Congressmen Denied Access At The Border – With Congressman Brian Babin: Do you know how many illegals came across our border in May? Why were 13 Congressmen denied access to a Drug Enforcement Administration facility by the Department of Justice? What do they have to hide? Why is the Biden Administration empowering drug cartels? What will happen if states don’t stand up? Tune in to hear Congressman Brian Babin discuss the national security issue Biden has caused.

Air Date: 06/23/2021

Guest: Congressman Brian Babin

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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We are here with David Barton. He’s America’s premier historian and our founder WallBuilders, Tim Barton, national speaker and pastor and president of WallBuilders, and my name is Rick Green. I’m a former Texas legislator and America’s Constitution coach. 

We are glad you’re here with us. Later in the program, Congressman Brian Babin from the state of Texas will be with us. You know, David, Tim, we had Louie Gohmert on months ago. This business of not letting Congressman, I mean, the elected federal representatives of the people actually be able to go on to federal property and view the very things that they are voting to fund are not fund, it’s pretty embarrassing for the administration. What in the world have these people hiding?


Well, it’s interesting that when you look at the border, everybody knows that there’s some kind of a crisis, or challenges as vice president Harris put it at one point. There’s a challenge down there. We know it’s overcrowded. 

We know it’s overpacked. We know they’re filling detention centers. They’re shipping kids to states all over the United States, these minors. There’s just not enough space. And they have successfully kept cameras out of there.

And if I remember, at the start of the Trump administration, when all the same stuff was going on, he inherited it from Obama. There were cameras everywhere. And they got into everything. 

No Cameras Allowed

And so the cameras have been kept out and that’s even resulted in even the liberal media kind of challenging Biden and Harris and how come we can’t get in there? Well, it’s one thing to say cameras can’t get in, is another thing to say that congressmen can’t get in. I mean, congressmen, these are the guys in charge of all of it.

These are the guys who find everything that go. These are the guys who have the hearings and have the investigations, and so they change laws based on what they find in investigations. They go on the ground all the time to places like this, whether it’s domestic, whether it’s foreign.

And to say, well, not only can you have no cameras coming in, but we’re not even going to let congressman come. I mean, talk about a lack of transparency that should have had even the media with raised hackles, media should have been ticked that they couldn’t get in. But then to say that elected people can’t get in, that’s crazy stuff.


Well, on top of the fact that some of these congressmen have different levels of clearance for top secret information, for some of the committees they’re on as they’re talking, intelligence committee, some of these different committees that they are on, and you’re telling people who have great clearances to know all kinds of information that normal average American citizens can’t know.

They’re going to the border, and all of a sudden, they’re being told nope, you’re not allowed to know what’s back here. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. You can’t know what’s back here. It is utterly ludicrous.

It’s Almost Beyond the Level of Comprehension

And you got to wonder: on some level, we are so grateful for the people who are working in law enforcement helping to protect us, to try to mitigate this unbearable circumstance happening down at the border with this crisis that’s happening. And on some level, you got to think that some of these guys are going okay:

 I’m not going to be the one to tell this congressman that he can’t be here, because some of them have to know it’s ridiculous. Maybe some of them have a different political leaning, and so they’re playing the political game.

But I just can’t imagine who’s down to the border seeing all of this craziness, seeing the crisis, seeing how it’s overrun, and then they’re going to tell these congressmen that sorry, guys, we got word you’re not allowed to be here, you’re going to turn and leave. 

The whole situation seems almost beyond the level of comprehension as if this is some ridiculous Saturday Night Live skit. It’s not reality. This doesn’t make any sense. But this unfortunately, seems to be this new 1984 kind of reality that what is up is down and what’s left is right. And we’re just redefining things, and we’re reinventing things, and we’re making these new classifications of people and who’s in charge. Guys, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But this is why one of the things that we want to do is help bring attention to some of these stories, help inform the American people, because certainly, a lot of the press is not doing this. Certainly, the Biden administration is covering a lot of this stuff up when it’s very evident and apparent some of the crisis that’s happening. 

