Defending Conservative Free Speech In A Cancel Culture – With Jannique Stewart: What speech will get you cancelled in today’s culture? Why is Hollywood silent on the issue of human trafficking? Why shouldn’t we be afraid of truth. What defines victory? Tune in to learn why Conservatives must have courage and speak up; for, truth sets a nation free

Air Date: 08/19/2020

Guest:Jannique Stewart

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith and the Culture

Welcome to the intersection of faith and the culture. It’s WallBuilders Live, where we talk about today’s hottest topics on policy and faith and the culture. We’re always doing that from a biblical, historical and constitutional perspective. My name is Rick Green, I’m the former Texas legislator and America’s constitution coach. You can find out more at

Normally, I am here with David Barton, and he is America’s premier historian and the founder of WallBuilders and I learned something new every time we do a program together. Usually, Tim Barton is with us, national speaker, pastor and president of WallBuilders. And we usually have a great time the three of us and hopefully you learn something as well as we take whatever that hot issue of the day is and look at it from that biblical, historical and constitutional perspective.

However, we’re doing a little bit unique this week and sporadically through the next few weeks. So, we had the chance to interview some fantastic folks yesterday, last couple of days. You’ve heard from Ben Shapiro and Michael Knowles, last week we heard from Voddie Baucham. I mean, just some fantastic speakers that are influencing the culture and they were speaking at Patriot Academy a couple of weeks ago. And that gave us a chance to interview them, and then share that with you here on WallBuilders Live.

And so, today we’re doing the same thing. Our special guest today is Jannique Stewart. Now, she was a big hit at Patriot Academy last summer. Meaning a year ago, we had her speak at every single Patriot Academy across the country. Just phenomenal at taking these issues of the day and giving it that biblical perspective, bringing back moral absolutes, thoroughly enjoyed her and we want to bring her to you, our WallBuilders listeners. So, we are headed to Patriot Academy right now, so that you can hear this great interview with Jannique Stewart. Here we go.

Patriot Academy:


Jannique, great to have you back. Thank you for giving us so much time last summer at all the Patriot Academies and thanks for joining us online this year for the virtual Patriot Academy through zoom.

Welcome Jannique Stewart


You as well, thank you so much. It’s so great to be here, even through Zoom, so, I really appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to communicating a message about defending free speech in a Canceled Culture.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Patriots, I think it’s really important that we are in an age where unfortunately, especially, when it comes to conservative free speech, it is often canceled. When we think about free speech in general, we are in the midst of what’s called a Canceled Culture, where if you don’t say the right thing, if you don’t say specifically, what is politically correct, you will find yourself canceled.

Now, I think, it’s kind of interesting when you look at the backdrop of our Constitution, even with the Declaration of Independence that we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created, they’re endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights and among these, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But then my favorite part is that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.

Now, let’s think about that for a second. If we have these rights, that means the government’s job is to protect those rights and not take them away. And that’s what we see happening across the board. Now, part of the reason why I think we see it happening is so much, I know a lot of you are familiar with John Jay and George Washington named him as the first Supreme Court Justice, but he said every member of the State diligently to read and to study the Constitution of this country and to teach the rising generation to be free.

Now, let’s think about that. But he says, why? By knowing their rights, they will sooner perceive when they’re violated and be the better prepared to defend and assert them. I believe that a lot of people are being silenced, conservatives are being silenced because we do not know what our rights are. And so, we don’t really fully know our rights and we’re not ready to defend and assert them, then we will allow them to be silence. Now, it’s one thing if everyone else is trying to silence us, it’s something different if we silence ourselves because we lack either the confidence or because we don’t know our rights, we cannot be silent in these times.


Now, I am going to consider three specific ideas that we cannot allow to be silenced right now, especially when you consider the state of our union, the state of our nation. Right now, if you say these three things, you are likely to be canceled. So, what’s the first one? That there are only two sexes and that marriage is between one man and one woman. If you say that statement, you will likely face being canceled.

But we cannot run away simply because other people do not like that. We know that you’ll be called a bigot, a hater, a racist, even though sex is not really an ethnicity, you will still be called a racist. Trust me, it’s happened to me before Cornell University.

If you believe that there are only two sexes, not 56, not 103, according to Tinder and some of the other platforms, there’s only two sexes, male and female and if you make that statement with affirmative belief and conviction, then your life will be canceled. But I want us to consider why is it necessary for us to speak the truth?

