Support For Coach Kennedy At The Supreme Court And Much More – Support for Coach Kennedy grows as his case is reviewed by the Supreme Court, the Senate defeats abortion bill that would legalize abortions up to birth and more!

Air Date: 03/11/2022

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. You found us here at WallBuilders Live. I’m Rick Green, former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. And I’m here with David Barton. He’s our founder at WallBuilders. He’s America’s premier historian. This guy, I’m telling you, he’s probably read more of the Founding Fathers actual writings than anybody alive. And I say probably only because there’s no way to actually prove it.

But I have zero doubt that that is the case, both from reading right there in his own collection at the WallBuilders Museum, but also just all the other things out there that he studied. You can tell, when you’re talking about something dealing with the founding era, and so much of it just immediately has it right there off of the tip of his tongue. It’s just phenomenal. Anyway, David Barton is here with us, America’s premier historian, and Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders Live.

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Alright, David and Tim, let’s dive into that good news. First piece of good news is going to come from David Barton. Go ahead, bro.


Well, it deals with the Supreme Court case we’ve talked about. This is a Supreme Court case with coach Kennedy comes out of Washington, he was fired, and I loved the description. I’m just going to read right out of this. This is the reason the coach was fired. “He was fired because the school district thought that some people might see him taking knee in silent prayer after a football game.”

Now, with all the things that we have that people see all the time, and that people don’t have any problem, with what goes on in public, they fired him because they thought some people might see him take a knee in silent prayer and you got to be fired over that. So this is a case that the Supreme Court picked up and they’re going to look at and see, hey, can a teacher take a knee silently like this, a football coach in this case, a former Marine I recall, and that’s the whole issue with the case.

Now I think this is going to be a huge win for us. I don’t think the court would have picked this case up unless they just didn’t like what was going on with it and they want to fix it. So I think we get a huge win out of this. But this literally is the first case we’ve had the Supreme Court on the rights of teachers in school. And I’ve been a long advocate that just because you’re a teacher doesn’t mean you lose your constitutional rights, your freedoms. We tell kids all the time, the court has said this, students don’t shed their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse door; well, neither do teachers.

So I think this is going to be a real big case. It could really change dramatically some things in America taking us back to a day when we actually used to let the Constitution work. And this is going back pre60s quite literal in this case. So we’ll see what happens. But here’s the good news to me. As the case goes forward, you want various arguments being presented to the court in written form. And so those are amicus briefs. And generally, the attorneys behind this, they’ll reach out to different groups and say, hey, can you find people to represent this viewpoint or this opinion, or this argument that the court needs to hear, because we only get 30 minutes oral argument in front of the Supreme Court? They’re going to read all the briefs.

And so the some of the cases I’ve been involved with, that was what I was asked to do. The case we had back in 95 dealt with prayer at a football game of public schools and so they asked me to get some NFL players and they asked me to get some other individuals and have them do a viewpoint kind of thing for the court. Well, this is one of the amicus briefs that stood out here that I really, really liked. Kelly Shackelford, First Liberty is got this case.

And this amicus brief is composed of six former US Attorney Generals, so that’s the top law enforcement in the entire United States, but six of them, not just one, but six of them, also legendary coaches like Lou Holtz and Tommy Bowden, son of Bobby Bowden, you got all these coaches, then you’ve got, I think, it’s 56 NFL Hall of Famers that are signing on saying, look, this is really important that a coach be allowed to pray at a football game. Then on top of that, you have 56 members of Congress, you have 60 state legislators, you have 27 state Attorney Generals, the top law enforcement officer in 27 states. You have dozens of organizations, I mean, Advancing American freedom, Americans for Prosperity, American Cornerstone Institute Alliance Defending Freedom, Ethics Religious Liberty Commission, Billy Graham, Evangelist Association, I’m just looking at the list here.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a diverse list of religious groups who are joining hands, joining arms and saying, hey, we stand for the right of football coast, to be able to pray, and who knows how the courts going to do this, whether they’ll say it’s hard for teachers to pray or not, who knows. But nonetheless, it’s about a football coach right now. And it’s just really, really, really good to see so many different folks, whether it be the US attorney generals, or Hall of Famers, or whatever, it’s just good to see so many people get behind an issue like supporting the right of a coast to pray at a football game.


