Christian Filmmaker Named Chief Creative Officer of Pixar Animation! Good News Friday: We call it Good News Friday because it’s a chance for David and Tim to share some good news from across the nation and around the world. In this episode, we talk about new law lets parents veto schools’ sex ed. Professor defends student”€™s marriage views. Studies show an abortion increases risk in getting blood clots. And more!

Air Date: 08/03/2018

Guest: Ted Baehr

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


You found your way to the intersection of faith and the culture.  This is WallBuilders Live where we”€™re we talk about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture. Today is Friday, so it”€™s Good News Friday.

We’re going to talk about those topics but we’re going to be sharing a lot of good news for you. It’s encouraging to know that the system works when we work the system. Getting those positive results and sharing them here on WallBuilders Live is one of the things we really enjoy doing.

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We’re here with David Barton, America’s premier historian. Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor. And my name’s Rick Green, I”€™m a former Texas legislator. We’re going to be talking about some good news today, guys. Later in the program Ted Baehr will be with us to share some good news out of Hollywood as well. But let’s start with some good news. David, I think you’re up first.

Good News Coming From Hollywood


Let’s start actually in Hollywood. There’s a guy in Hollywood named Pete Docter, interesting guy. He’s been involved on the animation side of a lot of really good hits. I would consider that to be very wholesome hits, very family friendly hits. Movies like Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and up. Those are really-I enjoyed those movies greatly. I thought they were great movies.

Pete actually is a Christian in Hollywood. Here’s part of an interview he recently had. He was asked by the interviewer, How has having a child changed who you are as an artist?”€ Pete answered, “€œAs a Christian, having my son has made me even more amazed by the whole creation. When I watch him grow and start to connect things in his brain I say, “€˜that’s amazing.”€™ It leaves me speechless.”€ Interviewer, “€œHow would you say that being a Christian affects how you do your work?”€

Here’s what Pete said, “€œYears ago, when I first spoke at church I was kind of nervous about talking about Christianity in my work. It didn’t really connect. But more and more it seems to be connecting for me. I asked for God’s help and it’s definitely affected what I’m doing. It’s helped me to calm down and focus. There were times when I got too stressed out with what I was doing and now I just step back and say, “€˜God help me through this.”€™ It really helps you keep a perspective on things not only in work but in relationships.”€ And on the interview goes.

It’s fun to have an outspoken Christian leader in Hollywood who’s done such good movies. Here’s the really good news, they have now named him as the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation! I would look for really good stuff to be coming Pixar in the future because he’s now the chief creative officer. I consider that to be really good news out of Hollywood.


I know it’s supposed to be all good news, but just contrast that. They have a really good move there in terms of the creative talent coming from him and that Pixar is going to be interesting in a lot of that. Contrast that with Netflix and the guys that they’ve been hiring and giving 300 million dollar contracts that have been putting just trash into our culture. We”€™ve got to make those entertainment choices, we need to be paying attention to those sorts of things. It sounds like Pixar is making some good decisions with where they’re spending that money.

Ted Baehr is one of the guys that follows this very closely and has for decades, grew up in Hollywood, and has this organization called Movie Guide. It is exactly that, it’s a guide to movies so that you know what you’re getting into before you spend the money and before you sit there and let that stuff be put into your mind or into your kids minds. is a fantastic website to check out. You can get their app, I encourage you to check those movies before you actually go see them. Ted is in contact with all these studio houses and constantly essentially lobbying them to have more faith friendly programs.

There’s quite a few coming out this fall, guys. I think there’s going to be a pretty good lineup. We’ll get a report from Ted when we come back. Stay with us folks, we’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live!

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Unbroken, Path To Redemption


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us. With us from Movie Guide our good friend Dr. Ted Baehr. Always good to have you, brother. Thanks for your time!

Ted Baehr

It’s great to be with you. Every time it’s wonderful!


You’ve got a pretty good lineup coming out of Hollywood this fall in terms of movies. It looks like a higher than normal percentage of not even just faith based but but faith friendly movies.

