Courage Is Contagious – More With Our Barnstorming Event In Georgia – Freedom is worth fighting for, and courage is contagious. Picking up where we left off, tune in to hear more with our barnstorming event!

Air Date:12/28/2020

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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This is the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live. Thanks for joining us on this Monday. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and some wonderful time with your family. I hope that none of you listen to Fauci or Burks or any of the other Doomsdayers that tried to get everybody to stay home from Thanksgiving. Most people did not follow that advice and got together with their family, and the world did not fall apart at all.

I hope you did the same for Christmas. Hope you had a very wonderful merry Christmas. I hope you had a wonderful reminder of the reason for the season. And I’m thankful that you joined us again on this Monday. What we’re going to do today and tomorrow is finish off that Georgia barnstorming event that we did just a few weeks back with David Barton, Tim Barton, myself, Rick Green, Charlie Kirk, Kirk Cameron, Michelle Bachman, Barry Loudermilk, Jody Hice. Brad Stein, it was just phenomenal. We had so many people with us, and really good encouragement to Biblical citizens across Georgia to get engaged, do their part, be salt and light, not just in the Georgia run off, but all the time. That’s our job as citizens under the Constitution and also under the Bible that this is part of what we do, to live out the freedom that we’ve been given, to be that good and faithful servant, not that wicked and slothful servant.

So let’s go back to Georgia, let’s pick up that Georgia barnstorming event. Here we are in Georgia with that incredible team doing our barnstorming, let’s pick up where we left off last week.

Georgia barnstorming:


Sergeant opens the hatch and he says Private Is this the way to the rear? The Private casual looks at him and he says sir, are you looking for somewhere safe? He said yes we are. He said well then pull that tank behind me. I’m 82nd airborne. This is as far as the Germans are going to get. You see this is one of the unsung heroes.

But I want you to think about it. Here’s this lone Private who was given orders to stop the Germans. Surrender wasn’t in his vocabulary because he was fighting for something greater than himself, your freedom. He wasn’t going to have any if he gave his life for your freedom. But he was so dedicated to that cause. He was willing to take on the entire German army with nothing but his in one cabin. The tank commander happened to be the son of comedian Will Rogers. Some of you know I’m talking about, his name was Bill Rogers. Private had no idea who that celebrity was driving the tank. But when Bill Rogers heard what he told the sergeant, what Private Martin told the sergeant, he hollered his man, get off this tank. Here’s where we’re going to make our stand.

A troop carrier truck came down the road and they heard the story of Private Martin and they said this is where we’re going to make our stand. You see courage is contagious. That point became the stronghold of which the Germans never advanced beyond because of the courage of one man. It’s going to take courage. You’re going to be under attack. But you all individuals can be Private Martin’s. You can make a difference not just now, but in the future. Freedom is worth defending and it’s not free. It’s going to be difficult. It’s going to be hard. You’re going to be under attack. But the Bible tells us to take joy in our tribulations because they teach you to be faithful and they equip you to go through more tribulations. And you’re afraid of what somebody’s going to say about you? Well, that’s good, because the Bible says blessed are those who are persecuted for my namesake. You want to be happy and blessed? Stand for truth, stand for courage, and you will. I believe in America. I believe in the biblical principles it stands upon. And I believe we can and we will win our freedom if we stand together and we’ll preserve it for future generations. God bless you all.


Alright, guys, let’s talk about the prize. Let’s talk about the conflict because I love what you said about that, Barry. And you know, when you think about the sacrifice of those who came before us, they had to sacrifice a whole lot more than what we’re being asked to sacrifice. In truth, our founders gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. They gave all of it. They gave everything to light, the torch of freedom passed to generation after generation. You’ve heard stories of these generations that gave so much for our freedom. We’re asked to do very little today compared to what they had to do: a little bit of our time to get engaged be a part of the solution, a little bit of our fortune, donating to good causes, good candidates, and our sacred honor, willing to stand up and speak truth no matter what Facebook or anybody else has to say about it, that we will speak that truth and let the chips fall where they may.

So as we move into the last part of our evening, we’re going to talk about action steps, homework for everyone in this room, all of us, things that we can do to make a difference. As we get ready to do that, if someone would find Brad Stein, is usually wandering the halls aimlessly. We’re not sure. Oh, there he is. Oh, come on, back up. You all welcome Brad Stein back up. And as Brad finds a microphone down there somewhere, if you would play our next video, Kirk Cameron had a video message for us at our first barnstorming event. We’re going to share that with you tonight.

