Culture Change – Being A Christian In This World Part Three: We get to share another presentation from the Pro-Family Legislators Conference this week! Lance Wallnau is with us and he is discussing how we can change the culture. Tune in now to hear part two of yesterday’s program!

Air Date: 12/05/2018

Guest: Lance Wallnau

On-air Personalities: Rick Green


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Faith And The Culture


Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It”€™s WallBuilders Live! where we talk about the day’s hottest topics on policy and faith and the culture always doing that from a Biblical, historical, and Constitutional perspective.

And today we’re actually in the conclusion of a three-part series. Don”€™t worry if you missed the first two days they’re great. You can go get them at our Website at But if you’re driving along listening, no problem you’re still going to very much enjoy the conclusion today and the information that Lance Wallnau is going to be sharing with us. He was speaking at the Pro-Family Legislators Conference just a few weeks back. That’s our conference we do every year for state reps and state senators.

We had a lot of great speakers, and we try to share with you guys our listeners at Wallbuilders Live. We try to share with you some of the best presentations, so we heard Rabbi Lapin on last week the presentation that he had given at the Legislative Conference. This week, Lance Wallnau. We’ve got some others coming up throughout the holidays and the end of the year that we’ll try to sprinkle in throughout our programming for the rest of the year. But a lot of great information for those legislators that also applies to you and to me and to everyone else which is great information, great education.

Lance is talking about how to change the culture in a positive way. If you missed those first two programs, they’re available right now Let’s jump right in and get the conclusion of Lance Wallnau at the Pro-Family Legislation Conference.



There’s 20 million of us out there they’re listening to Rush. They’re watching this. They’re going to church and not going to church, or they are going off the conferences.


Prophetic Purpose Gets Birthed By Prayer

But the fact of the matter is intersession is what Daniel did in order to fulfill the prophetic birth, the prophetic promise that Jeremiah had. This is in the Bible Daniel 11 you can read it. Daniel’s reading, Oh my gosh, 70 years, what those 70 years are up and he starts praying. Prophetic purpose gets birthed by prayer.

What happens? The next great event is Cyrus comes into town. Nobody really expected him, it was quite a disruption. But Cyrus comes in. And that was Isaiah 45. I said, oh my gosh Isaiah 45 – Trump becomes Cyrus. And you know I’m saying this and as I’m saying this New York Times is making fun of me and it happened like a year later.

I put a book out Bestselling Book by the way. The problem was I put the book out the same week that the Access Hollywood video came out. What a mess. I was trying to do a recall. I couldn’t get it back enough. So I doubled down. I did a little video explaining on YouTube. I personally believe that God is allowing this to happen so that Donald Trump when President cannot take credit for becoming president because he knows it will be a miracle if this guy becomes president after what just happened. I said and by the way do remember when they asked him the question in Iowa they said, Do you have any sins that you’ve ever repented of? And he sat there for a moment said, None that I can think of. I said, well now he’s got one. I was desperate.

I’m hanging out the window with the Mount Sinai Hotel in Jerusalem. I have a group of diplomats as I said. I said, stay here. I’m dealing with a crisis. I’m hanging out the window going, So that’s my logic on this. I said, I believe that this is unnecessary circumcision before a promotion. That’s I think what happened.


Donald Trump As A Cyrus

Anyway, so Cyrus comes along. But what if this pattern is true. The prophetic purpose birthed by intercession, God brings an unusual vessel into the resolution like a Lincoln, like a Churchill. Then we’re in the crucible, what’s the next sequence? And this is what’s exciting about it if these three are true, what’s the next thing? The next thing is a Zerubbabel. Zerubbabel and Joshua. This guy was a politically governmentally tied Jew and this guy was the Priestly. This was the ministry. This was the beginning stage of Christians organizing politically and in their faith communities to get behind the restoration process. We’re stalling right here, right now. What happens after that? This is crazy. Ezra joins it. Now you have a strong theologically, motivated movement. And remember the words “€˜This is a remnant.”€™ It’s not everybody, but it’s a remnant of sufficient strength to be able to pull in Nehemiah who does what?  He builds a wall.


