Christian Treasure Seekers, National Treasures You Never Heard Of: In today’s episode we talk with Cheryl Lipian who is the founder of Christian Treasure Seekers. Their goal is to connect Christians with fun, faith-based entertainment, education, and recreation! Check out our different categories or do a location-based search! Tune in now to hear more!

Air Date: 07/25/2017

Guests: Cheryl Lipian, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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You found your way to the intersection of faith and the culture! Thanks for joining us today on WallBuilders Live! We”€™re talking about today”€™s hottest topics on policy, faith, and the culture, all of it from a Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

Our conversation today is with David Barton, America’s premier historian and our founder here at WallBuilders. Tim Barton, national speaker, pastor, and president of WallBuilders. And my name’s Rick Green.

Later in the program, we’re going to have Cheryl Lipian with us talking about some really cool places in the country to go for some great history but with that Biblical perspective. You can find out more about all of this at and then also

David, Tim, I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been to really cool historical places and then had all this left wing stuff thrown at me from the hosts or the owners or whoever it might have been.

Whether it’s billion years of this and that on evolution, or even a diatribe against the Founding Fathers. And it’s really annoying because you want to see the cool history but you want to get the truth while you’re there, not a bunch of lies that are going to distort history.

Finding Truth When Going To Historical Locations


There’s no doubt about it. I know when we were traveling the U.S. many years ago as we grew up in a 15 passenger van and we got to see all kinds of cool stuff in the U.S. In fact, I think I had been to all 50 states by the time I was 13 years old. We as young kids, we got to see so much. I know your kids are going to do a lot of that now, they”€™re getting to travel the nation with you guys.

But it is very frustrating when you go to some a historic event, when you go to some fun places, a lot of nostalgia there because of what happened, the setting, and the scenes. Then they unfold these things that are just utter nonsense from a perspective of our worldview, or for even historical accuracy.

So, whether you’re looking at Jefferson’s home, and sometimes even Mount Vernon, although Mt. Vernon tends to be a little better with historical accuracy. Or you go to some national park or whatever the case is, it is frustrating when you just want to come see and enjoy it without having this biased perspective from a tour guide who often times doesn’t know anything more than what they’ve been told to say.

They’ve just been given a script they memorized, “€œHere’s what I say,”€ and they really can’t defend that position, and don’t know historically, or scientifically. But it is way more fun when you can go somewhere and you can see these really cool things and do really fun things. And it does line up with your faith because then it”€™s not a challenge, I can let my guard down and just enjoy it without having to think, “€œWait a second, is that really right?”€


Well, believing that, and other  people have the same experience, you have Cheryl who”€™s gone through and said, “€œWell, let’s find some places where you don’t have to wash your mind out after you go to these cool places.”€

So she’s come up with what’s called, “€œChristian Treasure Seekers.”€ Just go on the website, its goal is to connect Christians with fun and faith based entertainment, education, and recreation.

So she has a list of all these cool places you can go that have more of a Biblical perspective. There are amusement parks, and she lists those, there are all these animal experiences like horses, zoos, walking animal tours where you get a really sound view, there are campgrounds if you want to travel the country, Christian run campgrounds with good atmosphere and tone.

There’s historic churches, major attractions, museums, there are outdoor adventures, there are parks, and gardens, and Roadside Attractions, there are sports and recreation areas, there are theaters, tours, and cruises.

She’s gone through and listed over 350 different attractions that you can go to and you don’t have to have to wash your ears out when you come out, or wash your brain out, or wash your spirit out when you come out and say, “€œMan, was that a bunch of junk that they just shared?”€ You can enjoy the experience and not have to suffer the indoctrination they try to give when you go to these other places.

Vacationing With A Purpose


And it gives you a chance to do, David, you did with your kids for years, what I’ve been doing my kids in terms of basically vacationing with a purpose. Going to some cool places that help them learn about our history and learn about God.


Yeah, that does make a difference because I grew up not liking history at all but I loved going to the historical sites, and seeing the parks, and going to Fort Monroe, Virginia. I remember that even as a young kid and listening to taps being played there every night across the water, of course, named after James Monroe.

I remember going to the prom in Terra, Utah where they had the Golden Spike. And I remember going out to all these ghost towns and canyons in California. I mean, that’s the stuff that sticks with you.

