Congressman Hice Visits The Border- What Is Happening With The UN: Congressman Jody Hice is with us to discuss what is happening at the border and what is going on with the UN.  The UN is, unfortunately, promoting abortion across the world. They are now claiming that it is a human right to kill humans. Tune in now to learn more.

Air Date: 09/03/2019

Guest: Congressman Jody Hice

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Today, Jody Hice is gonna be with us here a little bit after the break. He’s a congressman from Georgia, former pastor, and a great guy. We’ve had him on many times here on the on the program and are going to be talking about his visit to the border as well as some of the things that the UN is doing right now.

The UN”€™s Liberal Agenda


Yes, the stuff about the UN really is intriguing. It’s like we keep seeing them become more and more liberal. And, it’s interesting that you look back, even to the time of President Reagan, and they’ve really been socially liberal for a long time.

So, a Congressman Hice is going to tell us about are the things that are happening with the UN, particularly promoting abortion across the world, and how that’s become a human right. It’s a human right to kill humans, which is a weird thing. But, that’s been going for a while.

If you look back, a lot of this goes back to 1968, when Robert Ehrlich came out with his book called The Population Bomb. His thesis was Hey, we’re gonna have way too many people, so we need to reduce the population. And, the UN has kind of bought into it since “€™68, even though that’s now been highly discredited; it was not an accurate thesis.

Much of what he predicted never came to pass. In fact, it went the opposite direction.

So, what’s happened is, the UN has become very aggressive in promoting abortion and homosexuality. Then, when President Reagan came in, he reigned that back and said, “€œNo, we’re not going to fund abortions across the world,”€ or do a lot of the social liberal stuff they wanted.

Then, you had Bush 41 that came in and did the same thing. He refused to fund the UN with all of its liberal social programs on pro-abortion, et cetera. But, when President Clinton came in after that, he really turned U.S. funds loose to put money into abortions and into changing, globally, what was happening with marriage and morality, even back then.

Dealing With AIDS

After that, you had George Bush come in, and he said, “€œNo, we’re not giving money that.”€ And, he actually started defunding things like USAID, the Population Fund, as well as many other things. And, with that, what he did was say, “€œLook; we understand that there’s an AIDS epidemic in Africa; but, the best way to deal with AIDS is what”€™s called the “€˜ABC”€™: abstinence, be faithful, then if that doesn’t work, use condoms.”€

The liberal thing is Hey, don’t worry about abstinence or being faithful; just use condoms. And, under President Bush, the AIDS rate plummeted in places like Uganda and elsewhere, which was not what the UN was wanting to see. But, that’s what happened.

I mean, they did want to see AIDS go down. But, they didn’t think it would go down by using traditional morality. Then, when President Obama came back, he kind of put it on steroids.

And, literally, that’s when you had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton come in and say, “€œHey, the purpose of the U.S. State Department office on global women’s initiatives will be to promote abortion and homosexuality worldwide.”€ So, we”€™ve really had about 40 years of the UN being pro-abortion and anti-traditional marriage, et cetera. Now, we’re seeing the consequences that since we have a Democrat House that is in charge of the purse strings.

We’re seeing a lot more favorability of funding those kind of things that we used to believe were not the proper role of government, particularly American government, particularly the UN saying that it’s a human right to kill babies.


Well, Jody Hice is going to tell us more about that, a Congressman from Georgia who will also be sharing about his visit to the border. He”€™s actually seen what’s happening down there firsthand and is going to share that with us here on WallBuilders Live!

So, stay with us. We”€™re going to take a quick break then be right back. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

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Human Rights and the UN


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us. A good friend, Congressman Jody Hice from Georgia, is back with us.

Congressman, always good to have you, brother.


Always an honor to be on with you. Thanks for having me again.


Hey man, thanks for being one of the good guys on the frontlines. David thought it’d be great to get your thoughts and comments on this whole deal with the UN now demanding that we support abortion. And, there’s just a lot of battles you’re having to fight.

I know we could talk about a ton of them; but, the two that seem to be at the top of the list is the UN”€™s demand for abortion and of course, the border fight that continues. So, would just love to catch up with you and see where some of those things are and what you’re doing to work on them.


Yes, we just got back from the border and can talk about that in a few moments. But, your first issue at the UN–isn’t really ironic that the UN Human to Human Rights Office is pushing to kill babies?




I mean, what about human rights? If it doesn’t start at the basic issue of life, it’s just unbelievable to me what’s going on. And then, the gall that they would have to demand that the United States support abortion and killing of innocent life, innocent babies, is just totally out of control and inappropriate, to say the least.


That’s a great point.