[email protected]

So great to see you, Rick. Thank you. And Tim and David and Michele, it’s so good to be joining you. I’ve just been sitting here watching along with everybody else, everything that you’re saying. And wow, Tim, that is so encouraging what you’re saying. I mean, I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve been waiting for a biblical citizenship handbook, everything from the class to these kinds of events I think they’re so important. Because as most people might assume, I live out here in Hollywood, California, I get a chance to travel around. And one of the big things I’m hearing from people is we get it. We’re on board. We’ve been red pilled. We understand. We’re aware of what’s going on. What do we do? What do we do?


Alright, friends, quick break. Got to interrupt our Georgia barnstorming event for a quick break. We’ll be right back, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


Have you ever wanted to learn more about the United States Constitution but just felt like, man, the classes are boring or it’s just that old language from 200 years ago or I don’t know where to start? People want to know but it gets frustrating because they don’t know where to look for truth about the Constitution either.

Well, we’ve got a special program for you available now called Constitution Alive with David Barton and Rick Green. And it’s actually a teaching done on the Constitution at Independence Hall in the very room where the Constitution was framed. We take you both to Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty and Independence Hall and to the WallBuilders library, where David Barton brings the history to life to teach the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

We call it The Quickstart Guide to the Constitution, because in just a few hours through these videos, you will learn the citizens guide to America’s Constitution, you’ll learn what you need to do to help save our constitutional republic. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s going to inspire you to do your part to preserve freedom for future generations. It’s called Constitution Alive with David Barton and Rick Green. You can find out more information on our website now and


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live, we’ve been sharing with you our Georgia barnstorming event from a few weeks ago, great speakers, great information, some of it just as things you’ve never heard before. I mean, it’s one of those situations where, once again, David and Tim Barton have dug into the history and like Josiah, they’ve brought out the scroll and awakened the nation. So be sure and enjoy this and share it with your friends and family. We sprinkled it in over the last few weeks when we got back from Georgia. But we’re finishing it off today and tomorrow, we hope that you enjoy. Let’s jump back in. Here’s the Georgia barnstorming event.

Georgia barnstorming:


You guys are talking about boots on the ground, what it is that we can do in our homes, with our families, with our friends with our Bible study groups. And this is, I think, exactly what we need. So everybody, I just want to encourage you. Everything that you’re hearing tonight is so very important. Just listen to everything, believe what they’re telling you, we really can make the difference. And this is what’s been going through my mind.

I remember a pastor friend of mine has recently said in church, he believes that God is using this time to awaken his church. We’ve been asleep for decades in many ways. We’ve been doing some great jobs in certain sectors, but in other areas we’ve neglected. And he went on to say how sleep is something God’s ordained as a natural part of the cycle of the day. We sleep for eight hours a day, and there’s nothing wrong with sleep. But he talked about the fact that when we’re asleep, we’re unaware, we’re unconcerned, and we’re uninvolved with the things going on around us.

And in the church, in fact, I know that there have been sectors of culture that we have been unaware of our duty. We have therefore been unconcerned about us really fixing it and changing things, and we’ve been uninvolved. And now’s the time that I think the Lord is waking up his church. And my wife encouraged me with something that during this time where we can become fatigued with all of the chaos, and with all of the deception with the fraud that we’re seeing, with these Marxist and socialist ideas coming into our country full force and have been for a while, she said, Kirk, remember that verse that we’ve all heard so many times, if my people will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, and I know many of us are tired of hearing that verse, because we’ve heard it so many times.

But she reminded me of something really encouraging in there. She said, it doesn’t say, if the Marxists and the socialists will finally humble themselves and become Christians, if the atheist will, if these other people will just get on board the right program. She said, no, it’s what God’s always been concerned with. He’s always said to his people, I’ll take care of your enemies. They’re big, and they’re bad, and they’re nasty. They’re well-funded. They’re organized. Obviously, I’m paraphrasing, but I can take care of all of them. What I’m interested in, is the purity of the hearts of my people.

