Court Blocks Law Against Child Vaccinations Without Parents Consent And More – Tune in for some good news! A federal court in D.C. blocks law permitting child vaccinations without the parents consent, pro-life woman in Tennessee wins lawsuit and more!

Air Date: 04/08/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. So glad you’re with us today here on WallBuilders Live, we’re talking about all the hot topics of the day, we take them from a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. Very important that you look at everything in life. Through those perspectives, you got to know what the Bible says about any issue, right? I mean, if you’re a follower of Christ, if you’re a believer, and you’re fulfilling the Great Commission, obeying all the commands, making disciples, I mean all those things, and that means we have to know God’s word.

And so when a hot topic comes up, we need to know what the Bible says about that particular topic. And then, as we often say, here on the program, we also want a historical perspective. We want to know what happened in history on that particular subject, because then we can see where certain responses worked well and other responses didn’t work well. We can learn from history in that way. And then of course, a constitutional perspective is knowing what the proper rules are in our nation for how to be a good citizen and how to influence what’s going on in our particular culture. So that’s why we say a biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective here on WallBuilders Live.

I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach, here with David Barton. He is America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders, Tim Barton is a national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders. And we are looking forward to today sharing with you good news. And we call this Good News Friday because David and Tim have stacks of good news. They get through as much of it as they possibly can in a short period of time that we have today. But we’re going to dive into as much good news as we possibly can to share with you. But we encourage you to also go to our website there at to get more.

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Let’s jump into some of that good news. David Barton’s got the first piece of good news today.


Seems like we’ve gone to Florida a whole lot recently with good news because of Governor DeSantis. But Governor DeSantis can only sign what the legislature sends him. So as much as we like praising Governor DeSantis, you also got to say, you know what, the legislature in the people there who elected the legislators, Florida has really done a good job of turning a very conservative constitutional direction.

So even though Governor DeSantis gets a lot of the credit, and he deserves a lot of the credit, as the people in the legislators also, so the story deals with the fact that Florida, Governor DeSantis just signed a really big what I would call a throwback law. This goes back to when I was in high school, which is you know, we’re talking half centuries, decades, whatever. Rick, I don’t even know if when you’re in high school, the next generation you guys had this, but they’ve signed a law to reinstitute a high school course teaching financial literacy.

And so when I was in school, you had to know about balancing a budget and checkbooks and you had to know about all your accounts and credit cards and etc. And so you figured out whatever a month you’re bringing in and you can only spend 25% a month on your housing, whatever that is. So if you want to rent or buy or whatever, here’s what you can afford based on your monthly income, here’s what percentage your monthly income has to be spent on groceries, etc. So they were all about keeping you out of debt, knowing how finances work and knowing the consequences.

I’ve seen so many ads in recent years of people who are trying to get out of debt and there’s all these services to get you out of debt and people saying, man, I thought credit cards were free money. I just use my credit card because I can get anything I want on the credit card, I didn’t realize I had to pay for it once the bills came in and I got in debt really deep. And it’s like, man, where did we lose the common sense that goes with financial literacy?

And I’m loving this course for several reasons, not the least of which is you’re creating a group of citizens here that’s going to understand how finances are to work, which makes it much more likely that we’ll elect people to office who understand finances, and less likely they’re going to let people office who keep putting us in debt and running up the debt and just taxing us more. So I just think this is a really, really healthy trend. And I hope that schools pick this up going back to financial literacy courses, because this is a whole lot more practical than a gender course and finding out what your gender is.

I mean, how you handle your finances has a lot more long term consequences than figuring out which of the 93 or however many hundreds of genders there are that you are. This is something I think has great consequence and great significance. And hopefully, we’ll get back to even going back to where we have genuine civics courses in school again. We teach government. But we used to teach civics. We used to teach actually government and civics. Government was the philosophy of it. Civic is how it actually works, how you get involved, how you can make a difference, how you can run for office, etc. So hopefully, the condition we’re in right now we’re finding some answers in old things. And what Governor DeSantis did in that financial literacy course, I think, is a really positive step.


Yeah. And it’s not just like personal finances, right? I mean, because if you understand the personal finances, then you’re more likely to say, well, just like I have to balance my checkbook, and just like I have to stay within my budget, government should have to do the same thing. So it will affect not only them being able to do better, but also just their mindset about how money works. And hopefully, they’ll hold their elected officials accountable better on that as well.


