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Air Date: 02/27/2017

Guests: Todd Starnes, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton


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Welcome to the intersection of faith in the culture, WallBuilders Live! We’re glad you’re with us today! Joining us as we discuss these hot topics on policy, faith, and the culture from a Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective.

I am going to say that again, now, think about that, a Biblical, historical, and constitutional perspective. Those three things drives our conversation. We want to know what the Bible says about a subject, what can we learn from history, and what does our Constitution, the original intent of our Constitution say? The proper jurisdictions of government are in dealing with that issue.

We’re here with David Barton, he’s America’s premier historian and the founder and president of WallBuilders. Also Tim Barton, national speaker, and Pastor. And I’m Rick Green, former Texas state representative.

You can find out more at our website and also, wealth of information there, go check it out.

David and Tim with me now, our topic today we’re going to really be talking about what do you do now that we have an opportunity, really as constitutional conservatives, to get some positive change in America and restore some of those major principles.

Had Hillary Been Elected


Well, I think the first key word you used is “€œopportunity”€ because had this gone the other way it would not be opportunity. So what’s happened in this election,  if you look back to what it could have been, already with Gore, such as the Supreme Court nominee, consider what it would have been on the other side.

You would”€™ve had a rabid pro-abortion person that would give no hope at all of us being able to shift the Supreme Court to end abortion, to ever restore natural marriage, or to protect the rights of conscience.

Hillary was very clear before that on bakers and on others who had a right of conscience whether it was florists or photographers that they all needed to be “€œretrained.”€ They’re going to have to get over their religious beliefs.

So, we would have been looking at a scenario there that would have been pretty untenable for opportunity, no opportunity to really make a change there. And then you look even the early executive orders that have been given by President Trump, going back to pro-life, restoring the Mexico City policy that President Reagan came up with that says “€œWe’re not going to use federal funds to pay for abortions overseas.”€

What he did in so many areas to set the stage for returning back to some traditional moral values, that would not have been possible had Hillary been elected.

Pretty Significant For Trump


Let me point out, I think it’s ironic that we’re talking about Trump setting the stage for a return to moral values. That’s not something that when we were looking at the Republican primary the reason that that we were on on board with this guy was because of moral values. And now he’s the guy we’re saying, “€œHad it not been for Trump we wouldn’t have these moral values.”€ How crazy is it that we’re here?

And yet, what an incredible testimony that God is doing something, God did something, that God took the unlikely, and now these moral values are being preserved, are being restored, and it’s fostering an environment that we can promote these Biblical values.


well, even others of his executive orders has already released that one dealing with religious conscience, and restoring the religious rights of religious conscience, and of religious organizations, faith based organizations.

There are so many things that I remember going in the election that the “€œnever Trump”€ people where, “€œHe’s lied. He won’t do that, he’s really not pro-life and he’s going to put moderates and liberals on the Supreme Court.”€ And all the dire predictions from those who looked at this race from the outside and said, “€œNever trump.”€

Fortunately, those predictions have not come to pass. Now, Trump hasn”€™t

appointed everybody that I would appoint. But at the same time he’s appointed more good guys than I’ve seen in the administration in my lifetime and that’s a pretty significant thing to be able to say for Trump.


Have you guys lost count how many times you had to pinch yourself? You go, “€œI’m so glad I was so wrong on that.”€

An Opportunity We Haven’t Had In A Long Time


On so many areas-Even with his delivery of so many things, even with his phrases, “€œI promised I was going to do this, and I’m keeping my promise.”€ It’s like, “€œWow, that’s the rhetoric.”€ When’s the last time you’ve heard that out of D.C.?

And so many other things that he did in that same vein. I’ll go to the fact that he fired, openly fired, a cabinet level official within 24 hours of insubordination. Are you kidding? In D.C.? Eternal life in D.C. is is a government official, that’s a government program, as Reagan said. And we fired one and then he turned around and fired another sub-Cabinet? Is this accountability in D.C.? Are you kidding me?

There was so many things that were not expected. And then the fact that after his election the people who started putting in his cabinet were his opponents? And those who ran against him and those who were his big critics. He reached out to people and brought them into the administration that had been pretty vocal enemies. Just his ability to bridge some things that no one thought could be bridged.

