Democrats Making False Claims In Their Political Party Platform: Today, we’ll be talking about how Democrats used to claim to be the party of the average man. Well, that”€™s not the case anymore. They are actually working to implement policies that hurt average Americans. Tune in now to find out what schemes the Democrats are implementing.

Air Date: 04/15/2019

Guest: Dr. Piper

On-air Personalities: David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Faith And The Culture


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Later in the program, Dr. Everett Piper will be joining us. Today we’ll be talking about how the major political parties- one of them used to claim to be the party of the average man, not so much anymore “€” in fact, actually working to implement policies that hurt average Americans.

The Democrat Party Is Going Against Their Own Slogan

David, Tim, that’s not new to us here. I mean we know that. We’ve seen it, but it’s kind of interesting to step back and see that that’s they’re going against their own slogan and they; I’m referring to the Democrat Party.


It’s interesting how the Republicans have been labeled as those who are trying to protect the elite, and the rich, and the upper class. But really when you look at the Democrats, they’re the ones who have gone that direction whether you look at the Clinton Foundation or you can go down the list.

Oftentimes, the Democrats will want to protect the group, and they want to break people up into groups, and so they are they’re working actually to make America more fragmented and more segregated.

They’re not so much for the individual anymore. If you’re not part of this group, then you’re not going to be protected. So they have done things to kind of put America in different classes and categories, and it’s not what had traditionally been argued to be the position of the Democrats.

Now they would probably still say, no we are for the little man, but the little man has been redefined to be something other than what it used to be.

What Are Democrats For?


I would say even just thinking about where they are right now. If I look at them and I take the last two years over the controversies that we’ve seen and the public and the sides that they’ve come down on highly publicized controversies, I would say what are Democrats for?

I would say number one they’re for unlimited abortions all the way through. No holds barred, no limits on anything. We can kill a kid up to it”€™s born even after us born.

They Are For Unlimited Abortions


Let me point out, as we’re saying this I totally agree. But as we’re saying this, there are certainly going to be exceptions. There are Democrats who don’t support that however, this is where the party is, right?

Even though we can say no, we personally know some Democrats who wouldn’t support those positions. However, that is the position of the party the Democratic Party has gone there with this issue with abortion.

You have to look no further than just the vote that happened in Congress not that long ago that when we would call it infanticide. They were saying no if a baby is born alive after a botched abortion that is the right of the doctor, of the mom to have that fetus to have them alive or the living fetus terminated.

Now a living fetus we would call that a human person. They’re living. It is born; it is outside the womb. It has been born, but even to this extent, they can’t say that there’s an unborn baby. No, it’s a fetus, and then it’s when it’s born it’s a baby. Now it’s born it’s a living fetus. They’re still not saying it’s a baby because no we don’t believe in murdering babies except that’s what they voted for.

There Might Be Democrats That Oppose It, But This Is In Reference To The Party

So there might be Democrats that oppose it, but this is in reference to the party. The position of the party is pretty clear on this issue. So to clarify that is you’re saying these things. I totally agree.

There might be people who go wait a second, no I know a Democrat who doesn’t support that. There might be individuals who don’t support what the party does. But this is where the party is.


What we have seen over the last month and a half, there have been two dozen attempts to bring to vote in a house a bill that would say we are not going to kill children after they are born, and Democrats have killed that measure all two dozen times. So they clearly are not wanting to move that direction.

They Are For Unlimited LGBTQ Rights

They are for unlimited LGBTQ rights. If that means stopping on on Christians, they came out with the Equality Act which says there will be no conscience exemptions for Christians at all.

You can’t have any conscience exemptions. You will do exactly what it takes to accommodate LGBTQ. And by the way, going back to abortion the bills that passed in New York the bills that have gone through in other states says abortion all the way through the time of birth they eliminate all conscience protections for medical providers. So if you’re a nurse and say I object to performing an abortion, you will perform it in New York. You have no conscience objections, so they remove conscience.

They Are For Unlimited Spending

They are for unlimited spending. By the way, notice that for the last 15 years Democrats have not yet introduced any budget at all. Now, in the House, they’re saying that they’re not going to produce a budget. Because if they do they would have to show where they want to spend their money. If they show where they want to spend their money, it creates a real problem publicity-wise.