I mean, our job is to protect life and to defend the most defenseless among us. And, you know, it just it’s appalling to me that they would take the position themselves. Secondly, that they would try to demand that of the United States.


Now, that’s a great point, Congressman, just the whole fact that it’s called the “€œHuman Rights Office.”€ What human rights are we not willing to give to a baby? Unbelievable.

Pro-Life Legislation


Absolutely. And, they pointed to many states. Georgia, I’m proud to say, being one of them, that has passed some very strong pro-life legislation. This past session in Georgia, we passed the Heartbeat Bill.

And, the fact that they would look at states like that and raise concern that the United States is becoming more pro-life, is just unthinkable. It is unthinkable to me that the Human Rights Office in the UN would look at anything otherwise than their role to defend and protect life.


Yes. And, how much are we able to require of the UN to not fund abortion with money that we give them, that sort of thing? Do we have any influence on that? Or, do”€”

Time to Utilize the Power of the Purse


Well, you would certainly think so. I mean, we fund the UN by just an obscene amount of money. And, I think, then, for them to turn around and make demands of the United States such as this.




I think this is a time for us to say, “€œLet us make it very clear who’s in charge of the positions that the United States has, and it’s not the UN”€


That”€™s right.


{We need to state} what our policies and our convictions are. And, I would believe this is a good time for us to utilize the power of the purse towards the UN Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that.


That”€™s good. Well, speaking of our policies and things we’re dealing with here in our country, obviously the border is a major issue. You’ve taken the initiative to head down to see it firsthand multiple times. What’s your assessment of what’s going on at the border right now?

Cartels Control the Border


The border right now is an absolute disaster in every way. And, it”€™s all because of our own policies. Number one: our unwillingness to abide by laws that are in the books.

Secondly, not to address some loopholes in the laws that are there, specifically the asylum laws and the family-unit laws that we have. But, listen, every inch of the Mexican-U.S. border is controlled by the cartels down there. No one comes into this country without paying thousands of dollars to the cartels to come.

I was recently in the Rio Grande sector where it”€™s estimated the cartels in that area are bringing in 82 million dollars a week that they are profiting–




–as opposed to only 13 million a year that we are paying to protect our border in that particular sector. So, I mean, on every hand, we are we are outmanned, out-financed, out equipped. And, it’s totally inexcusable to me that the United States is in this situation.

It is likewise inexcusable to me that the Democrats at this point, are unwilling to lift a finger to help address the real issues taking place on our Southern border. There is a humanitarian crisis, a drug prices, a human-trafficking crisis, and a national-security crisis that’s taking place. And, we must do what we can as the United States to address these issues.

Frankly, we need the Democrats to come to the table to help.

An Actual Responsibility of the Government

Congressman, we often talk about, certainly as constitutional conservatives, about the federal government overreach and all the things the federal government is doing that it shouldn’t be doing or doesn’t have the constitutional power to do. Protecting the borders is one of the most important, actual constitutional powers that the federal government has.

Is there a sense of that around your colleagues in Congress that This is one of our most important things we are supposed to be doing. How can we possibly ignore this and not put it at the top of the list?


Oh yeah. There’s no doubt that it is very much on the radar, particularly among Republicans. I would venture to say at this point, probably the majority of Republicans have been to the border. They’ve seen it firsthand.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the hatred for the president on the Democratic side of the aisle is such that they refuse to do anything there right now that could be interpreted as a win for the president, even if it means defending our borders. But, you’re exactly right. Listen.

Any country that does not have clearly defined borders, at the end of the day, is not a country; it’s just a landmass. And, we right now, just in one of the sectors, the El Paso sector area that I was in two weeks ago, just this year they’ve had over 57 countries represented coming into this country that they know of. So, we’re having people literally from all over the world entering into our country illegally and being released.

And we don’t know really who they are, nor do we know their intentions. This is, as I said, in addition to the obvious: the human trafficking, drugs, all that sort of stuff. It’s a national security crisis.

And, by constitutional duty, we have the responsibility to defend our borders.

The Obama Administration


I recently read the letter from Dr. Dobson when he went to visit the border. Of course, he acknowledged the crisis that”€™s there and how terrible it is. But, he also laid the blame at the feet of the Obama administration, to say it was essentially the the international invitation given by the administration, encouraging people to come here, that set this on the course that it’s on.

Is there any sense of that among Congress, that it’s the policies that have to change and that we can’t keep acting like”€”and, as you said, whether it’s the asylum laws or whatever else it is, we can’t keep sending a beacon out, “€œPlease come bring your families,”€ when we can’t handle it.