You consider that with where we could have been on the other side. Rick, your word “€œopportunity”€ is exactly right. We have an opportunity that we haven’t had in a long time


We”€™re going to take a quick break, when we come back let’s talk about how to respond to that. What do we do as constitutional conservatives at this point? Do we sit back and say, “€œWell, glad Trump”€™s there and not Hillary. I can go home and forget paying attention to it.”€ Or is now the time to pay even more attention? Stay with us folks, you’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History

This is TimBarton from WallBuilders with another moment from American history. In the early seventeen hundreds the Reverend John Wise preached that all men were created equal, that taxation without representation was tyranny, and that God’s preferred form of government was the consent of the governed.

All of which is language recognizable in the Declaration of Independence. Why? Because in 1772 the Sons of Liberty led by founders Sam Adams and John Hancock reprinted and distributed the Reverend Wise’s sermons.

Four years later much of the declaration reflected the language of those sermons by John Wise.  In 1926 on the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence President Calvin Coolidge affirmed, “€œThe thoughts in the declaration can very largely be traced back to what John Wise was saying.”€

Few today know that the declaration was so strongly influenced by the Rev. John Wise. For more information on this and other stories go to

We Still Have Serious Problems


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! David, Tim, we were talking about the opportunity that’s there but how do you respond to that? We tend to just go home after a victory and think, “€œWell, ok, it’s done. We fought. Now we don’t have Hillary. I don’t worry about this stuff for a while.”€


Well, let me be a little melodramatic here in my rhetoric. What we received with the Trump election was a stand execution. We were headed in a very very bad direction in so many areas. And we still are economically, we’re headed in a bad direction. How do you turn around from a 20 trillion dollar debt?

We’re headed in a bad direction military because we have so weaken the military, former president spent more on welfare than he did on military. We so weaken our defense  our military guys tell us, “€œFor the first time in the last century we are unable to fight a war on two fronts if we were needed to do so. We have the smallest Navy we’ve had since back to Teddy Roosevelt. Smallest Air Force since it was begun in 1947.”€

These are things that just because we have a new president they”€™re not suddenly fixed. In the same way, the nation is not fixed because we have a reprieve. We still have serious problems.

Now Is The Time To Be On The Offense

You’re talking about two out of three Christians do not believe that there is any absolute moral truth, Trump’s not going to fix that. But what he’s given us is an opportunity to have a Supreme Court justice that will at least preserve the status quo.

Now,  if we’d lost the Supreme Court justice, had gone to a bad kind of justice or Hillary justice, we would have lost a conservative to a liberal and we would now be entrenched for the next 30 years in bad policies.

So what we have is a reprieve. In the meantime we have to get Christians thinking right and acting right. We have to get them involved in school boards, just because we have a president who’s not pushing transgender policy does doesn’t mean the schools are going to stop pushing transgender policy.

Just because we have a president who understands the free market does not mean that colleges are going to start suddenly teaching the free market. Right now they’re having protests.

So what we’ve got is our work cut out for us. But what we have is a reprieve of execution under which we could operate to to build some understanding, build some belief. And we have to be aggressive on this.

We’re told in Proverbs 22:21 “€œA wise man attacks the city of the wicked. Pulls out a stronghold in which they trust.”€ We attacked the mighty strongholds. And now is the time for us to be on the offense. We don’t get to sit back and say, “€œWe get to relax for a couple of years.”€ Not so.

Is The Right Kicking Up Their Heels

Now’s the time more than ever that we really have to get after being aggressive and changing the way people think getting Biblical foundations under the way people are.

Getting pastors back to having some backbone and courage in addressing issues that are coming up and will be coming up. These issues are not going away, we just have a potentially different outcome for a little bit of time. But if we don’t change the way that people think we won’t have a lasting outcome.


Out guest that is going to be coming up after the break, Todd Starnes, has a new book out. It’s a great title too, The Deplorables”€™ Guide to Making America Great Again. He talks about the fact that after Reagan we had conservatives kind of go into hibernation.

They said, “€œWell, we got our great victory and we got some good stuff out of that.”€ But everybody kind of checked out for a little while. And as a result before you knew it we had a President Obama reversing so much of what Reagan had done. Now, we can’t make that mistake again.


No, Rick, you’re right we can’t. Reminds me a little bit of what Solomon wrote in Proverbs where he’s talking about the slugger and he says, “€œA little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and so shall your poverty come on you like a thief like a bandit. You’re not going to escape this.”€

And not that this is poverty necessarily, but the same concept is, one of the things that as Christians were pretty notorious for is when we get the victory we celebrate, we cheerl, and we go, “€œMan, let’s kick up our heels.  Let’s turn on the Cowboys.”€ Well, that might not be a blessing at times, but sometimes, this season was exciting. We turn on the Cowboys but we just want to relax we want to rest.

