Clock Boy Case thrown out, Islamic “Lawfare” takes a loss. Islamic lawfare is an intimidation tactic where they sue you so they can intimidate you to make you not say anything negative or stereotype about Islam or Muslims or anything else. Tune in now as we discuss how the case of the Clock Boy was thrown out, how important the Anti-SLAPP Statute is, what Civilization Jihad is, and much, much more in today’s episode.

Air Date: 03/01/2017

Guests: Frank Gaffney, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton

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David, Tim, our topic today is going to be back to dealing with radical Islamic terrorism. David, you were saying before we went on the air that it”€™s really consequences that we”€™re talking about.

What Did They Think Was Going To Happen


Yeah, I mean think about what happens.  Let”€™s say you take a toy pistol, even a Roy Rogers toy pistol from years ago and you walk into a gun store and pointed the guy behind the counter. What”€™s going to happen to you?


You”€™re liable to get shot.


I would say you”€™ll probably get shot.


Especially if you”€™re in Texas.


If you walk in with a 1911 plastic toy pistol, looks like a 1911 semi-automatic 45, I”€™m sorry, you”€™re going to get shot in the gun store. If you walk into a convenience store and the guy behind the counter has a gun, you”€™re going to get shot.

“€œBut it is only a toy.”€ Yeah, but what did you think was going to happen? I mean we”€™re kicking kids out of school for making a gun out of Pop Tarts, you know, the Hello Kitty bubble gun, anything even looks like a gun.

Zero tolerance, we don”€™t put up with that and we punish people for it. So, of course, there are gonna be consequences when you do stuff in this culture. So when I hear some while back we had the “€œClock Boy”€ incident in Texas and we had had the bombing in Boston with the with the Crock-Pot the thing, the pressure cooker.

So, this kid walks into his show and tell in Texas and opens up a briefcase and it”€™s got an electronic watch face on it. It”€™s a clock you know the counting numbers on it. It”€™s got wires running off to other things. What do you think people are going to think when you do that?

Islamic Lawfare

A Muslim kid walks in with that and throws a briefcase down opens it up and shows everybody all the wires attached to the electronic face of the clock. What you think”€™s going to happen?

Of course, they”€™re going to think, “€œHey, this could be a detonator for something.”€ Which is exactly what happened, which apparently is exactly what they wanted to happen so they could file a lawsuit under Islamic lawfare.  Islamic lawfare is an intimidation tactic that they want to sue you so they can intimidate you to make you not say anything negative or stereotype about Islam or Muslims or anything else.

Exactly what you would think happened. People got concerned.  The school got concerned.  It looked like a detonator to an electronic bomb of some type. And sure enough, when they get deputies to come look at it, they took all the pictures of this kid and they end up filing a lawsuit that they”€™ve been discriminated against.

So, the lawsuit actually involved some reports on the news. Frank Gaffney, we”€™re going to talk with Frank later, one of his guys who”€™s a terrorism expert who is used to seeing this kind of stuff just got on the news and talked about how that looks like a detonator. So they sued him.

Glenn Beck reported about it on the news and they sued Glenn Beck. So they”€™re going after suing all these people who even talked about what happened and they knew what was going to happen. I mean, this was not unexpected.

You know what”€™s going to happen if you walk into a gun store and point a plastic model 1911 45 caliber gun at somebody you”€™re still going to get shot because it looks like a gun and that”€™s the reaction.

Great Victory

So we got Frank on today to talk about this because what happened was when it got into court they threw the suit out. And that”€™s a great victory. It”€™s a great slash against Islamic lawfare, the use of lawsuits to intimidate, these guys don”€™t like money and file lawsuits.

And this has been going on for a while in America where they will sue people who criticize them. And this is a great reversal for Frank to be able to win the suit and for Beck not to have to face what was going in the suit and others who talked about this is a great victory.


His name is Frank Gaffney.  We”€™ve had him on a few times. The Center for Security Policy does great work, great education for people in office, but also for individuals for us as citizens to really understand these issues. We”€™re thrilled to have him with us who will be with us when we come back from the break. Stay with us on WallBuilders Live!