Yes, there’s no question that the problem existed even before Obama. This goes back for decades that we’ve been having issues on the border. But, under the Obama administration, the numbers literally began to skyrocket because of, as you describe it, the invitation that he gave to the rest of the world to come. And, we loosened up on our laws.

We ended up not enforcing our laws and allowed other countries to exploit some of our laws, like asylum. Basically, if someone comes into this country right now and claims that they are coming under asylum, under some fear of a threat from their country of origin, by law we must receive them into our country. And so, the moment they step foot on U.S. soil and claim asylum, they are here.

The Asylum Loophole

Right now, the backlog is so enormous, their asylum cases are not coming up for four or five years. So, they come here, claim asylum, are released, awaiting their asylum case. And so, they have a free ticket here for five years.

Of course, the majority of them never show up when their cases come up four and five years down the road. So, I mean, that’s a huge loophole that must be addressed. Plus, the numbers skyrocketed under Obama because of such things as this.

Now, the Democrats are continuing to refuse to address the loopholes or the problems. And, as a result, the numbers continue to be astronomical. Many of these, I will say, just in the last two years, ICE has apprehended some almost 300,000 people who are criminals.

I mean, over 100,000 assault criminals, 300,00 sexual-assault criminals, 4,000 violent murders. And, we have no idea the depth of the problem of these individuals who’ve been coming into our country.


Last thing, Congressman, you mentioned the court hearings and how they sometimes don’t get their hearings for five years. And, I know that the Democrats are fighting any additional funding for the border because they don’t want the wall but desire to have open borders. Are they even willing to support funds for additional judges to improve at least that part of the process, so we can send them home sooner?


Well, not really. The thing that I am somewhat encouraged by is that, the Democrats, at this point, are at least admitting now that there is a crisis. But, in legislation that’s being proposed and so forth, no; they have not been willing to give money for additional beds or for the wall.

Democrats Block Additional Funding

As we all know, at least building a wall would force these individuals to go to the ports of entry, where at least we can have greater control and security there to search who and what is coming across our borders. But, no; to this point, the Democrats have at least changed their tone to admit that there is a problem at the border. However, their willingness to actually step up to the plate and do something about it is still grossly lacking.


If we could just get all congressmen to have as much common sense as what you just communicated in the last 10 minutes, we could solve a lot of these problems. I realize it is not that easy there because of all the politics and what not. But, thank you for standing for truth.

Jody, we appreciate you, brother. Keep up the great work! I look forward to having you back again soon.


Thank you so much. It is always an honor to be with you guys as well. God bless you.

Keep the torch ablaze.


That’s Congressman Jody Hice. Stay with us, folks. We”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live! Thanks for staying with us today. Thanks to Congressman Jody Hice for taking time to share with us today as well, packing in a lot into a short interview.

We”€™re back with David and Tim now and don’t have much time to jump on these things. But, what do you guys want to hit on: the border or what he was talking about with the UN?

Human Rights Commission Craziness


Well, let’s start with the UN because one of the things he pointed out that I think is worth noting: he talked about the Human Rights Commission that is demanding that America supports abortion. And, when we address that a little bit on the front side and why some of this is even silly, some of the funding we’re giving to the UN Why are we paying other nations who don’t do a good job, and they’re criticizing America?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. But, if we’re talking about the Human Rights Commission and how they’re not thinking about the right of the unborn child–which I understand their argument. I don’t agree with it at all.

I understand the argument; but, it’s also worth noting who is on the Human Rights Commission, because if you’re going to be on the Human Rights Commission, you probably need to have a good record of maintaining and preserving human rights. So, in your country, you need to do a good job with that and probably have a good track record. Well, Dad, I see you looking it up.

Who’s on the Human Rights Commission of the UN?

Communist Nations


Well, we have great–fortunately we are filled with stalwarts of human rights across the globe. So, we have China on there, which really nice to have China on there.


So, a communist nation that is known for”€”actually, even right now in the news, the Hong Kong protests, what China is doing. Yeah, China’s not really known for doing a good job protecting human rights. Which, no communist nation ever has been. So, China is one on there.


They are, by the way, a huge pro-slavery nation. They have massive amounts of slavery in China. So, that’s a great one to have for human rights.

Then, we have Cuba, which is another really good thing to have.


Yeah, I think they have a pretty long record of the abuse of their citizens. And, again, in communism, this is very, very common. So, it would seem ironic that you have communist nations who are part of this commission.

But, you have China and Cuba.


Well, if you’re going to pick on communist nations, I’ll point to a great Stallworth that we have the show’s success in their country: Venezuela. They’re on the Human Rights Commission.

