Chick-fil-A Staffer Saves Mother And Baby From Carjacker And More – A Chick-fil-A Staffer saves a mother and her baby. Judge orders Fauci and other top officials to produce records for lawsuit and more!

Air Date: 09/23/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Alright, David and Tim, let’s dive into that good news. David Barton starting us with our Good News Friday. Go ahead, bro.


I’m going to start off with some lawsuits. We have talked about in previous programs that some of our friends, Kelly Shakleford and Mat Staver and these guys have been doing. They’ve been doing things with COVID and the vaccinations in the military, and the military saying if you don’t take the vaccination, we’re throwing you out. You’re going to get a general discharge, not an honorable discharge. And a general discharge is less than honorable. It’s not the same as a dishonorable discharge, but anybody who sees that you’re discharged in the military with less than honorable and that’s not a good thing.

And so the military has been threatening this, been taking people out, they’ve been refusing to recognize the religious exemptions that exist in law. And so what’s happened, two things that happened this week that I think are really significant. Number one is those three dozen Navy SEALs that have the lawsuit going, that they refuse to take the vaccination because of religious convictions. It’s interesting that they have been told they were going to be thrown out. It was an order called Trident Order #12, and it came from the Rear Admiral of the Navy special Warfare Commander, said you’re going to take it or you’re going to be gone.

And these guys have a lawsuit going, it’s in court. And the courts have now granted lawsuits for every branch except the army and that’s coming. And the reason the army had not been granted a lawsuit was the army, quite frankly, those that were getting religious exemptions, the army was just letting them languish and rest. So they weren’t really punishing them, they just weren’t doing anything with them. And now the courts have made it clear that, no, we’re not going to put up with that either.

So what has happened is the Navy has very quietly rolled back, Trident Order #12, and that was the one that was going to punish these guys to require them to be thrown out. And that has gone away and this goes back to a court ruling a few months back where the Court of Appeal said, no, no, you’re not giving religious exemptions. You should. This is required by law.

And so rather than give those exemptions, what they’re doing, they’re just rolling back the order. So it no longer even matters for the rest of the Navy SEALs or anything else, which goes back to Biden just a few weeks ago, rolling back all the COVID thing and CDC backing everything out. So it’s now gone away. All of these lawsuits are going to keep going forward.

And related to that, I saw an article that came out this week where the inspector general at the Pentagon has stepped in and he said, okay guys, I have gone through and looked at all the branches and looked at what’s happening with the religious exemptions and you clearly are not following the law by examining the religious conviction of each individual soldier, sailor, airman. The inspector general went through and said on average, only 12 minutes has been applied to these exemptions. Clearly, that means you’re not checking with the chaplain, you’re not checking into their beliefs, you’re not checking to see if this is a real conviction or if it’s just an easy out. You clearly are not following the law.

So, for the inspector general to report to the Pentagon that you guys are breaking the law across the board, that’s another really, really big thing. Now it’s not an issue right now with the COVID stuff because COVID stuff has pretty much gone away, but it is a real issue because the military has shown such a hostility in the Biden administration to religious exemptions of anything. They don’t want soldiers who seem to have a conscience, or at least a conscience affected by religious beliefs.

And so we’ve heard all sorts of reports from officers that look, they’re just trying to purge the military of anybody who’s got a religious conscience, they don’t want religion in. And so these are two really good things that have happened, rolling back that Trident Order #12 order for the Navy, for the Navy Seals, but also the Inspector General just slapping the Pentagon really good.

Now that doesn’t mean Lloyd Austin is going to do anything with it, but it does mean that it’s now public, but it’s documented these guys have a real record of hostility toward religious faith at the Pentagon. So hopefully, just that public announcement will start moderating them off and they won’t be as hostile and we’ll see more victories. But I think we’re going to see a lot more victories in court.

By the way, from what we’re seeing is the courts are now starting to grant class action lawsuits for the entire branch, not just 5 or 10 or 15 guys that are challenging it. They’re seeing everybody in that branch. We’re going to include them in this lawsuit because this is a class action lawsuit and that’s a really big thing for the courses say. So, a lot of good things moving the right direction in the military and COVID.


