The Founders Bible, Foundations Of Freedom Series

The Founders Bible, Foundations Of Freedom Series: It seems like we're losing some of those freedoms. People want to know: What are the Foundations? How did we become so successful as a nation? And why are we losing it? Most people don’t recognize the Bible as a foundational document of America but in this episode, you will find out exactly how important the role of the Bible played in the founding of America.

May 15th, 2017|Religion & Church|0 Comments

Biblical Worldview, A Comprehensive Poll On America’s View Today

Biblical Worldview, A Comprehensive Poll On America's View Today: George Barna has a brand new poll out that's gone deeper than ever before. This has been covered in so many polls over so many years and decades. But this is the most comprehensive poll to date. Tune in now to hear what George Barna has to say about this poll and the mindset of America today, and even learn how you can take his Biblical worldview test!

April 26th, 2017|Religion & Church|0 Comments

Deterioration Of Religious Liberty

Deterioration Of Religious Liberty: Is praying at home no longer Constitutionally protected? That's the position of one city in its fight against a Catholic former nurse. The city and police are trying to limit the First Amendment to only choosing your religion, not actually living it out. Kelly Shackelford, noted Constitutional Attorney, joins us to discuss the ramifications of the case and the future of the First Amendment, as well as giving us an outlook for freedom of religion under judges chosen by President Trump.

January 24th, 2017|Religion & Church|0 Comments