And certainly, dad, as you mentioned where some of these congressmen, their actual job, the reason they were elected is to help oversee and run America in the midst of some of these problems. They’re the ones there to make some of these decisions and yet they’re being told they’re not allowed to have information to help them make better decisions, it doesn’t make any sense.


Well, one of the guys who was down there in the border and was told he couldn’t come in was Congressman Brian Babin. And Brian is a military veteran. He’s a medical doctor as well. Great guy, just a class act, really a just a quality individual. And Brian, good friend, so we thought, alright, they told you no, so let’s get a report from someone who was actually there trying to get in when they were told by the Justice Department you’re not allowed to see what’s going on down here.



Going to take quick break. As we go to break, just picture that Saturday Night Live skit that Tim was talking about. I could see this. 

I could see Chris Farley in a way to small border agent uniform standing in front of the building saying to Brian Babin and the other congressmen there’s nothing to see here. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t actually happening. Brian Babin was when we returned right here on WallBuilders Live.

This is Tim Barton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. The year after the American war for independence ended, we begin addressing the issue of Muslim terrorists in North Africa, who were attacking American ships and killing and enslaving American seamen. Congress dispatched John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to negotiate peace. And when they asked the Muslim ambassador the reason for the unprovoked attacks, he told them that it was written in their Quran that it was their right and duty to make war upon them whenever they can be found.

16 years of negotiations failed. And in 1801, America sent its military to crush the terrorists. When that war ended in 1805, the first American edition of the Quran was published urging Americans to read the Quran to see for themselves that this teachings were incompatible with the safety and peace of non-Muslims.

To see the first American Qur’an, and to get more information about America’s first war on Islamic terror, go to


Welcome back to WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. I’m so excited to have Congressman Brian Babin with us in the great state of Texas. I’ve been following him. He doesn’t know it, but I’ve been following him and been a fan for a while. Congressman, really glad to have you on, man. Thanks for some time.

Welcome Congressman Brian Babin


Rick, it’s my honor and privilege to be on with you. This is something I’ve been looking forward to for, I guess, since we booked it and I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person as well. Want to thank you for your many years of service.


No, thank you, man, and thank you for serving in the military, now serving in Congress. And as I was telling you, fair, you know, everybody thinks that politics is all shrimp and caviar and fun. But I know you sacrifice from your family to be there and to do what you do for us. And having served both in the military and now in Congress, there’s got to be a special kind of, frustration is the nice way to say it.

That you would show up on the border and not even be allowed by this administration to review the things that you’re writing the checks for as the member of Congress, you’re approving these things are disapproving them, and they’re not even letting you in. They literally block, what was it 12 members of Congress down there to check things out?


13 members of Congress who have oversight, Article 1, constitutional oversight over this facility, this is a DEA Drug Enforcement Agency administration facility. And I’m not taking anything away from DEA. The ones who denied us entry into this facility was the Department of Justice. And we are absolutely just fit to be tied that we have an oversight mandate over this facility and they would not let us in.

And I can tell you there were 3 appropriators and 10 authorizers who are members of Congress on this congressional delegation that we took down to El Paso and they would not let us in this facility. El Paso Intelligence Center does a great job of getting the Intel and figuring out where drugs are coming in and where drugs are coming out, and this horrible crisis that we’re in right now with open borders, and we could not get in. It was outrageous. 

Representatives Denied Entry

And we have really, really sent letters. We have complained. I took it all the way to the White House, and they kept just feeding us a lie and well, we just didn’t have time to get it together. We’d been seeking a guided tour through there for weeks on end. 

And then at the last minute, we were told we couldn’t come in. Outrageous. The American people, their representatives were denied entry into a facility that we have oversight of.


And as outraged as you members of Congress ought to be, the American people should be outraged. I mean, how else are we supposed to know what’s going on there? And you’re, I’m sure, privy to tons of information, I’m not. 

But even with my limited resources, the story is not being told. This is not just a border crisis. It’s a border war down there. And for them to not let you as our representatives actually check things out, be able to see that data to be able to see whatever else there they’ve got going on there begs the question, what do they have to hide?


Absolutely. That’s what I was asking them. What do you folks have down here that you don’t want us to see? We’ve never got a sufficient answer. 