When you look at epidemiologic studies, even when you deal with people who actually study, even economists, they’ll tell you that marriage has always been between a man and a woman, it’s always been beneficial for society. In fact, marriage between a man and a woman, what does it do number one, it stabilizes a family unit. Every single society depends on the heterosexual family. Family is also the building block in the stability for a society.

When you consider fatherlessness, is linked to what? Fatherlessness is linked to poverty, is linked to crime, is also linked to increased likelihood that children who live in a fatherless home are more likely to commit violent crimes, can end up behind bars. But we also know that children who are raised by a biological mother and father always do better in society, even from an academic standpoint, they do better in school as well. So, we know that’s the first statement.

What is the second statement that will get you canceled? If you say that abortion is morally wrong because it kills a human being, that is also likely to get you canceled, especially on college campuses. As I mentioned earlier, I was disinvited from Cornell University from giving a prolife speech because of my views on sexuality, but they use that to actually silence my voice on the prolife movement.


Now, here’s a really easy to way, in case, you are watching and in case you are thinking well, I don’t know, I kind of think that prolife is neutral. No, my friends. When it comes to killing a human being, there is no such thing as neutrality. And so, if you are silent on the issue of abortion, then you are basically saying it’s acceptable to treat human beings as if they are trash. So, here’s a quick easy way to remember the prolife position, the syllogism that it’s wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings. Abortion intentionally kills innocent human beings, therefore abortion is wrong.

Now, I believe that a civilized and moral society does not treat human beings like they’re disposable paper plates or trash. But in this country, not only have we since 1973, the Roe v Wade decision, not only have we aborted and killed 60 million babies, but if you break it down by year, it’s approximately 800,000 to 900,000 every single year that we’ve aborted, literally killed and disposed of what God has called a blessing, we have called a burden and we’ve thrown them away.

But also, if you think about this, we live in a society that claims we want equality, claims that all lives matter. Well, that used to be people would say all lives matter, but not anymore. But let’s think about that. That is not true when it comes to the prolife issue. We are quick to throw children away if they live in poverty. We’re certainly quick to throw away babies if they might have a disability.

The Numbers

In fact, according to Iceland, they have eliminated Down Syndrome, not because they found a cure, but because they literally aborted almost 96% of their babies, but the United States is not much better. In the United States, we actually have aborted around 73%; in general, it’s around 73% of Down Syndrome babies will be aborted in this country. That doesn’t reflect a country. believes all human life is valuable. No, we treat it like it’s disposable.

Now, I want us to also think about what are some of the implications of this? Did you know that the fertility rates in our country are declining? You see a booming, a booming society, basically they’re having around the replacement rate is around 4%. Well, unfortunately, when you’re declining, you’re at 2%. But if you aren’t dying, it’s less than 2%. The United States right now black fertility has declined from 2.15 births to now 1.89. So, again, below the replacement rate. White fertility went from 2.14 now to 1.82. So, we’re not being able to replace our children in this country because we don’t see them as a blessing, we see them as a burden and we’re throwing them away.

And before you might think, well, isn’t that an opinion as to whether or not abortion kills, Faye Watlington one of the longest reigning presidents Planned Parenthood says this, I think we’d have deluded ourselves into believing that people don’t know the abortion is killing. So, many pretends that abortion is not killing is a signal of our ambivalence, a signal that we cannot say yes, it kills a fetus. So, absolutely, yes, Planned Parenthood knows that abortion is killing and they do admit that.

And the very last statement that will get you canceled in 2020 is if you say that all lives matter or if you say that Blue Lives Matter. Think about it. That was always acceptable to say that All Lives Matter because it’s true: if we’re made in the image of our Creator, God, then yes, Black Lives Matter because we’re all made in the image of God. But now, if you say All Lives Matter, you will be canceled. Even though most people agree with the idea that black lives matter if you do not join with a Black Lives Matter movement, then you will quickly be canceled.

And perfect example of this is a gentleman, he actually was a 32 year veteran TV reporter with the Sacramento Kings. He was actually fired, because he tweeted that all lives matter. You see, my friends, while we can agree that Latino Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, the reason that they matter, it’s not based on color, it’s based on our humanity, that we’re all made in the image of God and we should not be afraid or ashamed to say that.

Black Lives Matter

Even when we say Black Lives Matter, I want to be very clear, my friends, the number one killer of blacks is not police brutality. The number one killer of black, my friends is abortion. So, we should not be afraid to say that all lives matter and furthermore, we should not be afraid to say that Blue Lives Matter. I believe that this whole attack against law enforcement is going to create major havoc in our society, we’re already seeing it, look at the crime rates in Chicago and other parts of this country, all because people are caving in to a false ideology that is promulgated by Marxists.