Then when you see it in a textbook, “€œOh yeah, I”€™ve seen that, I”€™ve been there, done that. Now I understand.”€ So it really is a good thing even if you don’t like history, you like historical sites because they’re full of storytelling and the stuff that happened there and that’s certainly what we found with our experience.


Alright, quick break. Cheryl will be with us when we come back, you can find out how to find out more about each of these places and actually take your family to them as well. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment in American history. In 1963 the United States Supreme Court decided that voluntary Bible reading could no longer be part of the school day.

Founding Father Benjamin Rush, known as the father of public schools under the Constitution, pointedly warned that the Bible should be read in schools in preference to all other books.

He specifically warned that if America ever ceased promoting Biblical principles in schools then we would waste so much time and money and punishing crimes. It takes so little pains to prevent them.

He was right, we now have seven million Americans in prison on probation or on parole. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Sadly, this was unnecessary but is the result of no longer teaching the morals of the Bible in schools.

For more information about the Founding Fathers views on the positive impact of the Bible in schools go to

How To Find And Support Christian Owned Businesses


Welcome!  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders. We have a fun program for you today. I’ve been so looking forward to this ever since I met Cheryl at a homeschool convention just a few weeks back and found out about these amazing places across the country to go visit.

So our family is excited about going to some and you’re going to be excited too. Cheryl, thank you so much for coming on! Cheryl Lipian here from


Hi, absolutely we are so excited to be in the interview today and get to talk about Christian treasure seekers.


Oh, you just blew my mind whenever we had a chance to visit and my wife and I had no idea there were so many cool places that give you a chance to not just see the country, and see all this great history, and heritage, but Christian owned businesses that will give you such a great tour and actually mix God’s Word into it.

You get a chance to get the right perspective as well. We were just blown away and excited about some of the places. We’re going to try to go over the next year or two and thought we’d get you on WallBuilders to talk about some of those places and tell us how they can go through Christian Treasure Seekers to find out more.


Sure, absolutely! We were absolutely amazed ourselves. Over 350 locations we have found nationwide, these are Christian owned and operated. We have started to hunt and find these different locations. We just wanted an easy accessible place where families and churches could come and hunt and find those things.

We were able to discover and place them there for the families and churches.  From the Creation Museum, of course, many people, I’m sure, have heard of the Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter that just opened last year in July, it’s fabulous.

The Life Sized Remake Of Noah”€™s Ark


It’s phenomenal and our family was just there about a month ago. Right after we saw you, we were going from one convention to another and we said, “€œAlright, we can side track just a little bit here and get over to the Creation Museum.”€

Which we’d been to the museum, oh, it’s been probably five years ago and not since they put the ark in. We’ve had Ken on the program, of course, several times to talk about the Ark and about the museum. We were just blown away, it was unreal.  Unreal.


It leaves you speechless just to see what Noah actually created and to see that, just the sheer size of it but then everything they’ve done inside to bring that time to life. I am so glad to hear your family got to go out and see it. We are amazed at how many people are coming through to actually go and visit that with their families from all over the country and the world. Then, of course, Creation not far it’s about 45 minutes apart. That”€™s in the Kentucky area.


Before you jump to another place, tell me, one of the things you and I hit it off on was just the idea of vacationing with a purpose. We”€™ve always encouraged people to do that from a historical point of view.

To where you’re not just going to hang out and rest but you’re actually learning and having a great time while you’re at it. What you opened my eyes to is not just the history opportunities across the country to vacation with a purpose but even the Creation Museum and the Ark, which you just mentioned.

But you were telling me about some caverns you can go to and the folks are Christian owners that actually talk about creation through the whole thing. So, this whole idea of vacation with a purpose and planning this, you’re only going to get so many of these with your kids and to do it with a purpose and make sure that it’s memorable but also a learning life-changing experience.

How To Plan Purposeful Vacationing


Rick, if I can say when I first started this I was looking in places, I don’t have children yet, but I have nieces and nephews and I want to make an impact in their life and I want to have a great time with them.