Yeah. We saw, of course, Mat Staver and Kelly and some of our friends in the last couple of weeks. And just you could tell they’re encouraged. I get their emails and I’m encouraged when I read those updates. There’s so many victories out there that long time coming, right? We wish they had happened a year ago and all of that, but I predicted that COVID would be over in two months because the courts would slap down all this stuff. So I was clearly wrong about that. But finally, we are getting some good victories and we’ll have Mat Staver on next week to get a specific update on some of those things and then also talk about some other victories.

He’s had victories in Florida on these councilor issues where the government has tried to prevent councilors from being able to give Christian advice. So, really encouraged by all that good news. Tim, what’s our next piece of good news?


Well, guys, this one is from Florida, and specifically from a Chick-fil-A in Florida, which both of those seem like they get a lot of credit and we could celebrate them for a long time. But this headline is interesting and maybe some of you listening have already seen some of the videos or seen some of this story. I thought it was so fascinating. The headline of the article says, “Watch Chick-fil-A staffer save mother and baby from carjacker”.

Now the short of the story is there was a mother at Chick-fil-A, she was getting her child out of the car and a thug came up and demanded the woman’s keys and sticking his hand, trying to steal her car. And she starts screaming for help. And a young man working at Chick-fil-A runs over to rescue this woman who is literally having her car stolen. The car jack is happening right in front of her eyes. And as a young Chick-fil-A worker rushes in, he actually gets punched in the face, not faced, ends up tackling this guy, holding him on the ground. Other people come over and they are able to hold him until the Oklahoma sheriff arrives and is able to help navigate the situation.

The sheriff actually said a major shout out to this young man for his courage and went on talking about a Facebook post and he thanked the Chick-fil-A staffer, etc. But he actually chuckled. He said “When I thanked him for his service, he told me my pleasure”, which of course is the Chick-fil-A standard after someone says thank you.

But I just thought, this is so great. So often in life, we as individuals are looking for moments we can really do something of meaning and value and significance. And also on the flip side, sometimes we see these videos where somebody can be on a train or somebody is in a city somewhere, and literally somebody’s getting beat up, somebody is getting a purse stolen, something’s happening and people are just videoing. They’re not engaging. They’re not trying to stop the bad guy. They’re watching it happen. They’re just going live on whatever social media platform they have to try to boost their followers or their likes or whatever the case might be.

What’s awesome about this scenario, yet another reason I like Chick-fil-A is in this moment, this young man stepped up, and actually, what’s interesting about this article is the young man’s name is not mentioned. Now I’m sure I will go look in a minute and I will try to find the young man’s name. But nonetheless, really great that as we’re trying to encourage masculinity in young men, and we want young men to be the masculine individuals that God made them to be. Part of what masculinity offers to culture is protection, is security, and it’s weak men who do things like this carjacker was trying. The reason you need masculinity is to stop weak men doing evil things. And this is just a great story from a young man working at Chick-fil-A.


Yeah, I love the whole my pleasure thing when he’s done serving in a very different way. But good stuff. Good stuff, man. Alright, David, let’s try to get one in before we go to break.


Rick, what I’ve got is two lawsuits, but they’re on the same topic, although they deal with different parts of the same topic. But it’s COVID. And remember that when all the COVID stuff happened and people started having different opinions and the great bearings and declaration came out, and there was a lot of healthcare professionals who said, wait a minute, we’re in healthcare as well and what the CDC is saying doesn’t make sense, or what the vaccination companies are saying doesn’t make sense.

And so what happened at that point in time was that CDC and Fauci and others, apparently about 50 different government officials started colluding with the big tech companies to say, hey, these are the guys you want to de-platform. You don’t want this kind of speech going out there. We need your help. Keep these guys off there. And when these big tech companies were given the status of Section 230 federal law, that they have the right to be platforms, platforms meant that they were neutral. They will take everybody’s stuff and post it just like being a bulletin board. If you pin something up and tax something on the bulletin board, we’ll post it. And suddenly they’re choosing winners and losers.