And if it’s really that simple, if God’s people, if Christians will assume a posture of humility and repentance, and we get our part right, and fully turn to the Lord in obedience, and begin to conform our hearts, and our homes, and our communities, and our nation to the Word of God, by being obedient to what he says. And in America, we’re responsible. We, the people are the government. We need to self-govern, govern our homes, and then we govern the nation. And we do that by participating in the voting process, among other things, that if we’ll do that, God will take care of the enemies. So that encourages me a ton because that means we can do this. It doesn’t matter if we’re outnumbered. It doesn’t matter for out-gunned. And there are millions and millions and millions of us that if we just get our part, right, God will honor that and multiply our efforts and we don’t have to see the decline of this nation. I’m in it to win it.

I am fighting, not based on probabilities of who’s going to become the next president, but based on the principle that truth, and liberty are worth fighting for, no matter what the cost. And if we give up the fight now, we don’t have a soul. We have our children’s skin in the game and our grandchildren skin in the game. So all of you who are here, thank you, you are the hope, God’s power working through you and you being obedient and doing your part. That is the hope in our country. That’s our hope in this world. And I just want to thank you for being there. I would love to be there with you. But it’s my wife’s birthday and I’ve got linguini and clams on the stove right now and I’m going to have to get back in there to make sure that my wife’s birthday is a homerun.


Hey, Kirk, thank you, man. Thank you, brother for doing this tonight. So good.


Thank you. Thank you, Michele. Thank you, Rick. Thank you, Tim and David.


I think, Kirk, just brought us full circle and I didn’t even catch that the first time when he was saying about, he’s basically saying if we’re being biblical citizens and applying this to our personal life, to our family, and then going out there in the neighborhood and our communities in Congress, that that’s what’s going to save our nation. So he’s literally saying be a biblical citizen. I mean, that’s what it is at the end of the day. So give us some specifics. Let’s each take a chance to talk about what people can do. And to dissuade this this kind of, I’m only one person, it’s too big of a system or the system’s already too far gone. Because sometimes we feel like that, right? I mean, we see how much we’re up against. We need to realize that everyone here has a sphere of influence and has the ability to make a difference.


One of the problems we have is we live in a culture where we get 24/7/365 national media, and it doesn’t matter what you listen to and I don’t know if anybody listens to FOX anymore. They’ve gone from 14.1 million viewers to 1.7 million viewers. So even they are on the way down. So what happens with the culture is because we’re inundated with national news, when you watch FOX or CNN or MSNBC, anybody else, you don’t get local stuff, you get national stuff. And as a result, we keep thinking national is the way to solve things. That’s our focus. That’s what we hear all the time. And it’s not the way to solve things.

Exodus 18:21, the Bible says, choose out from among you, leaders of tens, fifties, hundreds, and thousands, that’s local, county, state and federal, we keep looking up here. Look at the tense because this is the farm team from which everything else grows. It’s at that level that you have such a significant change.

Alright, I’ll give it to you. If you look at Georgia, free state versus Texas, kind of a free state versus California, not even close to a free state, take a city like Los Angeles, who is certainly nowhere close to being… The mayor of Los Angeles was elected with 2.9% of the vote. They don’t have to have the mayor that gap, but that’s because nobody showed up to do anything at the local level. They’re all looking at the governor. They’re all looking up here. See, that happens all over the country. And Texas, we’ve got Houston, that’s our huge blue city.

And Houston, the population of Houston is greater than the population of 26 separate states. The mayor of Houston was elected with 6% of the vote. That’s like electing governor with 6%. We get crazy policies from these guys. You’ve got to start looking lower level and you need to look in your own group and say alright, who do I know that I can get to run for school board or for city council or utility district or something else? Fort Worth, Texas, here we are, we’re conservative state. Fort Worth, Texas and very hard of cowboy country is the one who came up six years ago with the idea that let’s not have gender bathrooms, let’s not have gender teams. Let’s all be not male or female. Let’s be generalists. And so President Obama at the time said that is a great idea. He took that to the National Department of Education, Federal Department of Education said, hey, if you get any federal funds in your schools, which is nearly every school in the country, you will not have genders and bathrooms or in classrooms, you’re going to be generalists… That came out of Fort Worth, Texas.

So I looked at that said, okay, we’ve got 800,000 citizens in Fort Worth, Texas. I looked at the school board president he was elected with a total of 1,100 votes out of 800,000 people, 1100 votes. And so with 1,100 votes, I started looking for church in his district, I found one church, evangelical church that had 3,000 adults in the church, that one church could have solved the whole problem if they’d been involved. But we get up here at the national level, I’ll give two more quick examples.

