Systemic Compromise At Chick-fil-A Foundation “€“ Mat Staver Shares Important Facts: Is Chick-fil-A having an identity crisis? We take a deeper look at how the company is betraying Christians by becoming hostile to the Christian values of its beloved founder Truett Cathy. Tune in to find out why this is a pivotal moment of decision!

Air Date: 12/11/2019

Guest: Mat Staver

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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We’re excited about today’s program that you’ve made possible by being a listener supporter out there and we’re got a special program available for you today and we’re going to have it available on the website today. This is one of those you’re going to want to share, we’re hitting a hot topic today. Mat Staver is going to  be with us a little later in the program, these one of the guys has spoken out recently about what’s happening with Chick-fil-A, in fact, one of the first ones to really give some background data so we’re going to get into some details on this Chick-fil-A thing. But guys, this is a serious program because it threatens my waffle fries and I don’t like my waffle fries being threatened.

I love Chick-fil-A. We love Chick-fil-A. We’ve talked about Chick-fil-A million times on this program. We’ve supported them so many times financially and public relations-wise because of the stance they’ve taken over the years, they’ve been really good to the Christian community.

What”€™s Going On at Chick-fil-A?

So it’s grieving me to see what’s happening right now and we all three kind of, I mean we’ve seen this happen with other companies we just didn’t think it would happen to Chick-fil-A. And for those that don’t know what we’re talking about, of course, it’s the stopping of money to the groups that the LGBT community doesn’t sign off on and say, are great and actually turn around and giving money to groups that are big LGBT supporters. So man, it’s a new massive shift at Chick-fil-A and their group that we really thought was going to stay strong.


Well, and Rick just to kind of remind listeners, the groups that are not no longer supporting include the Salvation Army which one of the things that Chick-fil-A when they said, we’re just going a different direction, they said because we want to help people in need, we want to help the homeless”€¦


Oh you’re going to help Salvation Army


They went through a list of things and Salvation Army released a statement, they’re like by the way, we’re the biggest organization that does that, we help more of those people than anybody else. So it really didn’t make sense that Chick-fil-A would say, we’re no longer supporting the organization who does the most and is the best at what we are saying we care about. But Salvation Army was one and then Fellowship of Christian Athletes was the other and this is really interesting because Chick-fil-A certainly has traditionally been a faith-based organization.

Not Just the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Too

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes invites everybody in any school to be able and it’s hard specifically the athletes, but it invites them, hey and come and kind of have a little Bible study, hear about Jesus, come have fun. It is a very inclusive organization, designed to help share the gospel and it would seem that this would be right up Chick-fil-A’s alley.

So a lot of questions were raised. Why are they no longer supporting those? And then news came out that they were boarding groups that were very anti-Christian in their values and this is where now there’s a dilemma being raised and as you’re pointing out, this is a very, very scary and sad conversation for us, because the waffle fries and sweet tea at Chick-fil-A, I mean this is why we go 2 or 3 times a day, right? This is, I don’t know what I’m going to do, what’s a new restaurant going to be if I can go to Chick-fil-A? But this is why it’s a very interesting direction they’re going and one we have to examine because if we’re going to do a good job being a good steward and voting with our dollars, I don’t want to support an organization who’s going to give money to the very causes that we don’t support or to more specifically to people that are trying to stop traditional and Christian values. If we’re not going to a Christian anymore and we’re going to support groups attacking Christianity, well, then I might need to rethink my giving money to them because I don’t want to support my own demise.

Chick-fil-A Is Different


Yeah because we can argue the McDonald’s or Whataburger whoever else, they don’t support Christianity, yeah but that wasn’t their position they’ve always been without position basically on that. And so to think that my money that I’m voluntarily spending when I choose where I want to go and I say, hey, I know you guys are Christian organization, so you don’t do good with whatever profit you make and you’ll give it back to employees and you’ll invest in the community etcetera, I don’t want them taking my money to invest in organizations that attack biblical beliefs and attack the very things I stand for. That’s why I had to get away from Starbucks years ago, no, Starbucks now under different ownership they”€™re still liberal but they’re no longer as aggressively hostile as they were to the Christian organizations. So the same kind of thing with Chick-fil-A.