So Texas passed a law and that law said the big tech cannot censor someone based on their viewpoint being conservative or whatever it is. And so, so the big tech companies went to court and sued against that Texas law. And what happened was the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals came in and said, no, no, you can’t do that. You can’t pick winners and losers. We have the first amendment. And for the government to collude in keeping people from exercising their First Amendment right is a violation of the Constitution and big tech companies can be held accountable.

And so I love what the judge said. He said “The day we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say”, now that’s a great line, that corporations think they can censor what people say if they disagree with them and they’re getting special benefits from the government on that Section 230, they get special privileges and other things that others may not get. And the government can’t get special privileges for violating the Constitution. So that’s what the court points out.

And along with that, we have another lawsuit that was brought by the attorney general of Louisiana and Missouri and it deals with Fauci’s collaboration with big tech companies and keeping out medical alternatives, saying that, hey, we don’t want your big tech companies to put out this medical stuff, this medical advice.

And so what’s happened is we now have a federal judge who said, oh yeah, you’re not going to do that. And by the way, Fauci, you have to turn over the records of your communication with those companies. And he was trying to say, well, that’s government stuff and you can’t do that. But now it looks like Fauci is being told he has to turn over all those communications with his office and others and big tech. And so this could be really great if it holds the government accountable for violating the Constitution and people like Fauci, who clearly wanted their viewpoint out there and they wanted their viewpoint to trump, even though we’ve seen in the last two weeks the CDC has come out and actually repudiated so much of what they’ve been pushing for two years, saying, well actually the evidence is on the other side. Why didn’t you acknowledge that when we pointed that out two years ago before you shut everything down?

And of course, there are people, as Glenn Beck pointed out in his book “The Great Reset”, COVID was really a dry run for seeing how far Americans be willing to kowtow the government so that they can know what they can do on ‘The Great Reset’ when they want to completely remake the system. So you look at that and you go, yeah, that’s pretty right. We found out just how far Americans will go on listening to what the government says. But now we’re seeing these attorney generals and the state legislatures, others say, no, we’re not going to tolerate that. We’re going to defend the Constitution. And we’ve seen now Court of Appeals and now federal court in the last few days come in and rule in favor of the Constitution, which is really good news.


What a great reminder, guys, are just the basic principle of free speech and open debate and the marketplace of ideas and how if you have a ministry of truth that gets to decide what’s allowed to be said in public, then it all comes back to those two words “who decides”? And so now who gets to decide whether it’s misinformation? Who gets to decide whether or not it’s something that is dangerous?

We’ve always thought as Americans that it was better to let people speak and if they say something stupid, they’ll be proven as being stupid. Or if they say something that doesn’t work, let the market respond and say, hey, here’s the other evidence. And so much better to err that direction rather than what we did over the last two years, which really cost lives because people weren’t able to find out truth and find out options.

So, just a really horrible thing that happened over the last couple of years. It’s so good to see we’re finally getting some good decisions that, like you said are coming back to this constitutional idea of not allowing government to shut down speech and collude with these big tech companies. Okay, we’ll take a quick break. We’ll come back at some more good news with Tim. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday. Tim Barton’s got the next piece of good news. Tim?


Alright, guys, this one is from Delaware and the title of the article says “Delaware Court strikes down States voting by mail law”. A little background, but also we talked about on the first segment on a few different articles, some of the overreach of government based on COVID. And this is one related to that.

So when COVID first happened in 2020, the state legislature of Delaware, Republicans and Democrats agreed together emergency measures. And so they decided we’ll just do vote by mail for everybody so people don’t have to get out because they’re afraid of the exposure and COVID and so everybody votes by mail. Well, then Democrats decided that they wanted to take that policy and they’re going to make that policy, the policy going forward for all voting; all voting going forward will be vote by mail.