Yeah, just prayer at football games in general has been a big part of this whole fight about not allowing for religious expression for years and years and years, even the kids being able to pray. But this specific one with a coach has been probably gotten more attention than any case dealing with prayer at school in a very, very long time. So it’s good to see some good news there. Tim, next piece of good news, where are you taking us?


Well, first, let me back up and point out some of the irony, and we probably pointed out this before on the program. But when you talk about somebody taking a knee to football game, there’s only two options, they are either Tim Tebowing, or they are Colin Kaepernick. And the idea that we’re going to say, well, Tim Tebow, you know, he doesn’t need to pray. And that’s not permissible. But Colin Kaepernick, if you take a knee to protest America, to protest the national anthem, so whatever you’re going to do, that’s acceptable. That’s crazy that would seemingly be more culturally accepted among some of these elite and activists.

Dad, as you mentioned, I think the court would not have picked this up enough, they’re going to overturn this. I do think it’s encouraging, optimistic, and certainly an amazing list of people have signed on to support this. There’s some good news there. For mine, the first one I have, the title says Senate defeated Democrat bill to legalize abortion up to birth nationwide.

And one of the things that went under the radar a little bit is at the end of February, the US Senate had a bill and it was called the Women’s Health Protection Act. And this is a little bit more along the lines. In 1984, this notion of Newspeak where we’re making words mean things they don’t really mean, and this is the new definition. If we’ve never been at war with them, we’ve always been at war with them, right? This is kind of we’re just rewriting the story in history. Well, they do this with words. And when they say Women’s Health Protection Act, this is a Democrat bill, nothing about this was actually to protect women health. And so it’s incredibly misleading.

Jump to the end, the good news is that they were not able to overcome the filibuster, they were not able to get closer to vote on ending the debate. And what’s significant about this is it actually would have been a tied vote, and Kamala Harris would have been called in to break the tie. And if they call her during the break the tie, then they also would have had pretty much straight party line vote that Democrats would have able to pass this mandatory abortion bill. And I’m going to get into it. It would federally remove every state abortion law.

So every state that said we are going to restrict abortion or there’s a 20 week abortion ban or there’s ultrasound or 24 hour waiting period, whatever it is, this federal law would revoke every single state law. The good news is it didn’t pass. But interestingly enough, one of the reasons it didn’t pass was because Democrat Senator Joe Manchin came over and joined the Republican, and again, straight party line vote except for Manchin. And Manchin said this is not a good idea.

And it is also worth noting, this is why we have to pay attention during elections because elections do have consequences. Because had Manchin, who was a Democrat and the Democrat Party is very proudly and openly a party that is pro-abortion. So had he not broken away from the official Democrat Party position, this could have gone very differently. And part of what this does, their goal, and this was part of what was written in the bill, it was to eliminate all state and federal parental consent laws.

So when states say hey, you know, if you’re younger than 18, if you’re younger than 16, you have to get parental consent. They said, no, no, we’re getting rid of parental consent laws. Children shouldn’t be required to tell their parents before they have an abortion. The Informed Consent laws, which include women viewing an ultrasounds prior to the abortion, so they’re consenting, knowing what they’re going to do, they said, no, we’re getting rid of that, the 20 week abortion ban, getting rid of that. And they would force doctors and nurses who oppose abortion to do the abortion, or lose their job, etc.

This was a really, really, really bad piece of legislation. And again, it would overturn every federal and state prolife law and make it illegal for elected officials to even introduce prolife legislation. So that’s even crazier in my mind: is not only was it going to remove all the prolife laws, it criminalizes the introduction of prolife laws.

Again, the good news is this was defeated. A lot of Republican senators came out talking about this right after it was defeated, pointing out how ridiculous it is that in the middle of like a Russia, Ukraine invasion, Russians are killing Ukraine, that a top Democrat priority was to legalize killing babies and etc, etc. So potential disaster, at least momentarily, temporarily averted from the Democrat agenda.