Because of what came down with President Obama we’re going to have general bathrooms and locker rooms, there was a lady who ran in Northwest Arkansas, town of 40,000 people, she said, that isn’t happening in my town. We’re not doing that. She ran for the school board in her town to make sure it didn’t happen. And running for the school board, she got elected. There were only 35 votes cast in that school board election out of 40,000 people. There’s a pig farmer in Iowa said, same thing, not in our school district. So he went and put his name on the ballot to run for school board, and it turns out on Election Day, he got himself really busy and he didn’t go vote on Election Day. And don’t jump ahead, don’t think he lost by one vote, because that’s not what happened. What happened was nobody voted in the entire election. If he had voted for himself, he would have been the entire school board all by himself. I mean, this is how easy it is. If you stop looking at the national level, start winning all the local battles, and if every community will win just their local battles, we win the whole state, we win the whole nation, get focused on the local stuff, not just the national stuff.


And let me give you a really practical way to make this happen over the next few weeks, months, and even the next few years. These Constitution classes that we’ve been doing, David and I filmed this thing almost 10 years ago in Independence Hall, and they’re in the WallBuilders library. And we started finding out people were hosting classes in their homes and in their Sunday school classes and it was starting to spread around the country. And so we created this Constitution coach program, and now we’re coming out with biblical citizenship classes.

And what’s been happening, I just met a guy the other day, he said in our class, we’re watching you all on the TV and we were going through the six week class, seven week class. And he said about the fifth or sixth week, there was an office that opened up locally, Commissioner opened up. And he said, we sat around and said, we got to run somebody for commissioner and everybody said, well, you’re the one who dragged us into all this, you got to run. So he said, alright, I’ll do it. What are you all going to do? Another person, I’ll make the signs. Another person said, I’ll be the finance chair. Before you knew, they had the campaign team. They ran, he won, he’s now a commissioner in their county right out of that little group of folks that had got together to study what does the Bible say about how we formed this.

So we are challenging you to do the exact same thing. Yet one of these flyers in your chair, it’s all about our new biblical citizenship Constitution class that is coming out soon. Host that class in your living room at the library, wherever there’s a lot of churches represented tonight. This is how it works, folks, and I’m telling you, you’ll leave those classes encouraged, you’ll get hope. You heard what these guys said tonight, just think about doing that every week with a group of people in your home or your church. You’ll leave there going, wow, my gut was right. America is a good nation. And wow, there are solutions. There are ways for us to save our constitutional republic. So start those constitution classes. And we need them all over this community and all over this state and get on Facebook and tell your friends and family about it as well. So that’s one of the practical things that we can do, become biblical citizenship coaches.

Alright, friends interrupting our Georgia barnstorming event again for another quick break. Stay with us, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live.


Hey, guys, we want to let you know about our new resource we have here at WallBuilders called “The American Story”. For years, people have been asking us to do a history book, and we finally done it. We start with Christopher Columbus and go roughly through Abraham Lincoln. And one of the things that so often we hear today are about the imperfections of America, or how so many people in America that used to be celebrated or honored really aren’t good or honorable people.

One of the things we acknowledge quickly in the book is that the entire world is full of people who are sinful and need a savior, because the Bible even tells us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” And yet what we see through history and certainly is evident in America is how a perfect God uses imperfect people and does great things through them. The story of America is not the story of perfect people. But you see time and time again how God got involved in the process and use these imperfect people to do great things that impacted the entire world from America. To find out more, go to and check out “The American Story”.


We’re back here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks for staying with us today. We’re giving you the Georgia barnstorming event from a few weeks ago. Let’s dive right back in where we left off.

Georgia barnstorming:


One of the things that we’ve seen it with education right now it’s in a hating-America mode and a lot of ways going after America, attacking America, making up lies that aren’t accurate about America. So what you see is that President Trump said this is destroying the country. So he actually said, I’m not going to allow federal funds to go to any school that uses a 1619 curriculum. You don’t want to be teaching the things that commit suicide, you’re committed national suicide by teaching those things.