Yeah, citizen’s reflection on everything, if citizens don’t demand high standards of ethics and morality in their life, they don’t require it from their elected leaders. If you’re moral lacks with your standards in your morals, then you’re more likely to turn ahead when a public official does something. Same with finances, so if you’re lacking in your finances or don’t really understand how they work, you’re not likely to really make that an issue when you elect officials. But if it’s a big issue to you financially, and what your budget looks like, then it’s a big issue to you on what they’re going to do with the federal budget, the national budget, the local budget, the state budget, whatever it is, every one of these things. Civics, it doesn’t matter. When it becomes an issue to you, you’ll make it an issue and those that you choose to represent you.


Alright, Tim, where are we headed next for some good news?


This one is from a federal Judge, actually in Washington, DC. And this is dealing with, the article says, the title is “Federal court blocked DC law permitting child vaccinations without parental consent”. And we know in the midst of COVID, as vaccines were coming out that a lot of people have been suggesting that everybody should get vaccinated, and then get a booster every six months maybe, and maybe just keep doing that for the rest of your life, seems to be the idea, and big pharma, of course, would love that idea because then they keep getting paid. And we know that just last year, there was one organization, one of the individuals or one of the corporations that came up with a vaccine, made $40 billion with the first year rollout of their vaccine. And so, certainly, this is a big profit moneymaker for a lot of people.

Anyway, all that to say, when the push went for vaccines, there were some school districts that suggested that maybe students shouldn’t even be allowed to go back to school if they don’t have a vaccine. Well, one of the things that happened in some locations like in Washington DC, is they decided to say that we will encourage kids to get the vaccine. In fact, we don’t even have to tell your parents. If you are 11 years old or older, we can take you to get the vaccine without getting your parent’s permission and we don’t have to inform them of what we did giving you the vaccine after you got it. This can just be between us.

So if your parents are crazy enough that they don’t think as an 11 year old who might be, one of the things we know, statistically, is that the vast majority of people that have had life threatening conditions or actually died from COVID, the vast majority, and this is according to the CDC own findings, had at least four underlying conditions and were older than 65 years old. So if you’re an 11 year old, who’s healthy, your own body, the immune system, presumably is going to do much better. Now I know even as we’re saying this, so there’s a lot of people out there going to try to cite this information. All of this is confirmed statistically, is confirmed medically and even is verified by some of the CDC own research and data.

With that being said, the good news is there was a Judge who recognized not only is this crazy, this is also a violation of federal law. So, Judge Trevor McFadden actually came out and cited specifically the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, and identified that this policy violated that Act by cutting out parents from the vaccination process.

Now, what’s also worth noting about this is because this is a federal case, this does not just impact Washington, DC. There is currently a move in California where a similar law is being proposed that says children 12 years and old should be able to get a vaccination without parent’s permission. But since California is also under this same National Childhood Vaccination Injury Act, which is a federal thing, then if this continues on, I’m saying continues on because I imagine it will be appealed, but if this federal Judge’s decision is upheld, this can actually help protect children from having a teacher or some school administrator being able to take them to go get a vaccination, or we’re using the word vaccination loosely in the sense, to go get a jab without having parents informed.

And by the way, just to go off on a side diatribe for a second, let’s also just remember as we’re talking about this, guys, we could spend weeks just highlighting so many of the articles and issues that we have seen in the last several months from public schools, literally weeks, just going into issue after issue after issue from kindergarten teachers to first grade teachers to second grade teachers to high school teachers to the Sex Ed curriculum to the CRT curriculum to the sexual orientation being taught to five and six year olds. I mean, we could go down this list of how crazy this is.

And some parents are waking up to the reality that even though there might be some really good teachers in public school, the reality is that so many public schools and the vast majority of public school teachers have gone woke and are indoctrinating with such evil and unbiblical propaganda that public schools, by and large, are not a safe space for biblical values, traditional values. And as is indicated, when you have a federal judges coming in and overturning the schools, and presumably even the school board’s decision to eliminate parents from decisions for their child’s health and wellbeing, guys, this ought to be a wakeup call for a lot of parents to the danger of what is happening in a lot of public schools.