Bring Back The Values That Made America Great

And when you start getting momentum that’s not the time to rest, it’s time to keep pushing forward because once you have momentum it’s easier to get things done. It’s harder to start over once you lose momentum.

But so often we make progress and we want to celebrate, or sometimes the opposite is true, we try and it didn’t work so, “€œAlright we’re taking our ball and going home.”€ And this is the time we have to push to see things accomplished because we are making progress. So now we need a push to get as much as we can get because this is the time to do it.


It”€™s kind of that idea of look,  for so long we’ve watched the other side push and make great gains and we said, “€œMan, if we were in charge we’d do this, we’d do that.”€ But I’ve watched our side when they get in charge and they tend to just say, “€œOk, now we just stop the damage.”€

Instead of going, “€œNo, we got a lot of damage to reverse.”€ That Overton Window thing where our perspective has changed dramatically over the last few years. Man, this is a great opportunity to really push back and start restoring the culture.

That’s part of what Todd talked about in his book is, “€œWhat are the things we can do to really bring back traditional values? Not just have a Republican in the White House or not just stop the left, but how do you really bring back the values that made the nation great? Again, the book is called  The Deplorables”€™ Guide to Making America Great Again.  It’s Todd Starnes, you’ve heard him, you”€™ve seen him, he’s going to be with us when we come back from the break. You’re listening to WallBuilders Live!

Moment From American History:

This is David Barton with another moment from America’s history. How should we respond if confronted with frustration or conflict? The proper response was given over 200 years ago in a lengthy speech by Benjamin Franklin.

He told the delegates at the Constitutional Convention, “€œIn this situation, of this assembly, groping as it were in the dark to find political truth, how has it happened sir, that we have not hitherto once thought of humbly applied to the father of lights to illuminate our understanding?

“€œHave we now forgotten that powerful friend? Or do we imagine we no longer need his assistance? God governs in the affairs of men. I had therefore moved that henceforth, prayers imploring the assistance of heaven and its blessings on our deliberations to be held in this assembly every morning before we proceed to business.”€

Benjamin Franklin knew that prayer was the proper response.

For more information on God’s hand in American history contact WallBuilders at 1 800 8 REBUILD.

Deplorables”€™ Guide to Making America Great Again


Welcome back, thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live! Our friend Todd Starnes back with us. You’ve heard him on radio, you see him on Fox News, always bringing great stories to us here on WallBuilders Live. Todd, appreciate you man. Thanks for coming on!


Thank you so much for having me and I look forward to chatting with you.


Well, new book just came out  The Deplorables”€™ Guide to Making America Great Again, brilliant title. I just gotta know, when did you come up with that? Right after the election? That was brilliant.


Well, you know, we had already contracted with our publisher to put out a book after the election. It all depended on who won, and that  determined what we were going to call the book. Had Hillary pulled off a win we were going to call the book, “€œWe’re doomed America, your guide to the apocalypse”€


Well, I’m glad this is the title then. Glad this is the direction that we’re going. folks can find out more there or on the You’ve got great endorsements on this!

Franklin Graham says, “€œYou’ve got a pulse on today’s culture and you shine a discerning light on political correctness that has indoctrinated the minds of people from every walk of life.”€

You got an endorsement from our good friend Governor Mike Huckabee, and so many others. Tell us what your purpose in the book is as we enter kind of this this pivot year, hopefully, for America.

Being A Happy Warrior


Rick, I try to pride myself in being a happy warrior. When you look at what’s happening on the left there is chaos in the streets, there are marches and protests, people are being bullied and beaten, buildings are being burned, and I just don’t believe that that conservatives should be engaging in protests the way the left has.

So I think there’s a way that we can take a stand, we have a voice, but at the same time be ambassadors for Christ which is what we’re called to do. That’s really what the book is all about, giving people guidelines after every chapter of ways they can make the country great again in their own communities.


Yeah, and Todd, you hit the nail on the head. Being happy warriors, even when things aren’t going our way. Not being angry all the time but actually knowing who’s in charge and our joy comes from who’s we are, not not who’s in the White House or where we are.