The Real Wall

That’s right there as plain as the nose on this guy’s face. Nehemiah builds a wall. I did this in Washington you see people gasping because you know they go, Oh I can’t believe he said that. But that’s what the MIA is famous for. And to this day Jews have no problem with Mexicans I’m noticing this. But it’s not really about a wall.

I have to leave people sufficiently troubled before I clarify it’s about what’s the wall that’s being restored in America. This is symptomatic is a border problem. The real wall is this proverbs 25;  a man without self-control is like a city without walls broken into and plundered. America’s debt, America’s culture, America’s youth, America’s destiny America’s role in civil and preserving Christian civilization is being plundered because we don’t have boundaries around the cultural realities that sustain us as a nation that God can bless.


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So the wall is a metaphor for restoring the sovereignty and the boundary of nations. By the way, I personally believe that where we are right now is the Matthew 25 moment. Which means when Jesus returns, He’s not just returning for nervous evangelicals that are hiding out in the field from Antichrist. Living in a basement with Jim Baker soybeans powered by a solar panel. And this is the glorious bride, terrible as an army with banners. Hiding out watching TV with some kind of a little electric cranking thing we got in the basement.


The Cyrus Types

When Jesus, Jim’s a friend of mine he knows what I’m talking about. Matthew 25 says when Jesus returns there’s gonna be two kinds of nations: goat nations and sheep nations. I’m particularly interested in Poland, the Czech Republic Slovakia. I’ve been to these places. I’m interested in Hungary. You know why? Because these leaders are Cyrus-types. You better get your head on straight. These are not your card-carrying, tongue talking Pentecostals and evangelicals. These are these are business-minded professionals who have principles and alignment with the kingdom, and they need to have Joseph or a Daniel or an Esther to come into proximity to help put their hands on the pillars that they’re looking to push. Does it make sense to you?


Restoring The Sovereignty And The Boundary of Nations

They want boundaries and borders. Why?  Because the whole battle now is between a borderless world which is lawless and worlds with borders where God can preserve authority to resist against a conglomerate of socialism and anarchy that is coming at us. So they need to have walls, and they need to have this. This politically smart mobilized church that is working together to open up the door for a greater movement of God’s people in a shift; the paradigm shift that will result in the restoration of borders and boundaries so that there will be sheep nations. And what’s the defining issue of a sheep nation?  As much as you’ve done to the least of these my brethren. I’ve heard too many social gospel preachers talk about this is about your food ministry and prison ministry, and it isn’t. As much as you’ve done to the least of these my brethren. We don’t have time to talk about that is only two times that my brother has ever referred to Jesus. Both times he refers extends his hand to his disciples. The question is religious liberty. And here’s the shocking thing. These nations have already voted. They’re already going to the valley of decision, and they’ve already voted. When did they vote?


Israel”€™s Sovereignty

When Donald Trump true to his Cyrus destiny made a proclamation. Read Ezra 11 and the Lord moved upon Cyrus to make a proclamation that went out into all the world that the Jews should be returned to Jerusalem. So Ezra 11 tells us Cyrus made a proclamation because God moved on. Donald Trump made the embassy move because the spirit of God moved on him. He moved from it Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This makes sense? You tracking with this so far and most evangelicals are missing it, and they don’t even know what happened. They don’t realize that the thing has already taken place.

So the election. So anyway the United Nation goes in. I’m always interested in these numbers because they’re changing and rotating. But here it is. It’s like the election results in Florida. They keep on moving on me. He does it, and only nine nations voted in favor of Israel”€™s sovereignty as a nation with a capital in Jerusalem.This tells you the condition of the goat and sheep nations right now. Nine nations. Watch this. Hundred and twenty-eight nations opposed us. And 35 nervous nations said. I don’t know. I missed the vote. Let’s talk about it later. Australia spineless, Singapore against, Great Britain against. Against. Go down the list of all the countries. Who stood with us. Toga and Micronesia. Thank God. Where will we be without the might of Toga?