So they’re going to wait until Trump does a budget. Then they’re going to tear it apart and complain about it, and you’re not spending enough here. But they have not come out with a budget.

They Are Strong Supporters Of The Muslim Faith

So these are all things that they’re against when it comes to religion. I can’t say they’re against religion because they’re really strong supporters of the Muslim faith. And so that’s the one that they will stand up for. They’ll go after Christians or Jews if they have criticisms of Muslims. They’ll say well you’re being you have Islamophobia. And so you know that’s what I know.

They Are Against Israel and God

And what I know they’re against is I know that they’re against Israel because they couldn’t even have a condemnation that on the House just a few weeks ago. They had to throw and were against any hate anywhere. We can’t just say Israel; we will say everything. We know they’re against God because they had a huge debate over keeping the word God in their platform.

They finally allowed it not as a noun but as an adjective. We support God-given rights, but they want to find that, but they wouldn’t have the word God stand alone in there.

They Are Against Traditional Marriage and Others Issues

We know that they’re there against traditional marriage because of every effort to try to secure that they fight. We know they’re against the military because they keep trying to defund it time after time in so many ways. We know they’re against America’s uniqueness. They want us to be like everybody else in the world and want to make all these bilateral foreign treaties with the United Nations to lose our sov-

It’s crazy what they’re for. So when you think of Democrats in the sense of what they used to be, and if I think of what they are just over the news stories of the past 12 to 15 months man this is not the Democrats of your father, grandfather or great grandparents. This is a whole different Democrat Party.


Well, that has changed has changed dramatically Dr. Everett Piper has watched this happen, commented on a great article about it. You could certainly see it in the reactions at the State of the Union. The things that they were not even willing to acknowledge or respond to that most Americans absolutely are for. Just some common sense things.

Dr. Piper has some great commentary on it and a great article. That we’ll link to that article today as well at, he’ll be with us when we return from the break. Dr. Everett Piper here on WallBuilders Live.

Moment From American History

This is Tim Barton with another moment from American history. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees every individual the right to keep and bear arms, has been targeted for years now by those who are determined to dismantle the individual right to self-protection.

Opponents argue that “€œOnly the militia, the military, and law enforcement are to have and use firearms.”€ But those who wrote the Second Amendment strenuously disagreed, including Founding Father Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the declaration, a president of the Continental Congress, and one of those who actually framed the Second Amendment.

He declared, “€œTo preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.”€

For more information about Richard Henry Lee and the history of the Second Amendment go to

Special Guest – Dr. Everett Piper


Welcome back to the intersection of faith and the culture. Thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Great to have back our good friend Dr. Everett Piper. Always good to have you brother. Thanks for your time today.


Rick, thanks for having me on. Always honored.

The Dems Are No Longer The Champion Of The Average Man


You churn out such good information. Love reading your articles, and you actually had a great one after the State of the Union last month. We just hadn’t had a chance to get you on. You made the point the Dems are no longer the champion of the average man.

That was their theme that was actually their history, and that has changed dramatically

It”€™s A Party of “€˜No”€™


Yeah. When you watch the Democratic Party implode right now, it’s become a party of no. No gas, no cars, no planes, no fuel oil to heat your houses. No energy to fuel your military. It’s the party of no God, no guns. It’s the party of no. They consistently tell everybody no.

It used to be the party of the average man the party that used to reach out to the working class. It used to reach out and try to serve the needs of the blue-collar, average American. And it no longer is that it’s a party that actually disparages the values and the virtues of what it means to be working class in the United States.

It’s a party that elevates socialism. Disparages personal responsibility, disparages private enterprise, and disparages private property.

It’s A Party That Consistently Wants To Say “€˜No”€™ To The Constitution And “€˜No”€™ To A Free Republic

It’s a party that consistently wants to say no to the Constitution and no to a free republic. It wants to say yes to everything that represents the exact opposite of what every average American family holds dear; and that’s personal responsibility, personal culpability, personal property, personal morality and just to be left alone.

This is the party that intrudes. It is not the party that stays out of your personal business.


Well, it’s true. And sometimes we don’t realize that when they’re not in power. They can be proposing things as long as it is not hitting us in our own backyard and our homes, and our schools. We don’t realize how far out there they’ve gone against the average man. Now they’ve got the house back, and we see some of it hopefully not actually going to be passed into law, but we’ve certainly seen what it looks like.

