Foundations Of Freedom Part Five- The Bible And Civil Justice

All this week we will be sharing a special presentation from Foundations of Freedom! We”€™ll be having special guests coming on each day so stay tuned throughout the week! Today, we will be discussing what court trails are like when they are done Biblically

Foundations Of Freedom Part Three- The Foundations Of Law

Foundations Of Freedom Part Three- The Foundations Of Law: Foundations of Freedom is our latest television program. We are so excited to get share it with you here on WallBuilders Live! In this series, will be discussing The Founders Bible, what kind of influence the Bible had on America, and we also discuss the foundations of law! Tune in now for the third part of this five-part series!

Liberal Ideas Fail – on Good News Friday

Working through David and Tim’s stack of good news articles on this Good News Friday, first we look at the pro life rally turnout at the capitol of Maine, A recap from Tuesday’s episode with Carroll Conley. It appears that there is a rise in the pro life movement in Oregon, as well. After San Antonio, Texas attempted to facilitate abortions, legalize marijuana and ban arrests of theft, citizens stepped up and said no. El Paso, Texas declined a climate charter. In Michigan State University, a professor is fired for requiring her students to donate to Planned Parenthood. A Washington state town bans drugs after a spike in overdoses. In St Louis, Missouri there is more evidence that liberal progressive ideas don’t work. All of this and more today on Good News Friday!

Life, Constitution and Biblical Citizenship on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

Today on Foundations of Freedom Thursday: How can you debunk the argument that abortion is healthcare? Was there ever a time when the federal government and the states behaved according to the constitution? Is it the role of the church to preach Biblical Citizenship from the pulpit? How can we persuade our pastors to teach on these topics?

A Need for Biblical Perspective in Business with Steve Dulin

Today we have Steve Dulin on to discuss the need for biblical perspective in business. Steve’s construction company has experienced supernatural success by using God’s principles in the business. He brings this to the table as an example of how applying God’s principles can lead to a successful business. We discuss curriculum and conferences that are made available to business owners who want to put God at the forefront of their business.

American Restoration Tour – Restoring Biblical Foundations, Part 2

American Restoration Tour - Restoring Biblical Foundations, Part 2: When was the first black man elected to office? Who are Indiana Hoosiers really named after? Why did we teach was America a special nation? Why don’t we study our own history in schools anymore? What are the foundations of our government processes based on? Tune in to hear the surprising answers to these questions and much more, as we continue bringing you this special session from the American Restoration Tour!

American Restoration Tour – Restoring Biblical Foundations – Part One

American Restoration Tour - Restoring Biblical Foundations - Part One - Join us for part one of the American Restoration Tour! What is truth, and where do we find it? Why are our biblical foundations important, and how can we return to them? Tune in to hear part one of three of the American Restoration Tour!

Elementary Students Opt Out of Pornographic Sex Ed Course – with Michael King

Today, we have Michael King on the program from the Massachusetts Family Institute. He is fighting on the front lines in the culture war and there has been a huge victory. Parents in large numbers are opting out of leftist sex ed programs in public schools. These programs instruct Elementary school children in a distorted and non-biblical view of sexuality. These programs are concerned more about promoting their agenda and philosophy than the students’ well-being. Parents are recognizing this and saying no more!

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