And this is something that’s not unique to Delaware. There’s other states that decided to go this route as well. Certainly, what we recognize, when you are doing mail in ballots and you’re doing ballots to people all over the state, it certainly increases the opportunity for fraud with these mail in ballots. There’s not the same level of security as in-person voting.

But with all that being said, what’s interesting about this is when the Democrats brought this up in the state legislature to pass a new law saying that going forward they would do all by mail voting, the Republicans did not support at that point. They said, we’re not in an emergency anymore and we don’t need this measure for the ability for people to vote anymore. Democrats overpass it. The governor signed it in the law. But a Judge came in and struck it down, pointing out that in order for this to be the new law going forward, it actually has to change the state Constitution, and to change the state Constitution, they have to have enough votes to change the state Constitution.

And because Republicans did not support this, they did not have enough votes and so this judge pointed out that this law can’t take effect going forward because it’s no longer under emergency powers or emergency authorization more specifically. And so the Judge pointed out that election officials must follow the law based on Delaware’s Constitution. So, this is something I think certainly Democrats will pick up and go with. But it’s just great to see a Judge pointing out that you still have to follow even state constitutions. And if the state Constitution requires elections to be run a certain way, you can’t just willingly change that. There’s actually a process to amend even state constitutions that they did not follow.

So it’s just like we saw at the US Supreme Court this summer had several decisions upholding the US Constitution and saying, guys, the Constitution says this, what was happening was not constitutional. We need to stop doing what’s unconstitutional and follow the Constitution. This is literally a state Judge doing the exact same thing, saying that we’re violating our state Constitution. And if you don’t like what state Constitution says, then you can amend it. You just have to amend the process laid out and authorized by the state Constitution. So this is really good news to see some Judges getting backboned and even protecting and defending state constitutions this one being in Delaware.


I’m kind of giddy, folks. We’re getting all these good decisions all of a sudden. For two years of a drought with mostly bad decisions, they weren’t going the right way, it’s been a great year, this last six months of the year, and very, very good decisions. Alright, David, next piece of good news. Are we staying in the courts or heading somewhere else?


Well, we headed to some universities at this point. And we’re seeing some really interesting things start to come out of universities that kind of go counter to what we’ve seen in the last few years where they have really become just so amazingly woke and so insensitive to what we would call traditional constitutional values, traditional American values, military values, faith values. All those cultural institutions that we’ve respected for so long have been under direct attack. And universities have encouraged the Marxism and encouraged just the wokeness that just undermines who we are as a people and as a country.

And here is an interesting headline. It says, “Tennessee University cancels a drag event for mocking Christianity and for having disturbing content with kids”. And so, as it turns out, Tennessee Tech University, their university president found out that there had been regular meetings with the LGBTQ group there and some of their clubs and some of their fraternities, that they were having events on campus and some of the campus stage theater audience kind of places that facilitate that, where that they were having these drag shows and they had minors involved in it.

Here’s the description of one of them that says. According to the daily Wire, “A man dressed as a sad monk comes onto the stage to a song that mocks Christian faith. The music changes and a drag performer strips down to a bodysuit. The miners with cash in their hand were seen running to the stage in an audience cheers”, and on it goes. And there’s some more graphic stuff that goes with it.

So the university president found out about this, and this is what university president Phil Oldham said. He said, “I am disturbed and dismayed about the activities in a video circulating on social media from a recent event on Tennessee Texas campus. I do not feel the activities and video represent TX values, and I do not condone explicit activity where minors are present. I am also offended by disparaging mockery toward any religious group.” And on he goes.

And it sounds like a flashback to 10 years ago, 15, 20 years ago, where that we had respect for what most people adhere to rather than disrespecting, where most Americans were and trying to elevate those that had really different views from what we’ve known as the things that are American. And not that we suppress free speech, that’s not what I’m saying. But suddenly, we had just really kind of given in to the smaller percentages and told the bigger percentages, you guys, you got to give up all your beliefs to accommodate the other side.