Does the average Joe, wake up to this yet?

We Know That Something Unusual Happened When Donald Trump Was Elected


You have to wonder – we know that something unusual happened when Donald Trump was elected. None of us expected it. I don’t know if you did. I didn’t. I was just shocked.

I was stunned that Donald Trump actually won the election.

Now, we go back, and we start to debrief and do a post-op on that whole process. What happened?

It seems clear that the average man is getting disgusted with the party that was supposed to be supporting him as opposed to being his champion and realizes that no longer does that party do so.

They’ve allowed our factories to collapse, our jobs to go overseas. They’ve allowed our moral foundation to be corrupted. We have been disparaged.

We Are No Longer Given The Latitude Of Raising Our Own Families

We’ve been maligned the guy that wants to raise his family, sit on the front porch, go to church on the weekend, and raise his kids to understand that there’s good and there’s bad. There are lies, and there’s the truth and teaches kids to live accordingly.

We are no longer respected. We are no longer even given the latitude of raising our own families. They’re taking that rate right away from the average man.

Jefferson – The Wall Protecting The Church From The State

You guys are fond of talking about Jefferson and how his legacy has been maligned, and just and turned upside down. When Jefferson wrote about the wall separating the church, and state as you all have said over and over again. It was a letter to the nervous Baptists in Danbury, Connecticut.

That wall that Jefferson referred to was a wall protecting the church from the state.

It wasn’t a wall protecting the state from the church. If the wall had a door in it, the door was locked from the inside. The church had the ability to unlock the door, open it enter into culture do its good work, and then go back in behind the wall, shut the door, and keep the government out of its business.

The Democrats have breached that wall. Knock that door down, and they’re intruding into the lives – the private lives, the personal lives, the religious lives, and disparaging all of that the average American citizen holds dear.


Yeah. Oh man, it’s so true. I think you’re right. I think they saw enough of that in the Obama years to react with a Donald Trump election. Now, you know you’ve got two years, two and a half years later,  into this socialist push from the left which I guess has the average man rhetoric to it.

I guess the real question is: when Ben O’Rourke and AOC and all these others used this kind of this rhetoric that makes it sound like they’re for the average man are we going to, in fact, I saw Thomas Sowell talking about this the other day, will we look at facts? Will we be an imperialist enough to not just listen to the rhetoric but look at the facts, and realize wait a minute this hurts the average man.

Will This Next Generation Be Imperialist Enough To Look At Facts?

You”€™re right there in the thick of the education of the next generation. Do you think they’re willing to look at facts?


Well, we’ve become a culture that disparages facts and finds that feelings always trumps facts today. That’s a problem with Millennials and Gen Z-ers.

Frankly, the problem is with their parents too. So we can’t just blame millennials. We have to look at the parenting that led to these kids behaving this way.


This is true.


This college fraud admissions case in the University of Southern California, and these Hallmark movie stars. That we’re buying to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, their kids a free ride into these institutions that they consider to be prestigious. This is the poster child of what’s wrong with our culture today and why the average man is no longer the individual. It’s the collective; it’s the group.

It”€™s The Social Collective – The Collective Is All That Matters Now

So when the Democrats talk about helping the average man or helping the little guy or working against the man or the 1 percent versus the 99 percent. When they talk that way, they’re not talking about individual rights. They’re not talking about the dignity of the human being. They’re talking about the social collective. They’re talking about government. So they’re elevating government to be as God so that the average man, the individual and in his own heart and his own conscience can no longer worship any God other than the one they see in the mirror, and the one they see on the flat screen. In other words, it’s humanism to the extreme.

It diminishes the human being ironically enough because it diminishes the individual the is lost in favor of the collective. The collective is all that matters.

The Scandal With The Universities


Now I’m so glad you brought up that the whole scandal thing with universities I mean. As a university president, how do you respond to that?

What do you say to parents that are going wait a minute, does this mean the system’s rigged? What should I do? How do I respond as an average parent to get my kid into college if they’re buying off these schools? Is that rampant?

What do you think? How far does this go?


Well, I always think that when you when, you see the tip of the iceberg that there’s a monstrous mountain underneath the surface of the sea.