Ted Baehr:

Well, this is growing every year. We didn’t expect it. When we started there was one movie back in the mid 1970″€™s-1985 when we started Movie Guide. The Ministry started in the 70s and there was only one movie with positive faith based content. Now it’s up to 62 percent!

During the winter and spring there was Samson, God”€™s Not Dead Three, of course I Can Only Imagine which was the big blockbuster for Christian films, not for all films. But this fall, it’s it’s incredible.

I’ve got to say, every movie this fall seems to have the name, “€œBroken”€ in it. First we”€™ve got Beautifully Broken, which we’ve reviewed and is very well done. Then we’ve got Unbroken the sequel- the next step- actually, Louie Zamperini’s coming to faith through Billy Graham. It”€™s well-structured, it’s beautifully done. Everything that everybody wanted about Unbroken is now set forth in Unbroken: Path to Redemption.


Let me stop you there Dr. Baehr before you go on because that one, I didn’t know that was being done. I loved the book.

Ted Baehr:

I do too.


The movie was good but I couldn’t believe they left out that part of the story. So this will basically pick up where that one left off and tell what happened once he got home?

Ted Baehr:

Right. If you love the book, the book was written by a Dartmouth writer so I’m happy about that. She’s brilliant and the faith was built at the end of it. This movie takes the part when he comes home and he’s got PTSD, he’s struggling, he gets married, but he’s really a miserable husband and a miserable father. He’s an alcoholic, he has dreams of being tortured in Japan, he can’t get over it.

He goes to an Army psychiatrist, that doesn’t help. But at a Billy Graham crusade, well, I can’t tell you the rest of the story, though almost everybody knows it. It’s a wonderful movie and it’s beautifully directed.


Excellent. Sorry I interrupted you, go ahead.

More Good Movies Coming Out Than Ever Before

Ted Baehr:

Then the next movie after that is by the same director-which is pretty incredible called, “€œGod Bless the Broken Road”€ about a war widow who struggles with faith. So it’s the other side of Unbroken. That’s not all, there’s a lot of movies coming out that have strong faith in values all fall. Many of them we’ve already seen.

Then there are movies that are very conservative like Dinesh D’Souz”€™s new movie Death of a Nation. Of course we’ve got Roe versus Wade and a whole bunch of those movies that are coming out which are anti-abortion and pro-life.


Sounds like a full lineup in the fall which is which is obviously good to see. From your perspective having watched this as long as you have- it sounds like you think the quality is good too? We”€™re not just throwing a lot of stuff out there, these are well done.

Ted Baehr:

Most of the ones that we’ve reviewed have been excellent. They’re getting better at plot and story. They’re reaching heights of better casting. The authenticity has done much better. Harold Cronk who did God”€™s Not Dead One and Two has done two of those movies and he’s doing a great job. Then coming up after it, the Kendrick brothers are doing one. Devon Franklin who is with a big studio of 21st Century Fox is doing one of them. Those will be major movies.

Let me put this into context, every week about five movies come out. That’s about 260 movies a year, because you have 52 weeks in a year and you can’t release more than five movies a week.

This last weekend we had Hotel Transylvania 3 and we had skyscraper with The Rock Johnson. The rock fell from the sky and didn’t make it. Only one movie makes it out of that week. If five movies is limited, then when you consider that all summer, from the end of August on, every week you’ll have an explicitly Christian evangelical movie coming out, this is pretty incredible.

In other words, every week parents will have something they can take their kids to. You can take friends to them to find out about faith. You can find out stories that deal with the brokenness of coming back from war, the brokenness of being a war widow, and you can also deal with things that are directly spiritual.

So, it’s quite a broad offering and it’s going to give the 118 million people who go to church every week an incredible chance to go to the theater and to support the good and to relax and not have to worry about the content they’re going to watch.


That”€™s very good news. Of course we can dive further into reviews on each movie at There”€™s also a lot of great articles there on some of the things happening behind the scenes in Hollywood and just great information. You can get the app as well. Dr. Ted Baehr, is the place to go. Dr. Baehr, always good to have you. Thank you for the update. Keep up the great work!

