? Your journey starts here.

Foundations of Freedom, A Revealing Conversation with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Laws

We're embarking on an enlightening journey through the vast intersections of faith, culture, law, and government. Promising a rich discourse, we're joined by our special guest, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. As we traverse this discourse, we'll unravel the mysteries of God-ordained government, comprehend the purpose of laws, and study the timeless argument over the separation of church and state. Brace yourself for a deep-dive into the Bible's 613 civil laws and a fresh perspective on their purpose. As we journey back in the centuries, we'll reexamine the Ten Commandments, marvelling at how they've withstood the test of time, their relevance unscathed across eras and cultures. In the labyrinth of laws - moral, judicial, and ceremonial - we'll decode the nuances, and understand their transformation over the eras. Engage in an exploration of moral law, judicial law, statutory law, and social compact law, each serving its unique purpose in maintaining societal order while upholding God's moral law. In the final leg of our journey, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann takes center-stage once again, illuminating the primary types of law - ceremonial, moral, judicial, and social compact. Discover how these laws safeguard our freedoms, and how the Ten Commandments resonate with people of all times. This engaging and insightful conversation promises a comprehensive understanding of law and government. Whether you're an enthusiast or a curious learner, we promise, you'll come out with your horizons expanded, your understanding deepened. So, buckle up and let's get started!

A look at Geopolitics in the Middle East and a Response to Vivek Ramaswamy, with Krish Dhanam

We invite you to embark on a journey where faith and culture intersect with geopolitics. We're excited to bring you the insights and experience of our remarkable guest, Krish Dhanam. With a wealth of travel experiences and a profound understanding of diverse worldviews, Krish guides us through the complex geopolitical landscape of the Middle East, shares his experience in South Africa, and offers his perspective on the current issues facing Israel. We also take the time to venture into the narratives of Vivek Ramaswamy. We dive head-on into the riveting discussion of clashing worldviews, in Hinduism, Islam and the truth of the Bible, considering the theological and geopolitical implications. Furthermore, we explore the impact of wealth and power on one's worldviews and discuss the presidential race and Vivek Ramaswamy place in it. Krish, with his deep understanding of Hindu philosophy, sheds light on the situation. So, gear up for an enlightening conversation that bridges faith, culture, and geopolitics.

Woke Policies are Failing on Good News Friday!

Today is Good News Friday, which means we’ll be working through David and Tim’s stack of Good News articles. First one is about a girl who was persuaded by her school counselor to consider herself to be a boy. She won a lawsuit against the school, sending a message that these transgender policies won’t be tolerated. The Biden border policy has changed to allow more southern border security. California’s woke policy of banning government employee travel to conservative states and boycotting their products is failing as funds can’t be appropriated. In Virginia a new Christian school as opened allowing parents a wholesome option for their children’s education. Tune in, today, on Good News Friday!

Journeying Through Church Steadfastness and Educational Freedom on Good News Friday

Today is Good News Friday which means more of David and Tim’s good news stories that the media doesn’t report! Surveys reveal that mainstream protestant denominations continue to have a solid biblical foundation among the congregation, despite some church leaders trying to push a more liberal philosophy. Iowa governor Kim Reynolds says no to liberal pressures to implement new mask mandates. Liberal wealth redistribution efforts are being reduced as student loan forgiveness programs are coming to an end and student loan payments are returning. And finally, school choice is gaining ground across the country. Tune in today for some uplifting stories!

Empowering Involvement on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means we’ll address some listener questions- What can young people who are interested in impacting politics and the culture do to make a difference? What can be done to get the church more involved in the pro-life movement? Some states are tying to remove Trump from the ballot, citing the insurrection clause in the Constitution. What can be done? All of this and more on Foundations of Freedom Thursday!

Running to the Roar: A Deep Dive into Historical Revivals and Their Relevance Today

Get ready to ignite your understanding of truth as we take you on a journey through historical revivals. In this exploration, we unearth the profound relevance revivals have in today's context and the crucial role the Bible plays as a guiding light. Strap in, as we move from understanding revivals to the incredible process of how they span generations. We delve deeply into the significant role the older generation plays in moulding the younger with biblical teachings. In the final leg of our journey, we uncover the tenacity and resilience required for revival, drawing inspiration from George Whitefield's unyielding dedication during the Great Awakening. We conclude with an inspiring call to action, inviting you to be a part of our mission of truth by supporting WallBuilders. We promise this is an episode that will leave you contemplating the intersections of policy, faith, and culture through a Biblical and historical perspective.

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