Clean Comedy Tour Across America With Jeff Allen: Every area of the culture should have Biblical principles guiding it. But how do we get our culture to that place? Christians need to be in every area influencing it and spreading the gospel wherever we go. Luckily, we have some amazing people doing just that! Today, we have special guest comedian Jeff Allen on to share with us how he is impacting culture through comedy!

Air Date: 06/03/2019

Guest: Jeff Allen

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. This is WallBuilders Live! Where we’re talking about today’s hottest topics on policy faith and the culture.

Sometimes it”€™s not a hot topic, it’s maybe just a topic about the culture and how every area of the culture should have biblical values there. We can actually take from the Bible the way to act in terms of how we choose our entertainment, how we choose our leaders in government, how we educate our children, all of those things. There is a right biblical way to do it.

We look at things from a biblical historical and constitutional perspective here on WallBuilder’s Live.

I’m Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator. I’m here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder of WallBuilders. Also, Tim Barnes is with is. National speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders.

God And Entertainment

Later in the program, none other than comedian Jeff Allen is going to be with us. This is going to be a very fun and funny program today. But David, Tim that is part of what we try to do here at WallBuilders to say there’s no area the culture that’s off limits to God. We think Christians should be in every area of the culture including arts and entertainment.


There’s no doubt. One of the things we’ve identified is how we’ve seen things coming out of Hollywood that has been more positive over the last couple of years. Yet in the midst of even having more positive films and more friendly films and more pro-American pro-God, and pro-second amendment. Having films that that much more embody the messages that we care about. There still are a lot of movies that although we might like certain aspects there are components to it, we go, man, OK, this would be a great movie but for this scene.

Vin Angel

And that’s where we’ve appreciated people who have tried to help edit and facilitate some of that. Things like Vin Angel. We’ve talked about before. Vin Angel was one of those organizations that said look if you purchase a movie, we’re happy to help edit the content for you. Where if you don’t want certain words in your movies, we can take those words out of movies. If there are things like nudity, you don’t want nudity in your movies we can take that out of your movie.

This was something when Hollywood found out, they were doing it and they’re not the only ones they’re just one example, when Hollywood found out they were doing in Hollywood said whoa we don’t want you editing our movies.  You kind of pause and wait for a second, the people have already bought the movies, right?

They’re not editing what you’ve shown in the theaters. People have purchased the movie and we are asking them to do a service for us was something I already own. Yet there were specific components of Hollywood aspects; individual in Hollywood who said nope we don’t want you editing the movie. So that was something that actually was a big court case it happened.

Dry Bar Comedy

Vin Angel has remained and they continue to be a content provider. They actually have some very unique things that they have produced and owned. One of the things that they’ve done is what they call dry bar comedy. They’re kind of the ones behind dry bar comedy and for those listeners that have Facebook, very possible you’ve seen some of these dry bar comedies on your Facebook page at some point.

They’re comedians who are clean who are genuinely funny. Some of these videos have just blown up online. One of the guys who has really done really well and one of these dry bar videos is our friend Jeff Allen. They take two or three or four-minute clips from this special that he did for Vin Angel for dry bar comedy and they have gone with multimillions of views.

I mean really successful views where people are able to see genuinely funny things; comedy that is very clean. it”€™s really neat to see a resurgence and a comeback where Americans are embracing clean comedy. We’ve been looking for it we wanted something we could laugh at and that was clean.

The Comedian, Jeff Allen

And so this is something cool that in the midst of culture that sometimes we feel like isn’t going in the right direction. It’s neat to see things go viral that are really positive. Jeff Allen, one of our friends, a lot of his stuff has gone viral which has been pretty cool.


He’s been a great comedian for a really good while. He actually started out as a secular comedian and was not the clean guy that he is now. He was a mega-hit as a secular comedian but then had a change in life.

He came to Christ and now is one of the lead guys on really clean comedy but hilarious stuff. I mean people will recognize the phrase happy wife, happy life. I mean he’s really kind of the guy who blew that up. He made a really popular phrase through some of the routines that he did which are still just really fun routines to watch even today.

If you look up Jeff Allen Happy wife happy life. So he just continues to turn out really funny stuff. We saw his most recent routine that he”€™s got. He is on the road now doing shows and it just really funny stuff. So we thought to be really great to have Jeff on to talk about it.


Comedian Jeff Allen. The website, by the way, For a list dates this year where you can catch him on tour but he’s gonna be here. Right here on Wallbuilders Live when we come back. You’re listening to Wallbuilders Live!

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The America I Grew Up In


Welcome back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. We’ve got Jeff Allen, the comedian. You’ve got to see and if you haven’t seen his new tour is coming up, The America I grew up in. Jeff always good to have you, man. Thanks for coming back on.