Ted Baehr:

Thank you Rick, have a great day. This year on February 8th you’ve got to be at our gala, we’re going to see you there.


February 8th 2019?

Ted Baehr:



All right. For our listeners that want to know more about the gala where do they go to find that out?

Ted Baehr:

Go to


All right.

Ted Baehr:

Find out more or e-mail us at [email protected].


Sounds good, brother. God bless you man. Thanks for coming on today.

Ted Baehr:

God Bless.


Stay with us folks, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

We Want To Hear Your Vet Story


Hey friends! If you have been listening to WallBuilders Live for very long at all, you know how much we respect our veterans and how appreciative we are of the sacrifice they make to make our freedoms possible. One of the ways that we love to honor those veterans is to tell their stories here on WallBuilders Live.  Once in awhile, we get an opportunity to interview veterans that have served on those front lines that have made incredible sacrifices have amazing stories that we want to share with the American people.

One of the very special things we get to do is interview World War II veterans. You’ve heard those interviews here on WallBuilders Live, from folks that were in the Band of Brothers, to folks like Edgar Harrell that survived the Indianapolis to so many other great stories you heard on WallBuilders Live.

You have friends and family that also served.  If you have World War II veterans in your family that you would like to have their story shared here on WallBuilders Live, please e-mail us at [email protected]  Give us a brief summary of the story and we’ll set up an interview. Thanks so much for sharing here on WallBuilders Live!

Hollywood Is Becoming More Family Friendly

We’re back here on WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us! Back with David and Tim Barton now. Thanks to Ted Baehr for joining us. Again, is the website to go check out. David, Tim, looks like a really good lineup for this fall.


Yeah, it really is exciting thinking about that there are some positive movies, or at least movies with some positive components and elements that we can go see. Certainly for our families and our genre, things that we are interested in.

There’s not always great options, but it’s great to see that- Ted is right, we’ve had some really good things coming out of Hollywood, some great movies with good values and certainly,  even when the movie has some very positive elements and components.

There’s things we can look at the movie can go, “€œOK, well, I really didn’t appreciate that, I didn’t like that, I wish they wouldn’t have done this.”€ But the fact that even though there might not be things in the movie we appreciate, the fact that there are positive elements, really is kind of encouraging on a lot of levels.

Where at this point there even are some family friendly movies where the family can go together and there’s not even the levels of objectionable content that certainly and previous era’s, previous years, we did not have the opportunity to go see a lot of these. It really is encouraging to know that Hollywood does seem to be turning a direction that is much more family friendly.


Ted was saying that when he first got this thing started- he was in Hollywood for a long while, his mother and father both were Hollywood actors and his dad was a big Hollywood star. So he’s been in Hollywood for a long time.

When he started Movie Guide, he said at the time he started it there was only one wholesome movie that entire year. Now he’s saying we’re looking at the next coming months there’s a good movie coming out every week. What a difference that is from one year to one every week.


It’s going to be a good fall. All right guys, we”€™ll make sure we spend our money wisely on the movies that we choose. But it looks like we’re going to have a lot of good options. Let’s switch gears now. What’s our next piece of good news, Tim?

Parents Demand Consent On Sex Education Teachings


All right guys, this one is out of Indiana. We have seen for years problems in public education. One of the areas that’s been very much egregious, a lot of problems, has been the issue of sex education.

We’ve even seen some issues this this year where there were schools without parental consent. They did some very graphic things. A student went back told their parents about it. Parents went to the school and said, “€œHey, I would like to see what you were showing my kids at school.”€ They said, “€œ We”€™re not really allowed to show you what we just showed your child.”€Just ridiculous things that are happening. That’s a court case actually going on right now.

Of course, the parent should win this. We are very hopeful. But this is where you’ve seen public schools have really gone the wrong direction in a lot of ways in a lot of states a land in districts when it comes to sex education.