Truth Be Told With Tim Barton and David Pate


Hi, this is Tim Barton from WallBuilders and we are battling culture and attack on truth.  In fact, the majority of Americans now no longer believe that there are absolutes and that absolute truth does not exist. Well, we are being bombarded from an existentialist, a postmodern, a humanistic, and a secular worldview that tells us the truth is how we define it. Truth is what we imagine, truth is what we believe.

Well, friends, I can tell you that”€™s not the way it works. In fact, God defined truth in the Word of God and laid out very clearly what it is. And we have great examples from history. They show us some things work and some things don”€™t work. What we”€™ve done a while ago is to try to help combat this attack against truth.  

We started a conference called Truth Be Told.  One of the other speakers, David Pate, and myself team up and we go around from city to city talking about cultural issues but looking at it from a Biblical perspective and from American history seeing the examples. And so if you want to learn more about how we can apply truth to various issues of culture you can go visit our website,  and look for information on Truth Be Told. Friends, in a time when truth is being attacked, it”€™s time for truth to be told.

The Clock Boy Case


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Our friend Frank Gaffney”€™s back with us from the Center for Security Policy. Frank always good to have you, sir.


It”€™s great to be with you, Rick. Thanks for having me.


Well, thanks for coming back. This is one we haven”€™t really had a chance to visit with you much on.  This Islamic lawfare where these lawsuits are being used to basically try to intimidate and get people to not speak out. But apparently a victory in the case with the “€œClock Boy.”€


Yeah, the backstory is interesting on this.  If I could just take a minute to make sure your guests are fully calibrated. This is a prime example, as I see it, of lawfare. The Clock Boy is the kid Ahmed Mohammed, is his name, who came to international celebrity in his 15 minutes of fame.

About a year and a half ago, I guess September of 2015, when he brought his so-called “€œinvention”€ into school to show his teachers about his technical innovativeness and genius.  On closer inspection what was his invention was actually a radio shack clock, digital clock that seemed to have been put in a small suitcase in a way that looked an awful lot like the detonator for an improvised bomb.


Oh wow.

Council On American-Islamic Relations


When the kid brought it to school I think five of his teachers told him to just put it away. And finally one did what I think the Clock Boy”€™s family at least wanted which is to take him to the principal.

At which point he didn”€™t answer any questions of either the principal or the police who was assigned to the school.  And the policeman, of course, had the training to recognize this for what it looked sure looked like, namely the makings of a detonator for a bomb.

He asked him, “€œDid you bring anything else to school?”€ Any other inventions he might have like dynamite, for example. And the kid wouldn”€™t answer the question.

So, according to protocol, they took him down to the precinct and booked him.  When he was released to his parents for cognizance. His sister insisted that they not remove the handcuffs, which again are part of the protocol until she took a picture which of course went viral worldwide.  Immediately, I emphasize, immediately, got a tweet out of the White House saying something to the effect of, “€œCool clock kids. How about coming to the White House?”€

In other words, it appears a complete setup. The purpose of which we subsequently learn, because the Clock Boy and his family were supposed to have a meeting with the mayor and the chief of police a day or two after the event.

Lo and behold, they didn”€™t show up. They stood up the mayor and the police chief and instead had a press conference with a notorious Islamist group, a Muslim Brotherhood front– Actually, Hamas called the Council on American-Islamic Relations. At which they proceeded to say,  the father, “€œWe don”€™t have any problem with the school or the police chief, we have a problem with the political authorities of Irving, Texas where all of this happened because they”€™ve created a climate of fear and Islamophobia.”€

Sued By The Clock Boy”€™s Family

Well, that was a reference to the mayor, Beth Van Duyne, having opposed an earlier effort by Shariah-supremacist to create an Islamic tribunal in her city. So in other words, all of this began with an act of political warfare.

In the form of this tribunal, it was ratcheted up by the Clock Boy.  When one of my colleagues here at the Center for Security Policy, a former Green Beret, who used to make improvised bombs for a living and recognized it as such and said so on Fox television. He was sued by the Clock Boy”€™s family.