But this is just again, another example of point in case of why we have to get involved elections, of why elections actually do matter. And had it not been for Manchin, right, in this situation, thank God for Joe Manchin that he broke away from the Democrat party, like straight party line vote, he broke away from the party line vote to say, no, we’re not going to federalize abortions, we’re not going to make it illegal for people to try to be prolife in their states and introduce prolife laws, and we’re not removing all these things. That is really, really good news because we were one vote away from them federalizing and legalizing abortion in all 50 states, and that would have been utterly disastrous.


Big, big victory. I got to imagine you guys are probably thinking the exact same thing I am, just as the Democrats didn’t want John Quincy Adams talking about slavery on the floor of Congress, they don’t want people introducing prolife legislation. It just smells like that. It sounds like that. It rings a bell like that. Alright, so David, what’s our next piece of good news?


Well, it deals with election fraud and responses to it. We recall back to the November election, all the stuff that happened after that, all the drama that has gone on. And there’s been a couple of camps that have come out of this. And one of them is really, really anti-Dominion voting machines. And I have heard people say, there’s no good devote anymore as long as Dominion is there and we’re always going to lose. So no matter how many we turn out, they’ll be able to turn out more on that.

And so I’ve really been, I’ll say distressed over that logic, because that’s a fatalism that says I’m going to quit. I’m not going to get involved anymore because I can’t make a difference. My vote is going to be overcome. Whoever I vote for, they’re going to give 1.2 votes to the other guy, whatever it is. And so I’ll point out first off that in Virginia, the Republicans won there, Younkin won there, and they have Dominion machines. They won there because you had 312 churches working through Faith Wins that got involved, gave 1,300 poll watchers able to identify about 5.2% of the ballots is fraudulent, get those ballots out of there.

If you just stop the cheating, it changes the whole thing. And there may be serious problems with the mini machines. I’ve seen reports. Another report came out this last week, second report out of Colorado, Dominion machines, problems there, they can be hacked, etc. Doesn’t matter. What we do know is if you clean up elections and do the human side of it, you can win this and we saw that with what happened in Virginia.

So in the same way, recently, we had a special counsel that was appointed in Wisconsin. Wisconsin was one of those battleground states, is one that it looked like Trump was going to win, but he ended up losing it but 21,000 votes. There was a special counsel appointed. There has been a number of other states to look into it and see is there fraud. We just want to know if there’s no fraud, we keep moving on; if there’s fraud, let’s deal with it.

And so this is a former Supreme Court Justice on the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, and he was asked to look into this as a special counsel. He came back with 136 page report. And primarily, what he looked at was just nursing homes. So in nursing homes, he took the nursing homes and some of the biggest counties. He took a whole bunch of counties, but particularly where some of the bigger cities are, and he came back with what he called absurd results.

He said that in these nursing homes, and by the way, Trump loses about 21,000 votes. There’s 92,000 people in the nursing homes that he looked over there in Wisconsin. And what he came back with was then the several of the big counties, the nursing home turnout was 100% in all the nursing homes in the county, every nursing home in the county 100%. Overall, it was 95% turnout. And he said that’s a real problem because he checked and there’s many of those nursing homes that are not mentally competent, they cannot vote. There’s dementia. And he said this is absurd results. There’s no way.

And it’s because the election commission there in Wisconsin, because the COVID said well, don’t have to follow the law, we’re not going to have the normal procedures of watching the ballot boxes and checking signatures. And we’re going to give you drop boxes, you can just drop when you want to, and just made the law go away. And so I like the fact, not that there’s potential fraud uncovered in Wisconsin, but that it’s human elements. And it goes against that narrative of there’s nothing I can do to change the election; I’ll just sit home next election, rather than waste my vote. These are Dominion machines there as well and this is not what caused the election.

What could have cost the election apparently is just nursing homes. And that doesn’t count the overall fraud that could have been there through anything else. So just looking at nursing homes by themselves, that’s a potential of four times more than what was needed to flip that state. So I consider that to be good news because it does point out that we have laws. And if we follow those laws, we can get secure elections with integrity. And that’s what we got to get back to just following the law.


