Comedy And Constitution Tour With Brad Stine And Rick Green: How do you get people to pay attention to patriotism, the Constitution, and the importance of being good citizens? You make it fun! We are firing people up to study the Constitution! Tune in now to learn about how we are doing that and how you can have fun learning the constitution too!

Air Date: 02/22/2019

Guest: Brad Stine, Kamryn Green

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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But investing our fortune to preserve freedom for future generations, and in sacred honor, that’s been willing to speak the truth and that’s what today’s program is about. We’re gonna be talking about the Comedy and the Constitution, it’s a fun way to get people engaged in studying our founding documents.

We are live streaming this event all over the Nation on March 23rd. It happens to be my birthday, so if you want to show up for the livestream somewhere and wish me a happy birthday by being a part of this I would greatly appreciate it.

Normally we have Tim and David Barton on, but today it’s just me.

I’m going to have Brad Stein on when we come back from the break, but also joining me in studio today—her eyes are getting big because she thought she was just hanging out with Dad—but I want to ask her a few questions before we go to break. Kamryn Green is with us! Kamryn?


Hello everyone!


Thanks for coming along with Dad today.


Thank you for having me.

Why Do We Work With Brad?


Kamryn’s 18, and she’s part of our Comedy Constitution. She sings and speaks. Kamryn, you speak on the Second Amendment, on the First Amendment, on the voting amendments. You do a little bit of the teaching with us there at the Comedy Constitution, but you also sing, and you kind of bring freedom to life through song. I’m not going to ask you about all that. I want to ask you about Uncle Brad. Why Brad Stine? Why did we team up with Brad Stine? What in the world were we thinking?


I have no idea.

I”€™m kidding. Brad’s amazing. I think he’s one of the funniest guys I know, and what some people think is a boring topic, he brings a laugh. I think you do that already—


I was just about to say.

Right as you said that, I was like, “€œOh, so is my daughter”€™s saying that when Dad does that, worry. But when Brad Stine comes along”€¦”€ No. It’s true though—


He adds another element that nobody else can bring.


It’s actually kind of—it is funny to watch him take a subject like this, and we even—when Brad’s not with us—we do make it fun and exciting, and bring it to life, and we learn that from David Barton and the whole Barton family.

But there’s something about Brad’s ability to just light up a crowd and make it stick. You go home remembering those lessons because it is so, so funny. So we’ve been doing this with Brad for, what? Five years now?

We’ve actually traveled the country with him. You’ve been at Independence Hall with Brad Stine. You’ve been in Boston at the First Shot, watching the reenactments and watching Brad, we really wake up after marching all night.

Be a Part of the Community


Him getting shot by a paintball gun.


You got to go shoot Brad with a paintball gun in our first episode of of Chasing American Legends. So what would you say, to people that are out there listening, about why you think this is a special opportunity to study what it means to be free, since you do get to have fun doing it?  


Very good question.

I think something you don’t really think about is that you’re gonna”€™ be in a group setting, and there’s something about getting to learn with other people. You might be able to make connections that you wouldn’t be able to at home. You might make lifelong friends with these people that you’re gonna”€™ come to the Comedy Constitution tour with. There’s just something about almost having that community feeling, that you’re learning together and you’re having fun together. I think it’ll make it even more memorable.


I think it’s true. I think we’ve seen that when we’ve done this at homeschool conventions, or big Tea Party gatherings, or when we’ve done it in some megachurches across the country with thousands of people there, and and there is something about laughing together, learning together, that does make it more fun.

Part of that is just realizing you’re not alone.


Yeah, totally.

Why You Should Come to Constitution Comedy


You know that these are kids and a room full of people that also care about the country. They are concerned about where we’re headed as a nation and want to be a part of the solution, but maybe doesn’t know what to do.

Most people do feel a desire to do something to save freedom, but they just don’t know what to do. So you just sit there at Comedy Constitution. You’re laughing with all these people, and then we’re hitting those hard lessons.