Now, again, the good news here is there was a federal judge who adds some logic and common sense and identify this even violates federal law with what’s happening. But this is the reality of some of the dangers of what is taking place in public schools right now.


And we always said indoctrination, but man, now we got to start seeing indoctrination and grooming. I mean, they are literally grooming these kids. And for them to object the way that they have to the Florida bill, for instance, and just simply saying, we don’t want you talking about sex with a six year old, I mean, that used to be a slap the forehead and go oh, yeah, I mean, does, we would have said in the 80s. And yet now you have teacher unions and others outraged that we would actually not want those conversations to take place, and that we would want parents to be the ones to make those decisions.

So I mean, it’s not just public school indoctrination. Now, it’s grooming as well. And I agree with you, Tim, parents, you got to wake up, you got to see this. And part of the good news, not only this Judge, but you mentioned it, Tim, the good news that parents are waking up and that they are speaking out. But we just got to keep highlighting these things. And people got to look at it in their local communities as well and start taking over the school boards and stop this nonsense that’s going on at the public schools. But the good news is people are responding.

Alright, David will have the next piece of good news. But let’s take a quick break, we’ll be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here at WallBuilders Live. It’s Good News Friday today. And David has the next piece of good news. David.


Well, this is a sad piece of good news that has some good lessons from it. And it’s disturbing in many ways, but there’s some really good stuff. And I think there’s a great lesson at the end of it. So I’m going to go into it. It goes to Oklahoma. And Oklahoma are getting ready like the rest of the nation for all the elections are going to happen in November. And among those that will be elected are all 435 members of the House of Representatives.

And so in all the congressional districts in Oklahoma, the races are going now for candidates: Republican and Democrat cetera. And news broke here a few weeks ago about a Democratic candidate running for Congress. And that Democrat candidate was at a sleepover to friend’s house with a bunch of 12 and 13 year old girls. And this lady, she just got plastered and was taking pills as well, and just jumped into behavior that is absolutely inexcusable. And what she said to the girls, what she called them, the girls left the room crying and she vomited on all sorts of stuff and including girls’ clothing and shoes. And it was just terrible.

And she had no recollection of any of that. At first, she denied that that happens, that wasn’t her, I wouldn’t do that. And then she admitted well, I saw plaster, I don’t know what happened. And so as a result, and that humiliation, she resigned from the race, she’s not running anymore. But she did go seek personal help, which is really good. So now she’s in rehab. And that’s really helped her a lot. She said, this is the longest that she’s gone without a drink in 10 years. And so, that’s really, really good.

But she’s had mental health issues as a result. She attempted to commit suicide after that party, taking pills and overdoses, etc. And so all of this leads me to something that has really stood out to me in the last three or four years, and that’s all the mental health things that have come up with COVID, all the mental health things that we now seen in schools that we have all sorts of mental health clinics now for kids in elementary school.

Mental health crisis all over the nation and the behavior of this candidate running for office is a good example of that and the mental health crisis that came as a result. Now, here’s where I want to head with this. And that is the more secular a nation becomes, the more mental health issues you have. And I take that back to 2 Timothy 1:7, where that it says that when you’re committed to God, you have love, power and a sound mind. And that sound mind is a fruit of a strong relationship with the Lord. It’s a fruit of being in God’s Word. The fear doesn’t get you that would get other people because of what’s happened in the nation or what’s happening with COVID, or oh, my gosh, might I die, might I be in the 1% that die even though more percent than that dies from car wrecks, might not be in the 1% that’s been highlighted with COVID? And so off we go in this fear thing.

And so the mental health things that are there, we’ve got to get back to having spiritual solutions to this. We’ll never create enough treatments for all the fears that can dominate a people or dominate a nation or dominate headlines. What if World War III breaks out between Russia and Ukraine? What if they start using nuclear weapons? What if that comes to United States? What if, what if, what if? And at some point, we’ve got to get back to the Spirit of the Lord, which produces a sound mind.

So I use the story to point out something that has become really a pandemic in the nation, that’s a mental health crisis because we’re not having the spiritual input that we need. So if you’re listening, and you’ve got things that are really plaguing you, man, get into God’s Word, get into prayer, get your spirits settled down, get the sound mind that God gives when you get in His Word and in prayer and that will really transcend so much that you hear in the news that disturbs you. And it’s easy for all of us to get disturbed. But I’m really glad for that lady, she’s seeking help. But I hope at some point, she gets spiritual help, because that’s the most successful, lasting form of help you’re going to get is spiritual health.