And this is something, right that as we’re saying this, certainly there’s a level of conviction in this where, you know, there were some people thought, well, you know, I’m going to still drink my coffee I want to or I’m going to buy whatever product I want to, you can have those convictions, right? I mean, that’s really between you and God.

Not Being Intellectually Honest?

But this is where for us, well, if you’re going to tell me, you’re going to take a portion of every dollar that I give you and you’re going to take that dollar to try to undermine or overthrow or defeat Christian values and you’re really even being a little dishonest saying, well, we just want to help people in need, but we’re not going to support the Salvation Army, what do you think they do, they help people in need. So it seems like they’re being a little disingenuous, they”€™re not being intellectually honest and maybe, there’s a little more to the agenda than we recognize, which is why we thought we probably should ask somebody who might be in the know a little bit. And Mat Staver, it’s certainly somebody who on the legal front is a lot more in the know of what’s going on.


Yeah, and it had a great article about this as this all began to happen. It’s almost feels like, you know, Chick-fil-A is having an identity crisis at this point, who are they really going to  be and the owners and friends of mine that are, you know, Chick-fil-A employees and owners are saying, hey, we’re still helping in the community, we give to the local Salvation Army. What I’m saying, that’s great but you got to talk to corporate because your corporate identity and corporate message right now is changing with the Christian community out here that has done so much for Chick-fil-A in the past year. So yeah, it’s an interesting moment.

Special Guest Mat Staver

Mat Staver had a great article about this too, to give us more data so we’re not just responding over, you know, one donation being withheld or given, but actually looking at a little bit more of a systemic problem that’s happening at the Chick-fil-A foundation. Mat Staver is our special guest today, stay with us. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

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Welcome back staying with us here on WallBuilders Live, Mat Staver back with us from Liberty Counsel, always good to have you, brother, thanks for some time today.


Thank you, good to be with you.


Hey, you had a great article and a quick response, I thought it was really important as everyone is trying to figure out how to respond to this whole Chick-fil-A thing.

Chick-fil-A”€™s Support for the LBGT Agenda

But your article was the first one I saw that that really pointed out some of the bad contributions that were being made by Chick-fil-A, not just the fact that they were pulling away from some good folks and it seems the more I’m seeing out there, man, it’s getting worse with what’s going on with their foundation.


Yeah, it’s terrible what’s going on, because what happened it is I think an outright betrayal. Chick-fil-A certainly started off with True a Kathy’s vision to be a Christian organization and they’ve done so many good things and still does good things. But on the other hand the current operation and the administration has made significant compromises and it’s not just in 2019, it’s been going on for a number of years. If you go back to 2012, it’s when then Kathy said, that he believes marriage is the union of a man and a woman, he made that comment in response to a question on a radio program and from there, you had all this pushback against Chick-fil-A. And Governor Mike Huckabee then organized the Chick-fil-A day on August 1, 2012.

But then two years later, Dan Cathy, the Truett Cathy says, he regrets making that decision. Well, we now know, it was around 2014 where they began to bring in some of these individual executives even the head of their Foundation Board and they began to make these contributions to organizations that are completely anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, those organizations that use the Chick-fil-A funds to do everything contrary to our values, including the Southern Poverty Law Center as recently as 2017.

The Southern Poverty Law Center

This is an organization that hates Christians, hates our Judeo-Christian values and has publicly stated that its intent is to literally destroy these organizations that it list erroneously falsely as hate groups, such as American Family Association. Christians all over the country including the Liberty Council are classified by this organization and they are intending to destroy us and Chick-fil-A is funded them.

So we have seen now a pattern of individuals that have been hired at the highest executive level that are supporting Obama when he was running for president, Hillary Clinton in 2016, who are then funding Covenant House this is an organization that they have actually put forth as”€¦ this is an example of their new direction. In Covenant House, is a very radical pro-LGBTQ organization, it even transports some young girls to abortion clinics with the Covenant House logo on the outside of its van and this is the entity that Chick-fil-A is putting forth as an example of its new direction. And why are they doing this?