We”€™re hitting those lessons home, and giving people action steps and you go home going, “€œHey, I’m not the only one. There were a thousand other people in there.”€

The cool thing about this streaming is there’s gonna”€™ be thousands of people all across the country that are there with you, watching the Comedy and Constitution.

So yeah, I think I think it’s a great point that there is a camaraderie. There’s something about being there with other people.

Okay. I’m not gonna let you off with just one though. What else? What’s another another good reason?

I’m get that look from my daughter of, “€œYou did not prepare me for any of this. You just said, “€œ”€Hey, come in the studio with me.”€”€ That’s it.”€

That’s just a little bit different because you’ve been through hundreds of my constitution classes, and we’ve trained at Front Sight, and trained people in the Constitution, and you’ve been a part of that for years.

But the dozens of times that we’ve done it with Brad, there is a difference. So what else would you put your finger on, as far as it is? The camaraderie of other people and Brad makes it funny. What’s another? Can you think of any?

Come to Learn”€¦ and Laugh!


I can think of too many. That’s the problem. I have so many reasons that you should come in my head. One we’d kind of argue over, you’ll get to laugh your head off because Brad’s hilarious. You’ll get to learn really great stuff from—of course I’m biased—but my dad, I think, is a trusted source.

He’s been doing this for years and—


I’ve got to get a 20 out and slip it across the table here to make sure.


He knows what he’s talking about and I’ve seen it firsthand.

I’ve seen how people just come away from these events like, “€œWow I never knew that!”€ And then they’re on fire to fight for freedom.

I want everyone to experience that. If you can come, I just know that you would be in good hands. You’d be learning from some trusted experts. You’re going to laugh. Also, me and my brothers will be up there, so I think it will be really awesome for young people our age to get to see other young people.

I think I am still very young. I’m only 18, and that is old to a 14 year old, but that is still very young. So even to have fellow 18 year olds see that, I think will be really encouraging to them that I can do it you can do it, and you can be a good citizen.

Fun for All Ages!


You you make a really good point. Rhett being 16, you’re 18, Reagan’s 19, Trey”€™s 22, but when you all participate in that, and you get on stage, and you speak, and you teach on these areas of the Constitution, I think it does say to a younger generation, “€œHey, we don’t want to wait until we’re old like Mr. Green and Mr. Stine. We can do this in our teens and our 20s! We can make a difference!”€

I think that’s a great point.

I am so looking forward to this. We’re going to have Brad Stine. We’ll have the whole Green family there.

There’ll be song, there’ll be powerful presentations, there’ll be comedy. It’s going to be an incredible, incredible time. You can actually bring it to your community, so this is live streamed across the nation on March 23rd. That’s a Saturday night.

It’ll be at 5:00 p.m. out on the West Coast, and at 7:00 p.m. in Central Time, and then starting at 8:00 on the East Coast. So everyone across the nation”€™s got to watch it together.

Be Sure to Join Us or Stream the Show WIth Friends!

You can be one of the ones to bring it to your community now. You don’t have to have a big venue to do that.

A lot of people are going to be streaming right into their homes and just inviting people over. Or, if you don’t have anybody to watch it with, then just get online and stream it to yourself.

Watch it on the computer and be with these patriots across the country right there through the streaming, and then we also do have a package for small churches or small groups—what we call small venues and large venues—so the pricing is different for everybody. It’s very, very inexpensive, and it’s a great way to bring people together.

By the way, if you sign up to be a small or large venue, we send you Constitution Alive box sets, and Kamryn’s book Patriots Daughter.

We’re going to send you some of those. My book, Freedom’s Frame, Legends of Liberty, all kinds of books and DVDs that you can give away at the door for door prizes and make it fun as a part of that particular evening. So check all of that out at

We’ll of course have it on Facebook, WallBuilders Facebook page, and the Rick Green Facebook page, and all those other areas.

We”€™ve got to take a quick break, when we come back, Brad Stine is gonna”€™ be with us right here on WallBuilders Live.