Thanks for dropping the charges and let me come back. That’s always a good thing.


Well, there was a lot of debate about whether or not we should. you know.


I know. The ratings dropped the last time I was here, it was hard to climb back but we”€™ll make it back.


So, tell us about the new tour. You guys you’re doing this new tour on, The America I grew up in. What’s so different about the America you grew up in and the one we’re in now?

Car Seats And The Olympic Gymnastics Team


Well, it’s pretty simple. What do they call them helicopter parents I guess? I would be arrested today and it’s just to say the things I did as a parent. I would be arrested and it was more for just the neglect I had. We didn’t have car seats, you know? I walked the back seat of my mother’s car while my mother drove down the road. I never thought to strap us in.

Every now and then you know she’d hit the brakes and I’d fly up into the front seat and she tossed me back like a trout but no harm, no foul.

Now, I’ve got to strap my 54-pound granddaughter in and I would get a hernia hauling her out of the car. I have a car like a NASCAR driver I had to put her in the car.

I was looking on the Internet trying to figure out what age I could take her out and not have to use the car seat just put her in a seat belt and there’s really nothing on there.

You know five, seven, eight feet. Here’s your high school diploma, you have to ride home like a big girl today. It says four foot nine that was what the government recommendation. Four foot nine, which means the entire female Olympic gymnastic team would have to ride on a booster seat with me to the gymnasium.

So that’s pretty much the difference between what I grew up in and what we have today. I know that they are helping and I’m not against them. I’m just saying you know,  to get a ticket and pulled over and arrested for something like that. It’s nonsense.


Well, I feel like a light bulb has just come on. Now I understand why Jeff Allen is Jeff Allen. It’s all those times you went headfirst into the dash from the back seat not even from the front seat, from the back seat.


Yeah, you know I was was a projectile but again I survived.


I can’t get over the image of seeing the entire girl’s Olympic gymnastic team sitting in car seats to the car going back and forth practicing.


They make you strap in on an airplane but they don’t have seatbelts in that school bus.

I don’t understand the whole mandatory seat belt thing on an airline. He’s speaking about it a hundred miles an hour.So, it a good thing I have this piece of cloth on. I would have lost my seat assignment over that.

Raising Children


How different did you and your wife do this when you were raising kids?


Well, we were probably considered neglectful parents. I guess we just kind of let them grow, you know. Our job was like at 14 and I think you’re 15 or whatever age it was, I told my boys congratulations, you’re now could do your own laundry.

Their jaws dropped, they looked at me and they said what. I said yeah, we’re not your mates we’re not here to serve you. No one thinks that you are incapable. So we made him do the work.

Can you imagine today, some kid going to school and telling his teacher my parents are making me do my homework? They would just send out of a halo and a storm band.

You can’t even pack your own kid’s lunch anymore. I just read that on the Internet. That they’re requiring you to eat the school lunches. I don’t know about your school lunches but if there was such a thing as promoting life and coming from it, I would think it would be in that soup they used to serve in my high school cafeteria.

Family, Children, And Grandchildren


You did this raising how many boys?


Two boys.


And how many survived, by the way?


They are still there and they still talk to us which is kind of neat. That was my goal is to get them into adulthood and still have them talk to me. So I’ve achieved my goal.


Grandkids yet?


Yeah, we have four grandbabies. By the way, I always tell parents that grandchildren are your reward for not killing your 16-year-olds. Let them live and fight the urge. Let those ingrates breed and years later they’ll bring us the bundles of joy.



How much better is it? Grandchildren or children?


Well, truthfully, and my son asked me the same thing: what’s the difference?

The difference is when you’re a young parent and you’re trying to make a living. You’re trying to help those who still you, feed and all the stress that comes with all of that stuff. You don’t get to experience the joy of a 2 and a 4 and a 5 and a 7-year-old you know. As a grandfather, I get to see the joy that is inherent in all of us children.

It is just amazing to me, the simplest things. I don”€™t know the point we lose all that but it is just so heartwarming to just see them just love life. And then when they’re crabby and cranky, I just call my son and send them home and that’s a really cool thing.

We just get all the good and really none of the bad.


You’re so right, though. I’ve noticed that. I’ve got one grandson and I’ve noticed how much I enjoy watching him enjoy the little things and I don’t remember that with my kids. Because you know you’re crazy in your 20s and 30s you’re running around trying to make all that stuff but with grandkids, man you notice.


That”€™s it. That”€™s exactly right. I’m glad I’m not the only one that looks back at and go I don’t remember that stuff. I don’t remember soaking that in. You know. The walking, the talking. The first time my granddaughter said Poppa. I mean I get teary eyed. It could be the medication but after that, I go up a little misty-eyed when she looks at me and said Poppa. You know, it”€™s pretty cool.