You know, David, as you were talking about that when you become a more secular society, you’re going to have more of these mental health issues. It’s also we’ve talked recently about the CPS problems and government taking kids, medical kidnapping type situations. But that happens because we’ve got all these other problems that cause us to need a CPS. And those things happen because of us becoming a more secular society.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, the drug use, I mean, all those things, all the problems in government getting bigger and bigger, we’ve all three said this for years that you can’t have liberty if you don’t have morality, and you get morality because of religion. And so, that secular culture is going to produce more and more problems that require government to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And the bigger government gets, of course, we lose our liberty. So, you’re so right. It’s the mental health thing. And then the same exact principle applies to all these other areas.


And by the way, going back to the story Tim just had, probably the biggest national evangelist for secularism has been public schools. That’s where kids are likely to get their faith stepped on quickest, most promptly, teacher are going to say, put that up, put your Bible away; going back to Kelly Shackleford case, you can’t have a candy cane because that reminds us of Christmas and Christmas reminds us of Jesus, six degrees of separation kind of stuff.

So I don’t know that there’s any climate anywhere in the United States that’s been more hostile toward faith and the expression of faith than our public schools have been. And so I would point to that and say, that’s a lot of the reason that we’re seeing the change we have. In just a quick set of stats that came out a couple of weeks ago is right now what you see is the current millennial generation, 30% of that generation identifies as LGBTQ. Now, that’s a high percentage.

But my question is what percentage of their parents, if they’re 30% that identifies as LGBTQ, what percent of the parents? And the answer is 1.6%. Oh, wow! That’s a lot of change from 1.6 to 30. And the millennial generation right now, according to the same survey, 48% of millennials support socialism over capitalism and the free market. What percent of their parents supported that? 14%. So somehow, we’ve gone from 14% in one generation to 48% in the next generation. So clearly, it’s not the parents that are inculcating this so widely.

And the third thing is among millennials, only 33% believe in God. Well, 89% of their parents believed in God. But only 33% of them believe in God. What’s happening? Well, this is schools. Schools took them in the LGBTQ direction, took them in the socialism direction and took them to anti-God direction. And the reason we know that is Jesus tells us in Luke 6:40, that every student when he’s fully trained will be like his teacher. And teachers and classrooms have a whole lot more hours with kids and parents do as far as teaching goes. And so we’re seeing the impact of that.

So you know, Rick, even as you’re pointing out with all the other things that come from thinking secular, a lot of that goes back to our education. That’s where we’re teaching from generation and generation becoming more secular each generation. At some point, we’ve got to break that cycle and say the life and the soul of my kid is more important than me conforming to a culture that says you need to be in public schools because the football team is great, the band is great, that’s where everybody else is or whatever.

At some point, we got to say, you know what, we made it all the way to the founding generation with a whole lot of homeschooling, and with a lot of common schools and what were called, Oh, Phil, schools, Latin schools, etc, that really taught those serious biblical principles. At some point, we got to recover our educational foundations.


Yeah. I mean, just one more thought on that, Rob McCoy, our mutual friend, that pastor there in Thousand Oaks, California, just the other night I was with him in Washington State and he made that same point. And he made it about the colleges and the universities. And he said, at some point, we’re going to have to say I don’t care as much about my pride, being able to say at the cocktail party or whatever it might be, my kids going to so and so University… At some point, that’s guy mean nothing to us. And we’ve got to care about the soul of our kids and what they’re being taught and not going to send them off to the schools where they absolutely indoctrinate and groom them.

So the good news, back to our Good News Friday on all of this is unbelievable wakeup call in America. So many parents that would not have entertained this conversation at all, even a year ago, and certainly two or three years ago are now the ones asking the questions and saying I want to do what’s right. I now see just how bad this is. So the wakeup is happening all across the country. And let’s see, I think we were on David’s good news there. Where are we, is it Tim next?


It is me. Yes.




So this one is from a woman in Tennessee, and she’s a prolife Catholic and actually sued because her Workers Union, it was the Laborers International Union of North America, her labor union was someone that contributed to Planned Parenthood. And as a prolife Catholic, and really this should be any Christian, they should be prolife and they should identify that, hey, if your union is a major funder for Planned Parenthood, they’re in the wrong position.