A Moment From America”€™s History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. In the case, Abington vs Schempp the Supreme Court ruled that the Bible could no longer be an independent textbook in public school curriculum. Would our Founding Fathers have agreed?

Benjamin Rush certainly would have disagreed. Benjamin Rush was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and he was a leading educator of the day. In fact, he was the first Founding Father to call for free public schools.

Benjamin Rush declared, “€œThe great enemy of the salvation of man, in my opinion, never invented a more effective means of extinguishing Christianity from the world than by persuading mankind that it was improper to read the Bible at schools. The Bible should be read in our schools in preference to all other books.”€

In the view of Founding Father Benjamin Rush, the Bible was the textbook of preference for public schools. For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

Brad Stine


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. As promised after the break, we are back and Brad Stine did make it. He’s with us. Brad Stine, always good to have you, God’s comic.


Yes, well, I’m doing everything I can to stay out of jail. You know, that’s what happens when you speak the truth nowadays. You get in hot water. So my comedy has always been, tell a joke, and then duck cause someone”€™s shooting at you. But hey, welcome to the New America my brother.


Especially some of the places you go, man. You speak all over the country, so when you’re in some of those, shall we say, not so friendly to a faith message areas of the country these days, you know you get a little bit different response.


Well, you really do. But what’s interesting is that I actually am putting some stuff together in New England, and some of these areas have a very progressive environment.

There’s still always a remnant of faith based folks that love and appreciate people who dignify their faith and dignify the Constitution as the Founding Fathers originally intended.

So it actually always goes great in those areas, because they are saying, “€œHey! What has happened to our country? To our nation?”€

So it’s always been wonderful. Heck, when you and I did the Comedy Constitution tour in Massachusetts. That was one of the hardest rooms we”€™ve ever had

Like Cold Water to a Man in the Desert


Oh yeah. They loved it!

No, you’re right. It’s like it’s a drink of cold water to a man in a desert. They’re happy to know that the rest of the country hasn’t gone as far left, and that there are people that still love the Constitution, and that they’re not alone. They show up at the event that—Kamryn and I were just talking in the first segment about the fact that when you’re at a Comedy Constitution event one of the best things is you realize you’re not alone.

You look around the room and there’s hundreds or thousands of other people laughing, and learning, and enjoying the idea of fighting for their country and preserving freedom by becoming students of freedom.


Well, and nothing proves that point more than Donald Trump being elected, because part of what the progressives learned, especially those within the environment of the so-called “€œnews”€, was that, “€œOh yeah. You know, polls are saying there’s really nobody interested in this guy.”€

Well, they were all hiding. Everybody was keeping a low profile because they were so—what has happened is now people are being so maligned and attacked for having a different point of view, that people are just keeping to themselves.

But that’s dangerous for some people who think, “€œOh yeah, yeah we got this sewn up. You wait and see what happens.”€

I think people are sick of their rights being trampled on, and sick of political correctness, which is what my entire career has been launched on. From Put a Helmet On, back in 2003, I was warning about political correctness and about our liberties being lost, for 19 years.

It”€™s Not All Gloom and Doom

And it’s way worse now than I could have even anticipated. So that was, to me, why I thought it was so amazing when you and I got together, because you’re such an expert on the Constitution and people are so hungry for it. I think, sadly, Americans are realizing, “€œI should have paid more attention to this and realize that this could go away.”€ That’s what they’re learning.




But also what I love about what we do is we give them marching orders, we give them ways to effect the culture in their area to come back to the idea of the founders original intent, to come back to the idea of how you can make a difference in culture.

And sure, I bring laughter to show that, “€œHey, it doesn’t have to be gloom doom and gloom. There is an answer. There is a way out.”€

Of course, God needs to be prayed to and looked to, to intervene. But we saw some amazing results. People getting energized and realizing not only that they”€™re not alone, but there is answers to these questions and that we can’t give up, but we must keep fighting.