But all I can tell you is that the crisis at that point in time was much, much worse than the mainstream media was reporting and much, much worse than the Biden administration wants the American people to know about.

And since that time, we know that there’re hard drugs like fentanyl and cocaine and some of these, heroin, they’re up almost 1,000% in some cases. And we do know that 74,000 plus Americans die each year from drug overdoses. And what the Biden administration is done, not only overwhelming us with illegal immigrants coming in just waltzing across and being processed and that doesn’t even count the ones, we’ve had almost 181,000 come across last month.

Cartels Are Being Empowered

But the drugs that are coming in, the cartels have been empowered. They’re making hundreds of millions of dollars because of the foolish policies that the Biden administration has enacted, are the policies that worked that the Trump administration had developed over four years, and actually were working. And we had a more secure border under the Trump administration, especially his last year in office than we had in decades and decades. 

And they were warned without question, Rick, by the Trump administration professionals, and borders authorities telling the Biden administration, do not reverse these policies, or you will have a terrible, a national security crisis on your hands, they wouldn’t listen. And now look what we have.


I think that contrast is what makes it stand out so much. It’d be one thing if we’d gone straight from the Obama administration into the Biden administration, and it would just been getting steadily worse. But we saw that there are policies that work, there are solutions, not to completely eradicate the problem, but dramatically reduce it. We saw that success with President Trump and what he was doing.

I know it’s kind of hard with the federal government so out of control to label any one policy the greatest failure. But this seems to be well at the top the numbers that are coming across the deaths, the child sex trafficking, I mean, all the evil things that come with these open borders. 

From what I’m hearing, and maybe you saw some of this as well, I mean, they’re essentially preventing the good men and women that are down there trying to deal with the situation from doing their job, our border patrol agents, all of our other agents, and essentially, I mean, the cartels having their way. And they’re so distracted, our people are so distracted by these hundreds of thousands that have been welcomed into the country by Biden and Harris, that it’s opened the door for the cartel to do all the illegal things.


There’s no question about that, Rick. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the CBP, Border Patrol, all of those folks down there that are trying their level best to keep our country safe. And their hands are tied constantly by this administration. We saw the new Biden budget that came out, not one single increase in border security is planned in his budget. It is criminal.

Criminals Are Flowing In

And basically, the criminals are coming in right and left. Many of these criminals are taking full advantage and exploiting our open borders process right now. And criminal aliens coming across, the numbers are up over 1,000% now. 

And you know, these CBP agents put their lives on the line every day and every night to protect our nation’s sovereignty and instead of thanking them, essentially, Biden administration has abandoned them with an open and unfinished border wall; wall they don’t plan on finishing what was started under Trump.

They’ve done away with the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. The title 42 public health restriction that was able to enable our border authorities to put people back across the border during a pandemic, that is fast going by the wayside. And those types of policies actually worked. 

Because in 2019, the Trump administration was really, really pressed hard, and really tried. And they developed these policies, and they worked. And now they’ve gone by the wayside. And our national security is, is really, really at risk.

The landowners down there, the ranchers, the law enforcement people, the folks that live in the towns along the border, even if they were historically Democrat, they know who is to blame for this, and it’s the Biden administration. I think the Democrats are going to pay the piper in a big way in the midterms next year, Rick.


Man, I hope you’re right, because it is so obvious where the blame should be placed. The Biden administration said that 2 billion or so for the wall that had been appropriated for that or at least dedicated to that was now being moved other things. And it’s just so obvious to priority is no longer America first for certain.

I think by process of elimination, maybe Congressman, we can figure out why they wouldn’t let you in El Paso. One reason it definitely was not is they were not in the process of practicing or preparing security for the vice president to appear. We know that’s not the case, right? She still hasn’t been down there. I mean, it’s unbelievable this administration just, who is in charge anyway?

May: 180,034 Illegals


It really is. I’ll tell you, I’ve been down, I’ve taken two congressional delegations down there in the last six or eight weeks. And the first one, we invited her to meet up with us, we never heard a thing back from her. 