Because they want to move into some markets where they’re getting some pushback, including places in the United States, Europe and even Canada where they’ve hired a very radical LGBT lobbying organization to be able to open doors in Canada, to open 14 or 15 new outlets. So it’s all about corporate greed, expanding their corporate footprint and at the same time retrain and frankly lying to the American people, on the one hand saying that they’re a Christian organization, but on the other hand using the money that Christians provide to them with the trust that it is doing the right thing, to actually fund the taking of innocent human life to fund LGBTQ, to fund homosexual pride parades, to fund the Southern Poverty Law Center that’s intent on destroying Christian organization.

An Important Moment of Decision

So I pray that Chick-fil-A goes back to its original purpose, I’m hoping that there’s still hope, but they’re going to have to clean house with some of the people that they brought in. They”€™re in a decision moment and the decision is which way Chick-fil-A will ultimately go if they’re going to have to undo some significant decisions that they have done over the past several years, otherwise the Chick-fil-A of the future will not be anything recognizable to what Truett Cathy envisioned.


Man, you know, man if it was someone else, if it was a company that had not been so in the middle of the cultural war and so backed by Christians, it might be different. People might not be so obsessed, even though we know that’s a big problem as it is in the corporate world, the Left has taken over these boards, they’re using our dollars, I mean that’s a whole other topic, actually it’s right on point with this. But we’ll want time to go into that so much as to say Chick-fil-A is a company that I mean we came behind them when all this happened a few years ago and I think Huckabee is right in the way he’s responded.

Look, they didn’t double in sales just because the chicken was that good, yeah, it’s good, I mean I love Chick-fil-A sandwiches, don’t get wrong. But they didn’t double because of that, they doubled because the Christian community stood up for them and I mean, came out of the woodwork.

The Chicken Isn”€™t That Good

We started eating there, you know, 7, 8, 9, 10 times a week instead of once or twice and they benefited from that and we love to seeing them benefit from that and that’s why we feel like there’s such a betrayal here. These can’t be accidents. I mean, Southern Poverty Law Center you don’t give to a group like that and not know who you’re giving to. And this guy that became head of the foundation, I mean for everything I’ve read about him, it’s exactly what the Left wanted to see, I mean it has totally changed their direction.


It is [inaudible 13:51] who is the president and CEO of the corporation itself is still supporting the Boy Scouts and we know the Boy Scouts went off track on this very issue, LGBT and that’s exactly what’s happening with Chick-fil-A. If you go back to August 1, 2012 when Mike Huckabee organized the Chick-fil-A day, millions of individuals around the country began supporting Chick-fil-A because of the Christian values and they’ve continued to do so thinking it was the same company that we thought it was back in 2012 and that’s why they became so popular and successful.

But now they have wanted to move into a different market where they get some pushback because they funded the Salvation Army or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or the Paul Anderson Youth Home which have wrongly been declared as an anti-LGBT organization. They just simply believe like all of us do marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And instead of standing their ground, they have cut them off and they said, here’s what we are. To be clear”€¦, we want to move into these new markets because we get some resistance.

Covenant House

And here’s who we are, we’re going to fund Covenant House. It’s their entity that they’ve put forth as they’re going to fund billions of dollars and Covenant House, all you have to do is go to their website and it has LGBT infiltrated all through it, some of their employees have to go through sensitivity training where they actually wear their own preferred pronoun pins to tell people and to declare what kind of pronoun they should be called. I mean this is a very radical organization, it funds the New York City Pride Parade with its own float and it’s on t-shirts and hashtag and some of the pictures that it has on its website are absolutely unspeakable and this is what Chick-fil-A is saying, this is our new direction. I mean, this is a very sad situation. But I’m praying that there is a real conversion of the top management at a cleaning house.

The only way that this can be undone is not just to add a few Christian organizations, but they need to defund all these other anti-Christian anti-life organizations that may need to clean house with both their Foundation Board, their board and their board of advisers and their executive staff and bring people in that have the original vision of Truett Cathy and go back to where they were, otherwise they have betrayed and frankly cut off the Christian community.