Remove the Plank from Your Own Eye First


Now, and it does raise the question: At what point do you get removed from this commission? What do you have to do, or when does your country fail so poorly, that you’re not allowed to give other people advice? It’s one of those moments where, we probably all know those people who’ve been divorced like 18 times, and they want to give you marriage counseling.




And, you’re like, “€œYou are not really what I’m looking for when it comes to advice on this.”€ So, Venezuela, this is very much what Jesus talked about: that first you should remove the plank from your own eye before you deal with a speck in someone else’s eye. Again, at what point do you get removed because you’re a terrible violator of these things or you don’t run your nation well?


Well, I if I take just the top nations that are persecuting Christians. There’s a list Open Doors does of the top 50 places in the globe where it is the most dangerous to be a Christian, where they are most likely be killed or persecuted. Number two on the list is Afghanistan, which is on the Human Rights Commission.




Number three on the list is Somalia, which is on the Human Rights Commission. Number five on the list is Pakistan, which is on the Human Rights Commission. I mean, it’s like Okay; so, you guys are telling America what human rights should look like and what you want us to fund with you? Are you kidding?

Why Care What the UN Says?


But, what’s interesting too, is the way the news outlets cover these kind of stories and information that lead you to think the UN are really good people from really good nations who are doing really good things. Therefore, when they’re condemning America, want to condemn Israel, or whatever it is, and are saying, “€œAmerica’s bad,”€ we go, “€œOh my gosh the UN”€ And, the media reports as if the UN is a really big deal.

And, I don’t think most Americans really understand the UN, how it functions or even why it started. If you go back, there was a League of Nations; and, after World War I, we never wanted to see a war like this again. So, somewhere around World War II, it becomes United Nations (UN), again trying to figure out How can we solve the world’s problems?

And, although this seems like a good idea on paper, America is one of the primary funders of the UN and of, actually, many nations who are there. We give so much to help nations we do so much. Then, these nations have the audacity to come back and, instead of looking–like Venezuela–looking at the problems of their own nations, they’re gonna point to Americans and say, “€œYou are the problem; you’re not treating your people well. Blah, blah, blah;”€ it doesn’t make any sense, as Congressman Hice even pointed out.


And he also pointed out what happened at the border. I was pleased to hear him do several things. One is: he would not put all the blame on Obama.

He said, “€œThis goes back before that and has been going for several administrations. This is a problem America has created through several administrations,”€ which is exactly honest, exactly right.

Trump Is Just Following the Laws


And, he pointed out it’s because we have not been following the existing law.


That’s right.


Which is one of the things that President Trump has taken a lot of heat for. People are saying, “€œOh, look what he’s doing.”€ He’s actually just following the law that several previous presidents refused to follow.

So, we can say, “€œWe don’t like that law.”€ Well, let’s change the law. But, you can’t get angry at the guy for upholding the law that’s in the books, when that’s supposed to be there.

Certainly, there’s a lot with the immigration crisis we could talk about, even with what Jody Hice pointed out with the asylum seekers, where they come and we can’t turn anybody down. Plus, there are so many, that the system is so overwhelmed and backlogged, that it might take five years. Then, they don’t even show up at their court date; so, they’re lost somewhere in the atmosphere space of America.

There are a lot of things that need to be resolved. But, this is not something that started the President Trump. It’s not only a start with President Obama either.

This has been a long problem and certainly something that does need to be addressed.

Democrats Are Acknowledging the Problem


Well, I was glad to hear him also say that the Democrats are now acknowledging it to be a problem, because you don’t hear that in the media. I mean, they’re still holding the position that this is a Republican issue, and it’s not. And, as Jody pointed out–I forget when he said they found it; but, they’ve already identified 57 different countries that have illegally come into America just in recent weeks.

And, I loved his quote. He said, “€œA country without clearly defined borders is not a country; it’s a landmass.”€ And he”€™s exactly right.




We have a landmass with all these people coming in. We don’t know who’s coming in the country. And, that really does have to change.

So, Jody is one of the voices of reason that’ll help do that.


Well, I do think we’re already seeing some positive effects from even the Pentagon funding of the border wall, where you can minimize the places where they can cross. And, even as he was pointing out with the drug cartel and where they are controlling, charging, and doing. You can help a lot of lives just by securing the border, because it can minimize what the cartel can do and where they can do it.

So, there are positive things happening, which is one of the many reasons we’re grateful to have guys like Jody who come on the program and give us an update. And, one of the great warriors up in Congress.

Congressman Hice Visits The Border – What Is Happening With The UN


Well, we need more folks like Jody Hice, not only in Congress, but also at the state and local levels. We need more people who are engaged and informed on the issues, who know how to make a difference in this culture, what the issues are, the kind of the Plum Line by which to measure folks that are running for office.

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