An Emergency”€¦ Of Sorts


Brad, I’m sure there is some sort of beep or national emergency message that needs to go out for the fact that Brad Stine is going to be getting beamed across the country on March 23rd, and live on screens in churches, and clubs, and homes all over the place on that evening all at once. It’s like some sort of national emergency, I think, maybe it was part of Trump’s executive order. I don’t know. But this is a dangerous, dangerous thing that Brad Stine is going to be in everybody’s living rooms and on screens and in churches all on the same night.


Yes. That you would. You want to hide the children, and begin to install seatbelts on your living room couch, because things are coming down. But that’s really what I’ve been about, and what I’ve always appreciated about WallBuilders, and you, is that you guys are very forward thinking in realizing that there’s lots of ways to communicate these ideas and we need to be open to them.

Nobody has been more successful at painting their narrative and their picture from the left, when it comes to using the arts, using the performance art, using the actors, using the singers.

The right has been terrible at utilizing that, or even seeing the value in it. I’ve seen how few conservative candidates have used me, and I’ve always wondered about that. They use every other left leaning comic for every other candidate.

Here’s one guy that actually stands for the country, and for those values and rarely do they ever bring me in for when they’re running for office, or so forth.

Why Doesn’t the Right use Actors?

So it’s always been fascinating, and they don’t learn that, “€œHey, there must be a reason why the arts are so used by by leftist progressive thinkers, because it must have some effect, it must have some value.”€

Of course we know that because it’s nowadays with social media, it’s the way of millennials and below. That’s how they get their news. That’s how they see the world, how they understand ideas, is through this sort of advertising entertainment marketing format known as social media.

So you neglected it. You know, that’s why I think it’s so amazing that we are really trying to tap into that and give parents options for what their kids can see and feel, you millennials or those of you going out into in universities and colleges, and seeing your ideas being tracked.

Here’s a place for you to get some information, and to feel good about your point of view, and bring some friends to watch it, and have some laughs, and see that Christians and conservatives are a lot more interesting or cool than you ever anticipated.

A Good Jumping Off Point


We’re going to have links today at to make it easy for you to find out more, or you go straight to and learn more if you’re in Thousand Oaks, California. If you”€™re near Thousand Oaks, and you’d like to come to the actual event, and be in person with Brad and myself and the rest of the team, you can find out more at that website. If you’re elsewhere in the country, then you can sign up to be one of our streaming hosts. You can actually bring it into your home, into your church, or whatever other group you would like to bring it to. You can be one of the folks that streams it in for other people to be able to enjoy as well, so help us to spread the word.

Brad, why is it important for people to be a part of this if they’ve wanted to make a difference but they didn’t know how, and when they had people they wanted to get interested but they always thought constitution history is boring? Why is this a great opportunity, a good jumping off place, if you want to get engaged?


Well, I think, because what you just said is true. It can be boring, because it’s something you have to study and learn, and you make it interesting. I hopefully make it interesting. That’s what we decided to do.

Why do we do This?

Heck, we created a one hour little video called, Defending the Constitution Without Shooting Someone. Why did we do that? We wanted to prime the pump. We wanted to wet the appetite. No way can you sit here even with your degrees, and your intelligence, and your experience, can you give people a deep thorough understanding of the Constitution in an hour.

It takes time and effort. But what we do do well—and excuse me for saying do do on your station. I’m sure that’s not something you’re used to.

But anyways what we do do well is we do show people that it is accessible (the Constitution) and ideas are really not that complex, even though the founders were geniuses. They wrote for the common man, they made things very simple, simple to observe and to understand. They didn’t try to make it complicated or convoluted. Lawyers and Judges screwed that up.

Then you learn that that made it seem more complex than it is, but you break that down and show them what it meant, and why does that matter? Because the founders were the ones that created it, and it worked.

Why would we break the thing that works? Why would we go to the complete opposite of what their thoughts were as to how this country is going to work, when it was successful?

Unless somebody was trying to take over power and create a new country that they would own, and that they would hope that you would worship the state? With the founders, you get to worship God. If you don’t, it doesn’t make this thing work.