The long and short of which is, thanks to the statutes that they have in Texas, which prohibit frivolous lawfare for the purposes of suppressing public policy speech we were able to get the case thrown out and are now working to get legal fees from the lawyer who brought this case against us among others.


Good! So, there”€™s actually a consequence, in other words, for them you know frivolously going after you guys, potentially?


Potentially there can be punitive costs, yes. In the form of legal fees at least. We were spared the hassle and expense of having to go through a court proceeding and depositions and discovery and all of that. So, it actually came out very well as far as we were concerned. But that”€™s not always the case.

I have to tell, you this the Sharia supremacists engage in lawfare a lot in this country, often to intimidate or to silence or to otherwise penalize people like us who are calling them out on what they”€™re trying to do to, I believe take down our country.


They”€™re not dummies. They know how to use our system against us. Which is essentially what this is, using our court system, our freedoms against us.

Stealthy Form Of Jihad


You”€™re right, Rick.  I”€™ts not so much that they”€™re smart, though typically the Muslim Brotherhood folks are very smart. It”€™s that they”€™re getting helped, in a big way, by people of the Left who know all about using our courts against the country. And trying to undermine the Constitution and otherwise impose their will on everybody else.

People ask, “€œWell, how could it possibly be that a community of people whose principal pillars are feminists, homosexuals, Jews, non-believers, all of them, would be put to the blade if these Sharia Supremacists had their way? How could it possibly be a common cause with them?”€ It”€™s inexplicable but they do it nonetheless.


Yeah, no doubt about it. Well great that we have a victory here. And even just in terms of saving you guys time and energy and money and everything else distracted from the great work that you guys are doing so just a good news report and victory! I”€™m sure not the last time that they will file these kind of frivolous lawsuits against you guys because you”€™re making a difference.

Civilization Jihad


Well, that”€™s the point. This is about suppressing our freedom of speech. This is about trying wherever they can to force us to submit. And the trouble is that if we do, in fact, submit, if they do succeed in silencing us, that inevitably means is they got that much more of a clear field to run through on their agenda of subverting our country and forcing us all to submit.

So, it”€™s really important that we stand against this and that people across this country who are probably increasingly uneasy about what”€™s going on here actually get clued up about the true nature of the play being promoted most especially by the Muslim Brotherhood through a kind of stealthy form of Jihad. They call “€œCivilization Jihad.”€

Much Is Needed To Be Done


Yeah, well I hope that that folks are listening now will not just hear this and go, “€œOk, great. That was a victory.”€ But actually, go to y”€™alls website and learn more about you and get on your e-mail list and contribute and help you continue.

You”€™ve been sounding the alarm long before even 9/11 and paying close attention to these things and just been a great voice of reason. I”€™m so glad that now you have also an administration and folks in power that will listen and that hopefully move the right direction.

I should ask you that question before I let you go.  How do you feel about the direction of some of these policies and whatnot that are happening now? Much better than where we”€™ve been the last eight years?


Well, they certainly mark a sea change in policy direction. I think they are vastly better than what we were subjected to under the Obama Administration and frankly under the Bush administration as well.

Much needs to be done, to be perfectly candid. And the early steps oft met with vociferous opposition as you have seen most notably in connection with the president”€™s executive order on immigration.

Naming The Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization

But it is a new day.  And I think the president is genuinely committed to  stop importing more Jihadists, for example, which is an eminently sensible thing to do. To stop the willful blindness about the sorts of things we”€™ve been talking about this whole Civilization Jihad business.

Hopefully, as he indicated back in August 15th of last year on a major speech that he made on the subject, that he”€™ll work to counter what he called the networks that radicalize in the Muslim community and those of the Muslim Brotherhood operations. And we think designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization ought to be one of the next orders of business for the administration.I”€™m hopeful and prayerful that it will be.

Rick: is the website folks.  We”€™ll  have a link today to make it easy for you there on WallBuilders Live. Frank, just keep up the great work, brother.   Look forward to having you back again soon.


Thank you. Bless you.


Stay with us, folks.  We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees to every individual the right to keep and bear arms, has been targeted for years now by those who were determined to dismantle the individual right to self-protection.

Opponents argue that “€œOnly the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.”€ But those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagree, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually framed the Second Amendment.