You raise both these boys while being a professional performer. You had to be on the road a lot. How hard was that?

Jeff, God And The IRS


Very hard. Again on hindsight when you look back. My story is pretty well known but when my marriage was falling apart I remember getting audited by the IRS. Who would think that God would use the IRS to give you an epiphany?

The guy says, how many days are you on the road? And I looked down at the thing and I said what on the sheet. And it’s said 228 days. It hit me like a freight train. No wonder she’s leaving. For gosh sakes, I’m never home.

So anyway you know I told the IRS you could take everything I got. Take it all on it. Own it. Load up in a truck and drive it to the White House drop it on the lawn because I’m done. I”€™m done worrying about you guys you know.

In hindsight, I don’t know if I would do it again knowing what I know and what I missed. There was a lot. But anyway I’m having the time of my life right now at sixty-two years old. I’m having more fun as a comedian than I’ve ever had this. This tour is a blast.

Videos Gone Viral


Watching some of the clips out of this tour. I mean I’m having more fun watching you have more fun and the lines it’s so good. It looks like some that stuff has even gone viral.


Yeah. We’re up over 50 million views with just those three or four clips. And then my own Facebook page which had a couple go over a couple million. You know it’s funny I’ve been around for 40 years, and I’m getting all these responses where did you come from? We’ve never seen you. We’ve never heard of you. So it’s kind of neat. Certainly at my age.

Working with Millenials


Jeff, one of your boys is in the military?


He was. He served six years with the hundred and first airborne. He’s been out for a while now. He’s a father of two of my granddaughters. They only live about a half a mile away.




He’s trying to do some stuff now. He’s going to school finally, you know. He hurt his back for about four years and tore his knees back up. He came home and one day and told me if I keep doing this I won”€™t be able to walk when I”€™m 40. Well, you can use your back or your brain, man. So anyway so he’s just finished his first year of school. He made the dean’s list and we’re really proud of that.


Are your boys more millennials?


Yeah. Well, they’re kind of on the cusp of that. They work with millennials and it seems to be rubbing off.  I compare it to a friend of mine had two labradors. One that was extremely smart, the other one was extremely stupid.

One day, he called me up after about six months. He says well I was wonder who would win the battle. The smart one, he just figured why should I have to go outside to go to the bathroom the other one doesn’t. So he started going in the living room too. If you work with millennials at some point you’re just going to pick up the traits because they just seem more appealing. To show up to work two hours late.

I don’t really care. I guess it’s not fair I guess. My exposure to millennials has been at McDonald’s. I just wish they taught them math, just basic math.

I don”€™t know if you’ve had this issue, you give them three cents change to help round it up. They just stand there and you witness this convulsion, them trying to decipher it. It’s tragic.

What Do You Think About Your Style Of Your Videos That Is Resonating So Much With The American People Right Now?


Now Jeff, knowing that some of your stuff has gone viral — I’ve watched it all. We”€™ve known you for several years and have seen part of your testimony. Just the incredible way that you’ve come through that and how God is using you now in some really cool ways.

We’ve always known you were funny but now it seems like more of the world is finding a lot of the funny that you have been producing for a while. With some of these videos that have gone viral, what do you think it is that resonates so much with modern culture?  

When you’re talking about the world you grew up in and the things you’re saying obviously you’re funny but kind of have almost this common sense flair to it. What do you think about your style of your videos is resonating so much with the American people right now?


Well, I think there is certainly a hunger for clean that’s the biggest thing that I get.

And then the next one is, the compliment I get, you must be looking through our living.

I have always found that for me anyway the comedy that I enjoy, there’s always a hint of truth to it. There’s always truth attached to it. So I’ve always tried to write what they call coincidental comedy. Something happens, I talk about it and try to make it funny.

Coincidental Comedy

The hardest part about writing that kind of comedy is that you have to have something happen to you all the time. I’m not standing on a street corner waiting for something bad to happen so that I can talk about it. With my kids, that it was a lot easier when they were living at home that’s for sure.

So they would do something or say something and then they’d look at me making notes and they’d go so that going to be part of the show? I go well, we all have to eat son, you know. This is your contribution to the family”€™s coffers.

Where Else Is The Tour Taking You This Year?


Well, where have you headed Jeff? Where else is the tour taking you this year?


Well, I’m actually going to be in Dallas tomorrow for a couple of TV tapings. Then mom Tammy and I are going to Scotland for 11 days, leaving Friday.

It’s been on my list of to-do for about 40 years now. And last year I suddenly came to her and said, do you want to go and play some golf in Scotland? She said, yeah I’d better be. Well, I can still walk upright, you know. It”€™s been a year in planning and finally, it’s come.