So, with that said, I do hope that we can remember that, number one, we must, we must know our rights, we have to be ready to defend and assert them. But we cannot be afraid to speak truth, even if there is a threat of being canceled or being silenced because truth will always set our nation free. Rick, I’ll turn it over to you if you have any questions?


So, good. So, good. Actually, I’m going to let the students ask questions too. So, guys, start filling your questions into the chat room. Jannique, I mean, we’re definitely the canceled culture, we’ve talked about that throughout the week and just how to Start combating that is, can you talk for a second about just courage, just the fact that even if your virtue signaling friends at church have bought into a lot of the lies out there and you’re afraid of how it might affect those relationships. Silence, it’s not doable anymore. A silent majority can’t win this war, we’ve got to be vocal. Talk a little bit about courage and being willing to speak up, even when you feel like yeah, I might hurt somebody’s feelings or I might lose a friend.

Ask Good Questions


Sure. That’s actually a great question. I think the first thing that we do have to remember or maybe think about is asking good questions. And say, hey, you know, I noticed that you posted something on social media or I hear that you all talking about this. Can I ask you a question, what has led you to the conclusion that you have? Or what has led you to that view?

I noticed that you said Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter, do you mind if I ask you about that? Or I see that you actually said that you’re pro-choice because you think that neutral or because you think that’s kind, I think it’s really important, first and foremost, that we have the courage to ask good questions. Why?

When you ask a question, generally, that tends to disarm someone. Now, you can listen to what it is that they’re actually saying, you can actually hear their argument. Now, you can find the flaw in their argument and now you can reposition or reframe the conversation around truth and say, well, I see what you’re saying and I think, I do certainly agree with the heart behind it. But do you mind if I share this with you so you can see this from a different angle?

Because truly, if we are, let’s say that All Lives Matter issue. If we really are made in the image of God, then wouldn’t you agree that All Lives Matter equally, that’s not discounting that Black Lives Matter issue. But let’s think about the idea versus the organization. And are you familiar with actually what that organization, how they’ve actually aligned themselves with Marxism, a lot of the LGBTQIAPD, etc?

So, again, I just kind of want to have a dialogue with you, rather than speaking at someone. And I think that is courageous, because number one, I think they’ll actually respect you for taking the time to listen. A lot of times, we throw things out to people, but we don’t take the time to actually listen to what it is they actually have to say.


Yeah. It’s good. It’s good. Several people have asked about your lawsuit from, I guess, what do you about 18 months into that now? How long has it been?



Yes. Yes. So, unfortunately, I did lose in terms of the State, but I believe that I won, because I did not back down. And even some of the students, even at Cornell, they’re still writing articles, surprisingly about it. I will still get hey, can we do an interview with you? I’m like, sure. Okay. So, even though it’s a little over a year now that this happened, it was supposed to happen in April, that’s actually when I was supposed to speak and so, in March is when everything came out a year ago.

And I was surprised that they’re still talking about it on campus, because there still is a battle for free speech issues. And normally, it’s the prolife or the conservative voices that are being silenced. And so, yes, thank you all for asking about it, but I still believe I want because I believe it’s giving other people the courage to speak up for what it is they know to be true.

I’m trying to remember. I think you met Nicole Tice while we were at the Delaware Patriot Academy, right?


Yes, I did.


She talked to me yesterday about the whole definition of victory and moving the ball down the field and a victory for truth and speaking truth. And I tell candidates, in fact, I call a friend of mine last night, one of our constitution coaches that came in second out of five on a State rep race in Missouri and said the same thing, is look at how many hearts and minds you changed, how much you influenced the conversation and the issue and all of the things that I think we need to have, not that we ever want to lose, but realizing that you still fight the fight, you’re not going to be guaranteed a victory in any of these things. So, my hat is off to you and I’m so thankful for what you did.


And in fact, I don’t know that we would have the relationship that we have, because that we had you on WallBuilders Live when it happened and I’m sure that’s happened to you with other groups…


Yes, it has.


But I know God’s using it to amplify your voice. Talk to us a little bit about human trafficking and Hollywood being so silent on it. I know, that’s another topic near and dear to your heart as well. And we’ve talked about it before here and had speakers on it. But right now, it’s like, I mean, Hollywood is silent and a lot of people are saying, why, why can’t you speak out on this? What’s going on behind the scenes that Hollywood can’t even denounce Epstein and some of the other things?