So he says alright, the way to counteract that Romans 12:21 says you overcome evil with the good. So he came up with what’s called the 1776 Commission. 1776 Commission teach the principles of America, teach the founding principles, teach the constitutional principles, teach the Constitution. By the way, there is a federal law that says every single public school on Constitution Day has to teach the Constitution. 90% of public schools do not teach the Constitution on Constitution Day, despite the fact that’s a federal law. Get involved in your school district say, hey, remember, September the 17th, what are you doing for Constitution Day? What curriculum we’re using? Get involved.

The other thing that President Trump has done is he said, okay, this 1776 Commission, we’re going to come out with patriotic education. So this is a way of turning the system, it looks like a small thing. But it’s something you can do in every school district you have around you. You look for teaching those principals, find out if they’re teaching 1619, if they are, get it stopped, say, hey, you’re going to lose federal funds on that. Come in with a patriotic curriculum. Come with the Constitution curriculum. That’s a big deal.


We didn’t talk about this book tonight, but well, you all mentioned it, but “The American Story” will help you defend “The American Story”. These guys take you through all those things in much more detail than what you heard tonight. But it takes that information, and it equips you, it’ll inspire you and get you excited. But it will give you the tools you need in those Facebook discussions or wherever you are having, in fact, with family over the holidays, wherever those discussions are taking place, you need a little ammunition, you need that intellectual ammunition. Get that book “The American Story” and do that at


Rick, there’s one other thing that you can do. Now, as David has pointed out, the President has created this 1776 Commission, I’m sending a letter to the White House recommending David Barton chair the 1776 Commission. Now, what I need you to do, is if you live somewhere other than the 11th congressional district, I don’t need you to call me and tell me to do it. Okay? I’m sending this letter out to other members of Congress to get them to sign on as well. So if you live in another state, I know some of you who traveled from out of state, call your member of Congress and call your senators and tell them that you want to support David Barton to be appointed to the 1776 Commission. And that would be a huge, huge, a beautiful thing in my mind. David, I’m sorry. AOC said you won’t going to get on it. So you know, it’s…


Ask me if that disappoints me?


David said, ask me if that disappoints me. But look, we need as many signatures on this letter to show the support for David Barton to be on that commission.


That’s good. Actually, it might be good if AOC was on it, maybe she would learn what the three branches of government are. David could have a conversation with her about it. They could go back, you know, talk about what happened and…


Hey, look, I serve on a committee with AOC to lead that is chaired by Maxine Waters. We all have across the bear…


You’re definitely suffering for the Lord, brother. Okay. So before Christianity comes up, and we go through the specifics that we want to send them back with specifically for this Georgia run off, let’s do a couple more comments about just big picture wise, and the fact that they should not walk out of here tonight going, well, somebody else will take care of this. They’ve got to leave here knowing it’s up to me. I’ve got to do my part.


Yeah. So one of the things that’s important, if you look at the rising generations, the Millennials are the most criticized generation maybe in the history of America, and sometimes rightfully so. But for all of the adults in there, I’m a Millennial, okay, if you’re talking about my people. So for all the adults in the room, I would just like to ask a question, before you criticize your next Millennial, I just want to know who taught us? I’m just curious because I’m pretty sure we didn’t teach ourselves to be this dumb. Okay.

But what the big deal is right? As you look at Millennials, it’s very easy to see that Millennials, by and large, have wrong positions on biblical issues, on economic issues, on governmental issues. It’s very easy to see that and one of the things you need to know, Millennials are one of the most relational generations who are looking for people to encourage them, love them, and mentor them in their life.


We’re out of time for today, folks. We’ve been giving you the Georgia barnstorming event and all those great speakers including just that phenomenal presentation from Tim Barton on a response to the 1619 project and from David Barton on the need for truth and how to search out that truth and, and fight for that truth. We’re going to have the conclusion of that program tomorrow. So this Georgia barnstorming event took place a few weeks ago. We’ve been bringing it to you here on WallBuilders Live. Hope that you’re enjoying it and you can get?

If you just tuned in, and maybe we’re brand new to you, then you can go to our archive section at and listen to some of those previous programs where we brought some of that Georgia barnstorming event to you, but we’re done for today. Tomorrow, we’ll have the conclusion of that Georgia barnstorming event. Sure appreciate you joining us today on WallBuilders Live. Be sure to check out our website at And please consider making that one-time or monthly contribution. In fact, right here at the end of the year, perfect time for that final tax-deductible, nonprofit donation. You will help us speak truth, you will help broaden our audience, and you’ll help us save our constitutional republic.

Thanks for listening to WallBuilders Live.