I want to be able to take them to places that they walk away with something, they walk away inspired, encouraged, nurtured in their faith, and it is with a purpose. One of the places you’re talking about is we went to DeSoto Cavern it’s down in Childersburg. Alabama. It”€™s absolutely amazing!

We were there, I took all five of my nieces and nephews down there and we went and did all the- there are 25 wacky attractions. Then you go through this really incredible Cavern and you learn the history of the Cavern.

The kids were all amazed by the stalactites and the stalagmites. But then as they go to sit down just before they leave they sit down and they see a creation light show to learn that their God created that. God of the universe created this cavern. And you could just see on their faces, they’re like, “€œWhoa, God did this?”€


So while you’re in awe you’re sitting there looking at the actual incredible creation. You get a great story about how it all came about.

Teaching Godly History


Yes. The children absolutely loved that. We’ve been to several locations together. There’s a place in Ohio called Bible Walk Wax Museum where you get to walk through, if you go through the New Testament you just walk through the stories of the Bible, the Old Testament, the history.

You go from place to place and you hear each story as you’re going through and the children love that. They love to learn, to see it, and to actually be a part of that in person.


What a blessing to have- back to the cavern when you were talking- we go to so many of these places and you get done with this really cool tour but it’s all mixed with, not at this place you’re talking about, but most of the time you get to places like that and it’s the “€œbillion years”€ where they are pumping the evolution thing into your kids, basically.

We always got frustrated with that. And what you’re saying is that there are places you can go where you don’t have to have that, you can actually get the truth, and get the creation story, and get God’s word shared with you while you’re doing these incredible tours.  

A Biblical Guide Through The Grand Canyon


It’s truly priceless. Another one is Canyon Ministries where if you’re going to the Grand Canyon, which my husband and I just got back from there. You go into the canyon and the first thing they want to talk about is all the evolution. They want to tell you all those stories.

But Canyon Ministries takes you to the canon and they give you tours with a Biblical perspective. They can even take you on the river rafting which is a longer tour but to see some of these great opportunities to go and to hear the truth. When you go to these places is just absolutely amazing.


That is so cool, that one is on our list. As many times as we’ve been to Arizona, as many times we’ve gone out that way, we’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. So when you told me that was I like, “€œWe’ve always wanted to go, we’ve said we’re going to go, but now we”€™ve got a group we can go with and go get a tour that would still speak the truth and let us be in awe of God’s creation.”€


I will tell you, you cannot go to the Grand Canyon without just being in awe of who God is. That is your master creator who did that. It”€™s just absolutely incredible. His artistry is just something to behold.

Treasure Seeker Locations


I love it. Well, I’m sitting here right now looking at the screen on, the map. I would have thought, even if you and I had not talked, because we didn’t have that long and you gave me four, five, six, or eight different examples and I thought, “€œOk that’s a few.”€ But I’m looking at the map and you”€™ve got, I mean, hundreds of locations and they’re all over the country.

So even for people where maybe you live on the East Coast and you just want to do a day trip somewhere and go see something, you’ve got stuff all over the country in your different treasure seeker options.


Yes, allows you to search by state or category. So you can go on and let”€™s say maybe you already have a trip planned and you didn’t know about this before. But you want to incorporate some inspiration as you go you can hunt for that state and just say, “€œOk, what’s going to be nearby where we’re going?”€

For instance, if you’re going down in North Carolina, or if you’re on your way to Myrtle Beach, you might stop off at Narroway Productions, a live Christian dinner theater. They do shows every weekend all year and they have 350 cast, live animals, dinner and show. And that is near the Billy Graham Library, just 15 minutes away from the Billy Graham Library or about 45 minutes from the Bible Translation Center for the world.

These are places that if you even were heading down through you could stop off at some of those places and just be able to really bring that into your trip.


That’s awesome. All over the place! Even like the dinner theater! I mean, we haven’t been there, that’s another one we want to hit. So, if you’re wanting to plan a particular vacation, you don’t even have to- you might be looking at next summer say, “€œOk where are we going to spend our next two-week vacation?

But even now, our family travels a lot, we can actually just pull up the map and say, “€œOk, we know we’re going to Delaware next week, I’m going for Patriot Academy. So where could we go right after it or right before that’s within a couple of hours of where we’re going to be? And so you can do a lot of last minute planning as well if you’re just on the road somewhere.