They Have Portrayed Themselves As Christians

It is worse than any other organization because they have portrayed themselves as Christian and now they set an example and they’ve legitimized the false label of hate group and they’ve also said of bad philanthropic example to other corporations to do not get anywhere near these organizations that believe what the Bible says and what Jesus declared that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. That is a terrible betrayal and that has to be reversed. I pray that it does get reversed.


Yeah, and you said it well, Mat, this is a critical time for them, it’s a critical juncture for them, it’s a great time for us to speak up. Once again, we came in behind them whenever the Left went after them and defended them what supported them financially through our dollars as we purchased. Now is a great time to support them by stopping by Chick-fil-A and just saying to the manager, hey, we love you guys, we love what you’ve done in the past, you need to be the voice to corporate to say it’s time to change.

You know, I saw you know, when this first came out, of course, when it first came out, it was no more money to Salvation Army and other good groups and there wasn’t anything about all these bad contributions or the changes in management over the over the foundation. But it first sounds like, okay, let’s not overreact, but let’s not be naive this is what the Left loves to do and let’s love these guys back to the right side.

Time for Tough Love

And sometimes you got”€¦ it’s got to be tough love and I think they’ve got to hear from us. They got to know this feels like a betrayal. Is a betrayal to us and that their dollar, their bottom dollar is going to be hurt by this but they can restore themselves if they’ll”€¦ you just set it right, they’ve got a clean house, they’ve got to make these big changes and send the signals for the right people. They’re never going to make up for the dollars they’ll lose from the Christian community in these new communities in Canada and other places. And we get it, to all our Chick-fil-A owners and managers and employees out there, we get it, we know you’ve been under attack big time for the last few years, the San Antonio thing, all. But we came behind you, we got legislation passed for you to defend you, all of, you know, I mean they need to know we love them, we understand what’s happening, but they got to make the right decision here.


Yeah, it’s got to be tough love. I mean, you can’t just simply ignore this, you can’t just simply say, well, there are corporations they can do what they want to. This is a corporation that was acting one way to the Christians and then behind our back, intentionally, knowingly for a number of years have been courting the LGBT and pro-abortion community. That’s the only reason why they’re funding them. That’s the only reason why they’re hiring LGBT, lobbying organizations to move into Canada because they think they can play [inaudible 18:25].

Alienating the Christian Community

But fact is they’re not going to be able to placate them by funding a few, they’re going to alienate the Christian community. The only way the LGBTQ agenda is going to accept them is if they get a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign and that means completely being a cheerleader for the LGBTQ organization, that’s the only way. But in the meantime, they’re going to defund all the other Christians and then they’re going to alienate all the other Christians as well. So it’s not going to affect the bottom line in a positive way.

The fact is it’s a very successful corporation. They don’t need just another location in Canada or Europe or someplace in some hostile place of the United States and in order to do that, literally betray their Christian values. It was because of their original Christian values in the Christian community that made Chick-fil-A what it is, they can’t back away from that, certainly, we can’t be silent when they do.


Absolutely. Well, everybody out there has a voice with this. Stop by Chick-fil-A, let the manager and the owner know how you feel and let’s help get them turn back around. They they’ve been a good friend over the years, we’ve certainly supported them, but man, this is really bad news for them for what’s going on in the culture. And like you said, a bad example for other corporations that are struggling with what to do.

Make Informed Decisions

Mat, thanks for speaking up. Man, I really”€¦ when your article came out, I mean in moment, I was just so thankful that you did the homework on this, that you put this information out there and it’s helping us to make good informed decisions. So thanks for what you do for everything Liberty Council does., great organization. You guys, I’m sure are doing your research on, you know, for Christmas as well, right?


We are, yeah. You can go to for that information. And for a petition on the Chick-fil-A, we want to make sure that they hear loud and clear from the Christian community. We have a petition at That’s


Alright. We’ll take a look at that as well and folks, be sure to visit that website today and check out that Christmas list as well to see which companies are allowing Christmas even and using the word Christmas and not getting rid of Christmas, so you can spend your dollars wisely when you go to your Christmas shopping this year. Mat Staver, it’s always a blessing. Brother, keep up the great work, would look for to having you again soon.


Thanks, good to be with you.