I think for a while Planned Parenthood was one of the top providers and maybe still is a top provider of sex education around the nation. Certainly that is not a group that we would want having anything to do with teaching anything about the body and reproduction. Obviously because their the number one abortion provider with over 300,000 abortions that they are doing every single year. Lots of issues.

The good news out of Indiana is that there was a law that was passed, it’s public law 154. This law actually requires officials to notify parents of all content regarding sex education beforehand. They have to give parents time to respond either approving or rejecting this content for their child.

Which is just a very practical but it’s also kind of remarkable considering the climate we live in, all the problems we have seen, that people in Indiana-whoever was responsible for this law can say, “€œWait a second, schools should not be teaching things especially in regards to sex education that parents have no idea what’s being taught. That parents don’t get to have input to say, “€˜Hey, I really prefer my kids not to learn that from you, whatever that might be.”€

Because we at WallBuilders Live, we do try to be family friendly in a lot of our content, I will not go into detail about some of the things that are being taught in schools. But worth mentioning, it”€™s very graphic content being taught to very young students who don’t need any of this and it was being done without parent notification.

This law in Indiana says, nope all public schools in Indiana before you can do any kind of sex education content you have to notify parents. Parents have to give you either their approval that it’s OK for to teach the kids that. Or, if parents say, “€œWe don’t give you consent you can’t teach our kids that”€ then the school is required to provide other instructional time for that student. Probably, I can imagine, a large group of students based on some of the content we’ve seen.

It really is good news coming out of Indiana that once again, it”€™s putting power back into the hands of parents. It”€™s recognizing that parents should have some input in the content their kids get, especially in regards to things of a sexual nature. Really good news from Indiana.


That’s a step in the right direction on a on a principle basis. The basic principle of parents should make the decisions about their children not the state. When we hide what’s being taught or we do things in our schools without the parents permission, that’s violating that basic parental rights principle.

Very good news! That’s usually going the wrong direction when we hear most of these reports. It”€™s great to hear some good news headed in the right direction. Quick break, we’ll come back with more good news. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Bring A Speaker To Your Area


Hey, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders.  And as you’ve had the opportunity to listen to WallBuilders Live, you’ve probably heard a wealth of information about our nation, about our spiritual heritage, about the religious liberties, and about all the things that make America exceptional.

And you might be thinking, “€œAs incredible as this information is, I wish there was a way that I could get one of the WallBuilders guys to come to my area and share with my group.”€

Whether it be a church, whether it be a Christian school, or public school, or some political event, or activity, if you’re interested in having a WallBuilders speaker come to your area, you can get on our website at and there’s a tab for scheduling. If you”€™ll click on that tab, you’ll notice there’s a list of information from speakers bio’s, to events that are already going on. And there’s a section where you can request an event, to bring this information about who we are, where we came from, our religious liberties, and freedoms. Go to the WallBuilders website and Bring a speaker to your area.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history.

The Reverend James Caldwell was a famous minister during the American War for Independence. His sermons taught liberty and God’s opposition to tyranny.

The British hated him and tried to kill him. So for his own protection he would actually take loaded pistols with him into the pulpit and lay them beside his Bible as he preached. In the 1780 Battle of Springfield, the Americans ran out of wadding for their guns which was like having no ammunition.

Pastor Caldwell ran inside a nearby church and returned with an armload of Watt Hymnals, the pages of which would provide the much needed wadding. He took this great Bible based hymnal, raised in the air, and shouted to the troops,”€Now put to watts into them, boys!”€  This pastor’s ingenuity saved the day for the Americans.

For more information or Pastor James Caldwell and other Colonial Patriots go to

There Has Been So Much Good News Lately


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us on this Good News Friday here at WallBuilders Live. We’re getting some more good news from David Barton, David?


Rick, I want to go to something that happened four years ago and then I’ve got some follow up for it.


Was this on the bottom of your stack? You always have this stack of good news, we never get to the bottom. Has it’s been you know stuck on the bottom for four years?


No, the good news is new, but the incident that precipitated the good news happened four years ago.