So, is there more there? Absolutely.

Do we think we just happened to stumble across the one or two cases that were actually in play? No, this is rampant everywhere.

My culture – education is a corrupt morally, and intellectually bankrupt enterprise. It is. The problems that we’re suffering as a nation right now go back to the classroom. Abraham Lincoln said the philosophy of the school room in one generation will become the philosophy of the government and the next. And that’s what’s prevailing.

We’ve been teaching the self-absorption and narcissism. Parents have been helicopter parents, and buying their kids way fraudulently into these silver-spoon situations in colleges and then in corporations.

Find A School That Believes In What Is Good, Beautiful And True

Then we’re surprised? We’re surprised to see a self-absorbed, and narcissistic culture that can’t think its way out of a paper bag critically, and can’t behave morally. We’ve trained these students to behave this way.

Again, I’ve said it on your show more than once I’m sure. What’s the solution?

Listen to me right now listeners: the solution is to stop sending your kids off to these institutions that teach this pablum. And it’s every institution except for a handful. There’s only a handful of schools left to believe in what is good, and beautiful, and true as the foundation of what education should be.

All the rest of them are playing this nonsense. This game of socialism of largesse, government largesse, the collective rather than the individual disparaging the Constitution rather than teaching it. The list goes on and on.

Forget the sexual nihilism that they teach which is rampant. Just everything else is abhorrent in and of itself. Find a school that teaches a biblical worldview and godly ideas. Give your right hand for your kid to go there. Don’t mortgage the farm to send them off to some institution that’s going to tear down everything you believe.

We”€™ve Got To Break This Paradigm That We Need To Send Our Kids To The Big State Universities


I hope that message gets through Dr. Piper.

I mean we’ve got to break this paradigm that the only way your kids are going to be successful is if they go to the big state university or go to the Alma mater where the parent went. That that’s what”€™s going to make them successful in life. That’s what most Americans believe.

So they, like you, give their right hand. They”€™ve mortgaged the farm to get them into that school thinking that’s the ticket to success. That’s the lie that we’ve bought. You are 100% right.

If you’re going to mortgage the farm, get them into this small one of these you know the small handful of truly Christian universities out there that are left. That still teaches the truth.

I got to give you a quote real quick. I know, I”€™ve been bouncing around on our interview Dr. Piper, but this one goes back to what you were saying about the average man.

I want your response to what Ronald Reagan said many years ago.

He said, “€œPerhaps the greatest triumph of modern conservatism has been to stop allowing the left to put the average American on the moral defensive. By average American, I mean the good, decent, rambunctious, and creative people who raise their families, go to church and help out with a local library. With great work ahead of us, once I said it’s wonderful to be alive, I meant that. I meant we’re lucky not to live in pale and timid times.

Of course this part our listeners know well, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to stand for something, we have good reason to be hopeful, and optimistic. We’ve made much progress. Let us go forth with good, and cheerful hearts happy. Warriors not to seize back a country in a world of freedom.”€

I did not realize until just a week ago I had forgotten the first part of that quote how he was saying, one of the things that he was celebrating. I’m not sure if we can say the same thing today. I’m asking you for commentary on how we can keep the left from putting us on the moral defensive, and as average Americans stand up to this stuff?

Evil Is Powerless If The Good Are Unafraid


Reagan also said evil is powerless if the good are unafraid. Very simple evil is powerless. If the good are unafraid. The good, the true, and the beautiful those that understand the biblical worldview and the beauty of truth with a capital T. The truth shall set us free.

If you’ve got courage and boldness, and confidence to run into the storm rather than away from it, waving the banner of the truth of Christ in the truth of Scripture. If he went waving that banner great, that’s God’s grace. If you lose who cares, go down fighting. Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.


Amen. Dr. Everett Piper. Brother, appreciate it. Thanks for the good word. Thanks for your time today. Keep churning out those articles. We”€™ll keep sharing them with our audience.


Thank you. Appreciate it, Rick.


That’s Dr. Everett Piper. Stay with us folks. We”€™ll right back with David and Tim Barton.

Moments From America’s History

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. Today, numerous court decisions demonstrate that there’s often a conflict between the courts, the law, and religion. Has this conflict always existed?

Not according to James Wilson.  James Wilson was a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He was a law professor as well as an original justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. James Wilson saw no conflict between religion and the law. In fact, just the contrary.