Stay with us, folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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Personal Convictions


We’re back on WallBuilders Live, thanks to Mat Staver for joining us today and giving us some good information and data on what’s going on with Chick-fil-A. Tim Barton and David Barton back with us now. And Tim, you said earlier this is kind of one of those things where each individual is got to, you know, just listen to what’s happening and it’s got to be their conviction about how they respond. We can do some positive tough love here with those we love and tell them, hey, you’re off course, you need to get back on course.


Well, and certainly, it’s one of those things that you always can watch because you hope people are going to  make better decisions going forward and this is something that, man, I don’t want to give up Chick-fil-A, ever, I love what your boy has been. I really enjoy their food. But if they’re going to  go a direction that fundamentally, they’re going to use money to oppose the things that we believe in that as a Christian I would support, then I really have to have a very hard thought out, I guess problem solution moment of what am I going to do? Because, right this is something that if I don’t want to support the destruction of the very institutions that we’ve been trying to create, establish and build in America. And yeah, I mean we’re going to have to decide, but hopefully we’ll watch and see and maybe they correct course in this. It should”€¦

A Betrayal to Christian Values


And then people have to realize, when we’re saying they’re supporting the things that are destroying the things we”€™re for, they got to understand what Southern Poverty Law Center is. We’ve got that on the program a lot. They can, you know, do some more homework on that, if they’re not familiar with that or we do a program in the future. But why do you guys think this is, I mean, why the identity crisis, why are they catering to the Left and hurting their very base?


Well, there are three cases that the US Supreme Court this year that deal with LGBTQ issues. And in preparation for that case, we were part of a group that did national polling on that particular issue and faith people and LGBTQ issues, etc. And what you found overwhelmingly was Americans just want both sides to get along, that’s what they want. But the problem is, that’s not possible. It goes back to the scripture where second Corinthians 6:14 says, you know, light doesn’t have fellowship with darkness, darkness doesn’t like the light. There’s lights drawn here.

If you want to read passages, there’s a great account in Genesis 19, another account in Judges 19 where that the LGBTQ community would not get along with the other guys, they wanted you to come endorsed and participate and they condemned anyone that wouldn’t do exactly what they wanted. And so it comes down to we want to get along and that’s most Americans are good hearted, they wish they could get along, but the other side doesn’t allow that to happen.

Which Side Are You Going to Be On?

And so what we found in the poll was, overwhelmingly, if push came to shove and people had to say well, if it has to be religious faith or LGBTQ, which side are you going to go on? It was like 8 out of 10 said, we’ll go with through faith side. So what happens is if there’s a conflict between the two, you’ll find that the LGBTQ side is the side that doesn’t want to get along. And that’s why with Chick-fil-A, they’re saying, hey, we got to get rid of FCA, we got to get rid of Salvation Army”€¦


Because they have traditional values and we can’t tolerate traditional values, because they don’t support our lifestyle. So even though, right, Chick-fil-A serves everybody, they don’t exclude people from being able to order a chicken and sandwich. But if you support Salvation Army or the FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, then you’re a hate organization and that makes you bad. So they’re saying, okay, we don’t to be hateful, we want to be good. So we won’t support the Christian organizations and we’ll support the non-Christian organizations who actually hate Christians. That’s a little bit of a problem and so we’re going to pray for Chick-fil-A because I don’t want to give up the sweetie and waffle fries. We’re going to pray they change, but that’s kind of what I’m looking like where it stands right now.


Well, and they can’t change and you know, if we have a, you know, loving approach to this, right, let them know how much we appreciate them, but let them know we’re not going to ignore this, we can’t with good conscience ignore this. These are serious, serious things and our dollars matter and where they spend those dollars through the foundation matters.

Strongly Encourage Them

They’ve done so much good over the years and we hate to see a change like it is right now and want to strongly encourage them to reverse course and replace these folks as Mat Staver clearly pointed out. You know, clean house, get the good folks back in there that they have the same worldview and vision for the country and want to do good and we’ll do that by putting it with good, biblically sound companies that are making a great difference in communities across the nation.

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Systematic Compromise At Chick-fil-A

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