Alright, guys, we’re going to take a quick break. I know we got a lot more good news to share with folks. So stay with us. We’ll be right back on WallBuilders Live.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us on Good News Friday. Always love these days, at the end of the week to get some good news as we go into the weekend. If you’d like a little bit more that good news, it’s always at our website,, hit the archive section and go back to some of those previous Friday programs. You can get all the good news that you’d like. Let’s jump back into some good news. Tim Barton’s got the next piece of good news.


Well, guys, This one deals with a prayer proclamation from a governor. And I always like to see this thinking about historically how many times you had governors from the founding era, even after the founding year leading up to the founding year, just how common it was to have days of prayer, whether it was prayer and fasting or prayer and Thanksgiving. Actually, I think we have over 800 original prayer proclamations from American history.

And prayer was a very normal common thing. It’s seems in the last several decades that this is very unusual. And if people call for a day of prayer, there’s a lot of pushback. And you can’t do this. Well, one of the things that’s very interesting, when Russia invaded Ukraine, initially, there was a move where several governors said, hey, we should pray and we’re sending our prayers. We’re actually in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine, actually called for official day of prayer. It was a Sunday. And he encouraged people to pray on this day. And actually, you can get online and read his proclamation. But a couple of things about what’s great about this.

Number one is in the middle of an invasion, it would be really hard for your more secular minded people, for your atheist come out and say, wait a second, how dare you call for prayer and nations being invaded by another nation? It really seemed like, okay, timing is really good on this, it’s hard for people to oppose it. But looking at what happened, Governor DeWine, he and his wife actually went to a Ukrainian Catholic Church on that Sunday for the day of prayer. And so he, not only called for a prayer, he led by example, went somewhere to support Ukraine.

And the article that I’m reading, it actually highlights several different things governor’s did. Ironically, the thing that seems to be most common from the Governors, is governors, like Greg Abbott in Texas and Larry Hogan, actually, Larry Hogan that also said that he joined and other Marylanders, and Americans and praying for people Ukraine, but New Hampshire, Texas, and Utah, all of their governors signed executive orders.

And a little question about this because anytime the governor is going to tell businesses in their state what they can and can’t do, it raises a question mark in my mind on lots of levels. But these governors signed executive orders that were requiring different businesses or encouraging on some level these businesses to remove all Russian made and Russian branded products, specifically Vodka from the stores. So this executive order went to liquor wine, alcoholic, beverage control, etc. So it’s a little interesting to me that a lot of governors said, how can we get back in Russia? We’re not going to drink your alcohol. Well, that’s one way you could do it.

But I really appreciate seeing like Governor DeWine, where he said we’re going to have a day of prayer, and it was an actual prayer proclamation. So really, really fun, Again, thinking about historically how often we saw these and looking back whether it was a John Hancock, or Sam Adams or Langdon, and we can go through some of these very notable individuals who were governors in their state and the proclamations they had.

It’s really fun then to see a modern time Governor calling for a day of prayer. And certainly, this is a great time looking at what was happening in Ukraine and Russia invading and all the drama surrounding it, really good. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see a modern day prayer proclamation and a call to prayer by a current governor.


Well, like you said, you guys have these hundreds and hundreds of prayer proclamations for back then, it’d be nice if we could get more than one today, right. But this is good news that we did get one and we’ve had a few in the last few years. But how about we elect a lot more, and what about mayors, what about school boards, right, shouldn’t they be able to do prayer proclamations? A lot of people that listen to this program that are on those local boards and city councils and different things, it’s kind of like putting “In God We Trust” upon the [inaudible 21:28] there and the same way you can do these prayer proclamations. Great, great way to restore your community.

Alright, back over to David, what’s the next piece of good news, sir?


Well, actually, I’ve got some stuff on Ukraine too. And I want to put Ukraine in perspective for a little bit because we’re watching what’s happening, and we’re watching what’s going on with Russia and with NATO and etc. Let me put some stuff in perspective. When World War II began, Hitler was just going through various nations and taking what he wanted. And it’s kind of like what Putin did with Crimea and with Belarus and with those outline Republics, he’s going and taking them.