He declared, “€œTo preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike especially when young how to use them.”€ For more information about Richard Henry Lee and the history of the Second Amendment go to

They Are Documenting Everything


Welcome back! Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Back now with David and Tim Barton. Thanks to Frank Gaffney for being our guest today. We have a link to his website there for the Center for Security Policy and do encourage you to get on his email and get informed on these issues. I think he”€™s really one of the best experts in the country on these things.


Yeah, Frank is definitely one of the best experts. And by the way, the new Trump Administration is listening to him very, very closely. So many of Frank”€™s guys are national security guys and Frank is very close with those folks in the administration. Because if you are into national security and if you if you see Islamic terrorists as a threat. Well, that”€™s Frank”€™s guys.


And, by the way, this isn”€™t something when we”€™re saying that he has Trump”€™s ear. I can just imagine people out there going, “€œThis guy is a conspiracy.”€ And you can just kind of hear and people.  Well, they”€™re able to document every single instance, every single thing they say.  They have documentation and evidence and proof.

So it”€™s almost like us, as we talk about the Founding Fathers, that”€™s what Frank does with Islamic terror. They can document every single thing they”€™re reporting and so this isn”€™t just propaganda. This isn”€™t just some kind of rhetoric. This is the real thing they”€™re working with and they can point to every case and example and even individuals, even ties that Obama had in the White House that we”€™ve seen around Congress.

Sharia Supremacists

So, this is very significant, because this is someone who has incredible intelligence, a great detail, and they”€™re able now to pass that information along to somebody who actually cares about the safety of the American people, and actually even thinks about, “€œHey, maybe we should protect our borders and do things.”€ So this is a great person to be able to speak that intelligence into the leader of our nation.


Yeah, that is the great statement that sunshine is the best disinfectant. What Frank does is show the sunshine.  He lets the sunshine shine on areas of government where we”€™re letting Islamicist and as he calls them, “€œSharia supremacist”€ dominate our foreign policy, our thinking, and our intelligence community, etc. He really points that out well.

He”€™s joined by so many.  We”€™ve got good friends there that are three-star generals that work with him on this and other folks that are known. Former attorney general of the United States, etc., that are very reputable and they all work together in this kind of stuff.

Granted, it”€™s not politically correct, which is why they get sued. As a matter of fact, Frank mentioned that the statute we had here in Texas is what helped him win.

The Anti-SLAPP Statute

The statute we have is called an anti-SLAPP statute.  A SLAPP lawsuit is the acronym for a strategic lawsuit against public participation. In other words, what it does is it lets a plaintiff sue someone that criticizes them to silence them and it”€™s designed to intimidate.  Frank said it”€™s called “€œCivilization”€™s Jihad.”€ And that”€™s what lawfare is.

You sue to get people to shut up about you, whether they”€™re telling the truth or not. And so because it becomes an intimidation against free speech, Texas is a state that passed an Anti-SLAPP statute. The Anti-SLAPP statute says, “€œYou can”€™t even bring the case unless you”€™ve got sufficient merit to bring it.”€

In a SLAPP lawsuit you file the lawsuit and then you can do a deposition for days and weeks and months and you can dig around until you find something. I mean, it”€™s a fishing expedition. But with an anti-SLAPP statute which is part of the tort reform that was done here in Texas, and actually, it”€™s been done now in about a dozen states, you really have to show you”€™ve got substance before you can let that lawsuit go forward. Otherwise, you can bankrupt the other people.

Truth Will Prevail

You get an Islamicist to fund these lawsuits and you go after private citizens like Frank and you can bankrupt them just by standing in court. Actually, WallBuilders went through one of these. In our case, on WallBuilders we filed a defamation suit against people who were going after us and we had to prove that we had merit before the suit could even go forward.

So, in our case, our case went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court. We were, I think the first case to test the anti-SLAPP lawsuit in Texas. Every national media group in the nation joined in against us on that. They didn”€™t want us to win because that would hold media accountable for what they said. And we did win.