The Ultimate Endgame

The United States has twenty trillion dollars. In GDP China has 11 trillion. Here’s the ultimate endgame. What the devil is doing is he’s trying to push socialism and Marxism in the United States so that he can bring down the capitalist competition to the dictatorship of a technological power working through the movement of China. China already invests more in surveillance technology than the growth of their military. China does not allow children 18 years old and younger to go with their parents to churches. China is moving in the direction of an anti-Christ philosophy. The only pushback that can come to them is the fact that they’re half the GDP of the United States but if I could just do this for a second; drop this thing all the way down here because you’ve got Germany 5 trillion, France 4 trillion, Japan 5 trillion 4.5 trillion. We got the 4 to 5 trillion dollar club here with about 70 nations. But what’s funny about this is there are 170 nations plus down here that have less than 500 billion to a trillion dollars GDP. They’re not even in the game. They’re not even in the banking systems but watch this. This is a lot to drop in, and now I’m going to stop. We’re working with economists and Christians to open up trade between Israel, the United States and nations that are willing to support freedom of religion and recognition of Israel’s right to exist.


The little Davids, Runt of the Litter

We already have the biggest import-export authorities in Tel Aviv and in Israel working with us in the United States. And we’re now negotiating contracts with Guatemala because Guatemala supported the embassy move and we even have our own private airstrips and airports that we’re able to actually provide some, it”€™s amazing that God is providing so that we could provide a distribution that is coming in.

The point is: nations are born in a day. I believe sheep nations are going to come out of these down here. And where everybody looks for now and getting the big countries over here, I think God is looking for like the little Davids, the runt of the litter, the Micronesians, the Togas because out of these are going to come to the sheep nations that will follow God and walk in the blessing of God. They will experience economic freedom because they’ll be part of a trade alliance based upon freedom, based upon Kingdom values. Although we’re going to clean it up so that the left doesn’t, it isn”€™t so obnoxious, but it’s going to be on the human right of religious liberty. Specifically regarding Israel and Christians.

Now you want to talk about that world harvest moment everybody dreams about where the big stadiums are filled, and Billy Graham’s are rising up. Interesting thing. Billy Graham is lying there in the Capitol. You know the day in which Billy Graham was laying in the Capitol was during the Feast of Purim. If you’re Jewish, you”€™d know this.


Join Us In Israel!

Hey guys what are you doing January 28th through February 7th? If you said you don’t know, let me give you an idea. We are going to Israel. Rick Green, my dad, David Barton, Tim Barton, our families are going, and we would love for you to go with us. We are going to the Holy Land if you’ve ever been to Israel this is something as a Christian that will make you forever read your bible differently.

To see where Jesus walked, where He lived, where He did miracles, where so much of the Bible took place. If you’ve ever read through the Bible and you’ve given it a mental picture, the mental picture will not do justice of what happens when you’re actually on the ground. If you’ve ever thought about the story of David and Goliath and you”€™ve envisioned what it looks like, we’re going to go to the actual field where it took place.

There are so many things that you will see that literally makes the Bible come to life. In fact, that’s the name of the tour group we”€™re going with is The Bible Comes to Life. Go to You can click on the link, it has an Israel itinerary, all kinds of details. Hope to see you on this trip this coming year.


Billy Graham


He’s lying there and the Feast of Purim. Why? Because this was the feast when the people of God had to arm themselves in a unique way to defend their right to exist in a nation that was becoming hostile to them. Billy Graham literally his last act was a prophetic statement that his era is over and a new era has begun. You’re going to have to fight for your right to have freedom in this country.