Making Learning Fun

Well, we explain these things to people. I do it in a fun, funny way to break the ice, and it brings people in to watch the show that wouldn’t have wanted to have gone, thinking it can be some academic thing. Then you come on and with great insight, but also clarity and simplicity, with photos and video and so forth to make it fun to learn one of the most important things you can possibly know as an American. Because you’re the government, and if you don’t take control of it, it will be taken away.

That’s why this is a must. It’s just a primer to begin the process of becoming a true patriot. One who understands the Constitution and their rights, and fights for them. Good stuff.


Brother, I can’t wait to see you on March 23rd. We will be in Thousand Oaks, California, there at Rob McCoy’s church. He’s actually the mayor of Thousand Oaks as well. We’ve had him on WallBuilders Live multiple times, and now we”€™re looking forward to be in there with him.

Really looking forward to streaming this out across the country so folks everywhere can be a part of it by going to or just going to today. Brad Stine, thank you for your time today brother. I will see you on March 23rd.


I will be there with bells on, and if I have those on—no, just joking. I never wear them.


No bells this time. OK.

Brad Stine, folks. We’re gonna take a quick break, we’ll be right back. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.

Constitution Comedy

Hey, all your patriots out there that would like to see more Americans study the Constitution and understand the source of their freedom. How do you get people to pay attention to patriotism, the Constitution, the importance of being good citizens. Well, the answer is two words: Brad Stine. You make it fun, you make it fun to learn.

My friends, this is Rick Green from WallBuilders live, and Brad and I are bringing the comedy and constitution tour to you. We’re doing a live stream across the nation on March 23rd, 2019. Visit, and you can sign up to bring this program to your church. You can stream it into your home or your local club. However you’d like to bring it. It’s an opportunity for you to bring the Comedy Constitution to your community, which will fire people up to study the Constitution. It’ll educate, entertain, equip, and inspire folks to accept protect and purposely pass the torch of freedom. Check it out today at

Come Join Us at Thousand Oaks, California!


We”€™re back. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. That was Brad Stine before the break. Thanks to Brad for joining us today.

We’re back now with Kamryn Green in studio. And always good to have Brad on the program, Kamryn, and looking forward to seeing him March 23rd. We are going to have a great time.


Yes we are. Hope to see you there.


That’s right. The people listening now, either there in person at Thousand Oaks or streaming it down to your computer at home (or on your TV) and have a whole bunch of people over to watch it with you, or actually bring it into your church or Tea Party group, or club, wherever you’d like to bring it, we’d love to have you help spread the word across the country and get people educated on the constitution using comedy.

It’s going to be a fun, fun night. By the way, after the Comedy Constitution, one of the things—I can tell you ahead of time—one of things we’re gonna be encouraging people to do that night is to start a full constitution class in your church, or your community, or in your home, wherever you’d like to host it.

So sign up to be one of our Constitution coaches, and actually be the one hosting a constitution class in your community. Use our DVDs. We take you into independence Hall, where we walk through the entire Constitution.

Comedy Constitution, Don”€™t Miss Out!

We take you into David Barton’s library where he pulls all his cool stuff off the shelf and we talk about it. So it’s a great way for you to dive deeper right after you do the Comedy Constitution. That’s kind of the plan here, you do Comedy Constitution on March 23rd and you stream it into your community, but you already get set up and plan for having a full blown constitution class starting the next, say, Monday, or Tuesday, a couple of weeks later.

Then, once a week, you meet for a couple of hours and walk through the entire Constitution with us through our DVD sets and workbook. So we’ve got a set up for you. It’s right there, it’s like it’s an easy way to hit a homerun right there in your community and get folks engaged and educated and inspired.

Kamryn, you working on some good songs you’re going to sing at Comedy Constitution?


That’s right.


It’s gonna be good. We’re gonna have good music, but we’re gonna have good laughing and good learning. We want you to be a part of it.

So check out, or just go directly to today. We sure appreciate you listening. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.