And what set the war off in World War II was when Hitler stepped into Poland, because Poland had a treaty with Great Britain and a treaty with France that said, if Poland ever comes under attack, we will come help you. Great Britain, and France said, If you ever come under attack, we will come to your assistance. And so as long as Hitler had stayed out of Poland, the war didn’t get started. When he went into Poland, now you’ve brought Great Britain into it, now you brought France into it.

And so as this thing was developing in the first days over in Ukraine, people thought it might be over in just a day or two, but it’s gone, and it’s gone, and there’s a lot of resistance. As it’s developing, the head of NATO, and NATO is comprised of 30 different nations, it includes Canada, includes Great Britain, includes the United States, but most European nations that are not communist and free nations is part of them. And they have what they call an Article V declaration.

And that Article V declaration says, if any foreign power steps in any one of our nations with the military purpose, all other 29 nations will come to your defense. This is how a World War get started. And this is why the head of NATO told Putin says, look, you just understand, if you step outside the borders of Ukraine, and Ukraine is not a NATO nation, but it’s surrounded by NATO nations, and if you step outside the borders, we’re all coming after you. All 30 of us are coming after you. And this is where he said, well, that’s a threat of war. I’m escalating to nuclear. And this is where he started threatening to use nuclear.

All that happened was don’t step outside Ukraine, because if you do, you trigger the Article V declaration in NATO, and we will all 30, come after you. And so that’s how tenuous this thing is over there. So it’s interesting to see that at this point, as this thing prolongs, we’ve had at this point 20 different nations who have come to the aid of Ukraine, and a lot of our NATO nations, they can’t do anything themselves.

But you have the Dutch that are sending rocket launchers. You had the Estonian sending Javelin anti-tank missiles. The Pols and Latvians are sending Stinger surface to air missiles. The Czechs are providing machine guns and sniper rifles and pistols and all the ammunition you can imagine. And Sweden and Finland are sending weapons. And I mean, it’s just country after country after country. And they’re trying to keep it from escalating into a world war while at the same time trying to defend Ukraine.

And Ukraine, I got to be over there several years ago as they wanting to do new Constitution. I was so impressed with the people. They are so patriotic. They so love the country. And when I landed at the airport, and they were taking me to where I was staying, I passed billboards of George Washington. And I looked at the guy, so I said do you know who that is? Yes, George Washington. And you have them over here? Oh, yeah, he’s one of our heroes. I mean, they really have just a lot of great American traits and heroes.

But it is nice to see some it’s the world getting behind Ukraine and against Putin. He’s having a lot of economic trouble out of this. But it’s also good to have a day of prayer. Because if he crosses that line, this could escalate into a world war in a real sense really quickly and it could be nuclear. The good news is that there’s all this help going to Ukraine. And actually, the Ukrainians are doing really, really, really well. And hopefully, they’ll pull this off, and Putin will get shoved back. But at this point, there’s a lot of help, including prayers Tim mentioned going toward the Ukraine, and that’s really good.


The power prayer, guys, can’t underestimate it at all, I encourage all of our listeners to be doing exactly that. Be praying for Ukraine, be praying for their soldiers, their people. Be praying for our nation. Be praying for our leaders, for the people that are negotiating, and the people that are in the conversations, the people that are helping behind the scenes, all of that there’s just wisdom and discernment.

I know, I know, there’s not that much wisdom and discernment coming out of Washington DC these days. But that’s why we need to be praying for it. God can work through anyone. And we need to be praying for some supernatural intervention in many, many ways in our country. So we encourage you to do that for sure. Be a part of Nehemiah as wall. Be a part of the prayer groups around this nation that are constantly lifting up our local leaders, our federal leaders, different programs. Listen, there’s so much you can be praying for our nation and we hope that you are a part of that.

I also want to encourage you to just go to today, get some of the materials there that will equip and inspire you. I promise you it will give you hope whenever you see some of these negative things happening out there. And then there’s, of course, a lot more good news at our website where you can listen to the archives to the Good News Friday programs. Thanks so much for listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live