That’s the kind of planning I typically will do is like, “€œOh, let’s go see that! We’re near there.”€

A Wide Range Of Options

If you’re near Colorado, The Wind River Ranch is a Christian dude ranch. They just totally cater to your family, it’s all about your family. You’re in the mountain, you’re riding horses, you get to ride horses, when you go into the pool or the hot tub you overlook the beautiful mountains there. It’s all about your family.

I have to say, I got the opportunity to go to a ladies retreat at The Wind River Ranch and it was what I would call a mountaintop experience with God. A truly a memorable experience. So, whether it’s outdoors or indoors- because sometimes there are rainy days, or it’s colder outside, or it’s nice and beautiful and you want to do something outdoors. There really are options in the different states for some of those other ideas.


Well, I love the dude ranch idea too. And our family has actually been talking about doing that. So you just- now, when my wife listens to this, I appreciate it, you just planned my next vacation.

So now I know where we’re going. It sounds fantastic. So, folks want to know more they could just go to the website today and just search on the map, start looking for places to go and they can contact you guys and y’all help them plan it out.


Yes, definitely give us a call! If you want to give us a call it’s 888-502-2291. Or go to our site As well, if you go on Facebook we post a new feature each week we”€™ll post a different place.We try to feature all the different places throughout the year and we hope that you enjoy that.

We also, just so you know, we’ve come out with a guide. In the guide, there’s a trivia scavenger hunt as well as some of the different places we feature. Two times a year we put out a different guide. If you’re interested in that let us know, we’ll mail one of those out to you. I should say that they are $2 a guide but we want to make sure that we’re getting the information into the hands of the families and of the churches.

We want you to know what’s out there. We call these places the treasures of America, the places we want for generations to come, for our families to be able to go to and to pass down with their children someday too.

Christian Heritage Locations


Okay, I should definitely ask you before I let you go, because I”€™m going to be back on with David and Tim here in a few minutes. And I should have asked you about more of the history places to go as well. You have a bunch of those on your website as well.


Yeah, I do want to say this. This is brand new. I was at a conference the other day and met a historian who is so interested in what we’re doing he’s bringing in some new places.

He said, “€œCheryl, I’ve found these places and I would love to help you discover them and put them on your site too. But we have some of those historic places on our site. And you’ll see, let me say up front, one that is opening very soon is the Museum of the Bible. That’s the history of the Bible. That’s going to open in Washington, D.C. in November.

So, that’s going to be history all in one place, the history of the Bible.

But also, we have a landmark event where they take you to places where history happened that they give you the faith based history. They do several tours within our nation where they take you to those places but also abroad.

We went to Scotland with them. Then there’s the old South Church where we kind of point out some of the specific places that are there. But we want to bring in more. This gentleman felt like the Lord had laid them on his heart. He said, “€œI want to make it where families can come in and see those different historic places and will write about them and they’ll be able to go and find those.”€ So that’s actually coming soon more historic places where people were obedient to God. They said, “€œyes”€ to God and what God did through them.

The Bible Museum Coming Soon


I love it. We had Steve Green on recently about the Bible Museum, but I can’t remember off the top of  my head when that’s opening is that November of this year? Sometime in November?


That’s November and I believe it’s November 17th.


And that’s D.C, you can go to the museum there in D.C. and then go see a lot of other cool stuff as well. That Bible Museum, I think David and Tim both went and did a walk through with Steve.

 haven’t been out there but I just watching some of the videos of some of the displays and things they’re putting in. I can’t wait, it looks incredible.


I toured some of it, not actually in the Museum of the Bible but in Oklahoma where they’re storing some of these artifacts and to see where they’ve written scripture back in 200 AD, to see that on clay. It’s amazing to see what they have.


Some of the incredible, even at the Creation Museum. Ken Ham had a mini display from the Bible museum letting people know it was coming and we get to walk through that. That was just a little small taste of what is to come. It’s going to be amazing.

Cheryl, on all of these, what’s so great about this is you can read a textbook or even watch a video. But there’s something about going to these places and actually walking through with your family that’s going to leave so much more powerful impression on your kids and on yourself.

I know me, walking away from the ark was just powerful. I mean, in terms of what it did for my, even worldview of how God did all these things. Just so much there to learn, so much.