You’re so good at that, even when you’re reporting on on a lot of the negative that is happening out there that we have to bring to people.

How do you keep that happy warrior attitude even when things are going so well. We”€™re having a pretty good run right now with a lot of the stuff that Trump is doing. A lot of our friends that are in that administration. But you seem to keep that good attitude regardless?


Well, I try to. And that comes from having a good support system of men who pray for me and encouraged me. And also starting out the day there at my office at Fox News Channel with a reflection of Bible study.

Make Being Good Fashionable Again

Look, it’s hard to do. You have to be deliberate in trying to be a happy warrior. I have to tell you though, when I heard Hillary Clinton call Donald Trump supporters that “€œbasket of deplorables”€™.”€ I believed that that was the moment that she lost the election.

It wasn’t necessarily the word “€œdeplorable.”€ It was the other words she used, “€œirredeemable.”€ What Hillary Clinton was telling a good chunk of the country is that, “€œYour values, if you believe in traditional marriage, if you believe in the sovereignty of our nation, your belief system is so egregious that you are beyond redemption.”€ I think that was the moment that a lot of people said, “€œAh ha.”€ and ended up voting for Donald Trump.


Yeah, I think that’s a great point, you point out in the book and it’s a big part of the topic of the book, that if we’re going to bring back traditional values, if we’re going to basically do what what will William Wilberforce said, “€œmake being good fashionable again”€, it’s up to us. We can’t just rely on the leaders even when we have the people that we might have voted for in office we have to still do this stuff in our home and in our communities.

There”€™s Always Going To Be A Lesser Of Two Evils


That’s a great point you raise. And if it’s ok, I want to just take a brief tangent on that for just a moment.




One of the challenges we had this particular election cycle was that one of the more vocal groups opposing Donald Trump came from evangelical Christians. Many of whom called themselves, “€œNever Trumpers.”€

I never could understand their rationale. Look, Donald Trump was not my first choice in the Republican primary, and he wasn”€™t my second, third, or fourth choice.




But he was the guy who got the nomination.


That’s right.


I just don’t understand why anybody would be able to claim the moral high ground by putting Hillary Clinton in the White House. When we knew what kind of a person she was and what kind of a person she would put on the Supreme Court. I just could not understand that.


Yeah, I completely agree with you. Sometimes we’re too heavenly minded to be any earthly good and we think we’re being righteous by being implacable and not even recognizing that, hey, in a political world you do always have to settle for less than what you think is perfect because unless Jesus Christ is on the ballot we’re always going to choose the lesser of two evils.

We’re all flawed and so we’ve got to try and be rational about this and say, “€œwhich candidate is least bad”€ in every situation. Even if it’s our first choice from the Republican primary, they’re still fallible people. So, I couldn’t agree with you more.

I think we missed a lot of that just being rational, and that whole process. You know, David and I we”€™re right there with you, I mean, he wasn”€™t our first second, third, or fourth.

Trump Is Keeping His Promises So Far

But once it happened it was like, “€œOk, look this a binary choice. We’ve got to be smart about this, and especially that Supreme Court justice choice. Can you imagine what we would be thinking and feeling right now if if if Hillary had won?

We know her appointment would be far left and it would mean a complete change on the court. Whereas in this case we’re getting somebody hopefully, we’re just going to be stuck with you know the status quo. We’re not yet gaining as conservatives. This is just to keep the status quo. If it had been the other way around we would completely be losing ground and it would be flipped.


Beyond that we would not lose the leg we wouldn’t lose the Supreme Court for an election cycle we would lose it for a generation if not more. So that’s why Franklin Graham told me in the book that we’re at this moral tipping point. We’re going to go one way or the other.

I’m hoping President Trump will live up to his campaign promises, so far so good, I am cautiously optimistic, but as I write in the book, “€œWe cannot put our hope and trust in a politician. We have to put our faith and trust in the Almighty.”€


Amen. And that’s where I want to leave you Todd, what about the individual? Not just where we put our trust but in terms of our time, energy, money, and actions as individuals. How do we stay stay motivated and not think, “€œWell, we won the election let’s go home and forget about it.”€

How do we encourage people to say stay in the fight? There’s things you can do on the local level, state level, federal level, now, not wait four more years to hopefully just vote for presidents it”€™s a lot more than that.

What We Can Do


I use a quote from Ronald Reagan in the book. He said that freedom is just one generation away from extinction. So we have to understand that this is not just about putting a Republican into the White House and sitting back and taking a nap or relaxing.