Sure. Human trafficking, a lot of people may not realize that it is a multibillion dollar industry. We know that the number one weekend for human trafficking is actually Superbowl weekend. Now, a couple of years ago, the Super Bowl did kind of get behind that and they were talking about, hey, real men don’t traffic human beings. But since then there’s been an awful lot of silence and even as you just mentioned, in Hollywood, there’s a lot of silence.

But one of the reasons why I believe there is a lot of silence and I know this is kind of controversial for me to say, so forgive me. But I believe that one of the reasons why people are silent on this issue is because a lot of people are addicted to pornography. And according to the FBI’s own research, a lot of the pornography that people view is actually human trafficking caught on film.


And so, Hollywood is in the porn industry, I’m sorry, but half the movies out there, even Game of Thrones, a lot of it is pornographic, it’s soft porn. But I believe that when we’re talking about the link between human trafficking and pornography, there’s a lot of funding that goes on through that.

Another reason why Hollywood does not really kind of speak out about it, is because Abortion is also part of the human trafficking. A lot of people don’t realize that with human trafficking, a lot of these women and girls end up getting pregnant and of course, they’re forced into abortions. And so, Planned Parenthood, there’s actually footage before with live action where they knew that some of these victims were being trafficked and they were silent.

They did not report it. And again, we know the link between Planned Parenthood and Hollywood. So, I think because of the abortion industry, those ties and the ties to pornography, I believe that is why Hollywood is silent when it comes to human trafficking.


I’m going to totally put you on the spot with a question that I did not prepare you for at all. But normally, we have at Patriot Academy, breakout sessions with the guys and the gals when we get to get a lot deeper into some of these questions. But I know as young leaders right now, even in 19, 20, 22 years old, if you’ve made mistakes, which we have all made mistakes, whether it is a pornography addiction or an abortion or whatever, sometimes you think well, that means God can’t use me anymore and I’m done. And so, speak to that a little bit and how to not let Satan steal their thunder, to steal their passion to ever think that they can no longer be used by God the mighty way.

True Freedom


Sure, I actually think that it’s not that God can use people more who have done those things. But you know what? Jesus is glorified. God is glorified. When he takes a broken vessel and he’s able to repurpose it, he’s able to redeem what was stolen by the locust. And so, if anyone who has been through whether it is, whether they have a porn addiction now, please don’t be afraid to reach out to someone and say, you know what, I don’t have the right view of sexuality or I don’t have the right view of women. Think about how that even kind of played into the Me Too movement.

But if someone actually is in that situation or let’s say that you’ve had an abortion or you’ve asked someone to have an abortion for you, God is the God of grace. I want to leave you with this one verse. From 1 John 1:9, it says “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.” Doesn’t say some, it says all.

And so, I think that you actually have an opportunity to use your voice for good. If you’ve been through that, let the Lord restore you, let him redeem you, let him set you free, because it’s the truth that sets us free and then use that to be a voice for change in our society.


So, good. So, good. Jannique, man. I wish we had more time. Next year, next summer, Lord willing, we’ll all be together and get to have much more time together. Thank you so much for doing this. I appreciate so much.


You’re welcome.


Oh, by the way, for people that want to as things start opening up and traveling and all that, they want to book you in to speak, what’s the best place for them to go and find out more?


So, they can go to your or But the easiest way is through And I always give people my email as well, it’s Jannique, so Jannique, and then the first initial S for my last name, [email protected] And you can find me on Facebook as well as Jannique Stewart and I look forward to staying in touch with all of you. I’m still in touch with some of you from last year, which is great. And thank you so much again, Rick, for this opportunity.


You bet, God bless you. And thank you for your time today. That was Jannique Stewart. We’re going to take a quick break. We’ll be right back here on WallBuilders Live.

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Patriot Academy

I’m telling you, no kidding, first time I had her at Patriot Academy, we had not had her before. And I test speaker, so I gave her a small amount of time and I was slated to speak for an hour afterwards. And no kidding, I mean, she got done with whatever it was, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, and I just waved to her and said, hey, take my hour and keep going. And then we had her go ahead and come to every other Patriot Academy that summer. Just fantastic information and you will be glad you brought her in to your particular group.

We’re going to have a lot more of these over the next few weeks. We had so many great interviews and so many opportunities to visit with some real opinion leaders out there that are influencing the culture in a very, very positive way. So, just keep a lookout for that schedule as we email it out if you’re on our email list and if not, just make sure you tune in every day.

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Defending Conservative Free Speech In A Cancel Culture – With Jannique Stewart

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