And so she simply put in a request for a religious exemption that I don’t want to donate money to this union, when she was required the job, to have the job, she was required to be part of the Union. But in the union, they would take the dues, and they would fund things that Planned Parenthood were doing. And she said, look, I don’t want to part of the Union. If they’re giving money to Planned Parenthood, I can’t do that as a prolife person. And so however, we’re going to navigate this, either the union doesn’t take and give money to Planned Parenthood or I’m not part of the Union.

Well, in the midst of this, she ends up being forced if you’re going to have this job, you’re going to have to give money to the Union and they’re going to keep giving money to Planned Parenthood. So there has been a lawsuit. Now the good news is she won this lawsuit. And there certainly are things that unfold from this where her union actually agreed to pay her, it says $10,000. And they wrote her a letter of apology, which I can only imagine, right. Like, what does that actually mean at this point? You write a letter like, okay, we’ll let you have this one. Don’t do it again. I can only imagine kind of the legalese that’s in this.

But the reality is that one of the individuals who was part of this is Mark Mix, who’s the president of National Right to Work Foundation, and he identified observed by the case, he says no American worker should have to pay tribute to a union they oppose just to keep their job, whether their objectives are religious or otherwise. And that’s a logical. It makes sense. You should not be required to join a union to get a job, especially when that union does things that violate your belief, your conscience, your position.

In the midst of this, what’s really kind of interesting about this is one of the things filed in the lawsuit was the attorney that she had to meet with was the union attorney. And one of the things the attorney told her was that you don’t understand your own faith and tried to explain her face to her about why as a Catholic, you should fund Planned Parenthood, you should be pro-abortion.

Okay, first of all, the audacity that anybody is going to come and explain your faith to you, unless it’s like your pastor or in this case, maybe your priest, if it’s your spiritual leader helping explain the faith, that might be one thing. But when it’s the attorney for the organization that you are suing, yeah, like the whole thing is just ridiculous.

One of the things again, it’s kind of worth noting about this is in this article, it then highlights all of the other unions that are funders of Planned Parenthood. And just keep in mind, Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar abortion chain and maybe multibillion dollar abortion chain, which they identify they’re responsible for more than 350,000 abortions every single year. At least this was still true last year, 350,000 abortions last year. This is kind of a standard number for them.

And you have groups like the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association, you have United Auto Workers Union, you have the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, service employees, International Union, I don’t need to read all the unions that don’t have Planned Parenthood. The point is that what’s so neat about this is there was a lady who said, wait a second, I’m a prolife person and I’m not going to be part of a union that’s given money to Planned Parenthood to kill, to murder babies. And there’s precedent. That when someone stands up and says, you know what, I’m standing up for the unborn child, I’m standing up for life. She actually won this case.

This is something I would encourage every listener. We know we have listeners all over the nation and many that are probably part of different unions, I would encourage you, you need to investigate your union. And if your union is donating to Planned Parenthood, you might need to follow the precedent of what this lady did out of Tennessee and say, you know what, I don’t want part of my dollars going to fund the murder of unborn children.

One of the things that, guys, we’ve talked about on this program, people all over America, they’re waking up, but also we see more people standing up. This is a really good example of someone who stood up for what was true for what is right. And the court was on her side recognizing that, yes, you should not be forced to join a union to have a job, especially if that union is taking your money and giving it to violate your conscience. So that is really good news, someone had the courage to stand up, and in this case, they were justified and do not have to pay those union dues that go to Planned Parenthood.


Alright, folks, that’s all the good news time we have today. But there is more on our website, That’s also where you can make your one-time or monthly contribution. Thanks to all of you out there that do that on a regular basis. We appreciate you coming alongside us. As I was mentioning, at the top of the program, we have this really special event on April 22nd and 23rd, Biblical Citizenship in Modern America live and in-person. You get to see and hear from Kirk Cameron, Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, Brad Stein, David Barton, Tim Barton. Who else do we have? Goodness, it’s full. Oh, Pastor Rob McCoy. I’ll be there, Rick Green. I mean, it’s going to be a fun, fun time and you also get a tour of the American Journey experience and we’re going to do a Constitution coach training all of that in one weekend. Check it out at patriot

Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.