So that debt is a problem. But China right now we can manage China and Donald Trump’s perfect. He can play chicken with them, and they will blink because he knows he’s got the cards. It”€™s a fact. These other nations here, these are the nations that we’ve got to see as sheep nation and they will have stadiums filled, you know why? And here is David this is what I want to say to Viktor Orban and to those leaders. I want to say that the fastest way for their economy and their people to excel is to make sure that they have a vaccination against the virus of lawlessness. The Soros funded type activity and the best way that America ever did that to become great and dominant after World War II as we had a religious revival where stadiums were filled with people who put themselves under the laws of God so that their conscience policed them. And the police state didn’t have to ever emerge, and they aligned with their nation patriotically so that they supported their government and they prayed for their rulers. It’s the ideal alignment, and they need to be open to the Gospel coming into consolidate a social contract between government and the people. That is an antivirus against the progressive’s that are going to try to destroy it. And I can make the argument in history and economically if this is what America did with Billy Graham after World War II and it helped put the glue together that’s falling apart. Now.


Life-sciences As A Mountain

All right. Well, it’s a lot to chew on. Any questions? Do you have a question? I’m sure I’ll take one or two. But it has to fit within a minute and 17 seconds.


Person 1:

I’m just curious as to on the on the mountains; life science. Yes, this is what I always find. I find that people that are interested in science and particularly medicine they want their own mountain and I will give you one. Providing you meet certain conditions I’ll let you have a mountain. But the only people, the only questions I ever get is, “€˜What about medicine?”€™ And so for my purpose, science is always in the domain of research funded by a business or a university. And so people, doctors don’t like to hear this, but they’re either doing their craft because it’s a business or because it’s a technology is coming out of research. And occasionally Government develops the technology which is how you have Teflon by the way because they found out that that was the substance for the Stealth bomber. They figured out that not only could they make expensive bombers but they could fry food with the wings. Major breakthrough on your behalf; the government finding things for you. But typically medicine doesn’t exist on its own which is why medical sucks all over the world because they don’t have enough money. It’s not a business that’s my cynical Jewish interpretation.





The Other Nations That Supported Israel

Person 2:

You mentioned Guatemala. Who are the other nations that supported Israel?



Toga, Micronesia, Honduras I think Guatemala, Taiwan. I hope so I’m going there. Taiwan and you could Google this. I encourage you to do this. I have them all listed back here in this book behind me, but it’s not worth doing now. I should memorize all these. But the thing is, we’re putting pressure on them so that we’re flipping them. We’re like flipping them almost like we’re flipping votes in Florida right now, we’re flipping them.

So what we do is we’re meeting with them and saying hey if you do this, we”€™ll do this then suddenly well we have to deal. They got pressure. We have to give leaders an economic incentive to make the move which is why we’re getting involved with economics. It’s like while we got Palestinians and Arabs that don’t like the movie now. But if we’re opening up a coffee, and you’re going to do a million to me and three million dollars more of trade. Suppose we can get some of that. Well no, maybe you give me an argument. So that’s why we’re looking in economics.

But you can find them by the way. Eight out of ten of those nations if you took the aggregate populations of them, they would fit in the city of Topeka, Kansas. They’re not the giants out there. I’ll tell you that. It”€™s like King Kong and all these other little United States and all these little countries, and they’re islands. What’s funny is the islands are lifting up their voice seven out of ten of the islands. Any other questions before I jump off the platform here and onto another event. Yes?



Last one


We Need the Will to Deal with the Debt Problem

Person 3:

So how did the debt issues figure into this? I mean we’re going to be four hundred billion dollars in interest at the federal level in fiscal “€˜19. A trillion dollars in interest within the next decade, 22 trillion in debt hundreds of trillions in unfunded obligations. How does that factor into all of this?



The one thing that drives me the craziest is the is the absolute absence of the will to deal with that because my friend if America could deal with its debt we have all the marbles. We have the strongest military in the world. We have this we have the currency. China, who wants to knock us off, can be thrown off schedule five years in terms of in terms of destiny and the gospel can go worldwide without shutting down with persecution. If the United States can get its debt house in order we can we can hold the marbles and prosper. I see the same weakness in dealing with the debt that I see in every other issue.