And that’s just not the way it is. The two sides are not going to represent themselves in coexistence when one group is specifically attacking the values of the others. There has to be a winner and a loser. And I’m just really pleased to see a university presence say, no, we’re not going to attack Christianity, and we’re not going to have those kind of values, and you’re not going to do this drag queen kind of stuff where minors are present. We’re going to have some traditional standards here. And I just think that’s a really, really healthy haven’t seen that from enough universities, but I’m really glad to see it from Tennessee Tech.

And I was also told the story tonight out of Louisiana Tech where they have some similar values appears. And they recently were playing Clemson and found out about a guy on Clemson Teen, his young sister had died from a cancer, and the whole Louisiana Tech team wrote that kid a card of condolences. Their prayers were with him. When the team ran out, the opposing coach had on a jersey with that girl’s name on it. And it was just really good to see that kind of consideration, that kind of thoughtfulness for others.

And so shout out to Tennessee Tech. Shout out to Louisiana Tech. Good for them for having those traditional values. That’s great.


Alright, Tim, you’re bringing us home today. What’s our final piece of good news?


Alright, guys, this one is from the Hilliard Ohio school or city school board meeting and some good news and then some work to be done. But the good news is we’ve talked about it before the Bible-based education program, which is release time for religious instruction policy. This is something that really offered these states across the nation that the US Supreme Court identified this is still allowed. And there was some pushback from teachers and some people in the school district who said we shouldn’t allow students to have time to go get religious instruction because in this school is supporting these specific programs and it’s not really about the student, which is really a crazy argument to say that kids getting some moral foundation is not in the best interest of the student.

Nonetheless, part of the challenge that still remains and the pushback that came where there were several teachers who were there at this big meeting and apparently there were lots of people at this meeting, but there were teachers there and they were wearing their LGBTQ badges. And these badges were things that actually had links to the National Education Association. But not just the National Education Association. It was the National Education Association lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus Caucus, an organization within the NEA that seeks to provide support and education for the LGBTQ teachers. And they went on to say that this is just showing support for people that identify a certain way, making them feel welcome, etc.

The reason some of the parents took issue with it is because there’s a QR code on the badge and the QR code goes to the resource page. And the resource page definitely has some graphic information that’s not students appropriate. So it led to a conversation with the school board identifying the teachers probably need to cover up the QR code and then be sensitive with how they answer things.

So the good news is that religious liberty did prevail. The school board voted and approved that release time for religious instruction could remain and then get guidance to teachers. But guys, one of the things, as I see more and more of these school board meetings, the good news is every time parents show up, we’re seeing victories. And sometimes the victories take a little bit longer, but we’re seeing victories when parents are showing up, they’re getting involved in the process, which is what we should have been doing all along.

But even as we’re getting involved and like this when we won a victory, it also revealed that there’s still a lot of work to do and there’s a lot of ideology from many educators, from many of the administrative side that is not reflective of the values of many of the parents and students who are there. It’s one of the reasons that we’ve encouraged home schooling in Christian school and private schools for a long time.

Nonetheless, it’s great news that parents are getting involved in school board and in this case that they were able to preserve the release time for religious instruction.


And on those badges that the teachers had on the LGBQ stuff, it said on the badges, “I’m here, safe person, safe space”. And I’m looking at the NEA and wonder where their Christian caucus is. They’ve got an LGBTQ caucus. Where’s their constitutional caucus or their conservative caucus or anything? Oh, no, wait, they don’t have that. That’s what they’re against.

It is so ironic that they have these badges and nobody raises a ruckus till now, which is good for them. But where’s the rest of these values? And they’re coming back and Tim, as you said, parents are getting involved, and that’s really healthy for all of us.


Alright, we’re out of time for today, folks. We’ve got more good news at our website That’s where you can make a contribution and come alongside us and help us to educate, equipment and inspire more folks to get involved in this fight to preserve our constitutional republic and restore biblical values. But also at that website, you can get some of the archives past Friday programs where we have even more good news available for you.

We sure appreciate you listening. Spread the word and help us restore America’s constitutional republic. Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live.