He declared, “€œHuman law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority of that law which is divine. Far from being rivals or enemies religion and law are twin sisters, friends, and mutual assistance.  Indeed, these two sciences run into each other.”

In the views of Founding Father James Wilson religion and good civil law were inseparable. For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1-800-8-REBUILD.

The Question is – Will People Look At The Facts And Not Fall For The Fluffy Lies?


We”€™re back here on WallBuilders Live.

Thanks to Dr. Everett Piper for joining us for today’s program. Back with David and Tim Barton now.

Guys, he obviously makes it clear that they’re not what they used to be; that the common sense of what we would expect a major party proposing to represent half the country would still be for those things.

It does require us to look at the facts, and actually look at the data, and not fall for the fluffy lies and just the feel-good speeches out there.

The question is – will people do that or will they follow along with the better O’Rourke’s and the AOC”€™s out there that say things that sound good but are going to hurt the average Joe?

Dr. Everett Piper Had Many Good Points – The One Directional Door


Well, you know he has so many good points as he often does. I was writing down with him, and I have a lot.

He points out that this is the party that intrudes, not the party that stays out of your personal business. Which again is proven by the fact that they will not even give conscience exceptions of those people who disagree with them. You will do what we want.

He talked about the one-directional door in the wall. I thought that’s a great analogy for separation of church and state. There’s a wall, and there’s a door on the wall. The only one that can open that is the church that handled the knobs on the church side.

But now the state is on that beating down the church side.

As a matter of fact, we just saw the Democratic Attorney General of Michigan has voided a law that said that Christian agencies do not have to place foster children or adoptions in homosexual families. If they object to that, they can put it in families that they think are helpful for that child. But now the Attorney General, the Democrat Attorney General of Michigan has struck that down said nope if Christian agencies won’t place it where we tell them to put the children, then they can’t exist they can’t do business in our state.

Again, they’ve beaten down the wall on the wrong side.

When You See The Tip Of The Iceberg, There”€™s a monstrous-sized Mountain Under Sea

Then he said you know when you see the tip of the iceberg, there’s a monstrous-sized mountain under the sea that you haven’t seen yet. And so just what we’re seeing them do in the last 12 to 15 months; think about what that implies for what we’re not seeing.

If this is what they’re willing to come public with, so what is it they’re not willing to come public with? Man, that’s scary to think of that.

And then I love the fact he got on the soapbox and got passionate but as you said, the problems we”€™re suffering right now as a nation, they go back to the classroom. As you said, don’t mortgage the farm to send the kids off to an institution the tariffs down everything you believe. I mean this is a significant time in our history. We have some decisions to make.


We were Dad, just talking to somebody recently. He was talking about the Christian home, a conservative home. Sent their kid off came back, and said, you know my child still believes a lot of the values but is questioning a lot of those things now. Things that some of the positions I hold are very mean, and now I’m not a nice person because I think socialism is dumb and dad how dare –  

No – It actually is dumb. A lot of times parents don’t recognize the damage that is happening. We’ve talked to many parents over the last year or two that are just devastated that their child has come home very contrary thinking to everything that was instilled in them, and Dr. Piper is right.

We Have To Wake Up To This Reality

We have to wake up to this reality that there’s very few in academic institutions that are promoting the same kind of values that most of us care about, and their future is not worth the degree they’re going to get for most of these programs. This is where we got to start thinking about what are we going to do with the future, and in this situation, the Democratic Party is certainly not the ones promoting those kinds of values, but neither are most academic institutions anymore.

Visit Our Websites Today


Very, very few that do promote those values. As I, Dr. Piper and as we’ve talked about many times guys there are very few campuses we can even feel comfortable recommending anymore because of exactly what Dr. Piper was was talking about, that is what it comes back to. Folks we want to encourage you to visit our websites today.

There are two websites, A lot of great tools there for you. So regardless of what institution you use for education, whether you homeschool, whether you do public schools, or you do private school.

Regardless what campus your kids may end up going to, there are some tools on our website that will help to educate and equip your family to be able to seek the truth, to be able to look back at the founding era, to look at what’s important.  Whether it’s our Constitution programs or history programs, check those out at

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We sure appreciate you listening today. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live.