Although, Rick, I can say, yes we probably have stuff on the bottom of our stack that is that old. That is probably an accurate statement because as we do get new stuff in it goes to the top. There’s no doubt things at the bottom of the stack that are two or three years old.

Sometimes we’ll pull something off the bottom just look and we go, “€œOh yeah, well that was really good news, but that’s really outdated now.”€ So sometimes we have to let things slide. Nonetheless, we do have a lot of good news from even a couple of years ago. No telling if we”€™ll get to those ever.


Which is good news that there’s more good news than we can possibly share in our 30 minute program once a week.




All right, David, go ahead bro.

Professor Who Defended Student”€™s Marriage Views Is Victorious


This is an article regarding Marquette University. I want read part of the article here. Here’s the situation, here’s the storyline. Marquette University has moved to suspend and then fire professor John McAdams for backing a student who tried to defend man-woman marriage when a leftist teaching assistant shut the student down.

Junior faculty member Cheryl Abbate told a student that his defense of man-woman marriage was an unacceptable topic in her ethics class and she compared his views to racism. Then she told the student that he should drop the class.

On his very popular blog, Professor McAdams outed the incident and charged the teaching assistant with, “€œUsing a tactic typical among liberals now. Opinions with which they disagree are not merely wrong and are not to be argued against on their merits but are deemed offensive and need to be shut up.”€

Listen to the conclusion story, what we’ve got is Professor McAdams defended a student who offered an opinion in an ethics class. The instructor in that class jumped the kid and said, “€œYou need to get out of my class. You don’t have my opinion.”€ Here’s what happened to Professor McAdams.

Here’s the article, it was announced that a diverse faculty committee recommended to the university president that McAdams lose his job unless he admits “€œguilt”€ and he apologized “€œwithin the next two weeks.”€

So, if he doesn’t admit he was guilty for defending the student and if he doesn’t apologize over the next two weeks for defending the student he’s going to lose his job. Well, he did not admit guilt and he did not apologize and he was fired.

The court said, “€œYou can’t do that. Got to let him back in.”€ So the good news is he is now back in as professor and the university has to pay his back pay and a fine as well. So, there is a clear situation of, “€œYou do have a right to free speech.”€ The universities have become as left as anything out there. They’re intolerant of anything who disagrees with them. They do not want truth. They do not want any opposite opinion. And here’s a professor stood up for that, lost his job, but gets it back and that’s good news.


Guys, got time for one more piece of good news.

What”€™s Good For The Baby Is Good For Her


All right guys, this is a pro-life study that has come out of Toronto, actually, university of Toronto. Actually, it points out-the title says, “€œStudy shows having an abortion increases women’s risk for getting blood clots.”€

What the study shows is that women who go through an abortion not only face an increased risk, it actually doubles their risk for-I can’t actually pronounce it- venous thromboembolism- I don’t even know the words, VTE is what they call it. I think I can pronounce VTE.

They are twice as likely to get VTE which are these blood clots. It actually ends up being fatal for many women. They say abortion actually doubles the risk of women getting that. So they say that it’s actually safer for women not to have abortions because of what it does to their bodies.

Now, not to mention obviously what it does that unborn child, it murders the child, ends a life of that unborn child. But they’re recognising that this has a negative impact also on the body of the mom who is ending or murdering that child, ending that pregnancy as they define it.

It is good news again, showing that not only are there there are negative consequences because what it does to the child, the unborn child, it’s also negative consequences on the female body which is just again evidence that this is not a good thing. And so we’re seeing more and more of these studies coming out that shows abortion is not only negative obviously with what it does to the child but it’s unhealthy for the mom. Which is yet other reasons why, practically speaking, women should stay away from this.

Christian And Godly News, Thank You for Listening To WallBuilders Live


Guys, we are out of time for today for our good news. We”€™ve got some from Hollywood, across the country. You can get more good news at our website Go in the archive section click on those Friday programs and you’ll get all the good news you can handle.

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You can also donate to help make that happen, become a one time donor or a monthly donor. Come alongside it right there at Thanks for listening, you’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.