So after that, I go to Cleveland. It’s interesting since these videos have gone viral, comedy clubs have been calling in and that’s always been kind of my dream. To be able to go into a club and draw my audience into a club and we’re clean. And then it’s a good outreach. It’s a great date night for churches. The clubs I work in are the upscale ones, they have good food.

And then I have a First Baptist, Dallas coming up and then we’re trying to book a couple of improv in Dallas. I’m going to California, Irvine California. I have a couple of shows there. You can do to the website. It’s just my brain, there’s nothing left to it.

My biggest fear in life is that I wind up on my deathbed just doing my act. My grandchildren are looking at me, what”€™s he talking about?


All right. The dates for this summer and the fall Jeff and there’s a link for the tour. Good stuff, man. Wish the best on the road this year and have a great tour and enjoy grandfatherhood.


I will, man. Thank you guys so much. I love what you guys do. I’ve been following you. Davi and Tim, they know, I”€™ve been following you guys for years.

It’s like a voice of reason in the midst of all this insanity. Oh, you don’t laugh about it man, I guess you just go crazy.


That’s right. That’s right. Well, keep up the great message and we look forward to having you back again soon.


You guys keep up what you’re doing too. Thanks, man. God bless you guys.


Thanks, bro. That’s Jeff Allen. The website: We’ll be right back. On WallBuuilders Live.

Clip from Jeff Allen”€™s Facebook Video

I don”€™t understand this country’s obsession with weight. To me, weight is nothing but a number. That’s it. And everybody in this room has a number that makes them feel good about themselves. The key is to just stand on the scale and look at you know.

I bought a digital scale those numbers gradually build up to your correct weight. You could jump off any. See your number. Get off the scale. One fifty-five. That’s all I’m weighing in this week. Honey, I’m here looking but I lost 45 pounds last night.

And my wife’s dieting now. That means we’re all dieting. That’s the rule. I got to sneak cookies in my house like I’m some kind of criminal. I”€™m down in the basement with the boys and I’m handing them out to the kids. One of you will betray me.

I”€™m not sure but I”€™m sure it won”€™t be the three-year-old Judas, I’m sure.

She came home with rice cakes for dessert. Can you believe that? Rice cake. You see the word cake. You think well OK maybe.

Have you ever bite into one of the things? Cake doesn’t come to mind.

I think cork would be a better word.

Who”€™s she kidding?

It’s not food, it’s insulation. Well, we could save a few bucks just eat the styrofoam peanuts that came with your thigh master.They are awful.

Our dog went and ate about nine of those rice cakes.

An hour later, when to the yard and pass the thermos.

Check out


That was Jeff Allen. You were just listening to one of the many clips. You can listen to Jeff online on his Facebook page or on his website or the dry bar comedy with Vin Angel or go see him live this year.

Of course, we’ll have that link today at our website so you can find a date when he’s coming to a town close to you. We’re back with David and Tim.

All right guys, that’s just a sample of what it’s like to get to laugh with Jeff Allen.


Yeah, there are so many funny clips on his Facebook page, on his Web site. You just need a refreshing in life sometimes. You just need a good laugh where you can not worry about other things.

As you”€™ve pointed out in the interview, what he tries to do is find real-life scenarios and laugh at them. Make fun or make light of it, make jokes about it. As you listen to his comedy, it really does feel like real life.
Yes, I know exactly that thought, that feeling. I’ve seen that thing play out. And so it is to me, even more genuinely funny because you can connect and relate to it so well.

One of the many things that he does have got going and you know WallBuilders, that we want to be able to help promote positive content.

When parents are looking for something fun and something light. Maybe you want a movie night and you want something that’s clean. Well, you can watch his dry bar comedy special and just enjoy and laugh together as a family.

So (this is) one of the positive things that he has out there. But really you need to see how God has worked in his life – his testimony. The restoration that is taking place with his family. All around, very cool what’s going on.


Also, it’s a great way to have a family discussion. If you watch that drive bar comedy special, your kids are going to look at you and say you used to ride bicycles without helmets, really? And so you’ll get a conversation going that would have never to come up otherwise.

Check Out Dry Bar Comedy


And by the way, the drive bar comedy has dozens of good comedians on. Vin Angel has done a great job of creating content for a good family night and watch a movie. Get on Vin Angel and get some of their comedy that they’ve got available or use their service to watch a movie where you can cut out all the bad stuff and have the clean stuff in there. So, to learn more about that.

That’s also who has the Chosen. We’ve had them on to talk about that in recent weeks as well. Thanks to Jeff Allen for joining us today. Thank you for listening today.

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