The second one, we asked Secretary Mayorkas to meet up with us, we never heard a thing from him. There’s outright lying going on with the Secretary because he keeps telling us that the border is secure, people are being turned back. Everybody knows the border is wide open.

Again, they apprehended 180,034 illegal aliens coming in in May of this past month. And that is a 674% increase when you compare that to the previous May of 2020 during the Trump administration. And this is the third straight month of 170,000 plus apprehensions. This hasn’t occurred in over 20 years. 

And 530,000 illegal aliens have been apprehended at our southern border since January. Thousands and thousands have been turned and released. Many COVID positive, many who are not even given notices to appear, which is illegal for the federal government to do.

They don’t even have a court date, and that’s what the law specifies, so these people are going to be here. They’re just fanning out across the country, and they’re not going to be removed until we start having interior enforcement again, which is another thing that was abolished by the Biden administration.


And as we all know, you know, if it’s 530,000, or whatever it is that were apprehended the last five or six months, how many more that came across that weren’t apprehended? And likely would have been the worst of the worst that would be coming across.


Well, yeah, I was just going to tell you, those are called got-aways. If we detect them on technology, or thermal imaging, or from an aerial Aeroflot or something like that, if we see them and can’t get to them, and they get away, they’re called got-aways. And there’s a roughly between 30,000 and 40,000 got-aways per month. 

The 2022 Elections

So you can add that to, say for instance, this past month 180,000+, add 30,000-40,000 more, and that’s what you have on the got-aways. And that doesn’t include the ones we did not detect. And who knows what those were? They got away. We never saw who they were.


Last thing, Congressman, I know you got to go. I mean, I think you’re right. I think the Democrats are going to pay a heavy price in the elections of 2022 and 2024 both, but that’s what, 18 months away for even the 2022 election. What can be done in the meantime? 

I know, Texas is talking about going ahead and building the border wall out. There’s all kinds of ideas for what states can do in this situation on under Article 6. But I mean, do you think states will step up and fill the gap during these 18 months of craziness in the Biden administration?


If they don’t step up, the country is headed to really, really crisis, catastrophic. You know, I think, just from a solvency is spending billions and billions of dollars to national security, to drugs, to murders, to rapes. You know, 1/3 of women and children coming up here from the south coming towards our border are sexually assaulted and raped on the way up here.

If we don’t, I don’t know how many more kids, little kids are going to have to be dropped from the top of a 15 or 16 foot wall before the Biden administration decides to start protecting these people and disincentivize them from coming up here in the first place. Because it is a national security catastrophe, and I’m praying and hoping, it looks to me.

 I’m very proud of some of the things that looks like Governor Abbott is saying, and hopefully, we will have this taskforce put together real quickly and we will start building the barrier protection. I don’t know how we’re going to do this. But I’m hoping that we do this real soon because we cannot sustain this type of influx of this kind of numbers. We’re talking 2-3 million by years in.

It Takes Action


Yeah, no doubt. And it’s got to be action, not just words. And this is that situation where, I mean one election what a difference it makes in national policy. 

And I would even say not an actual, well, an election that was skewed by the states that broke the Constitution and broke the law to favor one party over another in the election. So, I mean, it has huge consequences. That’s why everything that we’re working on is so important. Congressman, thank you for your hard work. 

Thank you for serving us in D.C. I realized as a fellow Texan, there has to be a really good reason to leave the state. And so for you to go serve in Washington, I get it, you’re working for the future of our kids and grandkids. And we appreciate you, man. Thanks for your time today.


Rick, God bless you. Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to meeting up with you face to face and let’s keep talking about this because the American people are counting on us. They’ve got to know the truth.


No doubt about it. That is Congressman Brian Babin in Texas. Stay with us, we’ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.


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We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us. And thanks again to Congressman Brian Babin for joining us. First time to have him on, guys, fantastic guy.

A Very Discerning Man


Yeah, he is. And we were with him, we were able to help take a congressional delegation to Poland. And Poland is one of our allies that is a NATO ally. But as Germany likes America less than less and they want American bases out of Germany, Poland is saying us please, please come here. We want your bases here. 