The short-term electoral horizon of self-interest politicians makes it too risky to do. The few that the Freedom Caucus guys that get it, aren’t supported. And at my gut level, our problem is the sustained pattern of public persuasion we should have mechanisms and money that puts enough pressure on the on these elected officials so that as they’re going in, they know that our approval is indispensable to their success and our criticism is a kiss of death. To do that we have to play the game a lot harder. We have to organize like a union organizer, but we’ve got to do. We’ve got to organize. And Donald Trump ironically he gets it because Donald Trump says evangelicals are important. How this guy does it, it’s a genius. He said I know everybody else treats you guys like just show up and then get out of here. He says actually he’s constantly got his finger on the pulse of evangelicals because he intuitively knew that there was 20 million that would come out and vote for him maybe 25. He feels like the demographic is 90 million of us out there if he can get enough of us to show up supporting him and he’s with us. He’s going to win the presidency. And he bet exactly right. And so he agrees with what your concern is, and his frustration is that they keep on sending him these bills. You know these queues, you know these increased commitments to spending that he doesn’t believe in.

But there’s no will, certainly not on the Paul Ryan days to deal with it because of electorial selfishness. So we have to put pressure on him. That’s our job. But I agree with you.  The biggest threat in my notes over here is the deficit. It’s not even, and it is not Islam. It’s not Korea. It’s that.


Muslim Terrorists Attacking American Ships Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American History. The year after the American War for Independence ended we begin addressing the issue of Muslim terrorists in North Africa, who were attacking American ships, killing, and enslaving American seamen.

Congress dispatched John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to negotiate peace. When they asked the Muslim ambassador the reason for the unprovoked attacks, he told them that it was written in their Qur’an, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them whenever they could be found.

Sixteen years of negotiations failed and in 1801 America send its military to crush the terrorists. When that war ended in 1805 the first American edition of the Qur’an was published, urging Americans to read the Qur’an to see for themselves that its teachings were incompatible with the safety and peace of non-Muslims. To see the first American Qur’an and to get more information about America’s first war on Islamic terror, go to


Keep Our Economics In Order


If we could keep our economics in order and we can keep the right people in the White House, we have a fighting chance. Understand something; most Christian most conservatives don’t have a ground game for 7 7M world, and we’re getting the snot beat out of us because the campuses are recruiting every day millennial voters. You’ll see these Gallup polls come out. 51 percent of millennials approve of socialism, and this is when they introduced legislation by the way for same-sex marriage. The moment they had data that 51 percent of millennials approve that’s all they needed. It didn’t matter if you 75 percent didn’t, they would to go through the activist judges route and make it legislated because if Democrats can’t succeed, sorry to say this, they can’t win by votes they’re going to win by activist judges. Because their goal is to make disciples of nations.


You are such a great audience such a great group of people. Listen, if you want to keep in touch me, Lance Wallnau, that’s build the wall now right there. That’s a place you can go, and I do incendiary media posts in a thing. I have my own business. to 7 M underground and I’m going to get David Barton and this and his son. I’m going to have subject matter experts on the top of all of these areas and these guys are decided on the top of the areas they want to be on but 7 university. We’re going to grab Jordan Peters, we”€™re going to get a bunch of people that are subject matter experts like almost like Prager U. But this one, but Prager’s now teaching seven mountains it’s interesting, so I’m going to stick with what I’m doing. So check out because this is actually the business like 7 bucks a month. And what’s funny is I never have to worry about donors and supporters. I never have pressure to edit my thoughts because there’s nobody underwriting my ministry. I set up my own business, so I fund my own opinions. That’s a very dangerous combination. Because everybody else is a little worried about who it is. What was he saying? But you see I don”€™t have to worry about anything. So anyway check out if you want to get midnight posts and rants with me with a video from around the world telling you what’s happening. Thank you very much.



That was the conclusion of Lance Wallnau speaking at the Pro-Family Legislative Conference. If you tuned in in the middle of today’s program, it was a three-part series. You can get the first two parts and today at our Website right now We’ll have other speakers from the Pro-Family Legislative Conference throughout the next month or two. We’ll kind of sprinkle them into our programming and give you a chance to hear from those great speakers that shared with those legislators. We hope you enjoy that. Please send in your questions to radio at

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