So, we won at the Supreme Court and got back to local court. And indeed got a sizable defamation win in that case because people had been attacking us with no accountability. So, in this case, the accountability is, that Frank what he said, was right.  You can”€™t go after him just trying to intimidate him. And so the anti-SLAPP statute works really well to help truth prevail and to keep people from using the law to intimidate you.


We”€™ll take quick break, folks.  We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton here on WallBuilders Live!

DVD On Common Core


Hi, friends! This is David Barton of WallBuilders. The current condition of education in America is abysmal. Not only is educational achievement plummeting, but every year, some 19 percent of high school seniors who graduate is completely illiterate. They can”€™t read at all but it was not always this way.

For generations, we taught students how to think. But after the progressives took over education in the early 20th century, things began to radically change. Education shifted from thinking to learning, which made the emphasis on the teachers rather than the students. And that elevated indoctrination above knowledge.

At that time, progressives also made massive changes in the way we tested students. They extended school from 8 to 12 years. They introduced graded education and they added compulsory education. Statistics prove that these changes have harmed education rather than helped it. And now the progressives are pushing common core.

In our new DVD on common core, we give you eight reasons why this current approach is so dangerous to our kids and our culture. We also show you an amazing history of education. So get this new DVD at

What The Law Is Supposed To Do


Welcome back.  Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live.  Here with David and Tim Barton.  So David, this suit, if I understood you right, what we want people to know is that the whole SLAPP statute thing, obviously, they had very little, nothing really, to go on in their lawsuit because it got thrown out. In our case with the WallBuilders defamation suit, clearly, there was evidence there. And that”€™s why it didn”€™t get thrown out.  So the whole thing works well.


Well, yeah, the system works really well and it”€™s designed to prevent you from using the law to intimidate people from speaking their mind. But if you speak your mind you need to be somewhat accurate on it. You can”€™t go out and use defamation.

That was not the case here with Frank. They just went after him because they wanted to intimidate him, wanted him to spend a lot of money, etc. And so it worked very well for WallBuilders it also worked very well for Frank. We were on different sides of that and one side were the plaintiff on the other side he”€™s the defendant. But it worked well for both sides.

And that”€™s what laws are supposed to do, is they”€™re supposed to be just and they”€™re supposed to have a neutral effect if you will. They work for anybody who applies them, with the right motives.

The Center For Security Policy


And hopefully, it becomes a deterrent to these type of lawsuits.


That”€™s right.


The other thing is, not only does Frank win the suit, and Beck and others that were part of the suit, they win this which means they”€™re still free to be able to report news even if it”€™s not necessarily favorable to those involved.

As Frank described, this was a setup case. How does the White House know how to tweet out the response almost at the moment it comes down? Somebody has got to report that or it”€™s been preplanned.

Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization

So, you see, it doesn”€™t pass the smell test. But it looks like there”€™s a real possibility as Frank reports that the Trump Administration will declare the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.

Now, grab this, for what we call the moderate Muslim states, and that”€™s United Arab Emirates UAE and Bahrain and Saudi Arabian Egypt, and you know, these are the ones that are friendly to America. They”€™ve already declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. These moderate Muslim states recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood, this is a bad deal.

They”€™re the ones that create wars and revolutions. Our previous administration has been welcoming them into the FBI, into the Pentagon, to the national security, and etc. So, to be able to declare them a terrorist organization, if Trump does that, he gets them cleaned out of that government. And again, the moderate Muslims don”€™t like these guys at all and for whatever reason, we”€™ve let them in.

So Frank”€™s got some great information. The Center for Security Policy, great place to go to get this information. The good news is that this Civilization Jihad, that these guys engage in did not work here and that we got Courts of Justice who did the right thing.

Thanks For Listening


Yeah, this could have been a Good News Friday but it”€™s more than that because it”€™s continuing that awareness of what we”€™re up against, the tools that they”€™re using, the battle plans that, as we”€™ve said before, the previous administration wanted to ignore or in many ways empower.

Thankfully, we”€™ve got an administration that understands what we”€™re up against. As Frank said, willing to take it on on those fronts. So, a lot of good news to share with our listeners today. And there”€™s more on our website! So be sure to check that out today! We appreciate you joining us. So be sure to check that out today! We appreciate you joining us.