Home School


I think that  most of us are learners through seeing, and being able to encounter that, and hearing it. Really, all of these places incorporate those things. You get to see it, like the Ark, you get to see the animals, you get to actually go up to the exhibit, and work with the exhibit, and listen to hear what happened then.

There’s so much to see, so much to do, and a child or anyone you learn so much more as you get to encounter it that way. My mom and dad home schooled me for part of my school years and they would take us to those places and allow us to learn it in person. Not just to  hear about it or read about it in the textbook but we actually got to encounter it.

Those are my most memorable studies. Whether is a church trip that you’re wanting to emphasize what you’re teaching about, or at the home school curriculum you’re trying to work on a certain subject, or just Bible studying., you see that throughout these trips. It really can bring all of that to life in a whole new way.


No doubt about it., that’s a place you can go and you’ll see all these hundreds of different places and be able to share this with your family as well and it will impact them in a very positive way.


Rick, I was just going to ask you what state in the United States is home to the world’s largest Ten Commandments? It”€™s 300 foot wide and every letter is five foot tall.


Whoa you got me there. I would hope it would be Texas because they are they supposed to be bigger in Texas. But I got a feeling I’m getting set up and it’s not Texas.


It is not Texas, that was a great guess. It is actually Murphy, North Carolina. If that took you by surprise I want to tell you there are so many more that will if you check out the site. You’re going to see some things there even in your backyard sometimes that you didn’t know was there.


Good stuff, Cheryl, God bless you, thanks for coming on.


God bless you, Rick. Thank you for the opportunity.


You bet. Stay with us folks we”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

Avalon Project


Hey, guys, this is Tim Barton with WallBuilders. I know you hear my dad and Rick talk a lot about our Founding Fathers about the original intent of our nation, a constitutional heritage that we have. And really we’ve seen how far we slipped away from that. And I know a lot of us as we hear my dad and Rick talk think, “€œI wish there was a place that I could go where I could see these documents and I could read and learn about the Founding Fathers firsthand.  See the things they did.”€  

I want to give you some websites today that can help you accomplish that very thing. If you get online you can go to places like Library of Congress and you can look under their century of lawmaking or historical documents. You can go to the Avalon Project, to the Founders Constitution, Google Books, or even the internet archives.  

Or you can just go to We have a section for our WallBuilders Library. And under that section we have different subgroups for historical documents, historical writings, even a place where you can get helpful links to find out more information about other websites.  Where you can do research for yourself and find the truth for yourself. Friends, this is the time that we need to know who we are and where we came from. is a great place to go.

Finding New Places


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live, thanks for staying with us. We’re back with David and Tim now. I don’t know about you guys, I heard about 10 different places I want to go and see now.

Those were actually sound and really cool.


Yeah, there’s a lot of cool places on there. Some of which I was not even aware of. She”€™s has identified some cool places and she’s going to find a bunch more too because now that you started identifying them people are going to come out and say, “€œHey, we’ve got this!”€ Like Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts. I remember that place really well, it was a great experience. There’s going to be others that pop up that she can add to the list as well.


Go check out the website, you’re going to keep finding new places on there to be able to visit. I just love the example, that’s actually what got me really interested in her website was when I visited with her at one of the conventions and she was telling me about those caverns, I started thinking, “€œYou know, I’ve been to cool places like that and I had to listen to the evolution diatribe. How cool that would be to be able to see that amazing handiwork of God and then have it reinforced with the truth?”€ That was the one that really caught my attention.


It would be fun to be able to do that, I have been to very few places where I felt my faith was reinforced based on the tour guides position. It would be kind of a novelty to go somewhere that’s a really cool place, it’s a great vacation spot, I’ve wanted to do this, and then have your your worldview and your faith reinforced.

I’m not really sure if I would know what to do. Usually I’m kind of on guard with the tour guides and sometimes even have fun questioning them and challenging them a little bit in a very obviously respectful way. But this would be unique that I could just go oh this is fun. And what you’re saying is true, I like that, this is great. I’m going to do this again.


No doubt! Good stuff! Check it out today folks, will have a link at our website so you can get over there quickly. It”€™s at, you’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!