This is about rolling up your shirt sleeves and getting to work.

We have to mobilize and we have to do that in our local communities. We have to take back our public schools. We have to encourage the president to dismantle the Department of Education and return control of the schools to the local level.

There’s a lot of work we have that we can do. A lot of this doesn’t cost money, it does cost time though. And we’re going to have to make an investment of time investment. We have to ask ourselves as parents and grandparents do, “€œIs this a country worth defending? Is this a country worth saving?”€ And if it is, we’re going to have to get out there and work.

That’s the reason I wrote the book. I wanted to give people a fun read, an encouraging read, because this is a hopeful book. But also give them at the end of every chapter very simple practical things they can do to help make America great again.

Accessing This On A Regular Basis


Well folks, you can check it out  I love your byline there too as well Todd, “€œchange may start at the White House. But it finishes at your house.”€ That is so so true. That personal responsibility to be involved is so important.

You can get the book right there at Todd’s website, you can also get it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Todd, what’s the best way for people to get on your e-mail or Facebook or just be able to follow your commentaries? I was telling you before we went on air how much I enjoyed your commentary about the Grammys or whatnot, how can people access that on a regular basis?


Folks can check all that stuff out at We have the links to all of our all landing pages and social networking sites, of course, our newsletter is free. We send that out once a week, we don’t spam people. We provide some great original content as we cover  the culture there at FOX News.


There you have it folks, We’ll have links to all of this stuff, and everything to make it easy for online listeners there at

Todd, always a pleasure brother, appreciate it. I look forward to getting you back soon.


Sounds great Sir, have a great one!


You as well. Stay with us folks, we”€™ll be right back with David and Tim Barton.

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One Step In The Right Direction


We’re back, thanks for staying with us here on WallBuilders Live. Thanks to Todd Starnes for coming on and talking about his new book. We”€™ll have links today on

Back with David and Tim Barton. Guys, good advice in terms of being happy warriors. Keeping that joyful attitude and not going, staying in the fight right now. Just like you were saying Tim, pressing that advantage.


Well, it was very Reagan esque. It’s interesting that the conservatives that are cheerful and fighting, Reagan is that guy that highlighted that for us. But it”€™s exactly what we were charged and challenged.

“€œWe want to make sure that we keep this positive attitude and hey, we’re going out, we’re going to be conquered, we’re going to do something, we’re going to accomplish something, we’re not going to sit on our heels and allow the other side time to rally and come back. There’s way too much ground still to cover.”€

We can’t think just because we want an election that now we’ve done this thing. Oh my goodness, this is the first step in the right direction. We can’t celebrate one step in the right direction. We now have a huge journey in front of us. It’s just that now we’ve taken at least one step in the right direction.

Taking Back Some Ground


So, to once again use rhetoric and hyperbole that doesn’t exactly match these circumstances but it does parallel what we’re facing. When they got to the promised land in the Bible and God had them on the steps of the promised land, he said, “€œYou guys wait till you see all the battles I have left for you. I left some of the biggest jobs. This is going to be so fun to get to whack jobs giants.”€

The deal is that when you’re in the wilderness is when you don’t have to fight. When you’re at the promised land and you’re going after the possession the God’s promised you that’s when you have to start fighting.

So, for us to think, “€œOh, we have a reprieve now. We’ve got a new president, everything’s going to be fine.”€ No. You’ll be in the wilderness for a long time that way, you better get used to fight giants.


And in the wilderness was miserable, but the only time they actually were winning anything is when they were fighting. So we have to change that, and that’s a great point. We’ve got to change that mentality of fighting.

Don’t think, “€œOh my gosh it’s so hard we’re fighting.”€ This is when we get victory. We don’t get victory when we’re in the wilderness, it’s just miserable. There was nobody to fight in the wilderness. Now there’s somebody mny to fight, which means we actually can win and take back some ground. This is a great place to be.


It’s exciting. It’s a super exciting time, and it should encourage us. I mean you see a victory oughta say, “€œHey, we won that and now we can go win another one.”€ Hopefully that will be the way we act. Not just this month or next month but over the next few years and maybe even for an entire generation.

Thanks for listening today folks. Check out the links today at WallBuilders Live. And be sure pick up Todd Starnes new book on the Deplorable Guide to Making America Great. You’ve been listening to WallBuilders Live!