And so we got to know Brian on that congressional trip to Poland. And it was a great trip. But again, he is such a quality individual. He is so soft spoken but outspoken at the same time, has just such good discernment and just a strong Christian guy. Really good guy.


I remember the first time I really listened to him, I didn’t know much about him, knew he was from Texas. But he just gave a really thoughtful, logical, well-reasoned speech on January 6th on the whole Electoral College objection thing and why constitutionally, you had the right to objectives. 

It was really good. That was my first real exposure to him. I’d heard his name around Texas, but I didn’t realize you guys had known him for years and going on one of those Poland trips with him. That’s pretty cool.


Yeah, and he has a good guy. But he, again, is very good at being very blunt. And he points out things. 

For example, it is amazing to me that with this new Biden budget which is doubled the average spending for average budget in the year is going to be about 3 trillion. And this Biden budget is over 6 trillion. So they’re spending money on everything, except the border, not a single cent to help at the border. And you got all this overcrowding. 

You’ve got all the stuff that Brian went through, all the stuff that’s happening with the sex trafficking, the sex assaults, all the things that are happening with the minors, everything else, and you’re not putting a single penny into something that is obviously clearly a problem, but you’re putting money into everything else. I mean, that tells you that they’re not planning to do anything down there, which we’ve known.

Follow the Money

We’ve already talked about on this program that they’re not going to do anything. But the fact that he’s not putting any money, and Jesus says where your treasure is, there’s your heart also. In other words, wherever you put your money, you’re going to have some concern for those things. 

There’s no money going into the border, which tells you exactly. And as you pointed out, Rick, they’re taking 2.2 billion off the border wall and moving into projects overseas. They’re putting overseas projects.


Well, this is why you have people like Governor Abbott who came out and said that and just for Texas itself, they’re going to do things to try to fund their own border project, to build where President Biden won’t. It’s one of the things that there have been many political commentators come out and say that they think this is purely a political move from Biden to try to usher in more Democrat voters.

And maybe in the midst of some of these states that are doing a deeper dive into wanting to make sure they can do what they can to protect the integrity of their elections. So whether it’s voter ID laws, or whether they change part of the signature verification process or the mail in ballots, as states are trying to do things to try to shore up the election process to limits.

I was going to say eliminate fraud, but I don’t know if you can totally do that with this many millions of people voting in a nation, but at least to limit and mitigate the fraud that happens.

One of the things that, again, a lot of political commentators are speculating is this is a political move for the Democrats to say, hey, we’ll be the party. Let’s all these people come in and then they’ll just continue to vote for us so we can pick have millions of votes. There’s reason to suspect that that could be part of the case. 

Congressmen Denied Access At The Border – With Congressman Brian Babin

And maybe that’s why the Biden ministration doesn’t want members of Congress to go down there. Maybe that’s why they don’t seem very concerned with all of these migrants that are coming across and this different caravan scenario, because maybe they are wanting to bolster up their support for elections going forward in the future. There’s a lot of reasons to speculate a lot of what’s happening.

But in the midst of it, it certainly doesn’t make sense that members of Congress that part of their job is to oversee some of these issues are not being allowed to even have access to that basic situation.


And wouldn’t it be interesting if it actually backfired on them? And Rick, as you said, you think they’re getting clobbered next election. We just had a mayoral election down on the border, McAllen, Texas. And McAllen, Texas, heavily Democrat, like 2:1 Democrat, and they just chose a Republican mayor down there. 

All the nonsense that’s going on around them that they’re surrounded with, even the democrats down there said, enough we’re choosing a Republican mayor. So this may end up backfiring on them in many ways. They may lose control, and it may be that voters turn against them. Because they count on having the numbers they had and picking up more, they may lose the numbers they had.


Yeah, if that’s not the bellwether, I mean, goodness, a South Texas area like that, that is heavily Democrat choosing a Republican because they’re living with it. You know, of course, the media is not covering it in most of the country, but we’re getting the word out. 

That’s why folks you got to share these programs, make sure your friends and family are listening to WallBuilders Live. Get the link, send it out to as many people as you can. Thanks so much for listening today to WallBuilders Live.